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#NowWatching “X-Men.”

A film franchise with a complicated, but surprisingly important legacy.

Although there were obviously superhero films before, and films like “Blade” are often overlooked, “X-Men” is ground zero for the modern superhero boom.
Of course, it is, quite rightly, impossible to talk about the series without acknowledging that Bryan Singer is a well-documented sexual predator.

This informs the films’ legacy, although it seems under-discussed compared to the emergence of the MCU.…
The cornerstone of the modern American popular landscape was laid by a serial sexual predator. Built to a blueprint he laid.

While it seems like the cultural mood has shifted on the “X-Men” films, it’s strange to me that this isn’t the catalyst.…
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#draadje #kijktip #NowWatching #Panodrama

Hoe #TommyRobinson de @BBC ontmaskert als een #fakenews instituut.

@BBC Allereerst: n.a.v. deze docu werd journalist, islam-criticus en media-criticus #TommyRobinson van Facebook en Instagram gebanned…
@BBC De VVMU en internetvrijheid is de afgelopen jaren steeds verder onder druk te komen staan. Zie daarover vooral ook dit draadje van @teapot_backup 👇

#tommyrobinson #Panodrama
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Isaiah 64:1,2
Oh that you would rend the heavens and come down,
that the mountains might quake at your presence—
as when fire kindles brushwood
and the fire causes water to boil—
to make your name known to your adversaries,
and that the nations might tremble at your presence!
Psalm 102:25-27
you laid the foundation of the earth
and the heavens are the work of your hands
They will perish, but you will remain
they will all wear out like a garment
You will change them like a robe, and they will pass away
but you are the same, and your years have no end
Hebrews 12:26
At that time his voice shook the earth, but now he has promised, “Yet once more I will shake not only the earth but also the heavens.”
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My opinion on this movie has significantly soured over time, but since I haven't seen it since release and it's now on Netflix, I've decided to see how it affects me. #NowWatching Avengers: Infinity War.
I know it's a minor thing, but it kinda frustrates me how the first two Avengers films both open on shots of Infinity Stones that highlight their significance & power, yet INFINITY WAR, the film that's *about* Infinity Stones, breaks the pattern and just opens on two spaceships.
"I'm going to make a call"
*shows Steve Rogers' name*
Cut to...Guardians?

That's such a weird editing moment. It'd be like if they cut to Tony Stark instead of Cap after Fury gave that "War is won by soldiers" quote in the first Avengers.
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#nowwatching Trevor Noah’s Son of Patricia
- trap songs
- black people tripadvisor
- Balinese poverty porn
- “this snake looked like it had a mortgage”
- Rochester NY, slave rehab
- the invention of “n****, please”
- meeting Obama
- speaking English vs speaking American
- americans ❤️ tacos
- “I can’t take this anymore! I’m sailing that way!” “But what if you die?” “At least it’s exciting!”
- “You want a napkin?”
- Trump as a penis-shaped asteroid – “I think I’m gonna die, but I know I’m gonna laugh”
- pickup truck racist
- the n-word having no power in SA
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Who is lying?
Who is honest?
How can you tell?
Personally I have never trusted a president as much as I trust Donald Trump.
I have never distrusted the mainstream media as much as I do today. Television news today blurs the distinction of opinion and fact-based reporting. They weave narratives rather than giving you the information and allowing you to interpret it.
Our government was designed to have checks and balanced. Our government has 3 branches, each one being able to check another. The media was always called the "4th branch". But what happens when that 4th branch is strictly working for 1 party over the other.
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This thread is for my own personal record. When I stopped watching #Netflix, I started using #Audible #Audiobooks to read. I 'read' all the time now. This is the first free book i purchased when I signed up for the 30-day trial. It's 28 hours long.…
When I stopped watching #Netflix I started using #YouTube. I found some interviews and lectures of @jordanbpeterson and thought his intellect fascinating. I bought #MapsOfMeaning first because it was more expensive and the first book is free. This was 2nd:…
After reading both of Dr. Peterson's books I was convinced that I would benefit gaining the wisdom he has by reading what he reads. Most of his books reference many of the same authors so I went looking for a list. Of course he has one. Recommended
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I'll make this one quick because you might turn off you TV/Computer/Phone before I even get to the end of the thread. Of course the content of television programming has an effect on the way people think, but what about the signals.
How ironic that the old cliche adage so many mothers said to their children, "Don't sit too close to the TV" actually has quite a bit of merit in light of these patents and the claims they make about how television broadcasts signals effect your brain. I know my mom had no idea.
So, not only do you have to worry about how the content of what you are watching will effect your thoughts, you actually have to consider there may be some less obvious physical manipulation in the actual signals coming from the tube.…
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This is a re-thinking thread. Entertainment vs Education edition.
I cancelled #Netflix a while ago. I urge you to consider doing the same. #CancelNetflix. Obama has a 2-year content production contract with Netflix since Soros/Susan Rice took over.…
Yes I know you want to be entertained, you want to binge watch, but your dollars are going straight to the #EnemyOfThePeople. You give your money to #Soros/#Bezos. You are donating to the enemies of @POTUS. #BoycottAmazon #BoycottWAPO #BoycottNetflix #Trump2020
I started reading about the #C_A a few months ago. #ThisIsNotAGame. This civilian '#Intelligence"agency is at the heart of the #ShadowGovernement (#DeepStateSwamp). The #C_A was run by #JohnBrennan during the Obama years. Think of the damage done with a man like him in power.
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Hillary Clinton wrote her senior thesis on Saul Alinsky.
Saul Alinsky was a community organizer.
Hillary knows how to organize.
She uses "Rules for Radicals"
"Rules for Radicals" is dedicated to Lucifer (The First Radical)
#Election2018 is over but its not too late to #WalkAway.
Words mean something. Words create reality.
Words bring order out of chaos. True words are good.

"Rules for Radicals" is dedicated to Lucifer.
The people that follow those rules follow Lucifer.
Who else is a radical?

Obama was a community organizer. This is old news I know.
The community organizer president radical is running a third term from a veritable bottomless pit of radicals in Washington 2 miles from the Whitehouse. Organizing for action. Sedition. Treason.

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I don't know if people realize this, but this country wouldn't be here if it weren't for nationalists.


a person who advocates political independence for a country.

#JFK #Nationalist #IndependenceDay #DeclarationOfIndependence
Yes that's right our country was founded by Nationalists and Patriots.


A person who vigorously supports their country and defends it against enemies or detractors.
#JFK reading the #DeclarationofIndepence in above tweet found at
Most people Don't know that another mysterious organization was founded just 2 months before the #DeclationOfIndependence was signed. That organization was the #Illuminati. This occulted organization persisted in one form or another til #JFK and up to now.…
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Still on a bit of a nostalgic #DoctorWho kick, in particular for the Moffat Era.

So now watching “Dark Water”, the first part of the two-part eighth season finale.
“It's a terrible thing. Just a terrible, terrible thing.”
“It wasn't terrible.”
“It was boring.”
“It was ordinary.”

Clara is a fascinating companion, in large part because she’s essentially riffing on the sense of entitlement that Rose felt.
“He deserved better. And so did you.”
“I don't deserve anything. Nobody deserves anything.”
“But I am owed better. I am owed.”

Clara is selfish and self-centred. But she’s aware of that, and the show is aware of that.

These traits are explored as developed. They make her human.
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💬 "If you're aiming at humans only, you can build a shiny app. If you want machines to access your data, build an API"

💬 "And remember that any other language can access your R API. You're opening a lot of doors."

Some important things to know when working with APIs:

🕸 About http requests :…

🚀 About REST API :…
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