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What happens in the next bull cycle when $QNT brings major enterprises into crypto? ImageImage
This past cycle was driven by irresponsible monetary policy and speculation. It is extremely impressive that the total crypto market grew from a few billion to almost 4T with very little utility in such a short time.
#Quant being the BEST solution for interoperability of large legacy systems. I believe we have entered the utility mass adoption phase. $QNT will allow countries, governments, and private enterprises to bridge their services and benefit from the efficiencies of the space.
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1/ A short thread on mistakes I’ve made along the way that (hopefully) other’s can learn from before they fall into the same traps:

Please don’t laugh at me 😂

P.S. — these are in no particular order.
2/ Trusting that Bitcoin is anonymous by default.

This one is common, but I still dread the trail I’ve most definitely left behind in my early days for all time.

Thankfully I’ve found people in Bitcoin that provide good advice and options, but early on I had no idea.
3/ Believing and buying whatever is shilled the most.

I may or may not have put substantial money into VeChain and Litecoin early on before realizing the drawbacks and issues that come with them.
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#HaveFunStayingPoor is another great addition to the pantheon of bitcoin memes.

We're not here for interesting tech, faster payments, or better databases.

We're here to stop the century of systematic pillaging & impoverishment by central banks. Hating bitcoin is loving poverty
A lot of people like to virtue-signal that their interest in bitcoin is motivated by loftier goals than just price appreciation. These people are clueless.

There is nothing that will help more people in the world than having a money that's resistant to pillaging.
We need to keep reminding people that Bitcoin is built on #NumberGoUp technology while your stupid central bank is built on #NumberGoDown technology, optimized for your local kleptocracy to rob you.

Don't like bitcoin? #HaveFunStayingPoor indentured to your local kleptocrats!
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When you are investing in a token, you are *not* investing in the software it runs on.

Not in the technical community members who pour their energy into new creative ideas.

You are not investing in someone else, you are *asking* to join a community and build value for yourself.
The software? It's meaningless. Just bits and lost ether.

Technical community members can add a lot of value through their creativity, but that value ultimately doesn't matter without a community that cares enough to use it (and use it correctly).

A token isn't just a meme.
I mean, a lot of people treat it like this. They think smart people are going to make their bags moon, a lot of other people think they can make money betting against it.

This is the marketplace of ideas, made liquid. Buy and sell ideas, but ideas are meaningless without action.
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The Bitcoin halving is commonly perceived as #NumberGoUp

But isn't it more of a #SecurityGoingDown meme?

Let's look at the fundamentals and some actual numbers:
Proof of work provides consensus-layer security for Bitcoin

PoW relies on miners to actually run infrastructure

That costs money which miners must earn somehow
Miners make money by

(1) block rewards, which are cut in half every 2 years and

(2) transaction fees, hopefully increasing to compensate (1)
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