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@SDX_global had a Go-Live Event on the 10 Nov. A highlights thread:
SDX will use Corda as the underlying DLT and use gateways to connect to outside capital, such as SWIFT. This method was trialed in Project Helvetia

SDX will feature tokenized Swiss Francs as commercial bank digital currency for settlement. It will be backed 1:1 at the Swiss National Bank.
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ODAP, Partners, CBDC’s & more on Overledger

Presenting: Quant


In part 2, we covered:

- Quant Tokenomics
- The importance of token velocity

In this thread we will cover:

- Partners
- CBDC’s
- more on Overledger

Let’s begin.
ODAP (Open Digital Asset Protocol)

In October of 2020, MIT & Quant announced a collaboration to push #crypto one step closer towards mainstream adoption.


*(Intel also plays a role in ODAP)*
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Building the ‘internet for blockchains’

#Quant Tokenomics

Presenting: Quant


In Part one of our series, I covered:

- Overledger
- the similarities between each
- ISO TC 307
In part two, I will cover:

Tokenomics and the importance of token velocity.

(An often overlooked and misunderstood concept in cryptocurrency)

**ODAP, CDBC’s and other alpha will be covered in part 3.**
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Leading the Connectivity Revolution

& Solving the Single-Ledger Dependency Problem

Presenting: Quant


Coin Market Cap Metrics

CMC Ranking: #49 ✅
Circ. Supply: 12m ✅
Max Supply: 14m ✅
24h vol: $58m ✅
Price: $292 ✅
ERC-20 ✅

Exchanges: Coinbase, KuCoin, Binance, HitBTC, Mandala
**This will be a 2 part series**

Too much alpha

And not enough thread space

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#Bitcoin 57.200$ üstü kalıcılığını sürdürmesi durumunda,

Portföyünüzde yer vermeniz gereken, projesi güçlü yüksek kazanç potansiyeline sahip 3 #altcoins ⬇️

📌1-) #Helium $HNT
📌2-) #Quant $QNT
📌3-) #Audios $AUDIO
1-) #Helium Proje WhitePaper Analiz⬇️
$HNT Ne işe Yarar?
Kurucuları kimlerdir? ImageImage
2-) #Quant Proje Whitepaper Analiz⬇️
$QNT Ne işe Yarar?
Kurucuları Kimlerdir?
New banking system 🤫👑 ImageImageImage
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There is an obscure problem when you join the BIG-4 Advisory or auditing, or consulting side of the profession within the services sector.
Most of the co-workers come from an #Accounting background, which makes things awfully difficult to communicate and interpret.
I remember working with an #Audit Expert, having a BIG-4 background.
The chap didn't understand anything except for debit, credit, and fraud risk.
The assignment required to be sophisticated Actuarial Finance, Mathematics, and Econometric Skill Sets to understand the GAPS.
Hence, the biggest problem in the Financial Risk Management, #ERM, Quantitative Risk Management, and other FE Financial Engineering related risk management processes, when working with a #BIG4 Firm, is the interaction with Accountants and Auditors who have their own Lingua Franca
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1/ @quant_network is here to build that foundational layer on which others can build and create value on, they’re here to (inter)connect large ecosystems / networks that may be national, regional or corporate, finance or health related. They’re here to change your future. $QNT
2/ Yes, their focus is mostly on #Enterprise at this moment, as that’s where mass adoption is taking place. People using #Quant products without knowing they do so, that being #CBDC’s or other #DigitalAssets. They’ve been building silently, to unveil a work of art.
3/ But they’re here to open up the technology to anyone who’s willing to learn and put it in the effort. Yes, this is aimed at the $BTC, $ETH, $XRP, $AVAX, $DAG, $DOT, $ALBT, etc developers. Anyone is welcome to create a connector (due H1).
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Traders often implicitly assume recent conditions will persist - without checking whether that's likely to be true.

You need to understand the assumptions you are making, and whether they are reasonable.

Here are some examples and a simple analytical approach 👇👇👇

"I want to find an asset with characteristics X

"So I'm going to look for stuff which showed these characteristics in the recent past - and I'll hope it carries on having them for a while."

Sometimes this is reasonable. Sometimes it is wishful thinking.

How do we tell?

Here's an example of something we know is persistent - volatility.

"I want to find a low volatility stock - so I'm going to look for stocks which have been low vol this year"

Is this reasonable, or wishful thinking? Let's see...

3/n Image
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How to make your kids not to be afraid of math (cc @KrisAbdelmessih )

As adults we sometimes develop math phobia, as we've probably been traumatized by math lessons in elementary school (or high school). As parents we tend to pass that mathphobia to our kids..
As I LOVE math and I try to make my daughters enjoy math and not to be afraid, I started building some experiments to apply these math notions into a fun (and educational) activity...

Let's try to build a fun experiment to understand the notion of (discrete) stochastic process
This experiment can be done in-house (with pen and paper )or outside (which is more fun)

For the experiment we need colored chalks, coins and a wide pavement. Let's start:

1. Draw two axes on the pavement (x,y). The length of the axes should be proportional to the # of kids
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🚨Best Books on Quant Investing

🤝Thanks for Recommending the best books @a_basumallick

📚… Image
To Understand Quant in action visit @Quantindia

Disc: Not vested, Not an affiliate partner.
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Thread on Books/Resources which I find useful

1) Basics :

2) Quantitative Resources :

#data #books #quant #trading
3) Position Sizing & Risk Management

Van Tharp Guide to Position Sizing

4) Pyschology

Trading in the zone
The Disciplined Trader
The Market Wizards
5) System Building & Backtesting

Trading Systems by Emilio Tomasini

6) Fundamentals by
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How to move towards Quantitative Trading :

1) Learn Python
2) Learn key trading libraries & Pandas
3) Data visualisation using seaborn & matplotlib
3) Statistics for Financial Markets
4) Backtest your strategies
5)Optimise & Automate
6) ML insights for trading

#quant #trading
1) This is a good basic course on Udemy to learn about Python required for trading…

2) Learn about Pandas( cruciwl for data cruncing & handling time series data)…

Also install talib: an essential library for a trader. It has inbuilt functions for all technical indicators making our life easy.…

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Can long term investments also be done using systems ? Yes !

I’ll share the process that we use to build long term systems (100% systematic in nature)

1) Trend should be up

We can objectively decide the trend using a moving averages

(1) Image
2) Should be near support for better risk:reward

One can use MA for dynamic S&R

Market reverts back to moving averages and they provide dynamic support.
See the stock in the image , for past decade the MA is providing good support

(2) Image
Important aspect in wealth creation is CAGR
How can we achieve high CAGR ?

**Check the attached image**

Credit to @InvesysCapital for his presentation in Decma.
Learnt the concept from him.
(3) Image
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@SunderjiJB My philosophy is :

Idea --> Rules --> Backtest --> Discard or Deploy --> Optimize --> Scale
1) Idea : It comes from market observation.
For eg : Is it profitable to buy stocks breaking previous day high within 15 min of market open.

2) Rule : Anything that can be said to a computer in a simple language
Buy if 15 min close > Previous day high

3) Backtest :
Test the same rule on historical data to see if our system has any positive edge

4) Discard or Deploy

If the rule is showing any positive expectancy then we can deploy it else discard and look for testing another set of rules/idea

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@Capgemini has released their 'Top trends in Capital Markets:2020' report, it holds some interesting insights for consideration...A few takeaways..#GlobalTrends #DigitalReality #DigitalAssets #AI #Automation #FinTech (1/4) Image
3/4 The move to 'Quantamental #Investing' #FundamentalInvesting #Quant #GlobalTrends Image
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1. Olá meus queridos,

como prometi, segue continuação da thread sobre #quant. Se você ainda não curtiu ou não sabe nada sobre o assunto, clica aqui antes de continuar. 👇

2. O assunto de hoje é: "A historinha do mercado foi legal, mas como funciona isso com ações?"

Na thread anterior vimos uma estratégia quant segue uma estratégia para explorar um padrão que você encontrou para operar.
3. A beleza dos modelos quant é que eles vão seguir o que você definir como padrão e você pode usar qualquer estratégia que imaginar.

- Posso usar minhas aulas de Estatística pra criar um padrão com z-score, correlação, cointegração, regressão e tudo o mais? Pode!
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(1/2) #AlgorithmicTrading #AMA - We bring to you the most asked questions about #AlgoTrading. Nitesh Khandelwal (Co-founder and CEO, QuantInsti) answers them in the form of short narrative videos.

Check out the entire playlist here:
What is High-Frequency Trading, Low-Frequency Trading and Medium-Frequency Trading?

#HFT #LFT #MFT #AlgorithmicTrading #FAQs #AMA #question #answer #algotrading
Where to get historical and real-time market data?

#Data #marketdata #AlgorithmicTrading #FAQs #AMA #question #answer #algotrading #traders #trading
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Many traders follow different types of moving average crossover #tradingstrategy but the main problem with such MA/EMA cross over system is whipsaws. When market goes in range bound, many times you get false breakouts which increases your losses/drawdown. Image
How one could avoid such false breakouts and also gain from large trend the stock establishes?
#tradingsystem #quant #tradingrules #stocktrading…
People who were looking for online #Trading scanner to select list of stocks that satisfies this condition, can use this free scanner.…
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$QNT #quant #qnt

Negative Price Discovery

The blue diagonal resistance has been a point of rejection for QNT since mid-Feb '18

There are two ways QNT could end its downtrend:

a) Breaching this blue diagonal

b) Showing strong market reaction at any of the green supports

$QNT #quant #qnt

Epic +68% breakout 🔥

QNT has a tendency of offering short-lived upside wicks past the blue diagonal downtrending resistance, so a 1D close past this resistance is needed to confirm the end of the almost 4-month downtrend

$QNT / $BTC, #quant #qnt

Following QNT's breakout past the multi-month downtrend line, it retraced fully for a double bottom rebound

Since then QNT has rallied almost 300%

QNT is now at its most significant resistance region to date, with a visible cluster of resistance ahead
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0/ Been away from the #crypto and #blockchain space for a while and now find yourself out-of-the-loop?

Fear not! I've pieced together a thread dedicated to ecosystem events that occurred over the past day or two. Read on to get back up to speed.
1/ 🥼 Over on #EthResearch, @JieyiLong proposed a SNARK-based sidechain for #ERC20 tokens.

Can reduce processing time per transaction significantly on the #Ethereum network, relative to a fully on-chain ERC20 smart contract. Click below for more!…
2/ 🤝 @FantomFDN x Fuiou Group

Having partnered with one of China's leading payment solution provider, #Fantom will work to integrate its pioneering DAG-based smart contract platform to give Fuiou users access to a faster, more scalable payment service.…
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1/ @reneemmurphy talks about fake news and research #MRX
2/ @maninultimo talks about fake news and research #NewMR
3/ Liz Harrison talks about fake news and research #IIEX
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