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As promised here's another thread on $QNT whale activity...

The chart below shows the top 40 wallets taken from Etherscan and combined monthly movements (in number of QNT) throughout 2022.
#QNT #Crypto #altcoins

🧵1/7 Image
The next chart shows the same top 40 holder transactions since ICO...

🧵2/7 Image
To add some perspective to the size of the top 40 holders, with exchanges they represent 41% of all QNT in circulation, and 30% without. The largest section in the below visual is all other holders (rank 41+). The remainder are as ranked on Etherscan.

🧵3/7 Image
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If you're not balls deep into holding $Qnt going into 2023, where #LACChain will be going live with quants Latin American Dollar, aka #MLT, Multi Ledger Tokens - tokenisation to enable roaming money

I am not sure you've been paying attention

World firsts here

But muh #Btc, muh #stablecoin , muh #Xrp , muh traditional finance methods like #Visa.

How about a multichain lightning network like approach where it doesn't matter what you use, because they're all denominated and have values as such.

Why only choose one payment channel/rail
Disintermediation is the future, #btc    $btc enabled a peer to peer payment network with no intermediaries - the beginning of a revolution.

But the evolution has been happening since 2009 and the enabler is #interoperability

For this, I choose $qnt #Qnt #Overledger
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Crypto Has A Bad Name Because:

1. 99% of #DLT Tokens Are Scams W/ No Utility🚨
2. 79% of Crypto Influencers Are💰Motivated & Invest On Hype
3. Mainstream Media Says It's💩

This Should NOT Distract You From The Technology Transformation Currently Taking Place.
-A 🧵 of Threads-
I hope you can set some time aside to research!

I donated 5 hours to create this🧵to help others see topics around new era technology. 🧠

As I am tired of Mainstream Media covering up important things around the future of our global monetary system.
1. Research Technology & DLT Projects With Real🌎Utility
Not Up Hyped Meme Coins ⛓

The content I cover is:
• CBDC's
• Crypto
• IoT + IoV
• Big Data
• Payments
• Innovation
• Paperless Trade
• DLT Interoperability
• Payment infrastructure
• Industry 4.0 Technology
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Have you been in a new environment where you can't speak their language or understand it?

You will feel bad for being limited right? but what If you have a language translator, you're happy to communicate.

This happiness is what @quant_network brings to crypto.
To be technical, this happiness is referred to as interoperability.

By interoperability, I refer to the ability of different systems, network applications, etc to connect and communicate in a coordinated way.

How does @quant_network solve this problem?
They achieved this by leveraging their Overledger network.

Simply put, an Overledger can be seen as a translator used to move from one language to the other.

Instead of learning an entirely new language, the translator will break down the information into your own language.
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@quant_network provides a simple, efficient, and effective solution to the lack of interoperability among distributed ledger technologies (DLTs).

But, what are DLTs?

I made this thread to breakdown what a DLT is and the benefits it provides to the community.

Simply put, a ledger is a collection of books in which transactions are recorded for documentation and safety purposes.

According to history, the most primitive form of ledger organization was started by the Mesopotamians many years ago.
At that time, items and quantities are entered on clay tablets known as cuneiform.
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Many events this past year, combined with the recent collapse of #FTX, have escalated the level of fear in the #crypto market. In my first ever 🧵 I count six ways Quant Network undercuts this year of FUD and builds support for a crypto future . $QNT #QNT #QNTTalent
Quant Network’s product, Overledger, and the $QNT token, were designed with regulatory compliance at the forefront. Quant CEO, Gilbert Verdian, has been active in developing global standards for blockchain (TC307), and built compliance into Overledger. #QNTTalent
Quant doesn’t operate like a crypto project. Token sales are not their priority. Instead, they’re building out a network of business relationships, which creates authentic utility and value for the $QNT token. #QNTTalent
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#Luxembourg is years ahead in regulation for blockchain adoption.

Could #Luxembourg country become the key to massive adoption? A 🧵

Must read article #QNT $QNT…
#Luxembourg has been actively working on Blockchain adoption and on it's way to pave the road for other countries to adopt similar legislature.

Luxembourg is 47 times smaller than New York City. Its GDP per capita is 115k dollars. It is one of the highest in the world. https://medium.datadrivenin...
The #Blockchain II Act 2021 provides legislature to allow use of #DLT's to settle fungible securities.…
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With all the noise 🎶 happening at the moment it’s time we took a breather ⬇️
What is Quant Network?
Through Overledger its Quant’s blockchain operating system of the future.
Overledger is the first blockchain operating system facilitating ⬇️ Image
The development of multi DLT applications.
Overledger Intergrate is Quant’s gateway core API allowing you to create blockchain applications that will run on any chain with “3 lines of code”.
What is overledger used for? 💫
-Managing multiple internal DLT implementations for businesses. 👩‍💼 👨‍💼
- Connecting internal DLT implementations to those outside their organisations & beyond.➰
-Creating applications for businesses that leverage multiple public or private DLTs 🔗 Image
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A short thread on $Qnt price action..

Check it out .. If you don't wana miss the opportunity of a lifetime, as #qnt dips are bought very quickly
$btc $eth $link $xrp $doge $dot $atom #eth #Crypto #altcoin #btc #bitcoin #Binance #ADA #doge #Algo #xrp #AVAX #NFT #ethereum
If you are trading or investing in $Qnt based on RSI or Stoch levels then check the chart below to get the over all picture of what's happening and how you can get rekt just based on these levels.

And even if you are trading $QNT on the bases of these RSI or Stoch levels then atleast zoom out and check out how much massive room #Qnt has left to grow on the monthly RSI & stoch levels, on the #QUANT inception chart ..
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1/ Time for a thread about investment philosophy related to $QNT 📈🔮

We only predict the future by our knowledge of the past. We stay stuck in $BTC / $ETH / ALT narratives, while a paradigm shift is happening in front of our eyes.
2/ Tokenization of financial assets, CBDC interoperability and enterprise adoption of blockchain in their supply chains. Technology is adopted in an S-curve and currently we’re at the foot of a very steep ascent.
/3 $QNT scarcity driven by utility. Add in network effects and any price prediction will be ridiculed by outsiders.
They’re stuck in their old paradigms of BTC/ ETH, failing to realize that they would’ve missed both if they applied their same logic back when these coins launched.
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Is #QNT about to begin a 10,000% move? ⚠️

(A 100x in other words)
Blink and you’ll miss it

Quant price analysis (1 min read):
You’ve probably seen the inverse head & shoulders pattern all over the twitter

Target is $432 🎯

It’s playing out nicely at the moment

✅ Break the resistance
✅ Fall back to support
⏳ Impulsive wave loading…

Nevertheless, I’d like to see a strong close above resistance on the WEEKLY timeframe

If #QNT stays above the resistance line (H&S neckline) by the end of the week the possibility of a breakout is getting higher 💣
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Here's some starter videos on @quant_network and @gverdian.


#Btc $Btc #Eth $Eth $Xrp $Xrp

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How fast can $QNT grow if it solves the most crucial problem for legacy systems to operate in a digital economy?
It took Bitcoin 4 years to reach 1 Billion in market cap. This was with every regulator fighting its adoption.

$QNT reached 1 Billion in 2.5 years and has held at over 1 Billion for a year and continues to show strength in its adoption.
It then took Bitcoin from 2013-2017 to reach 320 Billion in market capitalization.

The price of $QNT at 320 Billion would be over $20,000. Assuming an equal pace of growth it would take #QNT another 3 years from today to 2025/2026 reach the same levels.
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#QNT On-Chain 🤯

A short thread 🧵



$QNT #cryptocurrecy #Crypto #Cryptos #cryptoworld #cryptomarket
Last week I released a mega thread breaking down $QNT from a technical perspective. If you haven't read that yet check it out:

Today, I want to share with you 1 simple on-chain chart that has blown my mind. I haven't seen anyone else mention this 👇

We know that Metcalfe's law is a great way to derive the value of a crypto asset. It states that the value of a network is equal to the square of the number of users. More users = more valuable network. Let's look at a chart of the active users of #QNT:👇

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1// A 🧵on $QNT

Tried to explain this thread in the simplest language so that beginners can understand it easily
2// In this thread, I'll cover

- Meaning
- Utility
- Team
- Tokenomics
- Partnerships
- & Everything you need to know about.

@quant_network solves a major issue which is "Interoperability"

Simply means - the ability of computer systems or software to exchange and make use of Information.

It's like using $ETH, $BTC, $SOL all together interoperably for different purposes.
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#QNT Medium term outlook from a technical perspective:

A chart thread 🧵

#cryptocurrency #Cryptos #altcoins #Quant $QNT #QNT #CryptoNews #Crypto

We all know how promising #QNT is from a fundamental perspective. In this thread I want to explore #Quant from a TA POV both bullish and bearish medium term scenarios


Bullish Scenarios-

The chart below displays #Qnt's impressive bullish momentum:

- Price above 50d, 100d and 200d ema (not many alts can say this!)

- Crucially, the 50d is above the 100d which is above the 200d. This formation is seen in bull markets such as 2020/21

3/9 Image
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🤔THE MORAL TRUTH ABOUT CBDC's & What the average opponent doesn't understand.

With the rise in testing and deployment of Central Bank Digital Currencies around the world, there arise many who oppose. They claim its evil, plan to refuse and resist. But what they don't know... 1/
2/ and don't understand is that the current financial system is literally too big to fail.

Humanity has a global financial bond built on the US Petrodollar. Unfortunately, that USD system was underpinned by Fractional Reserve Banking and the removal of the gold standard.
3/ This system has been doomed to collapse. It is overdue and inevitable.

We are witnessing the beginning stages of its collapse. But as I said earlier, it's too big to fail. The harm too great. The financial collapse of some impoverished nations has begun...
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What happens in the next bull cycle when $QNT brings major enterprises into crypto? ImageImage
This past cycle was driven by irresponsible monetary policy and speculation. It is extremely impressive that the total crypto market grew from a few billion to almost 4T with very little utility in such a short time.
#Quant being the BEST solution for interoperability of large legacy systems. I believe we have entered the utility mass adoption phase. $QNT will allow countries, governments, and private enterprises to bridge their services and benefit from the efficiencies of the space.
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Learn About $QNT 🧵

The DLT Interoperability Standard!

Overledger is enabling enterprise mass adoption of #DLT:

✅ 3 Lines of Code
✅ DLT to DLT Interoperability
✅ DLT to Legacy Interoperability
✅ Blockchain Operating System
✅ API Based - Security/Interoperability


#QNT has some of the most attractive #tokenomics in #Crypto

🪙 14 Million Max Supply
🪙 12 Million in Circulation (83%)
🪙 No Inflation
🪙 33% Less Coins Than $BTC 
🪙 Team Own a Small %


@quant_network are working with banks, governments, VASP's, financial institutions, software companies and more.

#overledger is a white label product and most partnerships are under NDA.

However, we know...

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$QNT Thread 🔥

1️⃣ #QUANT Makes Supply Chain & Trade Finance Better

2️⃣ These are 2 Massive Industries 💸🚀

3️⃣ Global Supply Chain market cap = $15.85B

4️⃣ Global Trade Finance MC = $44,098 million

See more #QNT 👇 Image
Context 💡

Blockchains are delivering certainty and transparency to processes like payments, provenance, customs, and logistics, which is assisting in streamlining notoriously complex global supply chains.
Problem 🔻

Different blockchains are used by supply chains and financial systems, making it difficult for them to work together. The full potential of blockchain for supply chains and trade finance won't be realized until this interoperability barrier is resolved.
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How @Ripple is becoming a huge part of payment systems in the UK / Europe & USA and soon the rest of the world 🌎
through @ModulrFinance & @volantetech

Thread 🧵👇

#XRP #XRPCommunity #ripple #DLT #iso20022 #allthemoney
I’ll start with “Faster payments”
Faster payments is the new payment system we use in our mobile banking apps when sending money in the UK.

Anyone that sends money from one bank to another goes through faster payments (FPS)
I stumbled across faster payments a while ago when I sent a friend money and my Halifax app shown it said “faster payments ongoing”
That’s when I started to dig and stumbled across @ModulrFinance ..
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#QNT - @Quant_Network aims to solve one of the largest problems preventing global #Crypto adoption, blockchain 'Interoperability'.

All of my info, blogs, free crypto guides & much more can be found on my website 👇

Here's a 🧵on $QNT 🔽

Quant was founded in 2015 by Gilbert Verdian, Paolo Tasca and Colin Paterson. Later in 2018, they launched their token $QNT on the #Ethereum blockchain.
How will Quant create interoperability between blockchains?

#Quant developed a software called, the 'Overledger' which is designed to connect to public and private networks, allowing for easy multi-chain communication and removing any unwanted barriers.
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Apps with In-App Purchases: Travel
After a slack period during the COVID-19 pandemic, the download rate of travel apps rebounded in 2021. For example, in the US market, travel apps reached 40 million downloads in July, the highest since August 2019. #ranboospace #quote #QNT… addition to travel booking, budgeting, and language apps, the demand for rideshare apps was quick to regain popularity. Though many of these downloads are free, the top In-App Purchases on each download unlock ‘premium’ or ‘pro’ member benefits.… For example, rideshare operator Uber offers priority service, member pricing on Uber eats, free deliveries, and a range of member-only offers and promotions. Our top picks for travel apps with In-App purchases are
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What #QNT price action has done in the past and what it could do in the future. A 6 part thread.

Here's a recap. Daily Log chart since price began. Major upside move (green), it's downside correction (red). Orange blocks are the % retracement each time
So far #QNT had 6 major upside moves and subsequent corrections. Downside over the last 8 months is nothing special, >78% retracement using a fib like bottom right. 78% or more is what it's done 4 out of the total 6 major corrections.

What could the price do going forward ?
Zooming into block 6, let's assume #QNT's 2021's rally from $23 in May to $438 in Sep was solely due to speculative buying as no known purchasing of licences occured back then, so no major institutional utility involved in that rally that I'm aware of.
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