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Kent Beck (1999) @KentBeck
Kent Beck (2004) @KentBeck
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Onto @kings13y at #QConLondon talking about Effective Ethics for Busy People
Now talking about GTC @goodtechconf which was awesome last year #QConLondon
Tech sector and the "third sector" (charity sector) are both massive worlds, but don't necessarily converge very often < @kings13y

This is so so true #QConLondon
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Over to the streaming/kafka track for a topic I'm very interested in: how other teams run streaming logging/events services on Kafka, by @drkrab #qconlondon
@drkrab [ed: it's going to be interesting to find out whether this is describing their inner design and challenges/pitfalls, or whether it's about their log aggregation product.]

They think that people should log *everything* without sampling. [ed: and I agree, for 24h] #QConLondon
In an error situation, you want to be able to find things instead of having regrets that you didn't index.

[ed: this conflates logging to local disk vs centrally *indexing* it. Honeycomb won't be a full logging product, but it does point to where debug logs live...] #QConLondon
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Love it #QConLondon
I like @robynbergeron - she has opinions
Some of this talk is worthwhile... but some of it isn't right... use what is right for you (I think that's what she said)... @robynbergeron

I'm loving this talk. Really fun
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Over to the chaos track for the afternoon! @NickyWrightson will be speaking on how to prepare as an engineer so you can get a good night's sleep. #QConLondon
@NickyWrightson It's a sign of decent diversity among speakers/organizers when a woman named Nicki introduces a woman named Nicky. Or when there are two Liz's scheduled for the same talk slot, as happened yesterday. #QConLondon
If you're terrible at out of hours support, like @NickyWrightson is, then you need to figure out a way to not get paged.

She got paged while she was dreaming, acknowledged the page, and didn't wake up! She instead thought she was James Bond and getting a mission! #QConLondon
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Average reading age in UK is between 5 and 7 yrs...

So understanding "1 tablet, 4 times a day" is actually relatively complex for many...

Building tech is hard!

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Next ethics track talk is @IndraJoshi10 on AI/ML/Big Data ethics. She's the clinical health lead for digital health at NHS England! #qconlondon
@IndraJoshi10 What does being the "clinical lead for AI" mean?

She's an A&E doctor in London. She had medical ethics classes in school but none of the students saw the need and skipped the classes...

but when the complaints come in to triage... maybe you should have listened #qconlondon
There's loads of software being written to address applying data using AI. "We can definitely get rid of doctors in 10 years..." is not a good VC pitch to make.

The government wants to set up skills development, but also rules around AI and ethics. #qconlondon
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A great example of this is the folks from who prevented thousands of watches from being e-wasted when the company who made the hardware and software infra was acquired and shut down.
Individual engineers did this because they didn't want to see their work be wasted or cause environmental harm.
They put together a great talk on it that was at #bangbangconwest and hopefully will be on… soon! #qconlondon
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Starting off this morning livetweeting the first two talks of the ethics track at #QConLondon starting with @CatherineFlick who co-wrote the @TheOfficialACM ethics code.
@CatherineFlick @TheOfficialACM From the intro: "The ACM code of ethics reinforced that ethics is the foundation of professional behavior for software engineers, fighting perceptions that bringing your opinions to work is unprofessional." #QConLondon
.@CatherineFlick is a reader in computing ethics. She's part of the committee on professional ethics of the ACM, and researches responsible ethics and innovation.

Ethics has come into the mainstream discussion rather than being a niche topic. #QConLondon
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A good reminder from @lizthegrey in her #QConLondon talk (paraphrasing) “If a single blade of grass is brown, it's not a problem. We're not going to replant the whole lawn for that. Same things for our services: it's not necessarily a problem if a single thing is down.”
Also expressed by @mipsytipsy as “nines don't matter if users aren't happy”: you can have 99.999% uptime, it's useless if users are not happy about the product. Conversely, it's OK to have “only” 99% uptime if it doesn't significantly affect user experience.
Also expressed by [can't remember who?] as “in any sufficiently complicated system, there is always at least one component broken somewhere”. 100% uptime doesn't exist in complex systems!
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Editorial note to people watching @randyshoup's talk: "Everyone feels safe to bring their self to work" tends to work on homogeneous teams.

In teams where ppl are fighting sexism, of course team's productivity temporarily dips. Don't let that stop diversification. #qconlondon
@randyshoup Unfortunately, Google's metrics driven culture and reductive modeling of psych safety resulted in managers who pushed people in the majority to be less racist and sexist being punished for doing so :/
If "your whole self" includes being covertly racist and sexist, you'll feel less safe at work when you work with women, enbies, and/or people of color who are calling you on it.

That's working as intended IMO. #qconlondon
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The next talk I'm tweeting at #QConLondon is @edith_h talking about lessons learned from feature flagging!
@edith_h 3/4 of this audience is already using feature flagging! Yay! The number goes up year on year! and about 10% of folks are in process of learning. #qconlondon
It sucks when nobody likes and cares about the "clever feature" you developed. How could we prevent this catastrophe from happening?

And how can we cope with being "that bad vendor" that broke you? #qconlondon
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Super here for "What lies between" by @breckcs at #QConLondon!
@breckcs Many of us have embraced microservices. But are your microservices like homogeneous bricks, or like an uneven stone wall?

In either case though, there are cracks between each individual service. Managing the space between, & the people/orgs is the biggest challenge. #QConLondon
Each service is its own failure domain, which is a blessing and a curse.

Will k8s solve the problem for us? No, it won't. Orchestration will manage the boxes, but what we put inside matters.

Three challenges: integration, observability, and embracing failure. #QConLondon
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YAY! A #ClimateChange question at #qconlondon at a non-climate change talk - the question is at a performance talk.

Using a profiler - that's a good point! Low hanging fruit.

"I work for ARM so I think we have it solved already" - Brilliant!
Profile profile profile is everything - It's about efficiency

Data Centres have gone beyond Aviation in carbon emissions... so we have to do something

#ClimateChange #qconlondon
Good follow up - not just efficiency in code... what else? #qconlondon #ClimateChange
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Watching a talk on event drive architectures at #qconlondon #qcon. Interested simply to find out exactly how much #serverless simplifies everything.
Talking about Dash Buttons and how to work with them. Talking about decoupling services when a button is pressed. I think it's going to go down the road of explaining an event driven approach...
It's interesting to note that the speaker is talking about "services" that are created... in my mind, most of these things are incredibly simple Lambda functions.
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.@PMZepto leads off #QConLondon day 2 with an overview of artificial general intelligence.

Starting with why -- because it can help us solve challenges in medicine, physics, applied science, etc.
@PMZepto but the perception in the media is quite dystopic.

And even incredible things like Watson, AlphaGo, AlphaStar, are narrow AI rather than general-purpose. [ed: curious what he thinks of AlphaZero though...]

We need to start by defining general intelligence. #qconlondon
Howard Gardner's theory is that there are 9 kinds of reasoning, but that we've so far only explored logical-mathematical intelligence rather than the rest:
intrapersonal, spatial, linguistic, kinesthetic, interpersonal, existential, musical, and naturalistic. #qconlondon
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Here goes day 2 of #QConLondon! I'll be livetweeting again, with my tweets sponsored by @honeycombio who are donating my time! Come find me for stickers, a demo, or a chat!
One thing that bugs me is the supposition that communication skills are easier to learn than technical skills and that effective technical communications are best prepared by people with little practice at the former and plenty of practice with the latter. #QConLondon
It's a bit frustrating both to see the perception that advocates aren't technical [it's not an either/or set of skills], and that people who haven't put focused time into comms work can just pick it up, whereas we can't possibly trust writers to learn tech. #QConLondon
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I'll be livetweeting the wonderful @el_bhs on how to make distributed tracing useful! It's a solutions track talk but the room is still packed!

One fun thing about attending your competitor's talks is you always find things in common and can keep each other honest! #QConLondon
@el_bhs Already loving the title: "Traces are the Fuel, not the Car". 💯💯💯 [ed: although I'd say the "events" are the underlying crude oil that can be used to derive the fuel of traces, as well as many other useful products ;)] #QConLondon
He starts by critiquing observability dogma [ed: and this critique I agree with!]

If Google and Facebook use Metrics, Logs and Distributed Traces, then we should also use those "three pillars", right?

No, because each of them is flawed in some way. #QConLondon
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Next talk I'm livetweeting is by @climate_ice on climate change, energy demand, and technology. #QConLondon
@climate_ice Greenland has 7 meters of ice [ed: think I heard that right... but captions would help], but due to CO2 levels and warming, we're already going to lose all of it and have sea levels rise. #QConLondon
He works in Copenhagen creating automated ice measurement stations that measure movements of mass, snowfall/rainfall, and energy flows from sunlight/temperature.

They check weather forecasts and climate models using this data. #QConLondon
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I'll be livetweeting @el_bhs's talk on the lessons from the explosion of microservices and implementation of distributed tracing at Google from #QConLondon next!
@el_bhs [ed: I'm glad that he's being super humble about the fact that Dapper was built on the shoulders of giants, and that it was a team effort!] #QConLondon
Setting the backdrop: Google was growing quickly and choose to trade expensive but reliable Sun boxes for cheap commodity Linux boxes, and patching over the problems with software.

Everything had to be made from scratch at the time. Couldn't clone from Github. #QConLondon
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Next up in the risk track is Ed Holland of Metaswitch on investigating near misses to avoid making the news. #QConLondon
So we launched our app and it was a smash success, reaching 10M monthly users. Yaaay. Oh no.

So we did premortems and risk analysis moving the post-its listing each possible risk around... but it only helped a little bit. #QConLondon
Also did loadtesting before launch. Wait for incoming tickets. But can we be more proactive than just waiting to appear on the news?

Instead, we need to investigate our near-misses before we make the news. #QConLondon
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.@andrea_kock on risk and psych safety at #QConLondon coming up next [ed: behind a little bit, just walked in]
@andrea_kock Risk is contextual. What's risky in one situation isn't necessarily another. Risk is essential to innovation; but people need psychological safety to take risks. [ed: I'm writing an article for @Medium on misconceptions of psych safety soon so this is topical!] #QConLondon
Using the parable of Icarus: risk is a product of existing environmental hazards, prolonged exposure to those hazards, and the vulnerabilities that people's brains will ignore the first two despite the rational assessment. #QConLondon
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And now, @sarahjwells at #qconlondon on how to operate mature microservices!
@sarahjwells They've been operating microservices for many years. But sometimes the complexity leads to debugging challenges.

They had a bug in their 'streams' service that was 404ing content, but nobody remembered where the service lived, how to back up, etc. #qconlondon
It eventually got fixed, but only after 20 minutes of indecision and timidity.

"Does the monitoring tell you there's a problem [yes], and does the documentation give you what you need? [no! :(]" -- @sarahjwells #qconlondon
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