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Remember it's all a smear
Again on @TuckerCarlson last night 1.14.19 Tucker lays out how #MSM RUNS OFF THE WRITTEN SCRIPT.
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A changing climate causes psychological harm. #ClimateFriday #ClimateAction…
I was trapped in Houston after Harvey. The hurricane went on for days & the flooding around where I was located went on for weeks. I was told to find a way to get on the roof if the flooding got to me. I still have nightmares. #ClimateFriday #ClimateAction…
#ClimateChange is real. #ClimateAction is needed. If you do not prioritize this issue, you will not receive my vote because I am a #ClimateScience voter. Also this:
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Scientists say the world’s oceans are warming far more quickly than previously thought, a finding with dire implications for climate change because almost all the excess heat absorbed by the planet ends up stored in their waters.
"Dire implications." What is it about those two words that do not penetrate the brains of Republicans? We are in an existential crisis. We need policy that reflects that reality.
I am a #climatechange voter. I vote only for candidates who take climate science seriously. Climate change is the existential crisis of our time & we need policy that reflects the dire reality we face. #ClimateFriday #ClimateAction…
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The most recent atmospheric CO2 reading is over 410 parts per million.

The last time humans experienced 410 ppm was... never. Never. Humans hadn't evolved yet.

Here's 800,000 years of CO2. We're over there on the far right. That line going straight up. #climatechange
And it's going up because of humans. As literally every national academy of sciences on the planet has concluded. #climatechange
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RT this [THREAD] of articles if you'd like to ask Twitter's most popular UK political commentators - the vast majority of whom seldom or never mention the Ecological Emergency - for analysis of the politics of catastrophic #ClimateBreakdown, #MassExtinction & #EcologicalCollapse.
Dear @jonsnowC4 @peston @bbclaurak @bbcnickrobinson @afneil

'we could be looking at an epic extinction event, caused by ourselves, which could include exterminating our own species, or at least what we call “civilization,” in as little as nine years.'…
Hi @OwenJones84 & @paulmasonnews

'We are already facing mass extinction. There is no removing the heat we have introduced into the oceans, nor the 40bn tons of CO2 we pump into the atmosphere every single year. There may be no changing what is happening'…
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This is a ludicrous way to confront #ClimateChange. An organization like @foe_us that claims to treat #climate change as an existential crisis CANNOT be taken seriously while simultaneously counseling us to ignore virtually all low-carbon resources except wind & solar.
Proposition: Anyone who says climate change is a crisis & then says we should tie 1 (or 2) hands behind our backs by setting aside a raft of low-CO2 options, including virtually all crucial firm resources (see should be treated as non-serious & ignored.
For more on why it is risky and unwise to literally bet the planet on wind and solar alone to decarbonize electricity (while saying no to biomass, biogas, carbon capture, and nuclear power), see:…
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Friend asked me for song suggestions on the theme of #ClimateChange. Odd because there are zillions of great lists online already.

So here are some #ClimateJusticeSongs that you may not have heard before. 1/

Saritah: "Here We Stand"
#ClimateJusticeSongs 2/

Ana Tijoux: "Todo Lo Sólido Se Desvanece En El Aire"
#ClimateJusticeSongs 3/

XTC: "River of Orchids"
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THREAD: Over the holiday, @Interior quietly proposed a rule that would gut the Freedom of Information Act by making it more difficult for the American people to access public records and limiting transparency at the department...
(2/12) #FOIA has been a critical tool for holding @Interior and the Trump administration accountable and will continue to be essential for public oversight. Below are just a few examples that illustrate how vital FOIA is in ensuring a strong Democracy:
(3/12) @Interior emails allowed @Politico reporters @Nickjuliano and @bjlefebvre to expose that @RyanZinke met at DOI headquarters with Halliburton Chairman David Lesar and other developers about a real estate deal involving Zinke’s foundation.
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While there is certainly nothing wrong with making individual low-carbon choices, I am increasingly concerned with how the #actonclimate movement is emphasizing individual lifestyle over collective action. There are two problems with this (thread).
One is that framing the issue in terms of lifestyle carries with it the race/class/health/wealth point of view of the framer. But not everyone's relationship with #climatechange is the same. This was the major critique of late 20th century environmentalism…
The second is that individual choices are small in terms of cutting carbon. Aside from having a kid (high impact b/c another carbon footprint is added), aviation, the second most carbon-intensive individual activity, is only 4-5% of human radiative forcing…
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Thread. #MyLifeAsAResister looking back at 12 months which feels Iike 12 years. So much happened every day, but we put one foot in front of the other, wading through the lies, the chaos, the deconstruction of our institutions. We keep our faith. 1/24
January 2018, for the second time in two years, women and the men who support us, gathered by the millions to send a message. We will not be cowed by a regime that does everything to take away our own agency. My cousin Zigi and I at the #WomensMarch @ZigarinaZigi 2/24
February 2018. Looking for inspiration and wisdom, I went to see Dan Rather, whose book is a must read for resisters. @DanRather spoke eloquently about what he learned from decades of reporting, that we are mighty together, that our core values hold and that it IS up to US. 3/24
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Segment on today’s @MeetThePress about climate change lays out a few of its many consequences: @WCraigFugate on insurance markets & disaster planning, Michele Flournoy on national security, @RepCurbelo on Florida, & more. Surprised this subject finally getting attention here.
Also on @MeetThePress this morning to talk about #ClimateChange was California’s @JerryBrownGov — “what we’ve done isn’t enough, not even close.”
Last @MeetThePress panel segment discusses how to break “paralysis,” which is an unfortunate way to describe inaction enforced by interests strongly committed to doing nothing about #ClimateChange
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@MeetThePress seems to think we can control the weather...
Hey @JerryBrownGov if you leave all the kindling in the forest, expect fire moron.

It's not raking leaves you f*****g moron, it's clearing dead brush, AKA kindling, AKA fire starter.

Why not just start tossing crumpled up news paper into the forest? (same thing) Idiot.
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Huge kudos to @MeetThePress for a full hour on climate change this morning. This is a glimpse of what it would look like if we took climate change seriously.

Full show transcript:…

Prove me wrong, but I think this is the very first time a Sunday news program devoted a full hour to climate -- the most important problem in human history.

Talking about #climatechange (and the fact that a better world is possible) is the most important thing any of us can do.
Like @KHayhoe so eloquently says, talking about climate change helps build political momentum, helps us process our new shared reality, helps make the case for a better world in line with science and justice and decency.…
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Hi guys! @AtteHarjanne and me just published a paper "Abandoning the concept of #renewable #energy" at Energy Policy. In it, we argue that the concept of #renewableenergy (RE) is outdated. 1/

First, a link to the paper that should work until Feb 14:…
What we argue here is that using what is basically a 1970s-era definition of renewable energy, and conflating "renewable" with "sustainable" or even "clean," is becoming more a hindrance than a help in meeting the main challenge of the early 2000s - #climatechange . 2/
We argue that the concept of RE was largely set in stone well before the magnitude of #climate challenge, and actual problems with some sources that are technically renewable, was understood. This has resulted to, e.g., using the "renewable" label to cover all bioenergy. 3/
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1/ @SecretaryZinke is out as of Jan. 2.

He leaves behind a legacy of widespread attacks on science across nearly 500 million acres of public land and offshore waters.

Some examples, courtesy of reporter @shogrenE:…
2/ At Interior, @SecretaryZinke sidelined science, birds and ancient relics to promote fossil fuels and other industries.…
3/ He set an anti-science tone early by reassigning the Interior Department’s top climate change official to a job managing fossil fuel royalties.…
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A #cdnpoli thread on this is in order as it has both GHG & economic implications: this disconnect between stated #climatechange goals (limit warming to 1.5 degrees) & fossil fuel development planning is a recipe for continued conflict. 1/
On the one hand, Suncor says it supports the Paris Agreement—which focuses on limiting warming to 2 degrees (or even better, 1.5 degrees).… On the other, they anticipate future oil demand consistent with 2.7 degrees of warming. 2/
Helpfully, the IEA also models a “Sustainable Development Scenario” that’s consistent with the Paris Agreement objectives. The difference in emissions is stark. 3/
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Have you ever noticed that #climatechange activists insist that we follow the science ... but then are happy to ignore that #science tells us that the life within the womb of a pregnant human woman is a separate life in being?
@PPFA @AmerLifeLeague #settledscience #sciencedenial
No. Seriously.

Unlike #climatescientists that do things like change the temperature numbers for sea based stations in order to confirm their bias, the #sciences of human development leave no doubt:
From zygote:
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Be it resolved: #ClimateChange is no hoax, nor is it a part of our Earth’s natural cycle. The Climate Change we are currently experiencing is real, it is manmade and it requires a global response. THREAD…
This position is shared not only by an overwhelming majority of climate scientists but by every major scientific or academic institution on planet Earth today, from NASA to MIT to Harvard University to you name it. /2…
It is a view shared by intellectual and socio-political icons such as Stephen Hawking, Carl Sagan, Neil Degrasse Tyson, the Pentagon and the Rockefeller family. /3
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THREAD - #COP24 #COP24Katowice

We're not just fighting #climatechange; we're working on "a world that works for everyone." /1
#COP24 #COP24Katowice

We're not just fighting #climatechange; we're working on "a world that works for everyone." /2
#COP24 #COP24Katowice

We're not just fighting #climatechange; we're working on "a world that works for everyone." /3
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She is incredible. I will tell my students next year that if they wish to #ClimateStrike one day per week, they must spend some time studying @GretaThunberg, #ClimateChange and effective activism during the other four days. This can fit the NZ curriculum well. Links to follow.
Curriculum level 4 social studies is full of opportunities to consider power, advocacy, activism, and cause and effect:…
Persuasive language is also relevant here:…
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I love the book 1984. It's a great work of art which will outlive everyone who reads these words. However, it can become a millstone for those who read it, the inevitability of it all is bad for morale.

Hence I advocate "Orwell's Oversight".
I've pitched the concept in the broadest possible sense:

Any instance where the official line is publicly contradicted. Orwell suggested a society of citizens, constantly watched and controlled. Instead we live in a world where everyone is watched by everyone else.
1984 is a victim of its own success. A vision so compelling it has enchanted many, including those in positions of power, but to mistake it for reality is to live in an oppressive fiction.

Liberation is in the fact the internet's all-seeing-eye works both ways; we can see them.
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@GrumpyDaddd @Futureworldxxl Reality-Check: #Germany has 1% of the global population & wants to safe the #earth by charging among the higest #energy-prices on earth? Sounds more like a bunch of idiots allowing themselves to be ripped off big time!
#GreenEnergy #ClimateChange #Klimawandel - Part 1
@GrumpyDaddd @Futureworldxxl 2. At the same time Germans happily use their #iPhones, produced in #China by near slave-labour under conditions that are far from green.

German #Chemical companies happily produce in #Shaoxing, #China with a pollution (I have seen it) which takes your breath away! #Bayer #BASF
@GrumpyDaddd @Futureworldxxl 3. And the missionaries of #ClimateChange & #GreenEnergy, like @LeoDiCaprio, are the biggest jokes: Talking about climate change, but leaving a carbon foot-print the size of a village, with their #yachts, private #jets & several #villas with several servants! #ABigCon!
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This infographic drives me nuts, as it has gone completely viral multiple times and people share it basically uncritically. We need to talk about it.
Firstly, one may argue philosophically whether it makes sense to put the *entirety of a potential human's* emissions on the same dimension as "don't have a car" but let's set that aside and assume it's totally valid. I want to talk about the technical calculation here
Your first question should be "how did they calculate this?" Here we go. Start at the paper:… and find this passage:
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