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[1/10] 🆘#BreakingNews:
Please #share 🔁 this video:

Calling employees from every company in the country to take action from the inside and challenge their #employers to do more in protecting the #environment
[2/10] Take action on six steps - Read more on detail:…
[3/10] One - Awareness:
When you are aware of #climatechange negative impacts, you will also question if a project is detrimental to the #environment.
The challenge is to apply that personal awareness and thinking to the projects we are professionally responsible for.
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Today, thousands of ordinary people are set to march on Westminster to demand an emergency response to the climate and cost of living crisis.

#CivilResistance #A22Network #JustStopOil #NoNewOil
Today, as our criminal Government refuses to address the rising energy prices, millions of families across the UK are plunged into fuel poverty, while fossil fuel companies continue to rake in billions in profits.

#October1st #OccupyWestminster #ClimateChange #CostOfLivingCrisis
Today is the day we say #EnoughIsEnough. Join the ‘We All Want To Just Stop Oil’ Coalition — Jeremy Corbyn’s Peace and Justice Project, Fuel Poverty Action, Insulate Britain, CND and others — on the streets of Westminster in Civil Resistance. Together we can #JustStopOil.
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Register in advance at:

#CivilResistance #A22Network #JustStopOil Image
Join Jeremy Corbyn, Ruth London (Fuel Poverty Action), Lee Jasper (Blaksox), Zita Holbourne (Black Activists Rising Against Cuts), Lindsey German (Stop The War), Paula Peters (Disabled People Against Cuts), (cont..)

#EnoughIsEnough #OccupyWestminster #ClimateChange #CostOfLiving
Gareth Lowe (Unite the Union), George Monbiot and Dr. Carmody Grey, to hear how we plan to stop the Government in its tracks in October. WE CAN WIN!

#CivilResistance #JustStopOil #NoNewOil #October1st
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On the @PUCTX's agenda today, dicussions of electric companies' "emergency operations plans" & "electric weather preparedness standards," which are based on 95th percentile historical weather & still do not account for extreme "tail events" (like Uri) or climate change. #txlege
Also on the agenda, ERCOT filed it's first "true-up" for the $2.9 billion in securitization charges: "This True-Up Filing reflects a need to increase Uplift Charges. Up-front costs in excessof those estimated were incurred in connection w/ the initial issuance of the... bonds."
For the $2.1 billion (Subchapter N) in "Uplift Charges" (such a delightful Orwellian use of language, the charges are "uplifted" to you! how uplifting), filing is here:…

And here for the $800m (Subchapter M), the filing is here…
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Join us for Part 2 of our #GreenBlockchainSummit series held virtually on 9/29 (TOMORROW) where we bring together climate action leaders, technologists, & the @0xPolygon community to innovate & develop new solutions to our planet’s most pressing problems.…
Inspired: How Nature & Tech Can Help Each Other

11:05 AM - 11:20 AM ET

@Sandeep will be joined by @Prasiddhi_O, the 9-year-old prodigy from India, who will share her vision and how she sees technology playing a vital role in a positive global change for a sustainable future.
Democratizing Access to Climate Research to Save the Oceans

11:20 AM - 11:35 AM ET

@OCEEF_ has teamed up with @0xPolygon to deliver its next-gen ocean conservation initiative. In this session, OCEEF will share its plans to leverage #web3 in saving the seas.
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Today @ClimateInstit released a major report on the costs of #climatechange to Canada's economy. In a nutshell, climate change is a major drag on the 🇨🇦 economy and makes life less affordable for people. 1/…
Far from being a climate winner, we find that our economy is highly sensitive to #climatechange and the costs are wide-ranging. Climate impacts will hurt almost every sector, slowing growth, reducing productivity, and resulting in job losses 2/
#climatechange will hit households hard, making life even less affordable. Incomes decline, the price of everyday items rises as supply chains are disrupted, and govt taxes must increase to pay for higher climate damages. But this future is not inevitable 3/
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We are here 👇

"By the end of the 2022/23
crop year, the world's buffer
stocks of corn will be
enough for just 80 days'
worth of consumption"

Crops ruined by widespread drought in the US & Europe, flooding in Pakistan, incessant rains in India & more…
"Tight grain supplies reflect the impact of climate change on crop production as well as growing global demand for livestock that feed on corn, eating away at stockpiles"

& guess what?

The #ClimateCrisis is ramping up as our leaders pour fuel on the fire…
☝️All these warning signs at the same as we know models are likely highly conservative in predicting how #ClimateChange will impact global food production-

Our leaders are clueless or incompetent-

Please do what you can to wake them up!

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@catabreu_ @cjmcgowne Reliance on wind and solar energy means freezing in the dark on windless winter nights.

Even Bill Gates understands that.
@catabreu_ @cjmcgowne The other main "renewable" energy is biofuels. Vast swaths of Indonesia & Malaysia have been converted from forests and food production into monoculture palm plantations, to make biodiesel, to "fight climate change." It is environmentally catastrophic.
@catabreu_ @cjmcgowne #ClimateChange is not an environmental problem. On the contrary, it is highly beneficial. It is greening the Earth:…
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Another, recent research paper we hope urban infrastructure planners have read:…
Researchers Szell et al synthesized an urban bike network development model, then tested it against reality of 62 cities. Their findings point to the need for city authorities to recognize the need to get to a critical threshold, quickly. /2
IOWs "cities must invest into bicycle networks with the right growth strategy, and persistently, to surpass a critical mass."
(Remember the time @CityofEdmonton built a #bikelane, then removed it? Apparently a classic cold feet/shying at an initial decreasing return error). /3
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NO. NO 😭
1. 'Tree plantations' or trees for 'cash crops' or 'wood fuel' are NOT forests

2. They also DO NOT count as 'tree cover' for the purposes of ecosystem & biodiversity restoration

3. Trees only sequester carbon if they do not get cut down

We must separate issues pls😪
Agroforestry cannot be BOTH
i) a basis for climate mitigation x adaptation (carbon sequestration, increasing forest/tree cover)
ii) also a commercial forestry activity (trees for cash crops & wood fuel).
It one or the other.
#CommercialForestry OR #ClimateChange
Also Ndii argues that they are replicating the “shamba system on private land".

The why would Riggy G make a statement that "wananchi wapewe nafasi walime misitu?"

Public forests or private land? Which is it?
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New from me, in @ConversationUK
"#Dengue in France: tropical diseases in Europe may not be that rare for much longer"…

A bit like #scabies, we do have Neglected Tropical Diseases in Europe
#ntds #beatntds
Few dozen cases of local dengue transmission, more than has been observed before (bit of a theme for #infectiousdiseases in the recent past...)

An infected traveller would have returned to France, been bitten by a local mozzie, with onward transmission from biting new humans.
Seeing more mosquito-driven disease in Europe. Loads of #westnile virus in the lowlands in northern Italy, plus a few cases across other Euro countries
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🧵"As the first nation-state to call for a fossil fuel non-proliferation treaty, #Vanuatu’s bold leadership should spur other countries to move rapidly to end our addiction to fossil fuels." @JeniMiller #fossilfueltreaty #fossilfree4health #ClimateWeekNYC
“Fossil fuels have devastating consequences for people’s health, from impacts of extraction to being major contributor to 7M premature deaths per yr from air pollution & massive & increasing toll #climatechange is taking on public health around world” @JeniMiller #ClimateWeekNYC
"Access to #energy is health issue for people everywhere, but with clean energy solutions already available & ready to be scaled up, they should not have to pay for energy with health & wellbeing, due to exposure to fossil fuel related pollution" @JeniMiller #ClimateWeekNYC
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Scientists have calculated how many ants are on Earth. The number is so big it’s ‘unimaginable.’
By Dino Grandoni Image
It’s the ants’ world, and we’re just visiting.

A new estimate for the total number of ants burrowing and buzzing on Earth comes to a whopping total of nearly 20 quadrillion individuals.
That staggering sum — 20,000,000,000,000,000, or 20,000 trillion — reveals ants’ astonishing ubiquity even as scientists grow concerned that a possible mass die-off of insects could upend ecosystems.
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Looking forward to an insightful discussion on the impact of today's #MiniBudget on government's the #Environment, #NetZero and wider #ClimateChange policies #GAEvent
Beginning looking at the economic outlook, @SamAlvis2 warns that the £ has dropped in response to today's mini budget, and that we can expect a recession to be "looming" #GAEvent
On #Energy, Alvis says that a lack of OBR forecasts means we are not sure how much this will cost, but we we can be certain that there will be significant borrowing to help fund these support schemes #GAEvent
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Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari of #Pakistan is speaking @CFR_org . Both his mother and grandfather were Prime Ministers who were assassinated. His nation "faces a catastrophe of Biblical, apocalyptic proportions. The monsoon rains came in June, and..."
2/"...went on...until the end of August.
"A 100 km lake formed in the middle of my country.
"More than a month on we're still in an ecological disaster. One in 7 people affected -- 33 million people. Homeless, lost and staring death in the face."
3/ "We're still in the rescue and relief phase..but we expect one crisis to follow another."
Epidemics are starting.
"Four million acres of standing crop are devastated...We are staring into the face of epidemic catastrophe and food crisis."
But aid is not coming.
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GP JAILED FOR PEACEFUL CIVIL RESISTANCE: “I have no regrets, I offer no apology and I will breach the injunction again.”

#CivilResistance #A22Network #JustStopOil #NoNewOil #EnoughIsEnough #ClimateCrisis #ClimateChange #CostOfLivingCrisis #CostOfGreedCrisis #UK
One Just Stop Oil supporter who appeared in a Birmingham court yesterday was jailed, five were remanded and another eight were given suspended sentences for sitting peacefully outside the Kingsbury Oil Terminal to demand an end to new oil and gas projects in the UK.
Sarah Benn, 55, a GP from the West Midlands, was sentenced to 32 days in prison after being found guilty of her third breach of the injunction. She has already served 8 days in prison earlier this year after breaching the Warwickshire injunction in May.
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The countdown is on. We are one week away from #REWIREDGreen. Join us on September 28 in San Francisco as we bring together some of the world’s sharpest minds to discuss real solutions on how to tackle #climatechange. 1/6
It’s official.

We’re excited to add @MoreReginaHall to the Re:WIRED Green lineup. She’ll be discussing her work with The Solutions Project (@100isNow), an organization dedicated to bringing grants, media training, and star power to support renewable energy. 2/6
Kicking it off strong—Re:WIRED Green Session I: Avoiding The Worst Case Scenario will dive into the history of life and death on Earth, explore the magnificent power of humanity’s connection to this planet, & draw lessons about what can be done to address the climate crisis. 3/6
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Steven Jarvis (66, Bideford), on why he took non-violent direct action at the massive Kbury oil terminal. Steven is now in prison, along with 55 others, for contempt of court. All now face up to two years in prison & unlimited fines.

#CivilDisobedience #October1st
"I'm breaking this injunction
because it's unjust.
The establishment,
the judiciary
is protecting
the oil companies
that are killing us.

#BlockadeWestminster #ClimateCrisis #ClimateChange
"The taxpayers
of Warwickshire
are supporting
the protection
of this oil company
and it's this oil company
that is causing the
cost of living crisis,
that is causing the
death of the taxpayers
of Warwickshire.

#CostOfLivingCrisis #CostOfGreedCrisis #UK #Government #fossilfuels
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#CivilResistance #A22Network #JustStopOil #NoNewOil #EnoughIsEnough #October1st #BlockadeWestminster #ClimateCrisis #ClimateChange #CostOfLivingCrisis
One Just Stop Oil supporter who appeared in a Birmingham court yesterday was sent back to prison and another 10 were given suspended sentences for sitting peacefully outside the Kingsbury Oil Terminal to demand an end to new oil and gas projects in the UK.
The 12 Just Stop Oil supporters were accused of breaking the North Warwickshire injunction on 14th September. The private injunction is designed to help the state protect the profits of the oil industry by outlawing any protest activity near the Kingsbury Oil Terminal.
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Steven Gingell (Proprietor, 56, Manchester), on why he took non-violent direct action at the massive Kbury oil depot. Steven is now in prison, along with 55 others, for contempt of court. All now face up to two years in prison & unlimited fines.

#CivilDisobedience #October1st
"I'm here because
I have to be here,
I've got no choice.
I've got three
lovely children
And what future are
they going to have..
I really fear for their lives."

#BlockadeWestminster #ClimateCrisis #ClimateChange #CostOfLivingCrisis
"Let's take a pick of the
unfolding series of
crises that we face this week
in Pakistan.
A third of the
country is underwater.
Those people who are least
responsible are up to their
necks in water.
It's criminal it's genocidal
what's happening it's fucking
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Tez Burns, a 34 year old bicycle mechanic from Swansea, was imprisoned last week for peacefully demanding that the #Government stops giving out new oil and gas licences. Oil is causing the climate and #CostOfLivingCrisis, making us poorer, destroying jobs and killing us now.
“Civil resistance is our best chance of ending the cost of living crisis and the climate crisis, everything else has been tried and failed. It is the best use of our time and energy if we want change to happen.
“Rather than wasting billions subsidising the rising cost of energy and putting more money in the pockets of the oil companies, protect your citizens by investing in renewable energy and insulating our homes.
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Mitch (57, Derbyshire), on why they took non-violent direct action at the massive Kingsbury oil depot. Mitch is now in prison, along with 55 others, for contempt of court. All now face up to 2 years in prison & unlimited fines.
#CivilDisobedience #October1st #BlockadeWestminster
"We need to stop
burning fossil fuels and
change to green renewable
energies like solar wind and water.

#ClimateCrisis #ClimateChange #CostOfLivingCrisis #CostOfGreedCrisis
"Yet the government has
just announced over one hundred
new gas and oil projects. This is madness."

#UK #Government #fossilfuels #CivilResistance
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I agree—“most likely we will not be better prepared than we were in 2020” said @Karl_Lauterbach, 🇩🇪 health minister. ➡️“It’s only a matter of time until #climatechange makes more of these outbreaks become big enough that they become #pandemics”. Sobering.…
2) We are in a “time when climate change is increasing the threat of infectious disease outbreaks. As wildlife habitats disappear, animals are moving closer to each other and to humans, interacting in new ways that create more opportunities for viruses to jump between species.”
3) the G7 has set up a PACT FOR PANDEMIC READINESS of $1.5 billion a year. The World Bank has set up a fund for the pact of roughly $1.5 billion per year, which is a minor investment compared to the expenses associated with a pandemic, @Karl_Lauterbach said.
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#Marche: dal punto di vista della #scienza
📢Cos’è successo?
Tra la tarda serata e le prime ore della notte fra il 15 e il 16 settembre 2022 le province di Ancona e Pesaro-Urbino sono state interessate da una struttura temporalesca “autorigenerante”.
Si tratta di un fenomeno temporalesco che si auto-alimenta grazie allo scontro tra due masse d’aria con caratteristiche differenti, una caldo-umida, ricca di vapore acqueo, l’altra più fresca e secca, la cui convergenza mantiene attiva la corrente ascendente, ovvero la convezione
Lo scontro ha determinato precipitazioni di notevole intensità (un nubifragio), con una durata di oltre sei ore con conseguenze devastanti per il territorio.
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