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Sorcerer should have been a Con based caster. #DnD
Turning the Muscle Sorcerer into a Str based caster was a lot of fun. #Retroverse
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Totally reworked Preferred Bounty (finally) into a Prey ability. Less a blanket skill (and rip off) and a more focused and versatile one now. Glitch Hunter is pretty much finished. (Obviously more balancing required). #Retroverse Art @LluisAbadias Image
Three Subclasses are Slayer, Protean, and Shade. Think Doom, Metroid, Metal Gear Solid. A bit more complex than that and trwisted to allow lots of different play styles but that's the basic idea.
Spell Chamber pushed down in level so you get it sooner. Changed up a bit for clarity. Really hope y'all enjoy. Loads more to work on but look forward to those in TW3.
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I don’t have an exact date for #Retroverse TW3 but I can tell you it’s coming along quite nicely. It won’t be a gigantic blast of content like the last update was but will expand on lots of things (hopefully finishing Warren’s Grove) and be split into two files finally. Pizza biolante
This will be when we start opening it up for purchase as a PDF for everyone. It means a bit more of a wait but it’s the best way I could figure to keep it fair for everyone and not convoluted as heck on the back end. People will be able to pay less while it’s unfinished...
... and the files will just be updated periodically. We will eventually abandon the gigantic file and send KS backers access to the two new ones (Player’s Mix and Game Master’s Beats).

When they’re done, they go to full price. No solution is perfect but this is the plan.
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Same energy. #DnD ImageImage
1 in 4 Class Options Agree: Right Hand on a Weapon Resting On your Shoulder is Best. Image
This observation brought to you by building the Protean Style Glitch Hunter and tripe checking skills. #Retroverse
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The Combat Wheelchair is pretty sweet, though everything can be improved by the addition of bees. #DnD #Retroverse Image
Art by @LluisAbadias obviously. The Combat Wheelchair is in the #Retroverse, just with more lasers and many of them hover. If you’re against accessibility options then you don’t get to play in our world.
More bee related #DnD things for your game. #DnBee ImageImageImageImage
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Absolutely No One:

Me: Image
It’s on Patreon now and will be here soon enough. I’m going to make sure each subclass (Wait, there’s more!?) is #Retroverse compatable. They will be released on a rigorous “when I feel like it” schedule. ❤️
I did not expect this to be so popular. I’ll release it in a little bit here. Remember that they will be part of a series so not every subclass is going to hit every single aspect of kaijudom. If you’re not into one, wait for the next.
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If you have a problem with the wheelchair addition existing in #DnD then you’re no longer allowed to use any of my Bee stuff or play in the #Retroverse.

Not sorry, I make the rules. Get over it.
“Haha, the Kool-Aid Man in #DnD!? Totally using that! Wait, a battle wheelchair? I don’t know, kinda breaks my immersion.”

Seriously, get bent.
For those that don’t know. Here it is. Enjoy it, for it is awesome.
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I second this. @LluisAbadias is amazing and such a boon to our community. Will y’all join me in showering him with kind words?

These are some of the first pieces I saw from the man and they blew me away. I still think about that turtle all the time. ImageImageImageImage
This was the first bit of #Retroverse concept art and the thing that started it all. I like to look back at this and marvel at the details. You can see so much of the world in this single work

(Obviously we can’t use the D&D name, which is why this has become fun fanart.) Image
Here are some more sketches of @LluisAbadias’ that you likely haven’t seen. This isn’t the kinda stuff he was making 3 (or more) years ago! His skill was amazing then and he’s only gotten better! The flame was a sketch for my son which I still appreciate. ImageImageImageImage
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Finally got to throw this scary thing at my players #Retroverse recently. They were on a mission to hunt down some b-ugz and this thing began stalking them as well. They kept running into/destroying its invisible art, which made it angry. It ended in tears...
#DnD #pokemon Image
They found themselves blocked by an invisible wall in a small canyon created by broken spaceships in the Boneyard. They had some spray paint and colored the wall green but couldn’t figure out the geometric shapes on it. One player decided to smash through it, toppling the wall.
Buried under a pile of invisible/green prisms the Dire Mr. Mime used some trickery to steal the adventurer. The party then remembered they had glasses that granted true sight and noticed another wall behind them. They had been trapped but didn’t even know it.
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Threw these at my #Retroverse players the other night. It was a hell of a battle and they were very nearly slaughtered. They finally reigned victorious and it took the whole session for one of the players to finally figure out what they were fighting. #DnD #DireEmAll Image
It started with only one and I just kept whistling the Jigglypuff theme slowly and a little lower every time they got distracted. Once they killed the first, I started hum-whistling to mimic a chorus of them. Then called for a 15 minute break for them to freak out a bit. 😂
They ended up killing the three by some harsh combat and one of them finding a “space sedan” (they were in a ship graveyard) with functioning blasters. There was a Shiny Dire Jigglypuff in there as well and they were NOT prepared for its tri-attack.
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Test Wave 2.5 is finally live! Thanks for your patience and we hope you enjoy! #DnD #Retroverse…
Please spread this far and wide. I'm going to go take a nap for a few days. 😂♥️

Also, go thank @LluisAbadias, this thing wouldn't live without him.
The next goal is adding in the missing classes/species, adding backer content, and finishing Warren’s Grove. That will be what TW3 is compired of. At that time, I will also make an easier way for people to get the test stuff.
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Releasing TW 2.5 tomorrow and am pretty nervous about it. I really hope people like it. It’s been a long time coming. #Retroverse
Table of Contents. Image
Something I can take pride in is having written 98% of this. @Scotty_H00d helped with the henshin as well as @SunsStepchild and @Kevinha753 helping to make the whole game not suck. All good folks you should hire to help you.
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The last week or so has been dedicated to giving several last passes to TW 2.5 and making minor changes here or there. Mostly small fixes, not giant bug squashing. Fixing stat blocks, tweaking abilities, fixed an ASI issue, etc. #Retroverse Image
It's very tedious work and is why I've been kinda quiet. The whole thing is pretty much done (only missing a few bits of art and changing the Table of Contents), this is just another bit of polish. Really hope y'all like the... 591 pages of stuff. Loads of new stuff! #Retroverse Image
Things that haven't changed much: Cube, TW 2 classes, Warren's Grove, TW 2 Species (somewhat).

Everything else has some minor changes or sometimes major ones. We have all the sub-species, sub-classes, items, magic, and stat blocks up to the thresholds promised. Also, Hiveborn. Image
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We're a bit late to this #AprilTTRPGMaker thing, but we do want to participate, so let's catch up!

1. Who are you?
The primary user of this account is Ross Leiser, the Founder and Director here at Outlandish Adventure Productions, but there's more! (cont.
1. (cont.)
We also have an awesome graphic designer: @freeners, as well as a good friend of mine named Ted Bowman, who doesn't have a Twitter for me to link, but just joined the OAP design team.

We're just a group of nerds with weird senses of humor and a love of odd mechanics.
2. Where ya at?
When OAP was founded, we were located in Wilmington, Delaware, US. But, as of January, we've moved to Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
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