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BREAKING: Board of Pardons and Paroles votes unanimously to recommend that Gov. Abbott GRANT a 120-day reprieve DELAYING Rodney Reed's execution, set for Wednesday.
Abbott can accept or reject the recommendation
Board rejects Reed's request to commute death sentence to life in prison.
Here's some helpful background on the Texas clemency process and Reed's request:…
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#RodneyReed was accused of sexually assaulting a 12-year-old girl during the sentencing phase of his murder trial in 1998. This is, of course, a very disturbing allegation, but there were MAJOR problems with it. Here’s the context you need to understand the whole picture.
I believe that the 12-year-old victim in this case deserves justice and that police and prosecutors have failed her in a horrible way. They used her as a pawn in their quest to send Rodney Reed to the death chamber. I will not be sharing the victim's name to protect her privacy.
#RodneyReed was NEVER brought to trial in connection with these allegations. No jury has ever determined if Rodney is guilty or not guilty of these charges. None of the purported evidence has been tested in a courtroom at a criminal trial.
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I’ve been covering the #RodneyReed case for 18 yrs. Friday’s story @theintercept is a summary of what’s happened over years, w/a focus on some of the new evidence challenging his conviction. But the case has been problematic from the get-go. (1/22)…
@theintercept I got interested in the case back in 2001 when evidence came to light that the state withheld the results of some DNA testing from Reed’s trial attorneys. The DNA came from beer cans found near Stacey Stites’s body on April 23, 1996. (2/22)
@theintercept One of the reasons the state ultimately dismissed Stites’s cop fiancé Jimmy Fennell as a suspect was they couldn’t figure out how he would’ve gotten home from Bastrop that morning in time for an early morning call from Stites’s mother, reporting Stacey’s disappearance. (3/22)
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Another strange development in #RodneyReed's case. The judge who has been presiding over Rodney's case in Bastrop County retired in August, but is somehow still assigned to Rodney's case. There are now questions about the death warrant. Thread to follow.…
Judge Doug Shaver was assigned to preside over a one-day hearing in #RodneyReed's case in May 2014. Judge Shaver was already retired back then, but he was on a list of retired judges who could fill in for other judges when needed.
On July 23, 2019, Judge Shaver signed a death warrant and approved an execution date for #RodneyReed. Remember — This is over five years after Judge Shaver was assigned to preside over a one-day hearing. The assignment had nothing to do with signing a death warrant years later!
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#RodneyReed's attorneys sent a 14-page letter to @GovAbbott today. The letter presents new evidence and requests a 30-day reprieve of Rodney's Nov. 20th execution date. Details in the following thread. Please note: I'm going to quote an alternative suspect who used racial slurs.
@GovAbbott The letter begins with background details about the death of Stacey Stites. Stacey did not show up to work at 3:30 am on April 23, 1996. Her body was discovered later that afternoon. Investigators aggressively focused on Stacey's fiancé, Jimmy Fennell.
@GovAbbott An autopsy determined that Stacey Stites was strangled with her own belt. Fennell, a local police officer, failed two polygraph tests when asked if he strangled Stacey. Fennell invoked his right to remain silent after failing the polygraphs. Police inexplicably let him go.
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.@DrPhil makes some excellent points in this interview about #RodneyReed. “They have the wrong man, they are getting ready to execute an innocent man.”…
.@DrPhil says that #RodneyReed “is telling the truth when he says he didn’t commit this crime” and that “it is scientifically impossible that he committed this crime.”
.@DrPhil adds: “I want #RodneyReed to have a fair and full trial, which has never yet happened. I want a stay of execution, so a trial can be scheduled and so this man can present the truth. That’s what needs to happen.”
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#RodneyReed's attorneys just filed a motion asking a Bastrop County judge to cancel Rodney's November 20th execution date. The motion raises two new pieces of evidence that implicate Jimmy Fennell, the victim's fiancé at the time of her death, as the real killer.
Reminder: #RodneyReed was convicted and sentenced to death for the murder of Stacey Stites. The evidence comprehensively shows that Rodney is innocent and implicates Fennell as the real killer. The prosecution's case against Rodney is "medically and scientifically impossible."
First piece of new evidence: An insurance salesperson recently signed a sworn affidavit saying that Jimmy Fennell threatened to kill Stacey Stites while they were purchasing a life insurance policy.
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Bastrop County DA Bryan Goertz has spent years fighting to block DNA testing that could prove #RodneyReed’s innocence. Rodney’s attorneys filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against DA Goertz and other Texas officials who have custody of evidence in the case. Thread:
#RodneyReed was wrongfully convicted and sentenced to death for the 1996 murder of Stacey Stites. He has been on death row in Texas since 1998. Important evidence in the case was never tested for DNA.
An autopsy confirmed that Stacey Stites was strangled with her own belt. The killer must have forcefully gripped the belt with both hands for a substantial amount of time. The belt was collected as evidence immediately and has been held under lock and key ever since.
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#RodneyReed’s attorneys have made a comprehensive showing that he is actually innocent. Powerful evidence implicates Jimmy Fennell, a convicted felon and former police officer, as the real killer. Texas is trying to execute Rodney on November 20th even though he is innocent.
Stacey Stites was found dead on the side of a dirt road near Bastrop, TX, on April 23, 1996. Jimmy Fennell was Stacey's boyfriend. Forensic evidence shows that Stacey was killed at some point before midnight, at a time when Fennell said he was alone with her in their apartment.
Jimmy Fennell was a police officer until he was convicted of kidnapping and "improper sexual activity with a person in custody." Police initially viewed Fennell as their suspect in the murder of Stacey Stites. He failed two polygraph tests. Investigators cleared Fennell anyway.
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