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Good morning, folks still following the #SAA2019 debacle. Some new info has just come in, so here's another mini-thread... (1/n)
Two of the #MeToo survivors who left #SAA2019 due to @SAAorg's failure to kick out David Yesner (who had been banned from UAA campus and the Alaska Anthro Assoc) have confirmed that they've had their registration fee refunded by SAA. (2/n)
And I also got second-hand information from an anonymous Board member that they are muzzled due to the SAA's lawyer. The lawyer has insisted that if the Board talks, they could compromise their Board insurance and open themselves up to personal liability. (3/n)
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OMFG. I just... honestly have no words right now. First, the SAA doesn't "credential" journalists. I know because I headed the Media Relations Committee. (1/7)
Second, the SAA sends invites to the conference to HUNDREDS of journalists and science communicators, which includes people like me who write for science news outlets. (2/7)
Again, I have a list of more than 300 people that Amy Rutledge compiled as the PR person for @SAAorg to invite/send a press release about #SAA2019 to. I added some to her list as chair of the MRC.

But I can confirm that @mbalter wasn't on that list. (3/7)
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Now back at Cuddy Halll for a discussion with @theNASEM about #MeTooSTEM, running through sleet and snow. Should be a good discussion given our recent #TitleIX complaints.
See the 300 page report from NASEM on sexual harassment. Linked here for the 5 people on Twitter who don't know that sexual harassment exists in STEM. Here's the 300 page evidence that it does.…
Good reminder that gender harassment ("women don't belong in STEM") is as damaging as the overt sexual harassment (unwanted sexual advances, etc).
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I just got back from #SAA2019 , and I have very mixed feelings. I was too busy to fully enjoy it, but I still got to hear about interesting archaeology and had a good time catching up with friends, former students, former students' babies, etc. 1/10
But clearly my experience @ #SAA2019 was not shared by many who attended. In particular, the presence of a serial sexual harasser and the failure of the society to deal with him in a prompt and open way was hugely upsetting to many, and not only the women he harrassed. 2/10
I am also aware of women who didn't attend #SAA2019 at all because they didn't want to see certain people. I don't know those situations well enough to be sure of their reasons, but it doesn't take much imagination to guess why. 3/10
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@NMathwich discusses hurdles in working with legacy zooarchaeology collections using case study from Arizona in #s385 #SAA2019 happening now in ACC E, first floor room 110
Next up is Anne M. Woolley Vawser in #s385 #SAA2019 discussing sensitive data that has been put online (and even for sale) from her perspective at the Midwest Archaeological Center NPS, and need for big picture view of what our field is doing/how we are training new archs
@ArchaeoMapper now speaking on the fact that open data is NOT decolonized data - beware of reproducing oppressive colonial structures in online open space where data can runaway from creators and communities control in #s385 #SAA2019
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So many great anthropological observations coming out of #SAA2019 the past couple of days. why did i not attend? I study white scientists. IDEAL FIELD SITE. it kills me to think of the data lost. thank god for social media!
Actually i study racially diverse scientists who objectify Indigenous people as objects of their gaze without standing with us. i've see POC scientists treat us like that too. FYI "standing with" is a technical term. and yes, i stand with anti-racist, anti-colonial scientists.
here is the article in which i describe "standing with" as a methodological approach. thanks to Neferti Tadiar for informing my thoughts in this article.…
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Please sign this open letter calling for action from @SAAorg in light of the horrific events that have taken place at this years conference. #saa2019 #metoostem #metoo #timesup… Image
NOTE: it was pointed out to me that campus investigations in the US can not find ‘guilt’ as they aren’t a court of law — the wording has therefore been changed to ‘substantiated claims of’ for accuracy/legal reasons.
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Thread. As the @SAAorg leadership have failed to provide a public update on this situation at #SAA2019, I’ll take time out to do it for them. 1/
It appears that the three young survivors have now felt it necessary to leave the conference, following active support for the perpetrator by the @SAAorg leadership. #SAA2019 2/
This represents a serious failure on behalf of the SAA leadership, to act in the interests of survivors, and requires the fullest response from the community at large. 3/
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Randy Mcguire introducing his brilliant session, organised with Erin Riggs, on Archaeologies of Immigration and Refugee Resettlement at #saa2019. Room 10 Anasazi. I’ll be tweeting the session on this thread.
Randy sets out the urgent archaeological contribution to refugee studies as bringing a much-needed awareness on the material, environmental and mnemonic dimensions of the experiences of forced migration, especially acts of resistance. #SAA2019
Randy sets this new work in refugee archaeology in the longer-term context of contemporary archaeology since the 80s. He asks: for whom is this work done? #SAA2019
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