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My story starts in a small town from the northern region of the warm vibrant and culturally diverse #India.
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Born as 3rd daughter in a culture where birth of a daughter is resented by many, my parents had to deal with 'eerie' solutions from society to get rid of the "burden" that I was about to become. But, my visionary parent-warriors had their armours on! 😇
#genderbias #VoicesIWS
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What’s police brutality and racism got to do with science?


A #BlackAndSTEM/#ShutDownSTEM/#ShutDownAcademia/#BlackLivesMatter multidisciplinary science megathread.
Did you know that studies have revealed that diversity drives scientific innovation? Another way to put that: The absence of Black people in science results in lower quality science. So says @nature, one of the world’s most prestigious science journals…
@nature Where are all the #BlackAndSTEM scientists? Racism blocks their way. While white males make up 40-60% of science Ph.D. students, the Black %s are usually in the single digits. Physics, astronomy, and Earth sciences are usually in the 1-3% range.…
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Good morning! Time for day two of the @theNASEM 2019 summit. I'll be starting the day in session B, Increasing Transparency Around Findings of Responsibility and Administrative Action #AcademiaToo #MeTooSTEM
@theNASEM Panelists:
Jennifer Richter, Univ of Tennessee Knoxville
Brenda Tracy @STEcampaign
Nancy Chi Cantalupo, Barry Univ School of Law
Mod: Frazier Benya
@theNASEM @STEcampaign P1: Jennifer - Associate Vice Chancellor and Director
Deputy Title IX Coordinator for the Office of Equity and Diversity

-How do we as an institution change the culture & be effective about this? One answer is more transparency. How much you reveal is for each univ to determine
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That @MIT President has not previously - in his 3 letters to the community on the Jeffrey Epstein fiasco - been able to divulge that he signed a thank you letter to Epstein for his donations to MIT, does not speak well to candor.…
@MIT Even more awful, Reid Hoffman - LinkedIn founder - admitted to having fundraised from Epstein on behalf of Media Lab, up to 2015.

In 2017, Hoffman also funded the Disobedience Award at the @MediaLab which in 2018 went to leaders in #MeToo and #MeTooSTEM.
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Reputation Management Step 1:

cc @ninaandtito @LincolnsBible

“The #MeToo movement represents a sea change in American culture, in our institutions, in every professional, academic, & political arena," said Joi Ito, director of MIT Media Lab.…
Reputation Management Step 2:

The MIT Media Lab’s 2018 Disobedience Award and its $250,000 cash prize will be shared by three leaders of the #MeToo and #MeTooSTEM movement.…
Fast forward to Sept 4, 2019 ⬇️:

Joi Ito, director of the MIT Media Lab and co-founder of the award.disclosed that he had separately received $1.2M from EPSTEIN for investment funds under his control, in addition to $525,000 that he acknowledged EPSTEIN had donated to the lab.
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Últimamente no doy más del asma nerviosa, el ventolin a veces no funciona y tengo que intentar calmarme y repetirme “está en tu cabeza ya va pasar”. Dentro de poco defiendo la tesis, y creo que volver a ciertos lugares y a ver a ciertas personas es lo que me está ahogando. ⬇️
Estas crisis de asma empezaron en su forma leve hace tiempo, en 2013, y me duraron un año y algo aprox hasta que fueron empeorando junto con otros síntomas y ahí decidí apagar mi cerebro con alcohol.
Me empecé a emborrachar extremadamente seguido, lo que me llevó a vivir muchas situaciones de mierda hasta que dije basta así me voy a morir y terminé desconectando totalmente.
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[Day5: Communicating the Dark Side of #Science]
Let's get to the nitty gritty, intersectional #STEM issues today.

What are your thoughts on #SciComm around the complex, messy, imperfect scientific process & the dark history of Science?
MUST READ Examples: dealing w/ Race & Racism in #Science.

@AngelaDSaini’s #Superior (& #Inferior on gender inequity)

@PhysAnth’s statement on Race & Racism thoughtfully written by an intersectional, diverse committee…
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If you want to know what an institution stands for, don't read their press releases, read their court filings. #MeToo #MeTooSTEM #WeSaidEnough @thedartmouth (Thread)…
While @Dartmouth was congratulating itself for joining the NAS "Action Collaborative" on sexual harassment, it was filing in court to try to ensure that those who complained about their own faculty couldn't remain anonymous (…)
To stay anonymous, @Dartmouth argues that PBS plaintiffs must show "reasonable risk of severe retaliation or other significant harm." If there are no risks to students and faculty coming forward, why are your own internal Title IX processes confidential?
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THREAD: #MetGala2019 looks as minerals.

Lucy Boynton - elbaite
Charli XCX - sulfur
Billy Porter - pyrite & marcasite
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There's very unsettling news at @MountSinaiNYC, and I'm going to write a long thread about it.

With it, I plan to share a relevant experience I've never publicly discussed and I will offer ideas of action steps.

I hope you'll to read this thread, share what's happened, and act.
You should read this if you care about honesty and treating people decently.

You should read this if you worked or trained at @MountSinaiNYC.

You should read this if you care about #GlobalHealth, #PublicHealth, #AcademicTwitter, #MedTwitter, research ethics, or labor/HR issues.
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Now back at Cuddy Halll for a discussion with @theNASEM about #MeTooSTEM, running through sleet and snow. Should be a good discussion given our recent #TitleIX complaints.
See the 300 page report from NASEM on sexual harassment. Linked here for the 5 people on Twitter who don't know that sexual harassment exists in STEM. Here's the 300 page evidence that it does.…
Good reminder that gender harassment ("women don't belong in STEM") is as damaging as the overt sexual harassment (unwanted sexual advances, etc).
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@mrhunsaker @VanderbiltU @theNASEM @carlzimmer @meredithwadman @McLNeuro Exactly! Disturbing.
1) Who is responsible for oversight? enforcement? What are the so-called benchmarks these Unis are to meet? Are they enforceable vs #SexualMisconduct? Who determines this? @TIMESUPHC @MeTooSTEM @AnnOlivarius #Dartmouth7 @ADVANCEGeo @IBJIYONGI @JoshFessel
@mrhunsaker @theNASEM @carlzimmer @meredithwadman @McLNeuro @TIMESUPHC @MeTooSTEM @AnnOlivarius @ADVANCEGeo @IBJIYONGI @JoshFessel 2) Need to change public discourse from Action Collaborative members being seen as leaders to what many are--Unis with ongoing serious violations. Otherwise, these AC members can hide behind @theNASEM ‘spin’ @mbalter @k_langin #TIMESUPHC @TheOpEdProject @500womensci @ProfSharona
@mrhunsaker @theNASEM @carlzimmer @meredithwadman @McLNeuro @TIMESUPHC @MeTooSTEM @AnnOlivarius @ADVANCEGeo @IBJIYONGI @JoshFessel @mbalter @k_langin @TheOpEdProject @500womensci @ProfSharona 3) Full #transparency essential, including PUBLIC METRICS of current status of bad actions at each Uni; then measure if Unis make any real changes -e.g. expulsion & no pay for perpetrators, restitution & protection from #retaliation of survivors, etc. @NSF @ana_safavi #MeTooSTEM
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This will be a thread on why a lot of men are viewing the situation of @McLNeuro incorrectly.
I actually have been a follower of all of those pseud accounts people of been talking about where be a along with many others were tweeting. Including those accounts being abandoned for harassment and other poor male behavior.
That actually doesn’t tear into anything but it is important day to clear that up front. What most people are not talking about is the fact that BA had a positive tenure review prior to everything hitting the fan due to some insecure mail researcher.
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@mtobiasneely @NIH @TIMESUPNOW @MeTooSTEM @socwomen @Clayman_Inst @ASAnews @insidehighered @chronicle @JHUmetoo @ProfSharona @AnnOlivarius @darakass @maddow @CWolinetzNIH @SUNYChancellor @NLMdirector @rejoicePhD @CWGreider @500womensci @500WIM @JamesRPriestMD @scoutout @JulieSegre @kaymtye @HannahValantine @choo_ek @KayKosmos 3. @McLNeuro is founder of @MeTooSTEM. Her department chair, Sweatt, on leave for allegedly drugging and raping a student, was allowed to be part of the decision to reverse her tenure (at the request of Dean Jeffrey Balser) after tenure had been…
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What happens when women speak up against harassment in scientific institutions? The latest in a long string of retaliation stories, Dr. BethAnn McLaughlin @McLNeuro may lose her job on Feb 28, absent a last-minute reprieve from Vanderbilt University…
This week, we wrote a letter to @NicholasZeppos showing our support for @McLNeuro #metooSTEM founder, MIT Disobedience Awardee, slayer of the Rate My Professor chili pepper, advocate for safety in science, teller of uncomfortable truths, and accountability bloodhound.
We and thousands of others support Dr. McLaughlin as a scientist but also as a spokeswoman against harassment and assault in science #metooSTEM…
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Been struggling to find the words re: @Vanderbilt’s mistreatment of @mclneuro. #MeTooStem THREAD. 1/
Gonna recap what y’all should have already read from the @science article by @meredithwadman and additional details from the petition (which you should read in its entirety). 2/…
During her tenure process at @vanderbiltu, @mclneuro became a witness in the sexual harassment complaint against a member of her department. 3/
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Guten Morgen! Ich bin Michaela, Wissenschaftlerin und Journalistin, zudem Feministin und Sozialdemokratin. Heute geht's darum, wie jede dieser Facetten meinen Blick auf die Welt beeinflusst und wie ich als Journalistin mit dieser "Subjektivität" umgehe.
Als Feministin fühle ich mich schon seit langem. In Großbritannien schien sich auch niemand sehr an diesem "Label" zu stören. In Deutschland (wie auch in Österreich) sehe ich aber noch mehr Zurückhaltung beziehungsweise sogar Widerstand gegen den Begriff.
Deshalb bin ich neugierig: Wer von euch sieht sich denn selbst als Feminist*in?
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1/ #medtwitter if you care about #metoostem #meded #equity #burnout please follow along. Gender violence is pervasive in medical training.

#sciencetoo #meded #medtwitter #medtoo #timesup #beethical #heforshe #timesup
2/ “…we may hear and intimately know the experiences of gender violence, but we are unable to share. Our voices are trapped and silenced, exacerbated by the hierarchical and apprentice-based training environment.."
3/ Over 50% of medical students experience sexual harassment from faculty and staff. The people who are entrusted to teach us how to be physicians.
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I stand in righteous fury beside fellow women in science in filing a lawsuit against Dartmouth. We want our voices to be heard. We demand to be taken seriously. We demand change. Thread (1/10)…

#metooSTEM #MeToo
I have chosen to file a lawsuit against Dartmouth College because this institution has sheltered serial predators for years. It has not been held accountable for generations of women who have left psychologically damaged and professionally harmed. (2/10)
I came to Dartmouth to grow as a scientist. Not to be eye candy for middle-aged men. Not to be sexualized & constantly made aware of my gender. Not to leave more broken than I came. I expected the institution to care about my wellbeing, not place me in a known lion's den. (3/10)
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This surprised us 👉 Training does not reduce sexual harassment. We've been conducting widespread sexual harassment training in the U.S. for 15+ years now, and it has not seemed to reduce sexual harassment. #metooSTEM
Why? 1) Because of cynicism. 2) Because employees "sniff out" compliance-based trainings. 3) Because trainings change attitude but haven't been effective in changing behavior. Conclusion: We need to overhaul our approach to SH training going forward. #metooSTEM
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1/This is an excellent example of WHY @NIH needs to change their gender violence policies. Not only was this researcher found to be responsible by civil legal standards for sexually harassing a post-doc, the uni. found him resp. for creating a hostile environment. #metoostem
2/Literally the DAY the sexual harassment settlement was reached on September 17, 2018 the university publishes a letter lauding this researcher for obtaining a $20 million grant from @NIH: #MeTooSTEM
3/ What happened to this researcher? He has to take a training on sexual harassment and might have a letter put into his HR file. He is still the director of an institute. What happened to the post-doc? She has left the university and her research has not been published.
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@McLNeuro @statnews "In stark contrast, the NIH has done essentially nothing to address gender violence committed by NIH-funded scientists"–@statnews YET in 5 yrs it's paid out almost $2 million 2 settle #SexualHarassment cases brt by scientists in its own labs!… #TimesUpNIH
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#WomeninSTEM get a lot of “Reply Guys” who repeat the same unhelpful comments.

@shrewshrew and I (a woman & a man in science) have attempted to catalog those replies, to save us all the trouble of writing new responses every time.


We will post one Reply Guy a day, and we welcome your thoughts and feedback.

Starting with a very nice fella, full of helpful advice, with one big problem:

Reply Guy #1. THE LIFE COACH
People who get annoying replies can tag the dude with the appropriate Reply Guy from this thread, and save themselves a pointless debate. That’s the idea anyway.

And some guys seem to take it to heart when you point out that they’re being a cliché.

#MeTooSTEM #MeTooPhD
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