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Please understand, Erica had to continue to work with Christopher Backhouse while enduring his relentless harassment campaign against her. @ucl and @Fermilab took no actions. He was not fired. He left on his own immediately prior to this becoming public.…
Therefore, the most logical explanation for him leaving academia and securing himself a job in the private sector was to shield himself from the fallout of his vile actions becoming public.
And therefore, the logical reason he is having to face any sort of accountability for his actions (which he remains unapologetic for despite solid evidence linking him directly to the harassment campaign) is because of Erica's lawsuit. Not @ucl, not @Fermilab, no one but Erica.
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Interesting week. Between hockey games, I learned the following:

1. Some people who claim to be big in #MeTooSTEM were really #MeMeME. And one didn't exist, although people mourned her passing. Passing as real?
2. If you repeatedly say that you want to decenter yourself, long after others have moved on, you're obsessed with centering yourself. We see you. Even if we don't want to.
3. It's one thing to say that you think people should reach out and help and support vulnerable victims of a cruel ruse. It's another thing to do it. A lot of telling, very little showing ... talk, no action.
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One of the things we discuss in transformative justice when confronting harm is how the community -- people and organizations both -- intentionally and unintentionally enabled the harm to occur and to continue.
"When we focus only on abusers, we individualize something that is often a community problem." -- @theleilaraven
Enabling harm can take a million forms. It happens when we don't check our friends when we learn they've done something out of alignment with their values. It happens when we tell those harmed by friends that they must have misunderstood what happened, instead of listening.
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1. Someone sent me a tip about this & I was trying to catch up on the situation and discovered that McLNeuro (BethAnn McLaughlin) has been suspended from Twitter sometimes between 1:28am EDT, the last time I looked at her account, and 2:28am.…
2. Archives of McLNeuro's tweets can be viewed here. is case sensitive so different tweets may be archived at each link. You will need to add an asterisk at the end after clicking on the link.…*…*
3. There is speculation that McLaughlin ran a fake Twitter account for a non-existent indigenous professor at Arizona State University who she claimed died from COVID-19 last month and held a Zoom memorial service for.
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My story starts in a small town from the northern region of the warm vibrant and culturally diverse #India.
#VoicesIWS Image
Born as 3rd daughter in a culture where birth of a daughter is resented by many, my parents had to deal with 'eerie' solutions from society to get rid of the "burden" that I was about to become. But, my visionary parent-warriors had their armours on! 😇
#genderbias #VoicesIWS
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What’s police brutality and racism got to do with science?


A #BlackAndSTEM/#ShutDownSTEM/#ShutDownAcademia/#BlackLivesMatter multidisciplinary science megathread.
Did you know that studies have revealed that diversity drives scientific innovation? Another way to put that: The absence of Black people in science results in lower quality science. So says @nature, one of the world’s most prestigious science journals…
@nature Where are all the #BlackAndSTEM scientists? Racism blocks their way. While white males make up 40-60% of science Ph.D. students, the Black %s are usually in the single digits. Physics, astronomy, and Earth sciences are usually in the 1-3% range.…
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That @MIT President has not previously - in his 3 letters to the community on the Jeffrey Epstein fiasco - been able to divulge that he signed a thank you letter to Epstein for his donations to MIT, does not speak well to candor.…
@MIT Even more awful, Reid Hoffman - LinkedIn founder - admitted to having fundraised from Epstein on behalf of Media Lab, up to 2015.

In 2017, Hoffman also funded the Disobedience Award at the @MediaLab which in 2018 went to leaders in #MeToo and #MeTooSTEM.
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Reputation Management Step 1:

cc @ninaandtito @LincolnsBible

“The #MeToo movement represents a sea change in American culture, in our institutions, in every professional, academic, & political arena," said Joi Ito, director of MIT Media Lab.…
Reputation Management Step 2:

The MIT Media Lab’s 2018 Disobedience Award and its $250,000 cash prize will be shared by three leaders of the #MeToo and #MeTooSTEM movement.…
Fast forward to Sept 4, 2019 ⬇️:

Joi Ito, director of the MIT Media Lab and co-founder of the award.disclosed that he had separately received $1.2M from EPSTEIN for investment funds under his control, in addition to $525,000 that he acknowledged EPSTEIN had donated to the lab.
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Gather round, everyone--with Epstein's arrest, we all get to take @LKrauss1's master class on misusing "scientific thinking" to cover up exploitation of women. #MeTooSTEM (Thread)…
Scientific thinking is when you look at all the available evidence, including court rulings, testimony, and base rates (about 5% of sexual assault reports are false), and recognize the limitations of your own perceptions.
But @LKrauss1 and others used a "scientific" worldview in exactly the wrong way--not to find the truth, but to elevate a friend and funder who had already pled guilty to sex crimes (halting a deeper investigation)…… Image
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"I remember with great clarity realizing that this choice would almost certainly end my career."

When people like @McLNeuro are forced out, those left have a responsibility: "Do the bravest moral thing you can do in your job today."

"we vote too many people into positions of power and influence as rewards for their publications instead of as endorsements for their principled stances. I hope that those who hear conversation around #MeTooSTEM and feel uncomfortable realize they should."
"I mean to make you uncomfortable. You have likely been comfortable at some else’s expense for far too long."
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As the petition for @dartmouth to reverse course on de-anonymizing its alumnae gains steam, be sure not to miss the Plaintiffs' lawyer's dissection of @dartmouth's motion (Thread). #MeToo #MeTooSTEM #WeSaidEnough @thedartmouth…
I sure can't summarize the situation better than this: Image
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[Day5: Communicating the Dark Side of #Science]
Let's get to the nitty gritty, intersectional #STEM issues today.

What are your thoughts on #SciComm around the complex, messy, imperfect scientific process & the dark history of Science?
MUST READ Examples: dealing w/ Race & Racism in #Science.

@AngelaDSaini’s #Superior (& #Inferior on gender inequity)

@PhysAnth’s statement on Race & Racism thoughtfully written by an intersectional, diverse committee…
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If you want to know what an institution stands for, don't read their press releases, read their court filings. #MeToo #MeTooSTEM #WeSaidEnough @thedartmouth (Thread)…
While @Dartmouth was congratulating itself for joining the NAS "Action Collaborative" on sexual harassment, it was filing in court to try to ensure that those who complained about their own faculty couldn't remain anonymous (…)
To stay anonymous, @Dartmouth argues that PBS plaintiffs must show "reasonable risk of severe retaliation or other significant harm." If there are no risks to students and faculty coming forward, why are your own internal Title IX processes confidential?
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THREAD: #MetGala2019 looks as minerals.

Lucy Boynton - elbaite
Charli XCX - sulfur
Billy Porter - pyrite & marcasite
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There's very unsettling news at @MountSinaiNYC, and I'm going to write a long thread about it.

With it, I plan to share a relevant experience I've never publicly discussed and I will offer ideas of action steps.

I hope you'll to read this thread, share what's happened, and act.
You should read this if you care about honesty and treating people decently.

You should read this if you worked or trained at @MountSinaiNYC.

You should read this if you care about #GlobalHealth, #PublicHealth, #AcademicTwitter, #MedTwitter, research ethics, or labor/HR issues.
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Please sign this open letter calling for action from @SAAorg in light of the horrific events that have taken place at this years conference. #saa2019 #metoostem #metoo #timesup… Image
NOTE: it was pointed out to me that campus investigations in the US can not find ‘guilt’ as they aren’t a court of law — the wording has therefore been changed to ‘substantiated claims of’ for accuracy/legal reasons.
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@mrhunsaker @VanderbiltU @theNASEM @carlzimmer @meredithwadman @McLNeuro Exactly! Disturbing.
1) Who is responsible for oversight? enforcement? What are the so-called benchmarks these Unis are to meet? Are they enforceable vs #SexualMisconduct? Who determines this? @TIMESUPHC @MeTooSTEM @AnnOlivarius #Dartmouth7 @ADVANCEGeo @IBJIYONGI @JoshFessel
@mrhunsaker @theNASEM @carlzimmer @meredithwadman @McLNeuro @TIMESUPHC @MeTooSTEM @AnnOlivarius @ADVANCEGeo @IBJIYONGI @JoshFessel 2) Need to change public discourse from Action Collaborative members being seen as leaders to what many are--Unis with ongoing serious violations. Otherwise, these AC members can hide behind @theNASEM ‘spin’ @mbalter @k_langin #TIMESUPHC @TheOpEdProject @500womensci @ProfSharona
@mrhunsaker @theNASEM @carlzimmer @meredithwadman @McLNeuro @TIMESUPHC @MeTooSTEM @AnnOlivarius @ADVANCEGeo @IBJIYONGI @JoshFessel @mbalter @k_langin @TheOpEdProject @500womensci @ProfSharona 3) Full #transparency essential, including PUBLIC METRICS of current status of bad actions at each Uni; then measure if Unis make any real changes -e.g. expulsion & no pay for perpetrators, restitution & protection from #retaliation of survivors, etc. @NSF @ana_safavi #MeTooSTEM
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What happens when women speak up against harassment in scientific institutions? The latest in a long string of retaliation stories, Dr. BethAnn McLaughlin @McLNeuro may lose her job on Feb 28, absent a last-minute reprieve from Vanderbilt University…
This week, we wrote a letter to @NicholasZeppos showing our support for @McLNeuro #metooSTEM founder, MIT Disobedience Awardee, slayer of the Rate My Professor chili pepper, advocate for safety in science, teller of uncomfortable truths, and accountability bloodhound.
We and thousands of others support Dr. McLaughlin as a scientist but also as a spokeswoman against harassment and assault in science #metooSTEM…
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Been struggling to find the words re: @Vanderbilt’s mistreatment of @mclneuro. #MeTooStem THREAD. 1/
Gonna recap what y’all should have already read from the @science article by @meredithwadman and additional details from the petition (which you should read in its entirety). 2/…
During her tenure process at @vanderbiltu, @mclneuro became a witness in the sexual harassment complaint against a member of her department. 3/
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I stand in righteous fury beside fellow women in science in filing a lawsuit against Dartmouth. We want our voices to be heard. We demand to be taken seriously. We demand change. Thread (1/10)…

#metooSTEM #MeToo
I have chosen to file a lawsuit against Dartmouth College because this institution has sheltered serial predators for years. It has not been held accountable for generations of women who have left psychologically damaged and professionally harmed. (2/10)
I came to Dartmouth to grow as a scientist. Not to be eye candy for middle-aged men. Not to be sexualized & constantly made aware of my gender. Not to leave more broken than I came. I expected the institution to care about my wellbeing, not place me in a known lion's den. (3/10)
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This surprised us 👉 Training does not reduce sexual harassment. We've been conducting widespread sexual harassment training in the U.S. for 15+ years now, and it has not seemed to reduce sexual harassment. #metooSTEM
Why? 1) Because of cynicism. 2) Because employees "sniff out" compliance-based trainings. 3) Because trainings change attitude but haven't been effective in changing behavior. Conclusion: We need to overhaul our approach to SH training going forward. #metooSTEM
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We want more women and individuals from underrepresented groups to consider careers in STEM… we want a more diverse STEM workforce… we want to patch the leaky pipeline… we want more women and URM as professors and STEM researchers and role models. 1/5
But wanting isn't the same as doing. To do all this, we must ensure that the learning environments for all of our trainees are safe. We must foster a positive climate free from sexual harassment. Universities must strive to do better. But the NIH and NSF play a role as well. 2/5
Continued funding for PIs who sexually harass their subordinates and create a toxic learning environment is unacceptable. If you can’t commit to a healthy and safe climate for your trainees, then you should not be awarded resources that will enable you to continue 3/5
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