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🚨#Thursday @lukerosiak breaking more news about Awan Bros PAKISTANI criminal network that infiltrated US govt. Former Awan biz partner: "Imran dad delivered USB to Paki Interior Minister Rehman Malik." Does everyone know who Malik is? MASSIVE revelation…
•2008, Imrans dad gave USB to Malik
•Awans protected by Paki govt intel agents (ISI)
•Imran brags about his political power in the US
🤔Who is protecting Awans? Who did they really work for? Pretty sure Congressmen used as puppets (access). How bout our alphabet agencies?
Imran worked in Congress since 2004, adding his brothers Jamal & Abid, wives Hina & Nataliia, friends Rao Abbas & Haseeb Rana. THAT'S 12+ YEARS of access to govt data.…
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We are at a crossroads in America. Society has been splintered and we are currently living in dual competing realities. Now more than ever, we must learn what we can and can't do about it.

THREAD. Please read & RT. (1/39)
Table of Contents: (yes, srsly)
1 - Thesis
2 - Table of Contents
3-9 - Case Studies of Invalidation and Victim Blaming
10-12 - Dual Realities
13-23 - Abuse and Dual Reality Case Study in Entertainment
25-34 - What Can and Can’t We Do?
35-39 - Closing statement
40-x - Sources

We are hurdling towards a major crossroads in American history. It is vitally important to recognize the concept of Dual Realities and how we survive this ordeal together.

So let's sober up and take the plank out of our eye. Let's take an honest look at how bad it's gotten. 3/
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SO SAFE🙄 How horrible #backpage is being punished #saidnooneever…
This guy burned his #backpage date but according to you it’s a safe place for sex workers🤷🏼‍♀️…
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For those curious, Mark Benavides most recently ran (and lost) the 186th District Court in Texas.
This is the second Democrat in TEXAS alone to face felony charges this year, the 9th total Democrat to face charges
Earlier this month, a New York Democrat, John Strough, and his Wife were arrested for Election Fraud…
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🙋🏼I would ❤ for @JoshMeyerDC, who wrote the Project Cassandra investigative report, to get together w/ @lukerosiak & compare notes on a *possible* local link to Hezbollah funded car dealership owned by criminal House IT staffers. Anyone talk to Khattak?…
Anyone check out link btwn the other dealerships the Awans took cars from, VIN numbers, where they ended up, etc? There's sthing odd about govt employees owning a used car dealership funded by a wanted fugitive whose money manager lives in VA & works directly w/ Awans.
Something odd about the Manitoba Drive apts where the Awans have all lived, as well as their extended family, biz associates, friends, and West Africans who have ties to car theft and shipments to West Africa. There's more to this story. Directly tied to govt.
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Dear any political party
Don't bother preaching tax cuts, debt-reduction through service cuts, as the fast-track to the future or a path to prosperity.
We've had a quarter century social experiment with that.
We're done with that fiscal fantasy.
If you're keen on debt reduction, grow the economy.
If you want more growth, support for women > trade or biz investment.
Women's estimated potential impact on growth (with supports) $150B by 2026. Trade's ~$12B by 2040.
(Thread: )
#cdnecon #cdnpoli #onpoli
Federal #Budget2018 articulated most elements of a plan to increase women's contribution to the economy, but not the next crucial step: a national strategy to improve access to affordable, high quality early childhood education for our kids.
That's why Poloz talked about it y'day
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Her: Because every time I said no he tightened his hold around me

Him: She wasn’t that attractive

Kobe Bryant is a rapist.
Kobe Bryant just won an #Oscar
#TimesUp #MeToo
After initially lying to police #KobeBryant admits the sex only lasted for 5 mins, he grabbed her by the throat then asked to jerk off in her face because that’s his “finishing move” she was 19. #MeToo #Oscars
Too many lacerations to count.
NOT consistent with consensual sex.
You’re full of s**t @TheAcademy
#KobeBryant #Oscars #MeToo #TimesUp
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In 23 US states there is no “floor” for age of child to marry if parents and judge sign off on it, meaning i.e. an adult man can marry a 6 year old child legally today in the USA. Three 10 year old girls were married (and presumably then child raped, ongoing) to adult men in TN.
Here is more about current child rape laws in US, state by state Contact your state legislator to move us into the 21st century, out of the dark ages where the archaic idea that children (and women) are legally property of men. Lobby your congressperson
The reason #MeToo stories are so very widespread, prevelent are thanks in large part to these LAWS still on our books allowing sexual predation of children and young women with no accountability. Undergirding these laws is the concept than females are “less than” males
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Trump summons press to defend abuser, ignore his victims… via @shareblue #AmericanSociopath
Pence and Trump can’t get agree on whether to condemn domestic violence… via @shareblue
The White House had to protect Rob Porter to save Donald Trump… via @voxdotcom
No honor amongst sociopaths.
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.@FoxNews | #TuckerCarlsonTonight | How much info is #Google getting from your phone?

Check this out, Two brand new phones, no #SIM cards and neither ever connected to a #WIFI


via @youtube
How many people caught this!

#WTF | what are they trying to tell us by having 911 on each of the phones.

Did this segment get recorded at 9:11am by coincidence or was this done deliberately
One more CREEPY thing about this segment is the fact the selfies were presented UPSIDE DOWN

Start using some critical thinking as to what else was meant in this news segment by #FoxNews

Last time “911” / “Upside Imagery” down was used was BACK TO THE FUTURE 🤔
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For all my non-local followers, I’m sure you’ve seen my tweets regarding #NotMyMrRoyal . I want to take the time to give the full details of the situation at hand and why this is so important to speak about. Here’s an info thread on what’s happening and why you should be angry:
Hamilton Southeastern Highschool is in a very affluent area in central Indiana, and for the most part is a really wonderful school. However, certain shady practices by the administration have recently come to light regarding it’s treatment of victims of sexual violence.
So what is “Mr. Royal” exactly? Mr. Royal is a male pageant put on every year by the NHS, in which boys compete in a talent competition for several titles including “Mr. Riley”, given to the contestant who raises the most money for Riley Children’s Hospital, “Mr. Spirit”, voted-
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A few comments about this Jan 17 CNN report on the Nassar sentencing hearing, surfaced in a Jan 24 tweet by @germanrlopez
@Mantzarlis… #
1st: Non-sourced judgmental statements litter the article, eg > "Aquilina's comments have sometimes bordered on vindictive."
“Sometimes” is plural
Judge Aquilina’s eye-for-an-eye slip happened once
Hence my classification of this statement as editorial. #
2nd: CNN cites three "experts.” I have read stories with experts who say the exact opposite, that it is not unusual for judges to express opinion in sentencing hearings. Here’s NYT… #
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1. It is time to #ReleaseTheMemo to the American Public. The argument that it may threaten National Security is only valid to a rogue intelligence community that believes it holds the power of the Nations security, in the form of control over the American people.
2. As Paul Craig Roberts states in a recent article, the abuse unfolds in the pages of the FISA court violations, in which a sitting president has weaponized the IC FOR political reasons, which led to the #Dossier and attempted Coup of a legally elected American @POTUS
3. The time for action is at hand! To wait is to pay the consequences of an adversary to the Republic that sits, even now, inside the very system they abused against the will of the American People. The longer we wait to act, the greater the odds of retribution... #TimesUp
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I've read several threads by black women about their experiences mirroring those of the woman with Ansari. They are gripping, brave, painful. They evoke the fear of reprisal & how sexual agency shifts.
I am not RTing because I don't want to encourage trolling.
But I thank them.
The fact is millions of women have had this experience precisely because we DO exert power over our own sexual agency. But that power ceases when the man chooses to ignore consent being withdrawn. The facile "just leave" narrative white women are pushing we've heard before.
For generations women have been told there's a point where they are no longer allowed to withdraw consent.
That narrative must end. For women to have true sexual agency and choice, men must assent to follow the rules and not impose their own or the threat of violence.
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1/ This is directly in my wheelhouse as a civil rights lawyer. A settlement agreement is nothing but a contract. The measure of contractual breach is the consideration paid by the other side. Read on to learn more.
2/ Sometimes there are liquidated damages tied to breach of confidentiality (like $10K for every breach). But the maximum for the breach should be the total compensation paid to the victim. So that’s a known quantity.
3/ The brave women speaking out face the potential of defamation suits by rich perpetrators. If #TimesUp or others want to protect silence breakers, offering defamation defense is key. Many fear speaking out b/c they can’t afford a defense. Even tho truth is an absolute defense!
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Couple of things, @sullydish...
Firstly, nice try but women will not be silent anymore, & you don’t get to tell us to shut up. Secondly, I believe @Lollardfish has already addressed this:

#TimesUp #MeToo #GTFO
Seriously, the fucking audacity of some ppl is astonishing. They never stop trying to silence survivors.

It’s incredible. The number of men accused is small compared to their victims. The number of men accused is small compared to how many men there are in Hollywood & DC.
I’m so done with this shit. Allow me to show y’all some shocking -yet not at all shocking to many of us- information.

*Trigger Warning*
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Look at what has happened to Cat Sadler, Carrie Gracie and Michelle Williams. There is no transparency about pay equity. #PAYUP.
Nine years ago, the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act was passed. Yet nothing has changed. #PayUp
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On a very special night, as long as everyone wears black, if one industry of rampant perversion lectures another industry of rampant perversion super self-righteously, all the perversion is solved.
Gal Gadot is a perfect human. We don’t deserve her protection. #goldenglobes
Oh, hi, @TheRock! There are two perfect humans on stage. We don’t deserve their protection.
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It’s #GoldenGlobes Sunday. Four years ago, at the Globes in 2014, Woody Allen was awarded the Cecil B. DeMille award for lifetime achievement. Four years ago I decided enough was enough and wrote an open letter detailing the abuse I sustained at the hands of Woody Allen. /1
I thought it would make a difference. I thought things would change. I learned quickly (and painfully) that my optimism was misplaced. His time wasn’t up. /2
Today, four years later, it is Globes Sunday again and many, if not most, will be wearing black on the red carpet in solidarity with the #TIMESUP movement. They will stand against sexual harassment and abuse in their industry and all others. Good. I stand with them. #metoo /3
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