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#MKUltra Child Sex Trafficking alert. Please wake up everyone. Please look at Hunter Biden, Jeffrey Epstein, JP Morgan, PornHub, META
"The 11 co-defendants face an assortment of charges ranging from making child pornography to transporting kids for sex."…
#MKUltra Child Sex Trafficking Alert - Judges and Disney involved too. Who owns 7% of Disney? Ghislaine Maxwell's friend Laurene Powell Jobs yet her Atlantic downplays child trafficking. Why?…
#MKUltra Sex Trafficking Alert - Police involved in the trafficking enterprise but nobody does a thing to end qualified immunity - their cover up…
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#Diversity #equity #Inclusion #DEI And, of course, it's all about the money. Just like #MeToo . Just like #TimesUp and it is all performative and divisive, not inclusive. Profiteering 101. @StanfordLaw COME CLEAN NOW on the entire DEI program and……
@UndercoverMoth9 - once again DEI is all about the money and contracts. Anyone else notice that on April 4, 2011 when Joe Biden introduced the unregulated "Dear Colleague" Title IX letter that all this profiteering racket started, admin swelled, fees swelled, public paid and ROI?
And if you look up Diversity, Equity & Inclusion - what company comes up first? McKinsey - a Management Consultancy Company. When are kids going to get an education instead of being targets for profiteering? @McKinsey ?…
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Spent part of this week talking to undocumented women about how they're getting stiffed on wages and thinking about how much of my early working life was spent fighting men taking advantage of me because I was young and pretty and desperate and people thought I was stupid.
There is so much abuse in the work force and employers in sweat shops and produce places and restaurants all know how to scam workers who have no recourse. It's so awful, but the GOP thinks "socialism" is the problem, not corporatism. Employees have so little recourse.
So many movements were supposed to help us. What happened to #TimesUp? What happened to the #FightFor15? What happened to Biden saying 2yrs ago he would raise the minimum wage? It's still at $7.25 where it's been since 2009 when Pelosi raised it. What happened to Bernie?
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A couple of years ago, during the #Pandemic, a number of women directors (including me), had had enough of the inequality amongst male & #femaledirectors of #documentaries in the UK industry. @WeAreDocWomen was a result of a number of women coming together ...
to effect real change. #WeareDocWomen was already formed a number of years earlier, but it wasn't until the #Pandemic that the glaring inequality amongst directors became so obvious. Then the #tvgendergapreport came out which showed just how bad that inequality was ...
Here's the background to that report - some of which I'm going to quote from in the following tweets ..… #wearedocwomen #femalefilmmakers #timesup #timeforchange #5050pledge
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Tom Girardi received a special thanks in the credits of propaganda film The Hunting Ground and it was to The Hunting Ground filmmakers - Stanford-board linked Regina K Scully or Jennifer Siebel Newsom? that Michele Dauber leaked Emily Doe ltr to (which she created)
Regina K Scully and Artemis Rising Foundation were also involved in the Netflix documentary "Audrie & Daisy". Audrie Potts' case was also under DA Jeff Rosen. Daisy was suicided. Ted Waitt's foundation executive produced. PAVE promoted. ...
After Daisy was suicided in August 2020, her mother posted on Facebook, calling PAVE and its affiliates 100% lies. She also said that part of the documentary story telling was fake as well......
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Roberta Kaplan, Amber Heard's former attorney, who co-founded the #TimesUp legal defense fund in the wake of the #MeToo movement, submitted her resignation in August 2021, after nefarious conduct in the organization was revealed. She still supports Amber Heard.
Roberta Kaplan & the author of this heinous opinion piece Jessica Bennett are misandrists/4th-wave feminists with a political agenda that discounts a male victim of abuse, Johnny Depp, & the malicious false allegations a unanimous jury found defamatory.
Ms. Heard, whether Ms. Kaplan or Ms. Bennett want to accept it, via evidence was proven to be the sole perpetrator of domestic violence & malicious false allegations. Ms. Heard deserves the public outrage she is enduring for what she's done. She should be held accountable.
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On my feed you will find out how #AmberHeard is connected to #ChessyProut #MicheleDauber #LauraLDunn #TinaTchen #TimesUp #NWLC #SKDK #PrecisionStrategies #ACLU #KnowYourIX and the political sham behind her. My research started with NH v Owen Labrie...:
From NH v Owen Labrie I discovered a network behind his accuser, Chessy Prout. That network was also behind Chanel Miller, Brock Turner's accuser in People v Brock Turner; behind Amber Heard, Johnny Depp's accuser. It looks like it was organized recruiting and racketeering.
That network was also tied to The White House Task Force formed in 2014 and to the "Dear Colleague" Title IX letter published in 2011 and updated with the White Paper "Not Alone" in 2014, the lobbying for "Victim's Bill of Rights" (2016) and #MeToo (2017) & Times Up (2018).
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#AmberIsALiar and she and her team are using @SavannahGuthrie to influence judicial outcome before appeals. Steve Silverman Esq had his license suspended from DC Bar in 2014 for doing the same: Doe v Cabrera. #ElaineBredehoft ??!
Coincidentally, Steve Silverman Esq who had his license suspended by DC Bar in 2014 for using media slipped a copy of Does (Chessy Prout) v St Paul's School to Savannah Guthrie's team on June 1, 2016 before the school had a copy of the suit itself.
AND coincidentally, Steve Silverman's partner in the lawsuit against St Paul's School for Chessy Prout & Co, Steve Kelly Esq advertises for "Not the perfect victim". Chessy Prout then went on with @SavannahGuthrie in August 2016 - to influence a civil suit and appeals.
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Amanda de Cadenet must be held accountable for her complicity in Amber Heard malicious false allegations hoax. She knew multiple times, starting with Amber Heard attending her birthday party 5/22/16, that she was lying about 5/21/16, yet she said nothing.
Amanda de Cadenet is a misandrist/4th-wave feminist and a proponent of the #MeToo movement. She willingly, knowingly was complicit in perpetuating Amber Heard malicious false allegation hoax for her own nefarious agenda, through #Girlgaze, which she founded and her podcast.
Amanda de Cadenet is a perpetrator of Amber Heard's malicious false allegations, and she is a coward. Scheduled to testify on behalf of Ms. Heard in the UK trial, she suddenly backed out of testifying after the first Audio recordings were released to the Daily Mail in 2020.
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#NZ This is a long thread on the issue of harassment & threats made against #WomenInLeadership, primarily #WomenInPolitics.

⬇️ Reviews incidents over time, highlights the danger & escalation of #misogyny & the real life consequences on the personal & our democratic institutions.
This thread is being woven, the week Michael Cruickshank was sentenced to jail in #NZ for threatening to blow our #WomanPrimeMinister’s head off & to “..wipe you off this f---planet”- Also arrested this week Richard Sivell who has allegedly been posting threatening messages.
Here you can take a look at #OnlineAbuse ~ ⬇️ is a really useful article by @shesource & @WMCLive that names online hostile behaviour, how it is that #Women are targeted, & explains why “online harassment exists on a continuum with offline violence”…
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Imagine this…hundreds of thousands of women marched after Hillary lost wearing pink hats. Yet for this we have had worse than silence.

With very few exceptions female leaders have proven themselves to be utterly devoid of any real care for our well being. Remember #Metoo?
Ladies…we better find some way to stand up for ourselves and our children because clearly the pussy hat wearers are too deranged and selfish and are more dangerous an toxic than anything the so called patriarchy dishes out.

The future isn’t female. The future is human.
We need to stop being so obsessed with what men do or dont do and focus on what we are doing and not doing. Who the hell would trust women when they can’t step up to protect their own children at any cost? Toxic femininity is sick shit, ladies.
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"The currency in Washington is blackmail and extortion". Indeed it is. That's why the White House Task Force got involved in NH v Owen Labrie - interested in St Paul's School and the amount of money that could be extorted via lawyer pals who went with Laura Dunn to the trial.
They did well out of St Paul's School, Phillips Exeter Academy and Dartmouth College. In fact Tina Tchen's (Michele Obama's Chief of Staff) org: #TimesUp & @nwlc put up the money for the #MeToo media against Dartmouth to help lawyers extort $14 million.
The White House had a strategic partnership (documented in "Not Alone" White House Paper April 2014) with the University of New Hampshire which has received millions and millions in grants as rewards for "targeting rape culture" (ie finding wealthy schools to blackmail & extort).
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good morning from unceded Darug lands☀️today on #Insiders are Guardian politics editor Katharine Murphy, murdoch politics editor Samantha Maiden and 9fax (AFR) columnist Jennifer Hewett. The interview is with Anne Ruston, a woman, and Morrison government social services minister.
opening spiel: “keeping the faith”.
what’s the Morrison perspective, skip?
well, the prime minister wants to “end religious discrimination” lol #Insiders
Morrison tried to marshal “his troops” but apparently failed. The montage is on Coalition chaos and disunity. Canavan appropriating an abortion campaign principle gets a run. Lambie’s goddamn bloody adult does too. Soundtrack is house of fun (Madness?) #Insiders
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When I added Tony to the application at EMRTC he used sentence that said “I have over 10 years”
And I was interviewed for weeks for the program I built before I was approved, then I requested to move it and they delayed and I had to give over $200,000 in contracts to white males
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I published this piece yesterday about the global push to stop #NDAs covering up sexual misconduct in the workplace. This reform is long-awaited and sorely needed. A thread (1/10)…
I first met the inimitable @ZeldaZeldaluna in 2018. It was a year since she broke her NDA to speak out about film producer Harvey Weinstein. I'd heard about her case, but only through interviewing her did I truly understand how damaging NDAs can be (2/10)…
She's worked tirelessly to advocate for their reform in the UK and beyond. She introduced me recently to @ProfJulieMac who has an equally inspirational backstory. Barely any legal reform on NDAs has happened since #MeToo and #TimesUp @cbmsilence hopes to change that (3/10)
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Libfems: down with rape culture! down with sexism and objectification! #timesup #metoo #etc
Radfems: ah we agree! rape culture is terrible isn’t it
LF: ooh it’s awful. we HATE it
RF: so what should we do about it?
LF: (confused) um… I don’t quite follow…
RF: Ok how about… porn! It overwhelmingly depicts scenes of verbal and physical aggression vs women and…
LF: (suspicious) are you kinkshaming?
RF: uh no but…
LF: Kinkshamers! Porn is EMPOWERING! Many women choose to make it and watch it! Porn is FEMINIST!
RF: Ok. How about the sex trade? Tens of thousands of women are trafficked into the sex trade every year and…
LF: How DARE you deny those women their AGENCY!!
RF: I mean it’s not me that’s denying them agency, it’s the
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1. EVERY MAN IN THE AD INDUSTRY MUST READ THIS, stop this and stop other men doing this. 2. Nothing changes until MEDIA NAMES NAMES (I've been trying to make this happen for years) @zoescaman… @Campaignmag @adage @adweek @thedrum @digiday @businessinsider
Together with reading @zoescaman's post… watch the first 15 minutes of my 2017 @3PercentConf keynote, to understand why everything Zoe cites is the single biggest business issue facing the ad industry (and every other industry) today
In my @3PercentConf 2017 keynote I quoted @rtraister and continued, "Nor can we see the great ads those women would have created, the @cannes_lions they would have won, the agencies they would have started, the ad industry they would have transformed."
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Today women’s & LGBTI+ organizations, political parties & people from all over Turkey are marching to demand that #Turkey reverse it’s decision to withdraw from the #IstanbulConvention on violence against women. THREAD👇#İstanbulSözleşmesindenVazgeçmiyoruz
Report via @ahval_en: “Turkish police battered women who gathered in Istanbul to protest #Turkey's withdrawal from the #IstanbulConvention on domestic & gender-based violence”

Five protesters were reportedly detained #IstanbulConventionSavesLives #VAM
“Feminism isn’t a Western invention. Feminism wasn’t invented by American women. It’s embedded in the culture & in the struggle of all women all over the world" #NawalElSaadawi Egyptian feminist to @krishgm in 2018 #MeToo  #TimesUp #IstanbulConvention
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1/. This week we bid goodbye to two human rights heroes

Ystdy, we learned of the sudden death of Prof Christof Heyns (62), a giant of intnl human rights law

Last weekend, Nawal El Saadawi (89), Egyptian feminist, writer & campaigner who fought against patriarchy & poverty, died
2/. “He was a deeply moral man. His life was one of consequence & meaning, in which he used his energy to turn human wrongs into human rights,” @UPTuks

His father, theologian Johan Heyns, who once described apartheid as a sin, was assassinated in 1994.…
3/. "Feminism isn’t a Western invention. Feminism wasn’t invented by American women. It’s embedded in the culture & in the struggle of all women all over the world" #NawalElSaadawi to @krishgm in 2018 #MeToo #TimesUp #IstanbulConvention #WomensHistoryMonth
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In 1891, the Illustrated Police News published these reactionary cartoons bemoaning what they regarded as women's growing power to accuse men of sexual/romantic misconduct. There are striking parallels here with more recent responses to movements like #MeToo and #TimesUp.
This panel, for instance, ridicules the idea of men being publicly shamed by women.
These panels remind me of men who now say things like, "you know, you can't even LOOK at a woman in public these days without being ACCUSED of something."
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oui M. @EmmanuelMacron le mouvement #metooinceste est historique il fait voler en éclat le déni et les théories anti-victimaires qui bâillonnaient les victimes, leurs voix st puissantes et réclament #justice la fin de l'#impunité que ts les enfants soient protégés de ces crimes
il s'agit maintenant de respecter enfin les droits des victimes de punir les pédocriminels et d'empêcher tte réitération de ces crimes, il s'agit de reconnaître la faillite totale de l'Etat, d'en analyser les causes, d'y remédier et d'en rendre compte en réparant les préjudices
le chantier est énorme et nécessite une politique forte et très ambitieuse, de nbreuses réformes et des moyens humains et financiers à la hauteur de l'enjeu, ns ne supporterons pas d'être à nouveau déçu.e.s, le monde entier vs regarde
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Il ns a fallu attendre 7j pr qu'enfin vs réagissiez et preniez la mesure du mouvement historique #metooinceste pr que vs entendiez la clameur de nos voix, ns attendons des mesures à la hauteur de l'urgence et la gravité de ces crimes, l'État ne doit + faillir à ses obligations
il a fallu > de 80000 tweets, la déflagration du livre de #CamilleKouchner et ttes ces nbreuses années à témoigner alerter manifester sur l'ampleur de cette pédocriminalité sur sa scandaleuse #impunité et sur le cruel abandon des victimes sans protection ni soins ni justice
ni réparations. Comment avez-vs pu à ce point ignorer et ne pas entendre ttes ces victimes, piétiner leurs droits fondamentaux, les laisser survivre seules aux violences et à leurs conséquences, ne pas les secourir ni leur venir en aide, les priver de soins et de justice ?
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{A Thread for thriving in the👺’s end times}

How to upgrade your heart + mindset
immediately to increase your chance
at a Fab Finish at the end of the 🌍
Sane Stable and Scandal-free

...times are gettin’ mad hectic ya’ll...

#THEENDOFTHEWORLD2021 #TheUnheardTruth
whether you abide by the teaching in the
Holy Book or not, your melanated DNA senses
must be tellin’ you — this is it

this is NOT a test, we are 🔛 & POPPIN’
we stumbled our way into an uncomfy space
of no-turnin’ back, smack dab in the middle
of “you can barely look it in the face”
outta sight times...drenching our senses
and surrounding us on all sides
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