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[DS] Turano-Kushite/ -Aithiop #Scythian #Illyrian CORPORATIONS & [DS] EUSSR EU UE #GreenDeal... the TRUTH:

[DS] #Nestle = [DS] 'neutral' Switzerland – home of the [DS] Knight Templars (Nestlé = NO human rights to water)……
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[DS] Turano-Kushite/ -Aithiop #scythian #illyrian Nicola Sturgeon #snp puppet agentur Hegelian Dialectic at work in bonnie Scotland...

PROBLEM: [DS] Turano-Kushite/ -Aithiop #scythian #illyrian Nicola Sturgeon #snp puppet agentur
REACTION: [DS] must come up with another [DS] operative to propose to the ignorant Scottish masses

SOLUTION: [DS] Turano-Kushite/ -Aithiop #scythian #illyrian George Galloway puppet agentur
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[DS] Turano-Kushite/ -Aithiop #scythian #illyrian EUSSR EU UE Foreign Affairs pathetic incompetence continues... meanwhile #belarus has other plans... despite [DS] cabal-funded opposition leader puppet agentur pleas
More manipulation, deceit and lies from [DS] #euobserver utter-shit-rag

Borrell gives EU four weeks to save foreign policy
Belarus opposition leader urges EU to be 'braver'
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(cf) #SloppyLuciferians thought Hillary [Illyria] Clinton was a sure win... (?)

re [DS] E-V13 Genetic code

Dardania/ Kosovo = "PAX ROMANA ABSOLUTUM DOMINION" mirroring Nimrod's aka Izdubar's creation (?)

re 1876 The Chaldean Account of Genesis by George Smith
[murdered by the cabal] 1) "The Izdubar Legends", Chapter XI pp 167+…
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What is Gc-MAF aka the cure for CANCER and why do [DS] #scythian #illyrian BigPharma/ CancerINC and the wider-pharmaceutical industry hide the cure from humanity?

Shall we ask the [DS] #ifpma Geneva puppets agenturs liars?
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[DS] Turkic Turano-Kushite/ -Aithiop #scythian #illyrian BANANAUK...

#london CHAOS: Thousands at Trafalgar Square in FURIOUS lockdown protest - police on scene

re [DS] BananaUK Luciferian/ Satanic Masonic "MAGIAN" #metpolice vs the "British"
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Intelligentsia to the rescue of the innocent/ unaware people bombarded by [DS] Turkic Turano-Kushite/ -Aithiop #scythian #illyrian bullshit NARRATIVES & PROPAGANDA
🐑 baaaaah this is going to eat up the news so other importaint news dosnt get seen
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Michel Onfray new monthly magazine/ nouveau magazine mensuel
"FRONT POPULAIRE" (2nd issue, September / 2ème numéro, septembre 2020)
#TheGreatAwakening to complicit/ mind-controlled #Scythian #Illyrian (Alarodian) [DS] Hurro-Urartian Pedovore/ EL-ite globalism/ neo-feudalism via the many factions of the highly-spiritually corrupt Saturnian (tainted Judeo-Christianity) cult assets;
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= "Modi’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party "

PM Modi BHARATIVA = BHARAT/ BARAT = #Scythian #Illyrian [DS] India or "Terides Kassi/ Barat" = Indus Valley India/ Pakistan aka from old BELoochistan (BEL=BAAL) to old Anam aka Vietnam.
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SEND THIS TO THE [DS] Turkic Turano-Kushite/ -Aithiop #scythian/ #illyrian BANANAUK FUCKWADS... tell THEM it comes from an ex-ABPI (London) perp:
together with ex-EFPIA (Brussels)
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'BUTT OUT {[DS] Scythian puppet agentur} PELOSI! UK doesn't need lessons on peace from terror-sponsoring {[DS] Scythian... er um like illegal-hair-do Pelosi...} Americans'
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GAB AI social media is a [DS] limited hangout for a global mercenary army [re "Unit 8200"] of loyal/ mind-controlled [DS] SIS/ MIC European/ Prussian Royalty and Turkic #scythian Black Nobility assets working for [DS] CIA/ Mossad/ MI6/ MI5/ DGSE/ DGSI etc etc etc run by
genetically-defective, Lamaic (demonolatry), Alchemic, parasitic/ vampiric Turano-Kushite/ -Aithiop Pedovores EL-ites using copious amounts of Black Magick and man-made religions for control of the masses.
aka the [DS] Scythian "Old Guard"
aka [DS] 'Hyperborean Elitism Nexion Magians'
aka [DS] Pan-Turanian NWO BlackOp assets = (SIGNIT) & (ISNU)
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Most popular #Scythian [DS] social networks worldwide as of July 2020, ranked by number of 'active users'
No mention of GAB AI, WEGO, MINDS nor PARLER = [DS] echo chambers/ SIS/ MIC limited hangouts for distraction?

Even Twitter/ Twatter is last in the list.
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Note: In both the map from 200BC – attached post – and the one from 500BC below [DS] #Scythian #ILLYRIKUM/ #ILLYRIA [aka old #Epirus/ #Macedon etc] reappears from ancient history but very ancient #Aryan [Iranian] #Albania [aka ancient Persia/ Assyria?], sandwiched between the
Black and the Caucasian Sea, has 'magickally' disappeared. MAP 200BC
1883 v2…
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#SCYTHIAN [DS] Saturnian cult = [DS]-corrupted Elohistic Judeo-Christianity cult... like it or not
1897 p389…
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Q: Who was/is the so-called [DS] #Scythian entity "Satan" aka "Saturn"?
A: Egyptian Set/ Sut/ Sutekh
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When one has the "Divine Creator" aka "GOD Almighty" as one's innate "right of birth" – available at all times – why on earth would anyone rely on clergy-restrictive, man-made belief systems/ religions that can be so easily infiltrated/ usurped/ re-purposed by [DS] Luciferian/
Satanic #scythian cults/ sects: ⭐️ Stellar: original, uncorrupt pure spirituality [note stars on national flags];
🌙 Lunar: ancient tribe barbarism mixed with superstition, manipulation and the above [note moons on national flags];
☀️ Solar: old paganism mixed with the aforementioned adding the 'Satan' element for fear [note suns on national flags];
and ♄ Saturnian: all of the above re-hashed under the banner of corrupted Elohistic Judeo-Christianity hiding the [DS] Scythian Pedovores/ EL-ites
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An example of a [DS] European Black Nobility #Prussian/ #Scythian #Zionist SIS/ MIC asset
An example of a [DS] European Black Nobility #Prussian/ #Scythian #Zionist SIS/ MIC asset
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Parasitic, genetically-inferior [DS] Turano-Kushite/ -Aithiop #scythian Kaldian/ Chaldean Kassite filth use belittling social division/ caste for divide-and-conquer just like India, as THEY [Kassi & Barats] are directly related.

Note: 'Kassi Terides' (Kassi Lands)
Oh yeah, the above are also [DS] occult 'Magian' Pedovore Vampires
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[DS] "Xi'an" Sian = one of the oldest cities in CCP CN CHINA = home of [DS] Turano-Kushite (Kutu/ Kuti tribe) Scythian CCP Uyghur aka Hoei-Hi/ Fo-Hi today... masquerading as the Chinese. (refer to attached)'an
However Xian is also a Greek word relating to the Egyptian Hyksos...…
(refer to [DS] asset sabotaged/ hidden text on webpage)
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The Turano-Kushite/ -Aithiop Turkic #SCYTHIAN [DS] did 911 killing over 3,000 innocent humans in NYC

re [DS] USA #SCYTHIAN assets: G Bush, B Clinton, GW Bush, Soetoro/ Obama puppets agenturs
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Smart people flip the [DS] argument, as THEY [DS] #scythian assets are not intelligent.

"Shall we play a game?"
Every time a [DS] asset uses racism to justify his/ her existence/ culture/ privilege via mere skin colour eg "WHITE" "BLACK" "YELLOW" "RED" etc remind the perp of the official version of race since time immemorial:
RED = Turanian (Turkic) & Mongolian – includes so-called Yellow
WHITE = Iranian (Persian) Caucasian/ Aryan
BLACK = Negritic
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