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Maja Bucar, from @FDVLjubljana, is giving the initial address to #PPCLjubljana: "one of the positive things of having a conference virtually is that we can reach more people around Europe"

TEPSA has been hosting our flagship bi-annual Pre-Presidency Conferences (PPC) for decades, always joining up with our Member Institute in the country taking on the upcoming @EUCouncil Presidency, it's become a milestone in the European calendar 💪

TEPSA Secretary-General Jim Cloos welcomes participants to #PPCLjubljana: "the Presidency gives an impression of ownership in the Member States"

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Examples of appropriation of #Arabic toponyms
List will name #Palestinian villages, place names depopulated before or in 1948, followed by #Israeli settlements with toponyms derived from names of destroyed #Palestinian villages:

Depopulated July 1948 (Bean in #Arabic)
#Lavi (Kibbutz); founded 1948 (Lion in #Hebrew)

#Al-Kabri ( Western #Galilee) depopulated on May 21st 1948
#Kabri (Kibbutz); founded 1949

#Alma (#Sadad district)
Depopulated on October 30th, 1948
#Alma (#moshav ) founded in 1949

Depopulated on May 2,
-, 1948

#Amqa (#Acre are)
Depopulated october, 1948
#Amka (Moshav) founded 1949

#Sajara (Lower #Galilee);
Depopulated: July, 1948
#Tree in #Arabic
#AynZaytun (Western #Galilee)
Spring #Olives in #Arabic
#Ilaniya (Tree in #Hebrew)+ #EinZeitim (kibbutz) Spring olive
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#EXCLUSIVE: Greece’s Foreign Minister @NikosDendias tells Arab News that #Greek #Patriot missiles deal with #SaudiArabia will bolster the Kingdom’s defenses, secure global energy supplies |
@NikosDendias #INTERVIEW: Greece’s Foreign Minister @NikosDendias tells Arab News #Greek participation in #Saudi development projects is not about money — “this is a project that has a historical component.” |
@NikosDendias #INTERVIEW: #Greece’s Foreign Minister @NikosDendias tells Arab News that #Turkey “unintentionally” made #EasternMediterranean & #Gulf countries realize they have a common understanding based on international laws |
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1/ #Mentorship 🧵

This woman is my #mentor (pic w perm). Joan W Bennett. She’s in @theNASciences as geneticist & mycologist. Today we are at the Parthenon in Nashville TN where after 35 YEARS, she still provides me council…

#MedTwitter #Sciencetwitter
2/ Dr. Bennett taught me that mentorship is not a job w an endpoint. She assumed this role IN my life FOR life. Today we talked as much about parenting as science. We are in each other’s front row. This is the depth of a true mentor-mentee relationship.
#MedEd @theNAMedicine
3/ Like any relationship, there must be chemistry & connection. If you don’t have that w a “mentor,” maybe you have the wrong person. Build a relationship not a business arrangement. It’s also NOT just a trajectory to promotion. #Mentorship is “whole” person care & development.
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Arrest Warrant Issued For #Greek Journalist Accused of Spreading 'Fake News' | Apr 12
- claimed in a front-page article that he obtained evidence proving that Greek government officials were involved in #Karaivaz’s assassination…
Journalist murdered in Greece: Police suspect contract killing | Apr 12
- "Everything happened so quickly, it took 15 seconds," said an eyewitness who was close to the killing of the #Greek journalist Giorgos #Karaivazwhen it happened on Friday…
TWO gunmen on a motorbike shot and killed a prominent #Greek crime journalist George #Karaivaz, near his home in Athens on Friday
- a veteran journalist was well-known to Greek audiences for his coverage of law and order and police stories.…
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Ancient Deity of the Week - Hermes 🧚📨💪

(1/8) One of the twelve Olympians and the herald of the gods, Hermes also played the role of protector of human heralds, travellers, thieves and merchants.

#Classics #Hermes #Greek #Myth #Gods #Religion
(2/8) In Greek mythology, Hermes was the son of Zeus and Maia. In reality, he appears to have emerged in Mycenaean Greece in the Late Bronze Age. His name first appears in Linear B syllabic script as "hermāhās", and he may have been adopted from Mesopotamia.
(3/8) Beyond his role as messenger, Hermes was also able to freely move between the realms of mortals and the divine. As such, he also played the role of psychopomp, or "soul guide", directing the souls of the dead into Hades.
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Classical Artwork of the Week - The Hellenistic Prince 👑🏛️

(1/6) This stunning Greek bronze sculpture of a relaxed, heroic young man was made in the 2nd century BCE, and stands at an imposing 2.04m tall!

#Classics #Art #Archaeology #Roman #Greek #Hellenic
(2/6) Produced using a lost wax process, the sculpture depicts a naked and athletic figure reclining on his spear in a pose traditionally associated with heroism. Inspired by the 4th century BCE "Heracles" of the artist Lysippos, it was likely produced in the city of Rome.
(3/6) The identity of the figure has been a point of academic debate. Alternatively known as the Seleucid Prince, the sculpture was originally believed to depict either Seleucus I, the founder of the Seleucid Empire, or Attalus II, the King of Pergamon.
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🇮🇳 Take a #Hindi song by Hasrat Jaipuri and Shankar Jaikishan, झूमता मौसम मस्त महीना, sung here by Manna Dey and @mangeshkarlata. 1/5
🇬🇷 Would you like to hear it in #Greek? Listen to Beba Blanche in “Ligo Ligo Tha Me Sinithisis”. 2/5
🇹🇷 Mmm, #Turkish, maybe? Ladies and gentlemen, Olmaz Bu İş Olamaz, by Semiramis Pekkan. 3/5
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Short @AbiyAhmedAli: We defeated #TPLF (june tah) completely & #Eritrea is in #Ethiopia only because we are at war with TPLF whom we have defeated completely 4 month ago. Mayyybe our soldiers & Isaias did a little raping here and there but TPLF ATTACKED NORTHERN COMMAND!
(2) #Eritrea|ns have made a very strong argument as to why they cannot withdraw from sovereign #Ethiopia|n territories, because they fear being attacked by #TPLF (who I have totally annihilated) and I must say I find their arguments compelling. The war is to catch 12 people.
(3) The call for us to withdraw #Amhara Special Forces from #Tigray is like me telling the US: Colorado National Guard cannot be dispatched to California in a state of emergency. Everybody knows Colorado ethnics & California ethnics are analogous to Tigray-Amhara ethnies.
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Dirty tricks used in frenzied attempts at containing an increasingly damaging situation for #Greek PM @kmitsotakis’ govt: major #Greek news portal @in_gr uses photoshopped image of former PM, opposition leader @atsipras, with #Lignadis, the disgraced former director of
the National Theatre who now stands accused of multiple counts of rape involving minors.
The piece uses a sensationalist headline to make its point & places the disclaimer about the doctored image as a *footnote* explaining it’s a fake but that it “might have been true”!
Such blatant disregard for journalistic ethics & standards in the service of sensationalism & the scramble to construct a plausible narrative, speaks volumes as to the perceived damage inflicted to the govt’s image and signals a no-holds-barred fight to defend the inner circle.
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Documentary 🧵

The Genocides: #Armenian #Greek #Assyrian #Pontus

Made in #Turkey
Full doc by Arte
The Young Turks & jihad - the wily war
#Genocide #Armenians #Greeks #Pontus #Assyrians
The Genocide of #Armenians

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Thread on staggering #media_manipulation scandal involving the #Greek public broadcaster @ERTsocial.
Greek journalist @ChristosXanthak broke the story in a tweet a short while ago
It seems that @ERTsocial ran a report about the PM’s tour of the island of Ikaria yesterday during its noon bulletin -after the uproar and general outcry however, the following notice was posted in the Production Room to ensure this “mistake” was not repeated.
The note reads:
To fellow producers
We don’t run (a) photo(s) or video of @kmitsotakis on the veranda of the Stefanadis residence (lunch) in Ikaria.
Also, we only run footage of Lignadis on his own, not with others.
Thank you”
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After #Moria fires in Sept #Greek gov moved 7.5K ppl to camp built on top of firing range. No soil testing was conducted prior to moving ppl there: shocking decision as firing ranges are known as commonly contaminated with lead. Check @hrw's report:…
Lead highly toxic to humans when ingested/inhaled, particularly by kids & during pregnancy @WHO says no known safe lead exposure. It degrades slowly, sites can remain dangerous for decades. Firing range was in use from 1926 until days before camp was built…
Even worse, #Greek gov failed to clear unexploded mortar projectiles and live small arms ammunition before moving ppl there, did wildly negligent clearance operations only after families with kids arrived…
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A Brief Note on an Apparent Contradiction:

In Acts 9, Luke says Paul’s companions on the Damascus Road ‘heard a voice’ (ἀκούοντες τῆς φωνῆς) but ‘didn’t see anything’ (μηδείς).

In Acts 22, however, Paul says his companions ‘saw a light’ and ‘didn’t hear a voice’...
...(τὴν φωνὴν οὐκ ἤκουσαν).

What are we meant to make of these two statements?

First there’s the question of reconciliation, which doesn’t seem too hard.

That Paul’s companions didn’t see μηδένα (masc.) could mean they didn’t see any *one* rather than any *thing*,
in which case Paul’s companions could have seen a light and yet still be said not to have seen μηδένα in Acts 9.

(To make it clear they didn’t see anything at all, θεωροῦντες μηδὲν would, I think, be more natural.)
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‼️#Greek coast guard performed huge illegal #pushback involving 197 people and 7 life rafts on Wednesday! ‼️
A boat carrying 197 people tried to cross from #Turkey to #Italy on Tuesday, but got into bad weather and sat course towards #Crete. Close to the south shore of Crete, they had engine problems and the Greek Coast Guard (HCG) was alerted at 09.00.
#HCG divided the people on two coast guard vessels, 121 men & boys on the first & 76 people (families) on the other. Some of the refugees states they were abused while onboard the HCG vessel. Footage & video testimonies have been provided.
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1/4 An extreme rare and widely unknown event of #humanity during the #SmyrnaHolocaust. In #Smyrna, now #Izmir the #Greek and #Armenian #Christian residents were forced to the docks to escape, many though met their deaths, the #Japanese ship Tokei Maru was one of the first to help
2/4 At the time, some Allied warships were in the harbor, along with many merchant ships. But most of them refused to pick up refugees. Amidst all the chaos, a #Japanese freighter was reported to have unloaded all its precious cargo to take on as many refugees as it could
3/4Tokei Maru rescued many #Greeks and #Armenians in the face of Chaos, loss of cargo and reported threats. The bravery of the Tokei Maru and her crew is to be admired, an act of #humanityoverhatred. Smyrna was almost completely burned and it's #Christians exiled and exterminated
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On 6-7th Sept 1965, marks the 65th anniversary of the #Pogrom of #Constantinople (Istanbul) when #Turkey launched ethnic cleansing and eliminated the #Greek #Orthodox Minority.
The lethal #pogrom of September 6-7, 1955 delivered a fatal blow to the Greek community and Hellenism of Constantinople in seven hours
Well planned (for some years), masterfully carried out in a well organized manner by the #Turkish government, the Turks destroyed 71 churches, 41 schools, 4,008 stores, the offices and printing presses of eight newspapers, and approximately 2,100 dwellings,
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Delighted to see #Jewish businessman Simon Arzt’s department store is renovated.
Another small, but significant step, towards restoring tolerance in #Egypt
Of course, this is #Egypt that Tamara and Co. know nothing about!
Another great renovation project is completed in #Egypt.
The iconic #Sednaoui department store in the heart of #Cairo is now open.
Founded by a #Greek Catholic who escaped #Ottoman oppression
It looks so cool ♥️
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1/6 Nureddin Pasha was a Turkish military officer during the First World War. He took part in both the #Greek and #Armenian Genocides. He was directly responsible for ordering the deportation of Greeks from Pontos, Ionia, and southern Anatolia.He also oversaw the Smyrna massacres
2/6 His brutality was noticed even by the Turks, The Grand National assembly decided to send Nureddin Pasha to a commission of enquiry and to put him on trial, twice. Mustafa Kemal intervened twice on his behalf, he then appointed him Military Governor of #Smyrna (Gavur Izmir)
3/6 In #Smyrna, Nureddin Pasha summoned the Greek archbishop #Chrysostomos of Smyrna and accused him of treason. Nureddin Pasha pushed him out of the residence and invited and incited a Turkish mob to deal with him. He was #lynched to death while a french observer documented it.
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Eight bullets were fired at K*Vox, the squatted social center in the heart of the #Exarcheia district in #Athens, #Greece.

This attack happened ~3 hours ago, around 3am on Saturday morning.

Those who were inside said nobody was injured.

pics via @kinimatini & @SpDapergolas
Among the many initiatives that utilize the community-created space in the social center, K*Vox houses ADYE, the self-organized patient-centered #healthcare facility serving the greater community in #Exarcheia, #Athens, free of charge.
K*Vox squat, which was shot-at with 8 bullets mere hours ago, is headquarters to the Rouvikonas Anarchist Collective.

Rouvikonas has been striking back at abusive govt power, economic exploitation, & organizing against state repression since 2013.

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Please read & share. The impact of @thepromisefilm has been magnified thanks to streaming in the U.S. on @netflix 🙏🏼 Once you have streamed the film, the platform may show a preview - Make sure to click back on the screen right away so you can hear the Grammy-nominated, anthemic Image
title song by our dear friend...the legendary @chriscornell ... Leaders in the human rights & Armenian advocacy communities successfully used the film as a tool to fortify their ongoing efforts to secure #ArmenianGenocide recognition in Congress. Thanks to all of you out
there, now the film is being used to teach more people than ever before about the atrocities committed against the #Armenian, #Greek & #Assyrian populations by the Ottoman Empire. The film is just a starting point & we encourage you to read the facts from reliable sources like
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#Thread 1/3: #Turkey sends a research vessel to the disputed area with #Greece.

The #Turkish “Oruç Reis” #research vessel was detected while sailing in the Turkey-Greece disputed area, accompanied by seven Turkish #naval vessels and two supply vessels.

#Maritime #intelligence
2/3: A #Greek Elli-class #frigate #naval vessel was detected escorting the #Turkish forces, 4 km south-east from a Turkish G-class frigate.

#Maritime #intelligence #ISI #Kingfisher
3/3: #Turkey sends a research vessel to the disputed area with #Greece.

#Maritime #intelligence #ISI #Kingfisher
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#Thread on Ardhnarishwar form of the Divine Couple of Shiv-Shakti as recorded by Greek author Porphyry (AD 233-306) in 4th Book of his treatise On Abstinence from Animal Food, called Physica, i. 56. Gaisford’s Edition [based on the works of a Babylonian, Bardesanes (AD 154-..)]
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Thread of Stefan Zweig's Life Story Begins!

Austrian novelist, theater writer, biographer and journalist Stefan Zweig, born in Vienna on November 28, 1881, is known for his short story #Chess and his wonderful biography works supported by psychological analyzes.
#StefanZweig Stefan Zweig
#StefanZweig met literature at a young age and received extremely high level education in this field. Having learned #English, #French, #Italian, #Latin and #Greek, he also studied #philosophy. Stefan Zweig
Originally interested in poetry, the writer was largely influenced by the great German poet #RainerMariaRilke, born in Prague. Zweig, who translated the poetry translations of #CharlesBaudelaire and #Verlaine into German, then traveled to South Asia. #StefanZweig Stefan Zweig
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