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✨Update from @UKHSA on #monkeypox cases

- 4 additional cases have been detected (3 in #London and 1 linked case in NE #England)
- These cases have NO connection to those announced on 14 May and the imported case from 7 May

Full details and more info👇…
- The four new cases all appear to have been infected in #London and are gay, bisexual, or MSM
- Common contacts have been identified for 2/4 cases
-No link to travel to a country where #monkeypox is endemic
-All have West African clade of virus
-Further investigation is ongoing
- #monkeypox is spread by close contact
- Typical symptoms are fever, headache, muscle aches, backache, swollen lymph nodes
-Rash can develop and spread to other parts of the body including the genitals - it may look like #syphilis #herpes #chickenpox
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May 13, 1948 - the first flight of a light transport aircraft Percival P.50 Prince. #England

In 1947, Percival Aircraft Limited company has developed a small airliner P.48 Merganser.
The project had to be closed due to the cessation of production of engines, under which the projected plane was planned. But developments were not lost. On the basis of Merganser was designed transport aircraft P.50 Prince.
Prince was an 8-seated (Pilot 2) high altitude plane with retractable landing gear. Equipped with 2 × engines Alvis Leonides 125 (550 hp) speed - 259 km / h, filter the range of - 740 km.
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#DidYouKnow that the modern version of badminton originated in ‘Poona’, or Pune in Maharashtra? It was a pastime for bored British army officers, their families and friends, and was first played in the backyards of their sprawling bungalows. 1/7
#Badminton #sports
Invented in the mid-19th century, badminton was named ‘Poona’ after the city of its origin. But its earliest version goes back 2,000 years to a game called jeu de volant, played in #Greece and #China. Here, a shuttle-like object was smacked with the feet. 2/7
In Poona, #British officers changed the sport radically by introducing a net to divide the court. They also used a leather shuttlecock, which they hit with wooden racquets. This version of the game was first played in 1867. 3/7 #Indianhistory
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#Shanghai Extends #Lockdown Amid ‘Extremely Grim’ COVID Outbreak | Mar 5
- Shanghai has reported more than 73,000 positive COVID-19 infections since the resurgence of the highly contagious 'Omicron variant' in March.…
#EasyJet warn of further #cancellations this week amid a rise in '#Covid' staff cases | Apr 5
- More than 1,000 #UK flights have been axed in recent days due to a rise in 'coronavirus' cases…
'#Covid' deaths in #England and #Wales at highest level for two months in 14% surge | Apr 5
- A total of 780 deaths registered in the seven days to 25 March mentioned Covid-19 on the death certificate, according to the Office for National Statistics (#ONS)… Image
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We don't understand why some groups continue to declare #vaccinepassports have been 'seen off' or 'gotten rid of'. Yes, the legal req. is dropped, but here's the reality:

1⃣ Domestic COVID-status remains on the #NHS app for a 'limited period'...

We've asked @DHSCgovuk for how long this 'limited period' is. No response yet.

2⃣ Domestic COVID-status remains under voluntary use in #England #Scotland #Wales & #NothernIreland after April 1st.

3⃣ Certain #NHS trusts continue to request #vaccinepassports from visitors.
Contracts have been awarded by @UKHSA for continued maintaince of the #NHS #COVID19 app as well as £212m awarded to @SercoGroup for another two years of Test & Trace.

So this remains very much a 'live issue' & we must not be naive about what's going on in the background.
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Study from #England looking at the impact of #SARSCoV2 on #brain #pathology in 785 UK Biobank participants (aged 51–81) imaged twice found:

-brain changes in the following regions:
--greater reduction in grey matter thickness and tissue-contrast in the orbitofrontal cortex & parahippocampal gyrus
--greater changes in markers of tissue damage in regions functionally-connected to the primary olfactory cortex
--greater reduction in global brain size.
- infected participants also showed on average larger #cognitive decline between the 2 timepoints
-these imaging and cognitive longitudinal effects were still seen after excluding the 15 cases who had been hospitalized.
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Omicron is a deadly virus. Former UFC star 41 y.o. Chris "The Crippler" Leben from San Diego CA is recovering from COVID after being on life support. He declined to talk about his vaccination status. This was his second battle with COVID #TheySurvivedCovid…
“I was ready to tap out, and the reason I didn’t tap is because of my child … If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have had the fight to get through those days,” said Leben.
There is a disinformation campaign that young people are not affected by COVID-19 and that #Omicron is mild. These are both incorrect. Vaccination against COVID-19 protects against severe disease.
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Here is the #Covid19 round up for Wednesday. All the facts which matter in one handy thread.

Starting with the recently published #UK figures which show a surprisingly large fall in cases, bucking the recent trend of smaller reductions...
Wednesday is usually the day with the highest newly reported #Covid19 cases in the #UK, but numbers are down today, indeed by 27%.

However, I believe it's probably a blip and we may see higher numbers tomorrow and/or Friday.

But Covid deaths continue to fall. From 199 to 164
Looking at new #Covid19 cases by country within the #UK, good to see Scotland falling again.

#England 29,703 (-30.5%)
#NIreland 2,294 (-20.6%)
#Scotland 6,756 (-9.3%)
#Wales 903(-19.7%)
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Tuesday's #Covid19 thread starts here. The arguments still raging in the #UK about "Living with Covid" following the announcement from the govt. that infected people no need to isolate from Thursday.

All the important data and news updated in this thread throughout the day
However I am commentating on tennis again today; 3 matches, long day.

I do try to reply all your queries but @SimonCalder here answers many that I'm repeatedly asked, using his judgement on the regular Q "when will xxxxland drop testing requirements?"…
#UK's figures today show another slowdown in the falling numbers with only 6.6% fewer new #Covid19 cases than at this time last week.

And big differences in the different countries:
#England 30,080 (-17.5%)
#NIreland 2,951 (-1.2%)
#Scotland 6,427 (+10.7%)
#Wales 1,672 (+81%)
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Stiegen in 2021 die Todesfälle aufgrund von Herz/Kreislauferkrankungn in zeitlichem Zusammenhang mit der #COVID19 #Impfung?

Ein Blick auf die Zahlen die uns UK @OHID zur Verfügung stellt.

Gezeigt sind wöchentlichen Todesfälle die 'Koronare Herzkrankheit (IHD)'...

'Herzinsuffizient' bzw 'andere Herz/Kreislauferkrankungen' am Totenschein gelistet haben.

Koronare Herzkrankheit. Soweit mir bekannt, würde ein akuter Herzinfarkt darunter fallen (I21).

Zur Grafik: Erkennbar ein starker Anstieg dieser Todesfälle mit Beginn der...

Deltawelle im Oktober 2020. Im Jan 2021 erreichte die Deltawelle ihren Höhepunkt mit max 60.000 Infektionen pro Tag. Beobachtet wurden darauf ca 800 Todesfälle pro Woche mehr mit IHD am Totenschein vermerkt als im langjährigen Durchschnitt.

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Another very late start for the daily #Covid19 thread.
I have been keeping an eye on things in among my tennis commentary from the Qatar Open tennis.
The only story in the #UK is confirmation of an end to self isolation requirement from Thursday.

Free testing will end on 1 April
#Covid19 cases in Scotland are UP today while the slowing of falling numbers continues in the rest of the #UK

The nationwide fall is only 7.8% with 38,409 registered new infections.

#England 29,753 (-6.9%)
#NIreland 2,235 (-9.3%)
#Scotland 5,307 (+3.7%)
#Wales 1,114 (-47%)
The rest of the day's #Covid19 stats of interest later. Need to get home, eat, follow Ukraine story.
My friends and colleagues there are getting very nervous now.
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#Onthisday in 1665, #Bombay was handed over by #Portugal to #Britain. But, wait, didn’t that already take place in 1661, when King Charles II of #England got the seven islands of Bombay as dowry? Turns out, things were not quite as straightforward.
England got Bombay as part of a Marriage Treaty it signed with Portugal on June 23, 1661. It was a diplomatic marriage, where England’s Charles II wed Catherine Braganza of Portugal. Apart from Catherine and Bombay, Britain also got Tangier in North Africa, and a ton of money
How did the treaty benefit Portugal? At the time, Portugal was battling Spain and Holland. Britain promised to help the Portuguese defend Cochin and recover Ceylon from the Dutch. It would also provide naval assistance to Portugal in its conflict with the Spanish
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#Refugees [many were camping in #Dresden at the time of the raids]

Wikipedia: "On 13 February 1945, bad weather over Europe prevented any USAAF operations, and it was left to RAF Bomber Command to carry out the first raid. It had been decided that
>the raid would be a double strike, in which a second wave of bombers would attack three hours after the first, just as the rescue teams were trying to put out the fires.[De Bruhl 2006; pp. 203–206]
As was standard practice, other raids were carried out that night to confuse
>German air defences[:]..bombed ..oil plant in #Boehlen, ..97 km..from Dresden, while 71 ..Mosquito..bombers attacked #Magdeburg [and further] Mosquitos carrying out nuisance raids on #Bonn, Misburg near Hanover and #Nuremberg
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🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 11 y.o. Shenan Gnanaraj from Chesterfield #England struggled to breathe & began hallucinating due to multisystem inflammatory syndrome. He had a 50% chance of living. A heart valve & artery supplying blood to his heart is damaged. #KidsLivingWithCovid…
Ganga said: “The people at A&E couldn’t understand why he had been sent home twice. They realised he was really poorly, but they thought he had lymphangitis because of the lump on his neck.
"Another paediatrician assessed Shenan and realised that Ganga was right, but by this stage, Shenan’s condition had deteriorated drastically, and doctors were unsure whether he would survive."
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Why yes, selective-article grabber, I did thoroughly read the BBC news article about children and NHS referrals, and I have a few comments.

#schoolclosures #UKPolitics #ENGLAND

First, it's important to note that I did what any normal human and not a data robot does when they read an infographic, I faithfully transcribed it using machine-reading software to translate it into Excel. If anyone can find the raw data, thanks.

I then sourced school closures directly from

This allowed me to create two lockdown periods (<30% school attendance) and open school periods (>75% attendance)

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There should never have been a vaccine mandate. The evident benefit from the vaccines/therapeutics should have been incentive enough.

There should have been no general public masking mandates. There should only have been an advisory, and then, individual discretion.
The effect of mandates on the general public

Do we need a COVID-19 vaccine after the Omicron variant?

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A short🧵on case rates in our unvaccinated children in England.

Case rates for the under 9s are now at their highest ever during this whole pandemic.

Looking at ages 0-4:-

In the week to 25 Dec '21 there were 11,957 cases.
In the week to 19 Jan '22 there were 29,882 cases./1
In #England, cases rates in ages 5-9 are the highest ever.

In the week to 25 Dec '21 there were 30.668 cases.
In the week to 19 Jan '22 there were 84,383 cases.

and in #England in ages 10-14, some of whom will be vaccinated, case rates are at 1,909.7 per 100k, not far off the highest of 1,926.7 on 19 Oct '21.

In the week to 25 Dec '21 there were 40.681 cases.
In the week to 19 Jan '22 there were 65,608 cases.


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[#NATO war propaganda]
US orders families of #Kyiv #embassy staff to leave Ukraine | Jan 23
- In a travel advisory published on its website, the State Department said that there were reports Russia is planning significant military action against Ukraine.…
The #misinformation spread by the British Foreign Office is another evidence that these are the #NATO countries, led by the Anglo-Saxons that are #escalating tensions around #Ukraine | Jan 24
-We call to stop provocative activities, stop spreading nonsense…
[War criminals: #NATO-#ISIS-#AlQaeda-#CIA]
We call on the British Foreign Office @trussliz to stop provocative activities, stop spreading nonsense and focus on studying the history of the Tatar-Mongol yoke” a representative of the Russian FM told | Jan 22…
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Nun auch offiziell aus den SA-Daten:
Bei #Omikron #MEHR_Hospitalisierungen bei Kindern und Jugendlichen!
Anderthalb mal bei Kita-Kindern, Viertel mehr bei Schülern.
#covidkids #KinderKH
Irgendwer hat es schon im ersten Report aus Kombination der beiden Tabellen gesehen 🤔
Wer war das nur?
Schon an Neujahr? Schon "#Omikron mindestens(!!) 4% mehr #Severe bei unter 20 Jährigen als #Delta", obwohl noch ein Viertel der Fälle nicht abgeschlossen war bei Veröffentlichung??

Übrigens sind die #Hospitalisierungen bei #Kinder0_4 nicht nur in #England auf #ImmerNeueRekorde, sie sind es auch schon bei uns in D. Erfahrungsgemäß kommt zu dem Wert der KW2 noch rund ein Drittel spätere Meldungen hinzu
KW 02: 165 Kleinkinder hospitalisiert,
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When enemies become friends: Charlie Brown & Franz Stigler
A war story so amazing and unbelievable that it is definitely worth reading and sharing.
It proves that there is no dearth of humanity even amidst the clouds of war.
Read, like and share this rather long thread...
The 21-year old American B-17 pilot glanced outside his cockpit and froze. He blinked hard and looked again, hoping it was just a mirage. But his co-pilot stared at the same horrible vision. "My God, this is a nightmare," the co-pilot said. "He's going to destroy us,"
the pilot agreed.
The men were looking at a gray German Messerschmitt fighter hovering just three feet off their wingtip. It was five days before Christmas 1943, and the fighter had closed in on their crippled American B-17 bomber for the kill.
The B-17 pilot, Charles Brown,
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Latest @WHO #TechnicalBrief on #Omicron
Overall risk remains very high & threat depends on

1⃣Transmissibility of #variant
2⃣How protective vaccines & prior infection are
3⃣Virulence of variant
4⃣Understanding of dynamics & uptake PHSM

Full 🧵👇 (1/)…
Epidemiology (1)
-#Omicron has large growth advantage over #Delta - grows significantly more than Delta in countries with community transmission
- Evidence that immune evasion contributes to rapid spread
-Wk 52, global weekly #COVID19 incidence ⬆️ 71% compared to prior wk
Epidemiology (2)
-Study from HK found #Omicron infects human bronchus tissue faster and better than #Delta
-#UK study found Omicron outcompetes Delta in experiments using cells derived from human nose, but not seen in lung derived cells
-Growth advantage in upper resp tract
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#Covid19 cases up 20% across the UK in the past week

◾️ England up 17%
◾️ N.Ireland up 53%
◾️ Scotland up 32%
◾️ Wales up 36%

The growth in cases across all four nations is slowing down.
As I predicted last week, deaths starting to trend up with so many Omicron cases.

With more admitted with Covid but not for it deaths data will overcount the true impact of Covid on mortality from now on.

Deaths 82% lower than last year & signs starting to rise.
The number of #Covid19 patients in critical care beds in England is similar to the level just before Xmas

◾️ 22.5% of beds have a Covid-19 patient
◾️ 59.1% have non-Covid patients
◾️ 18.4% unoccupied

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Wednesday's #Covid19 megathread makes an early start as there's so much news to bring you!

#Omicron takes centre stage in Europe with a raft of records (recap coming up), but #UK ministers are increasingly confident the NHS won't be swamped despite England's lack of restrictions
It turned out to be a terrible Tuesday, not just in #UK, which was just one of TEN European countries to hit all time high daily #Covid19 infection numbers.

#Cyprus #France #Greece #Iceland #Italy #Malta #Montenegro #Portugal and #Spain the others to set new records.
Concern in #Norway. The #Omicron wave looked to be beyond the peak; is it making a comeback or is it still delayed Christmas cases?
4,702 new #Covid19 infections, fewer than 100 down on last Weds.

Better health data. 315 in hospital, down 13 since y'day, although 120 are in ICU
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