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This is the @FA statement about @England and #TakeTheKnee & #BooTheKnee at #EURO2020

Transcribed in the thread below because the text is hard to read #accessibility

(slightly edited for Twitter but no content change)

TLDR: 🙏🏼 support this anti-racism gesture

#ComeOnEngland Image
@FA @England Ok that thread has gone weird, so let's try it again here.
@FA @England Message to supporters

Major tournaments don't come around often and when they do, it's an opportunity to unite friends, families and the country
This collective support is what spurs our team on during challenging moments & it gives them the best chance of succeeding...
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Are these vaccines really able to end this pandemic? It's counterintuitive, but it's possible that they actually might be making it worse - by imposing evolutionary pressure in infected vaccinees that selects for more infectious & ultimately resistant variants of the virus. Image
"Some countries with the world’s highest vaccination rates are also battling devastating surges of Covid-19 and the highest death tolls, a worrying trend ... "…
"U.K. hospitalization numbers have ticked up and case numbers have risen 20% in the past week—though from a low base—as the variant takes hold in parts of the country, largely among younger people who haven’t yet received two vaccine doses."… Image
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Tat Wa Lay
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam ·
It's 1984 and my mother arrives in the #UK with 89 other Vietnamese refugees known as the "boat people". With just the cloths on her back and her four children, she's confronted with the local people of a council estate.
Unable to speak English, she expects hostility and racism.
And then this happens.
A young scruffy looking man steps up, takes off his coat and handed it to the freezing cold refugees. A gesture so touching,
that everybody later followed. People then went home to fetch clothes they didn't need and handed it to the refugees and ensured they were all fed and watered.
My mother has never forgot that moment, when she was able to use a coat to wrap her boys so they could stop shivering.
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Looking forward to an interesting discussion on the future of #Devolution and the UK's Governance Structures, in light of the @ISCProd_Matters final report #CFCDevolution
Chair @AndrewCities explains that the report explores how #Devolution has affected UK Governance Structures, and what lessons can be learned for further devolution, particularly in light of the #LevellingUp agenda #CFCDevolution
First speaker, former ISC Chair Andy Haldane notes that, while the ISC formerly has ceased to exist, the ethos & goals of the National Industrial Strategy continue to live on in the #PlanForGrowth and the #LevellingUp agenda #CFCDevolution
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I’ve always thought the discourse surrounding #Pickford is odd

Twitter would make you think he is the worst GK to ever play in the #PremierLeague which isn’t true, he’s an avg #PL shotstopper!

Yes he had a bad 2020 but his recent good form is starting to make up for that

Pickford’s #PremierLeague Save% for #Everton = 68.9

Expected Save% for an avg #PL GK who faced the same shots as #Pickford in that time = 69.0

I understand why people think that #England’s #1 should be better than a middle of the road PL GK but the abuse he gets is just crazy!
Also regarding the #England #1 shirt, the main reason he has it is because currently #Southgate believes that being an average shotstopper is outweighed by the fact he is a level above any other English GK when it comes to distributing the ball, especially when under pressure!
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"🇹🇷has once again escaped the consequences of its actions, this time in Nagorno-#Karabakh... 🇹🇷is already being considered to be a global problem, even though 🇺🇸🇪🇺🇷🇺 refuse to accept this reality.." /1
"Let us explain in what sense 🇹🇷has become a problem for the whole world. The world has rejected totalitarian ideologies, since they were responsible for innumerous killings & the suffering of humanity. Fascism, Nazism, Communism, all of them were tested & finally rejected..." /2
"The only totalitarian ideology that stands the test of time is Turkish racism, which took various forms during the 20th century, such as the nationalist (& Islamist) racism of the Neo-Turks, by Mustafa Kemal & the Gray Wolves, and in the 21st century, under Tayyip #Erdogan..."/3
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"Plans for the elitist, money-grabbing league were unveiled Sunday night, triggering universal condemnation and galvanizing #fans against the 12 owners who proposed the tone-deaf breakaway."… #johnhenry #LIVERPOOL #Boston
1/ "The #SuperLeague collapsed under the weight of its own greed less than 48 hours after it was introduced, & Henry posted an apology video hours later in which he said, “The project put forward was never going to stand without the support of the fans....'"
2/ '...No one ever thought differently in #England. Over these 48 hours you were very clear that it would not stand. We heard you. I heard you.'”
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'Less than one in four of the #suicides registered so far in 2020 had a date of death that was also in 2020'
#LockdownHarms #MentalHealth #CoronersReports #SuicideDataIssues

ONS Quarter 1 (Jan to Mar) to Quarter 2 (Apr to June) 2020 provisional data #England #lockdowns Image
'Quarter 2 (Apr to June) of 2020, 5.3% of 845 #suicides registered in the period occurred in same period (45 deaths), with remaining deaths occurring in first quarter of 2020 (43.7% or 369 deaths) or prior to 2020 (51.0% or 431 deaths).' #SuicideDataIssues #LockdownHarms Image
'845 #suicides reg'd in the 2nd quarter of 2020 lowest number of any quarter since 2001, when time series reported for statistical release begins.

Numbers should be interpreted with caution. Likely lower number of suicides registered this period reflects impact of #Covid19' Image
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What do you know about #Shafaqna news agency?

The director of Shafaqna, #Abolfazl_Fateh, Iranian reformist who currently resides in #England, was the head of MirHossein Musavi's propaganda campaign in the 2009 sedition against Islamic Republic of Iran!

Fateh went to #Oxford for his PhD with Iranian Government funding money, but he illegally never returned and stayed in #UK! He was the person who announced the color of green for the rebel seditionists against Islamic Republic of Iran.
He organized a press session for Musavi before counting the votes, before announcing the result, in which, Musavi announced his winning as the self-proclaimed president instead of president Ahmadinejad who was the real winner elected by the majority of people.
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Nach über einem Jahr ohne Reisen hatte ich die Idee, dass @RomfordReject in einer Art Tombola ein Land zieht und wir dann samstags drauf einen länderbasierten „Themenabend“ mit Essen, Urlaubsfotos und Musik machen. #Corona
Erstes Land: die Niederlande 🇳🇱 Es gab „Hutspot“ und wir hören jetzt die Venga Boys, Golden Earring, Luv, Clout, Herman van Veen, ... ImageImage
„Ra-ra-rasputin, lover of the Russian Queen...“ - jahaa, Bobby Farrell war Niederländer 🇳🇱
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Britanniassa skandaali puuttuvasta #CovidVaccine haittavaikutus -datasta. Arviolta kuolleisuus on 377 jokaista 100K rokotettua kohden.
- Datan keräämisestä on luistettu alusta alkaen, syynä että 'määrä on liian suuri ja sopivaa AI -sovellusta etsitään.'…
@THLorg #Perustuslakivaliokunta #hallitus
Private Criminal Prosecution Papers Laid Alleging #Pandemic Fraud Against #Hancock, #Whitty, #Vallance & #Ferguson | Mar 22
- a case is being brought against the four key players of the Covid scam in the #UK…
At 16:23 pm Friday, March 19, 2021, one year after the Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens’ decision to reclassify #COVID-19 as no longer being considered a High Consequence Infectious Disease was published by Public Health #England…
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Michael Davitt, refugee, physically disadvantaged, revolutionary, agrarian agitator, parliamentarian, journalist, author and servant of his people was born #OnThisDay 175 years ago in Sraide, #Mayo

@davittmuseum @visitmayo @mayotourism @MayoTrails @MayoDotIE #GlobalIrishNation
2) Davitt was born during the #GreatFamine into a family of #Irish speaking tenant farmers who were evicted from their land when he was just 4 years old

3) Landless, Davitt’s family were now economic refugees and opted to leave their home first to #Liverpool and then onwards to Haslingden a cotton milling town in #Lancashire
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Infektionsrisiken in #Kitas #Schulen
Eine Zusammenfassung von Meldungen und Warnungen in chronologischer Reihenfolge, damit niemand sagen kann, man hätte von der hohen Infektionsgefahr -für #Kinder #Schüler #Lehrer und #Familien- keine Kenntnis gehabt
#twlz #KMK #Laschet #Giffey
20.01.2021, Ergebnis der #AITask-#Modellierung zum #B117 Infektionsrisiko: Höchste Infektionsgefahr in Luftströmen die durch #Lüften und #Klimaanlagen enstehen. Verbreitung an/über #Aerosole (0,25 bis 0,5 μm) kann nach 2 Minuten atmen zur #Infektion führen
22.01.2021, PM #Johnson warnt, dass die #Mutante #B117 „möglicherweise mit einem höheren Mortalitätsgrad assoziiert ist“ und "zusätzlich 50-70% übertragbarer ist" #twlz #kmk
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Military aircraft circling Pembrokeshire again this morning as commercial aircraft are on their way to British airports

Like what the actual *** ?






And so now they're up a bit - 25-30k ft I would say


@fmwales @WelshGovernment @DefenceHQ
And still circling


@WelshGovernment @DefenceHQ

and whats this one doing out n about

why such vast military activity over past weeks

@scotgov the one on the right is your pigeon - what do you know?

Are we declaring #war now ?
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Infektionsgefahr in #Schulen über belastete #Aerosole
Professor #Kähler schließt sich der #AITAsk Bewertung an:
"#Lüften alleine reicht nicht. Die Schulen wurden ja lange zugemacht, weil es eben nicht reicht". #twlz #kmk #rki…
Schulen sind mittlerweile wieder geöffnet, weitere Jahrgänge sollen folgen, dabei steigen bundesweit die Infektionszahlen. Gleichzeitig breitet sich die Mutante #B117 weiter aus. #Schulen sollen "eher" keine Pandemie-Treiber und dank #AHA+L sicher sein, sagt das #RKI. Stimmt das?
Eine erste Warnung, was ein #Superspreader im #Klassenzimmer bewirken kann und warum #Schulen sehr schnell zu einem Pandemie-Treiber werden können, zeigte das Ergebnis der #AITask-#Modellierung bereits im August 2020: Superspreader Klassenzimmer #twlz #kmk
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Logik zum #Öffnungsplan der #Bundesregierung
Wo, wie und wie schnell infiziert man sich mit dem #Coronavirus? Solange die Regierung Entscheidungen - magels Datenlage - ohne Evidenz trifft, solange ist es Willkür, wann welche Bereiche geöffnet und andere geschlossen bleiben #Spahn
Die Mutante #B117 erreicht in diesen Tagen -in den ersten Bundesländern- ihre #Dominanz. #R steigt zeitgleich und die #Regierung erhöht per #Öffnungsplan die #Mobilität: B117, Öffnungsplan u. gesteigerte Mobilität sind drei Faktoren die logisch #R exponentiell beeinflussen können
Zeitgleich werden #Kitas u. #Schulen geöffnet, also die Versammlungsorte, vor deren Öffnung uns Experten und Ärzte aus #Israel u. Kanada warnen. Begründet wird die #Öffnung mit "Meinungen" von Wissenschaftlern, deren #Studien -manipulierte Daten- aus #Schweden zitieren #twlz #KMK
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#UK's Sunak - OBR sees peak #unemployment rate of 6.5% (Nov forecast 7.5%); OBR sees UK #GDP returning to pre-crisis level in Q2 2022 (Nov forecast Q4 2022).
#UK Finance Minister Sunak: Introducing a new recovery loan scheme for businesses; retailers will receive up to 6,000 pounds per premises.
#UK 2021-22 budget deficit forecast at GBP 234b vs GBP 164.2b-BBG
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Letter to Sec of State to ask #CQC to investigate takeover of 48 #GP practices by #Operose - subsidiary of #US health insurer #Centene
Patients and residents please write to MPs and councils
Letter to the Rt. Hon. Matt Hancock, MP, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care
Ministerial Correspondence and Public Enquiries Unit
Department of Health and Social Care
39 Victoria Street
United Kingdom
(Sent via the DHSC online ‘Contact Form’)
22 February 2021
Dear Mr #Hancock,
#Centene’s take-over of #GP services in #London: request for an investigation by the Care Quality
Commission under section 48 of the Health & Social Care Act 2008
The purpose of this letter is to ask you to exercise your power under the above section to request
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Пробуждение весны в Мьянме!
Революция сознания во всём мире на старте......
Власти против протестующих используют резиновые пули, слезоточивый газ, водометы.
1/2 Журналистки из Беларуси Катерина Андреева и Дарья Чульцова уже три месяца находятся под арестом и под судом. 🤍❤️🤍🖐️
2/2 Журналистки из Беларуси Катерина Андреева и Дарья Чульцова уже три месяца находятся под арестом и под судом. 🤍❤️🤍🖐️
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However, #Pope Julius l decision to steal a pagan event and re-launch it under a Christian brand didn’t go well with a large section of devout #Christians. There were instances, when Christian authorities put a stop to #Christmas celebrations.
In 1659, the Massachusetts Bay colony banned #Christmas, as in subject to criminal prosecution and a fine of five shillings (now, about $ 8000) as part of its efforts to "reform" and 'Purify' the church by purging it of the idolatry and ceremonial excesses.
Earlier, in the 1640s, #England underwent a revolution that drove king Charles I from his throne (and ultimately to the headman's block) and established a #Puritan Commonwealth.
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Kids have been locked down since March here in #oregon. Now the kids are being asked to watch CNN10 as part of their curriculum. Here is a summary of Dec 9th: 1) #england approves first untested vaccine from #Pfizer 90 year old man took it first Part 1
2). Mentioning that restaurants are hit hard by lockdowns, then describe a online delivery service called Goldbelly. Told the audience that some restaurants are selling more than when people came. Part 2
3). Trivia question about country that is located that is located between #india and #china. Then it told a story that #indian and #chinese scientist agreed to the height. Yea, #china is so great they cooperate on science Part 3
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One of the most important men in history is Adam Smith. His magnum opus, "The Wealth of Nations", is the basis of the greatest accumulation of wealth in human history.
It was after Smith put his ideas into writing that the structured capitalist economy began to build, and led to a situation where countries have been able to bring people out of poverty in huge numbers.

Need evidence? Look.
Note that #England's GDP grew linearly right until the century following the publication of that seminal book.

As the man's ideas began to take root, it was boom, exponential growth, and they've hardly looked back ever since.
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2020 had me thinking: was it THIS BAD in the year 1010? What happened then, in that palindrome-year?

Let’s have a look around the world.

The Nile River in #Egypt froze over. Literally froze over.

1 of 18
It was the 2nd time only (the 1st in 829 CE).

English climatologist HH Lamb (1966) deduced Siberian-origin anticyclones blew south and then north, which caused the cold air to contract, get denser, weigh more, and thus increase surface air pressure over the Nile.
Over in #England in 1010, Eilmer of Malmesbury, a Benedictine monk, decided to fly.

He created wings, launched himself off of the Abbey, and flew for ~220 yards/201 metres).

He just forgot to add a tail, and instead glided down after ~15 seconds.
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#Coronavirus: Vanuatu Island Records First Case Of COVID-19 In Traveler From The #US 😥…

#Vanuatu has recorded its first #Covid_19 case, health officials announced Wednesday, ending the Pacific island nation’s status as one of the few countries...
... in the world to remain virus-free. The health department said a 23-year-old man who had recently returned from the #UnitedStates was confirmed to have the virus on Tuesday after being tested in quarantine."

#Vanuatu #Covid19
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