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#Sheith hitchhiker AU continued.
Shiro didn't usually take the scenic route home, but after yet another argument with his boyfriend Adam that morning he wasn't in a hurry to get back.
The late summer air, the pink evening sky, it all looked so inviting for a leisurely drive.
Sitting cooped up in a stuffy office all day, listening to his colleague Lance's tedious jokes, made Shiro wonder what he was doing with his life. At 30 he was still young enough to get out there and make a difference. He couldn't see him and Adam going the distance.
The frequency of their arguments told Shiro they probably just wanted different things from life, but that didn't mean he didn't still love Adam. He hated how there always seemed to be a problem between them. Stupid small things blew up into full scale exhausting drama.
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#Sheith #ABO
Omega Keith gets reprimanded by his boss at the Dry Cleaners after too many complaints about missing clothing.
Keith feigns innocence, knowing full well all the clothes are piled up in his nest at home.
The complaints are all from the same customer: Alpha Shiro.
#Sheith #ABO
Shiro's not stupid. He suspects the little Omega with the violet eyes who works there. Next time he drops off his clothes he adds an extra item bagged & tagged especially for Keith. A t-shirt he's slept in for 2 days.
The Omega opens the bag and purrs with delight.
#Sheith #ABO
As soon as Keith gets home he slips out of his work clothes and takes the t-shirt out of the bag. He crawls into his nest and rubs the garment all over his body. Shiro's strong scent makes him hum with pleasure, his eyes bright.
/Such a good Alpha/
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Keith spent most of the morning rearranging his spare room while Shiro tried to contact his ex.
"Any luck yet?" Keith was sweating from pushing furniture about.
"Nope. He's ignoring me. No doubt I'll get a call from his lawyer later. I hate this." Shiro slumped forward.
Even Hunk's cookies couldn't lift his spirits. He still ate about 6, they offered a warm comforting feeling in his belly. Likely that was Hunk's intention. His cooking usually had a relaxing effect. He knew how to pacify even the most troubled soul with sustenance.
"I do appreciate you helping me like this. I feel bad dumping my drama on you when we've only just met." Shiro felt like a nuisance.
"It's fine. Sometimes things happen for a reason." Keith realised that sounded more cryptic than he intended.
/Or maybe not/
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#Sheith #LegsForSeven2020
/Athletic&kink/#nsfw 🔞 Thread.

Shiro has a very particular way he likes to unwind.
Exercise videos.
He browses through hours of internet footage to find exactly the ones he likes.
Then he slips into something more 'comfortable' and presses play.
Shiro has no interest in taking part with the onscreen activities.
No, Shiro just likes to watch.
He leans back on the sofa and sighs contently. His eyes follow the movements of the instructor as he bends himself in all manner of eye-wateringly flexible positions.
Shiro loves it. He also really likes this instructor. In fact it's safe to say Shiro is completely smitten. He loyally follows the guy's site & purposely checks every day if there's a new video or live feed. There's also a comment box and a link to an online 'wish list'.
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