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Ok but catholic #sheith posts got me by the navel and for some reason I was thinking about rosaries otw to work this morning and now I have Priest!Shiro who went into seminary because he couldn't shake his desire for slender, small men with big eyes and he knows god is testing
him when he finds himself the Priest at Keith's small parish church.

Keith's family is /devout/ and Keith is a fierce young man with a penchant for fighting and finding himself in trouble. As far as Shiro can tell, he usually gets into fights in defense of others, though he
/does/ have a rather...caustic...tongue, Shiro has to admit, but he doesn't think the young man has ever done anything truly /bad/.

Still, Keith's family keeps dragging him to Shiro's metaphorical doorstep, keeps coming to him, begging Shiro for his help in saving their son.
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Look. No one is going to like this. I don't like this. Nonconvaguely in the we drunk and Keith got us that way on purpose flavor. Angst. #sheith

#pining because #longing is something Shiro's do.

Keith wonders if it's always going to be him.

Going to be Shiro.

& really,
how could anyone compare?

Shiro is larger than life by reputation and all of it is real, it's /true/, it barely fucking scratches the surface of the many things that make the man incredible.

Keith has been more than half in love with him since day one, and in trying to claw out
of the pit of his own desire, Keith only seems capable of falling deeper & deeper into Shiro.

& Keith does try.

Really, he does.

He knows his crush is inappropriate.

That Shiro couldn't reciprocate even if he /wanted/ to.

& that shouldn't goad Keith on, except.

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#sheith the idea that Keith has not realized that Shiro His Boyfriend is a different person than Shiro His Friend has gripped me and refused to let go.
Like, obviously Keith knew him when he was with Adam. He's seen Shiro in a relationship before but he's never been on the recieving end of that affection. And he definitely didnt see Shiro during all their quiet private moments
I am just imagining they've been together for a couple weeks and it keeps taking Keith by surprise when Shiro hangs back, waiting for Keith and slipping his hand in his, sneaking a quick kiss before they continue on with whatever coalition business
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Because I am a perfectly normal earth human, I sit in traffic and think about the Sheiths that are all living in my heard as result of various things.

This train of thought is /undoubtedly/ brought to you by the below art and my own love of Keith's back

#sheith #longing

Keith runs hot.

This shouldn't come as any surprise to Shiro, given the other man's temperament, but the first night he comes out of their shared bathroom to the bared line of Keith's back laying on top of the covers of his bunk, he almost chokes.
He definitely stares, heat pooling unexpected and low in his stomach and he feels his face flush.

Keith is wearing nothing but a pair of tiny boxer briefs, riding low on his hips and tightly hugging to his pert bottom and Shiro can't help but /notice/, can't help but enjoy the
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#sheith our flag means death au where stifled repressed gay nobleman Shiro leaves his life behind for the open seas where he meets a tattooed leather clad pirate with flowing black hair, fingerless gloves and a deadly grin, and he feels alive for the first time in years
when shiro is stabbed by spanish soldiers, keith is there at his sickbed, listening to him mumble about his old life in dreams while stroking his silver hair, leather and callused knuckles sweetly moving over his forehead
when shiro shows keith the secret passage into his closet, keith’s smile is bright, not deadly, for the first time in years. he thinks he might be in love
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#sheith hardware store #modernAU with #transkeith angst ahoy

The house is worse than Keith last left it. The porch is crumbling, the shutters are slumped, and the siding paint peels like a sunburn; like a stack of old newspapers, yellowing with humidity and dust.
Worse because he knows when he walks inside, the television will be off, the air will be stale, stove cold, and his father won’t be puttering around in his workshop.

A body can't function without lungs, heart, brain, so he doesn't understand how his childhood home still stands.
From a missed call and a voicemail from a Texas area code, to a thousand-mile-shy drive in a red hatchback Keith wasn’t sure could make it, to this—facing the stillness of incomprehensible loss.

Keith clutches the strap of his duffel and pushes the front door open.
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#Sheith i offer you exhibit A: the sexy chin grab

Shiro does it when Keith's Galra instincts have him too upset and riled up about something. He makes Keith focus on him, only on him, breathe and hold....exhale slowly...

He does it when he wants Keith to look only at him in the
safety of their shared apartment on the ATLAS.

When Keith needs to be Told. He needs that anchor, sometimes.

When everything is Too Much, Shiro leads him into the bedroom, wrestles him into the room, sometimes.

He grabs Keith's chin, orders him to look him in the eye and then
he slowly, delicately, ruins the pretty Galra boy in his bed.

He's glad he told ATLAS to extra super MEGA soundproof their rooms haha

Keith makes so much noise. Yowls, and snarls, hisses, groans, moans.

Oh the moans are the best. They're long, drawn-out things, followed by the
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dunno if anyone's done this one yet.

Keith's doing interactive yoga in his living room.

Kosmo is stretched out on the sofa behind him, passed waaay the fuck out.

Keith is in Downward Dog when Shiro comes home from a good run. He's a little sweaty.

He gets a popsicle
from the freezer and walks over to watch Keith, making sure to catch his husband's eye as he lasciviously sucks the icepop.

He looks up at the tv screen and sees the yoga teacher telling them to go into the next pose (its equally as horny somehow).

Shiro makes a comment and
Keith grumbles at Shiro to hush, that its an interactive class, they can hear him/see him.

Shiro gets an eeeeevil thought and tells keith in /that/ tone to turn that part off.

Keith obeys because he is Good.

Shiro orders keith to keep up with his poses and Shiro finds new and
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ok last post before i go to bed)

#Sheith cute fluff cw alien biology?

The more time keith spends with the Blades, the more Galra he becomes.

When he sprouts the CUTEST little lynx tail, Shiro's eyes get HUGE.

He wants to touch it, but while Keith's body is changing, the new
bones and flesh are tender and sore.

Still, every time he sees it, the little thing swaying slowly as Keith gets used to it, Shiro can't help it.

So he begs Keith to let him try, that he will be so gentle and careful.

Keith bites his lip, unsure, but agrees. Shiro is always

There's a sore spot right at the base, rubbed raw from Keith's pants. Shiro growls that Keith shouldn't have to wear clothes at all.

The half galran man rolls his eyes. He concurs tho.

Shiro asks Keith to turn around and Present Ass!

Keith spins around on the bed and
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#sheith nsfw cw ball holding?

Sometimes when Shiro and Keith are in for the night, relaxing on their sofa sectional, Shiro will take the chaise so he can stretch out while reading up on the day's news on his PADD.

Keith likes to lay out on the wide sofa and rest his head on
Shiro's hip, with a pillow under his head. Sometimes, he reaches up and wiggles his hand up under the leg of Shiro's boxers so he can feel the warmth of his skin and the softness of his inner thigh.

If Shiro is wearing 'hard pants' still, keith will pout and grumble until Shiro
rolls his eyes, undoes his belt and fly, and makes it so Keith can happily wiggle his fingers under the hem of Shiro's boxers to feel on his hip or upper thigh.

Keith will make these sweet little noises, like purrs or soft chirps when he gets to touch his husband's skin.

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werewolf!shiro/were!coyote!keith #sheith

Shiro is head of the Voltron pack, a small but prominent pack that is very focused on community support for humans and weres alike.

Their territory is Flagstaff and the surrounding county.

Keith is a young loner who hides his were-side
viciously. He comes across as entirely human. He even smells utterly human. A result of tamping his inner coyote down like an abused dog.

When Lance, a rangey young wolf, invites Keith to an event at the Voltron Community center, Keith decides to go along with his old college
roomie and finds himself in a sea of werecanids.

Of course, Shiro is there, dressed in cargo shorts and a tight t-shirt, a cap on backwards with his white floof falling over his forehead.

He's playing ping pong against a cute lil kid and losing on purpose. It melts Keith's
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i'm really stressed out today, have a mini #sheith thred!

For some reason, Shiro went and bought the extra large top loading washing machine for their laundry room. At first, Keith had been delighted.

Until the first time he had to use it after washing Kosmo..

All those towels
that were muddy and gross? Yeah, not lettin those sit in the laundry room for 5 days.

So while Kosmo fluffed in his own room (of course), Keith hauled all of the huge towels in and then stared at the washer.

He hadn't realized Shiro had gotten a Shiro-sized washer.

Fuck. He
sighed, sagging a little, before bolstering himself and dragging out the little step stool so he could get to it.

After dropping in 3 tide pods, Keith made the back and forth trek of climbing down, getting a couple towels, climbing back up, putting them in, rinse repeat.

He was
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Back in high school, Keith was never even on Shiro's radar except in passing.

The school superstar jock was kind to him in the hallways, but that was it.

Keith was a scrappy little stray, hanging out with the art kid groups, the band nerds, practicing with the chorus
kids, sitting with the goths and punks in passing periods when he wasn't the one doing the skipping.

Time passed though. Shiro went on to play college football on a major scholarship while also studying astrophysics.

Keith graduated highschool and took a job with a newly
discovered uncle in his mechanics shop and finding a love for motorcycles.

He grew from scrappy street punk into....well.

Let's just say he buffed the fuck up.

With meeting Thace and then all the rest of his long lost extended family full of cousins and other aunts and uncles,
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#sheith (canon era) thread:

Shiro always wakes up hungry.

In the Garrson, he learned how to eat enough to make it through training and PT, what fueled him through pre-Kerberos prep and grueling tests. The food was bland but filling, though not like home.
Captivity taught him to eat just about anything regardless of texture or temperature, no matter how early, because there was no telling when or if more food would come. The Galra meds they gave him sometimes after battles had fewer side affects with something in his stomach.
On the Castle of Lions, the food is strange but plentiful, and he learns that there’s more in the kitchen if he’s hungry again later. Eating at a table with friends feels decadent. Sleeping is difficult, but his late-night spars with Keith ensure his appetite the next day.
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#sheith #nsfw - masturbation (kinda dubcon/somno, because of the unaware party)

Everything is happening so fast. One second he's on earth, grieving Shiro and searching, /searching/ for something without knowing what. The next, he's by Shiro's side and some others he can't yet
admit he cares for, fighting an intergalactic war to save the universe.
Shiro, who has been captured by aliens, likely tortured if the nightmares he has are anything to go by and now has a deadly robot arm.
They don't talk about it. But Keith hopes Shiro knows that when he's ready to open up, Keith will be there.
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Part V begins here.
Post #vldS8 (for blacklist: slight shurtis bc canon compliant)
(Cw: mentions of temporary character death, memory loss, emotional cheating, straight up cheating, emotionally manipulative spouse)
Angst with happy ending, endgame #sheith
It took a lot of arguing, a lot of crying, a couple nights sleeping on separate rooms and one round of unsatisfactory angry sex, that lead to another fight and Shiro moving with Keith for a week.
When the anger tired down and they began missing each other, a truce was met.
The truce in question being renting a house in Keith's neighborhood.
Keith baked them a cake both as a welcoming gesture and as an apology to Curtis.
Curtis decided to help "accelerate" Keith's progress so they could finally live the married life they deserved, as he put it.
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Fic idea. Fueled by @yeeee1132 . Just gonna bullet point it. This will be a fic in the future.


1. Keith works at a brothel. He is both male and female.

2. The brothel only allows the use of condoms. They keep the babies of those that work for them and train them.
3. Keith works there becuse his foster family owes those that own the brothel money.

4. He started when he was sixteen. The brothel lied and said he was 18.

5. Keith meets Shiro when he is freshly 18.

6. Shiro is one of his regular clients.
7. Keith's sessions with Shiro start non-sexual. They eventually turn that way about six months later.

8. Keith hears of all Shiro's problems. About his exes. About his work. He also hears about the good things Shiro has in his life.
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A #Sheith thread for @goddessarashi birthday ❤
Every day Shiro tended to his herb garden, nurturing a vast array of aromatic plants. He had a reputation for being a herbalist, combining different ingredients into potions to help the townspeople with their minor ailments.
He meticulously selected specific herbs to relieve anything from insomnia and digestive problems to more acute complaints like tooth- and earache. The townsfolk trusted his intuition and as Shiro never accepted money they repaid him in goods and favors.
He never needed to purchase anything. Food, drink, laundry, transport, his herbal potions replaced the need for silver coins. All Shiro had to do was maintain his garden, turn the soil between his weathered hands, gently caress delicate green shoots, cultivate with love.
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#omorashi #sheith just thinking about Keith who confesses he has some mild incontinence problems after a bad injury in his past and Shiro being super cute about it, never embarassing him, always telling him it’s okay when Keith has an accident
Shiro even keeps spare pants and underwear for Keith in his car 🥺
When they go to amusement parks or long movies in the theater, Keith is still really embarrassed and anxious but Shiro suggests he wears pull ups and never makes fun of him or points it out when Keith is padded
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#sheith, nsfw, d/s, light consent play within d/s, sex toy, figging

The toy is Olkarian, and after making their way through human and galra toys, Shiro thought it would be a nice surprise.

Plus they’d been marketed in the shop as “organic” and had been good for
“Sensation play”. Shiro remembers how much Keith had enjoyed the Galran sensory gel. It had made his cock so sensitive that even with the cockring Shiro had been able to get him off multiple times with just a fingertip playing with his cockhead.

That had been a good, good day.
So he orders the new toy, and when it arrives he responsibly reads all the directions. He takes his role as Keith’s partner and Dom very seriously, and with alien things it’s better to be safe than sorry.

He texts Keith a photo of the toy when he’s finished.
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A little #Sheith thread for the 14th of Dec. Mild angst/happy ending 😘😘😘
Thank You for reading.
Happy anniversary to these lovely boys ❤🖤❤🖤❤💋
Keith sits alongside his friends at the venue. The place looks charming, flowers & garlands, soft tints, romantic.
They sit in seats covered in brightly colored fabrics while an usher gracefully scatters rose petals.

The petals flurry to the ground, coating the pale blue carpeted aisle.

The same aisle /he/ will walk down to marry another.

Keith sighs, a frown crumples his forehead.
/How did we get here?/
Keith wonders at what point Shiro decided he didn't want to marry him, choosing a stranger over the person who always stood by his side.

/I can't do this/

He wants to break free, escape the sickly sweet floral fragrance of the venue, run far away.
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#sheith wedding, fluff

There is a public wedding later this week, a planned affair with all their friends and family. It will have magazine photographers ready to cover everything due to their profiles and fame.

But this is not that. This is the real thing.
They part just after breakfast, Shiro kissing Keith on the cheek before he heads out to pick up his suit.

It’s a nice but casual button up and slacks, the shirt in a light gray that matches his eyes. The more formal paladin colors are for later.

The day Shiro spends
having lunch with Allura, Lance, and Matt. Keith will be with Pidge and Hunk. They could all be together, but he and Keith decided to pick this one tradition for today. A bit of separation will make the reunion sweeter.

After, Shiro goes back to Matt’s, showers and gets ready.
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#Sheith ptsd/comfort
"It's ready," Keith beams. A smile laced with a hint of anxiety, slightly too wide, purposely intended to reassure his boyfriend that everything's okay. They are okay. Nothing can hurt them as long as they are together.
Shiro knows Keith's trying to help him.
"It looks small, will we both fit inside?" Shiro stares sceptically at the blanket fort Keith has built in their living room. He feels grateful, but his mind can't focus properly. Some days everything just feels too overwhelming, too raw.
Violet eyes watch him closely.
"Yeah, we'll fit...we can snuggle up, nice and snug." Keith just wants to hold him, take away all the noise in Shiro's head. The only sound he needs to hear is Keith's heartbeat, a soothing rhythm, strong and steady.
"I bought you some new PJs. Brushed cotton, feel how soft."
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#sheith nsfw, petplay, d/s

Keith as a pup in training, a little clumsy at first but he learns fast. He’s never been one for following rules, but when it’s Shiro telling him what to do...

The first order is that he’s not to come without permission. That starts easy enough,
until Shiro calls him to kneel between his legs. He’s still wearing the captains uniform from work, and it’s a stark contrast to Keith who’s been stripped down to briefs. Keith is also in his collar and ears, and the way Shiro looks him over makes him burn.

“Good boy,”
Shiro says. His boot touches Keith’s knee and pushes to widen Keith’s legs.

“And what’s this?” The toe of the boot slides in Keith’s thigh, then taps gently against Keith’s cock. His cock that’s already a little hard and distending the fabric. Keith gasps.
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