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Matt only remembered the some of the stuff from his time at the Garrison. He could still talk about his favorite classes, and random factoids about planets that will never be useful outside of geeky conversations with Pidge.

He also remembered Keith's thirst for Shiro.

That kid was beyond invested in Shiro, his heart and hormone's going wild every time Shiro walked in the room. Matt easily noticed the little glances at Shiro during study sessions and movie nights, the peeks much more frequent when Shiro was in a tank top and sweatpants.
Matt considered it cute at the time, thinking it was a little crush on somebody it was very, very easy to crush on. Shiro was hot, and there was no way around that. Many Garrison cadet's would get one look at Shiro and melt, his muscles and sweet smile nothing but swoon-worthy.
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Shiro tastes just vaguely of tequila the first time he kisses Keith.

They've just managed to get into the apartment Shiro is renting month-to-month in the aftermath of war, in the aftermath of a victory party with their friends.

(a #sheith thread, gonna be nsfw)
Keith is riding high on a nursed beer and a single shot of whiskey - just enough to feel the slightest bit of buzz - and Shiro took two shots of tequila, spaced throughout the evening and tempered with glasses of water so they didn't knock him on his ass, lightweight that he is.
Shiro had looked at him, all big pleading eyes, and asked Keith to come back with him, like Keith hasn't been crashing on his couch for a week.

The handholding on the walk back to the apartment is new though and it has Keith buzzing more than the alcohol.
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For Shiro, it happens without warning. A devastating, shattering blow out of the blue.

Keith felt the storm coming, though he didn't know the form it would take.

(a #sheith angst thread for @aroundab00t, warning for no happy ending)
They're both used to the universe trying to take the things they love, trying to separate them, but they both thought they'd at least have the chance to /fight/ it like they always have.
Neither expected the universe to rip itself open right in front of them and swallow Shiro whole in a flash of white light.
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Time for some gratuitous porn! (I'm serious this is gonna be all porn no plot.) #sheith #adasheith #kadam #nsfw
One night, while they're laying in bed together, Keith mentions that back when he was still at the Garrison, he'd sometimes think about Shiro and Adam -- about what it would be like to have a boyfriend, what it would be like if that boyfriend were Shiro, and what kinds if things
they probably did together after the lights were out. Keith doesnt really meant anything by it, he's just rambling on with with the knowledge that he can tell Shiro anything. He doesn't expect Shiro to slide his cold metal fingers up Keith's chest as he leans in and kisses his
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defy the stars | #sheith | sfw | postkerb canon speculation i guess

They fully expect Keith to burn out. To go supernova. To collapse into a black hole without his center of gravity. A rapidly aged Iverson brings it up at a meeting, says: “The kid’s going to take this hard.”
Sanda grimaces. “We have larger issues at hand, Commander.” Yes, they certainly do.

But Iverson still thinks it a shame. They just lost their best pilot, and when the news of that loss breaks they’re going to lose their most promising pilot too. It’s a shame. A damned shame.
For that shame, he bends protocol.

Iverson keeps Keith after sim runs finish for the day. No one else lingers, all rushing for dinner in the cafeteria, where they will receive the news of the Kerberos mission en masse. “I have some news,” he says. “About Kerberos.”
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Shiro really isn't expecting to get summoned. It's a rare occasion these days, and not one he particularly looks forward to.

(a #sheith thread, continuing the #demonshiroverse)

Maybe he had when he was younger, he thinks as he settles onto his bed in his tiny apartment. Back then he'd been full of all the naive excitement of using the power at his disposal to /do something/ without asking what it was his human masters were doing.
Not that they were inclined to share, even when asked. And asking the question risked knowing the answer and suffering the consequences.

He rubs the seam where metal joins with flesh and tries to yank his mind somewhere else. There's no point in dwelling when he actually has
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Keith doesn't really mean to summon a demon in his tiny studio apartment on Friday night. He certainly doesn't mean to bind him in a way that the demon interprets as a proposal without so much as kissing the (very extremely attractive) demon.

(a #sheith thread w/ demon!shiro)
It's an accident, honestly. Keith is just barely tipsy and decides to try and read the label on the beer bottle that is in a different language because Hunk gifted it to him.

He mutters the unfamiliar words, butchering them with his repentantly American tongue and then fumbles
the mostly empty bottle. It shatters on the tile floor and Keith curses lightly before crouching down to try and pick up the glass.

An edge slices his finger open and he curses again, not nearly drunk enough to excuse his clumsiness.
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a post-naxzela #sheith thread


In the aftermath, Keith feels like he's encased in ice. He'd been prepared to face a fiery death, just to give his friends - his family - to give Shiro and the whole Coalition a chance to survive.
He talks to the team through the shock, tells them it was Lotor and not him and then limps towards the castleship in his barely functioning fighter.

He doesn't think they notice the tremor in his voice.
Matt tries to hail him five separate times. Keith rejects each call. He's not ready to face the reality of what he almost did, what he tried to do.

Seeing Matt's face, hearing his questions, would start chipping away at this ice and he's not ready.
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I have a WIP I need to finish, so logically I must start a new #sheith thread

I guess it *could* be a S8 fix it of sorts, but I'm ignoring both the epilogue and Allura dying, so.... more canon-divergent. Here there be angst, but there'll be a happy ending, I promise.
After Keith and the other paladins fall from the sky, Shiro doesn't leave the hospital for days. He checks in on all of them, of course, but he stays with Keith. He attends meetings remotely, answers questions, and writes his upcoming speech, all from Keith's bedside.
It's hard to see him like this, so pale and still, but it would be even harder to /not/ be there. As the other paladins wake up, one by one, Shiro is happy for them, but becomes quietly more and more worried about Keith, who hasn't stirred.
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Swipe Right into your heart | #sheith | Canon Verse | S8? I don't know her | dating app thread
The Galactic War is over and things have calmed down a lot. So much that Shiro gets a bit bored working 9 to 5 and doing nothing else really in his life.

He doesn't mind not dating currently, after all there are some things he needs to get used to first.
Having an actual future to think about without the premise of dying at a young age as well as the clone body that sometimes feels... too foreign for him.

Being alone isn't what he minds, although if he's honest to himself, there are things he misses about having someone close.
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#Sheith Months ago I was telling server folks about an au idea I had where Keith was a professional Dom at a dungeon and he had a group of friends who met up at the yarn store that Allura worked at and they had like, kinksters knit and crochet time.
So naturally, Shiro wanders in because his doctor recommended picking up knitting to improve his manual dexterity and Allura invites him to the group because Keith has been single for too long and she knows he needs some of that.
Anyway, this is ridiculous and self-indulgent, but does anyone besides me want this au?
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#sheith #curtashi/#shurtis (possibly #allurance just in case)
It's been long enough since the wedding that Keith can control his emotions around Shiro and Curtis now. They've mended their friendship, and now they're all hanging out together with the other paladins and Matt
They're at a bar in town, kind of a dump tbh but at least no one has to worry about hosting, it's not usually busy, and the drinks are cheap.

As usual, everyone but Hunk, Allura, and Curtis are hammered.

Also as usual, Lance starts instigating around the 3-hour mark.
At first it started with a fairly innocent game of Never Have I Ever, but he got bored of that when everyone but Matt refused to reveal their raunchy (or in most cases, not-so-raunchy) pasts.
Then he tried the question game, but Keith thought it was stupid, so that ended quickly.
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Sheith Cheating Thread
(boy this needs a bunch of warnings)

(#katt) fwb to lover, married Shiro, Endgame #sheith, heartbreak, hurt, angst, possibly no comfort
#Vlds8 #canonverse

To cure a heartbreak simply throw yourself into the next relationship that comes along - said nobody ever. But Keith's friends who could teach him that much aren't with him when one day Matt hangs out with him.
It doesn't start out inherently sexually, no. Matt's honest motive is to become friends with Keith, seeing the situation as it is with them both far away from Earth and drowning in work to rebuild what has been broken during the war.
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#sheith AU where Keith works at a lingerie shop and Shiro walks in. At first Keith thinks he's the stereotypical pervert boyfriend buying for his girl until all cute and flustered Shiro walks up to him and asks, "You probably don't get this, but do you have anything for my size?"
Keith has to stop himself from dropping his mouth to the floor because this must literally be the man of his dreams.

"I'll have to get an accurate measurement, if you're comfortable with that?" He offers, Shiro smiling and following him to one of the changing rooms.
Once Shiro has his shirt off, Keith can see it all. He's built like a tank. Besides the muscles he can see multiple scars, but that doesn't scare him off one bit when he wraps the tape measure around him.

"Is this your first time buying? Keith looks up.
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Here lies a thread of my completely self indulgent #sheith A Knight's Tale au

When Shiro was a child, his homeland was invaded by the Galran empire; he lost everything - his family, their land, a place to call home. He became an orphan, forced to beg his nation's conquers-
for food. He doesn't remember very much of that time, only that he was cold, hungry, and alone. His life wasn't the only one in shambles after war, there were so many others just like him. He always spoke to his family about his dreams - he wanted to go beyond the boundaries-
of their small village, he was going to go to the other side of the great mountains, fight mythical beasts, and discover treasures and adventures worthy of song.

And then he became an orphan. He couldn't protect his loved ones or himself, who was he to think he could take on-
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Part 2 of the AU that will not die -- #nsfw, #transkeith, #sheith, #koliveith, possible descriptions of Shiro's PTSD, afab & amab language used for Keith
Shiro's been with Blades for coming up on four months now and he's started to notice that every once in a while, someone disappears for a week or so. Keith made the mistake of telling him that they weren't feeling well the first time he said something, and Shiro got it in his
head that Keith meant they were sick with some kind of Galra specific flu, especially when Keith assured him that it wasn't something Shiro had to worry about. But Keith knows his next heat it just around the corner and he's going to have to explain exactly what happens when
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#sheith thread - ASMR AU pt. 3!

part 2 can be found here:
Keith brings Shiro home for dinner (again).

Tex rejoices for being reunited with his pie plate and sets another place at the table. During dinner, Krolia is almost smug as she observes the fruits of yesterday's spur-of-the-moment maneuvering to help Keith out with his crush.
While Keith helps his parents clean up and dry the dishes, he lets them know about his impromptu vacation plans with Shiro, which are already set in stone as far as he’s concerned. Meanwhile, Shiro stews in the living room (Keith’s suggestion) as he waits for their reaction.
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I’ve been putting this off forever so lemme just dive in and see where it goes...

#sheith Beauty and the Beast AU. No idea what rating yet.
Garrison is a normal town. Disgustingly normal, even. It has a normal mayor, normal sheriff, norma baker, normal tailor, normal blacksmith.

Well... mostly normal blacksmith. Some might say he’s odd just by virtue of who his son is — Keith Kogane.
Keith is probably the one truly odd thing about Garrison. The thing is, no one can quite put their finger on /why/ he’s so odd. Sure, he’s a bit of a loner, but something has always set him apart as different.

Not that Keith cares. He’s got his dad, and that’s all he needs.
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#sheith AU where Keith is a gas station attendant who works the night shift, and Shiro comes in every Friday night to buy a full size box of the largest size condoms they carry, and Keith is low key dying to ask if he uses them all, or if he needs "help" using them up.
One night Keith accidentally blurts out: "So do you really use all of these in a week?" And he's instantly beat red and stock still as he realizes just what he said to the literal Adonis in front of him.
Thankfully said Adonis seems to have a sense of humor, as he's laughing. And Gods above his *laugh*. His laugh should be illegal. It's rich, and deep, and it seems to resonate deep within Keith's soul as he stands and stares at perfect teeth that are bared by said perfect laugh.
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Is it time for self-indulgent dorm roommates AU? Yes it is. It 100% is. #Sheith, of course, and possibly (probably?) the first in a series of threads because I Live For This Shit :)

Maybe light NSFW but probably pretty tame and schmoop focused.
Keith is frantically tidying his side of the dorm before his new roommate shows up. He's never been great at getting to know new people, and while entering college as an 18 year old and knowing he'd get a roommate was one thing, doing the same thing all over as a graduate
student is something else entirely.

He's always known Lance would move in with Allura the moment he could, had even known most of the past year that this was his impending fate--and he could have found a place, off-campus, maybe.
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#sheith thread | ASMR AU pt. 2! | slightly nsfw

part 1 can be found here:
"Me, too. Thanks, Keith." For a few moments, Shiro doesn’t say anything else. He toys with his spoon and stares down into his empty mug, looking thoughtful, before glancing up at Keith again. “So, what about you? How’d you find my videos?”
“Started with knives, then knife massages, then massage videos,” Keith says, pointing to Shiro— who grins along, pleased they had a common link in their respective youtube journeys. “Got kinda halfway into the ASMR ones. Didn’t really get it until I saw you. Roleplaying.”
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#koliveith #sheith #nsfw Listen. I have this extremely complicated au plot in my head but I don't feel like writing about any of it, I just want Keith who fucks pretty much any of BoM when he's going through heat, but mostly everyone know's he's Kolivan's favorite plaything
Kolivan will pull him onto his lap in the middle of a meeting, a large hand palming his ass and Keith just grinds down against Kolivan's dick and nuzzles into his neck, and somehow both of them are still totally capable of contributing to mission plans, even as Kolivan is rubbing
at Keith's dick through his uniform. After the meeting they don't even bother going back to their quarters. The others just file out and Kolivan peels him out of his suit and fucks him over the table, a large hand fisted in his hair and Keith screams because it hurts so good.
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#sheith I have some time before work so...incoming #bottomShiro thread 😏
Keith's hands are resting low on Shiro's hips, fingers gentle for the moment, but threatening to tighten possessively at any moment. His mouth is soft, kissing Shiro slowly, sweetly. It’s the type of kiss that reminds Shiro how lucky they are to still have each other
after everything they've been through.

"Keith," Shiro whispers between kisses. He presses his fingers into the small of Keith's back. "Keith."

"Yeah?" Keith asks. He peppers light kisses along Shiro's jaw.

"I love you."
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#sheith thread | ASMR AU | slightly nsfw
It starts with a recommended video.

A chain of them, actually, which Keith lets play out one after another on a late night when sleep refuses to come. No matter how he stretches and turns under the covers, his aching physical exhaustion never carries him away into slumber.
His eyes glaze as he halfway watches videos of knife restoration, which segue into knife massages, and then onto a whole subset of youtube he’s never seen before. ASMR— whispers, the sounds of fingernails tapping on glass, flashlights shining across the screen.
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