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Merry #sithmas! With luck, we will finish The Last Jedi today. Miscellaneous business first! (Too Many Tweets in These Tweets: A Star Wars Story) #sithmas
hELP #sithmas
A visual comparison of the ROTS Force push vs TLJ tug-of-war via @the_meghatron (I'm so proud that I guessed this back when we were watching the prequels) #sithmas
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Starting a new Last Jedi thread; we're going back through All the Callbacks, so it's going even longer than usual. Gonna warm up slowly with some miscellany. #sithmas
A year from now, I will not even begin to be able to explain why this made me cry laughing last night #sithmas
UPDATE #sithmas
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Awww, the fathier race, I love them. Not the racing, it's terrible. And Rose tells us the FO specifically stripped her mining colony "then shelled us to test their weapons." Finn, of course, knows little about the FO from an outside perspective. #sithmas
I mean, he definitely thinks the FO is terrible, often to the point of panic, but for the first time we're hearing what the FO's oppression looks like elsewhere in the galaxy. #sithmas
Re: Finn's childhood/training (I really need to read the tie-in books, they're read-along canon rather than... whatever was going on in the Expanded Universe) #sithmas
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Later today I want to do at least a little of The Last Jedi, after I have reviewed the deleted scenes. I also have excellent news: I have discovered @threadreaderapp and can give you all umpteen movies in a readable format: #sithmas
Full Attack of the Clones thread (I did not have Phantom Menace on hand): #sithmas…
Full Revenge of the Sith thread #sithmas…
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I *truly* cannot say enough about how this character functions, it's so incisive. #sithmas
I would also posit that Darth Vader : Slow Zombie :: Kylo Ren : Fast Zombie. For that matter, a Semi-Fast Zombie upgrade is why Vader's so scary in Rogue One. #sithmas
I don't know who made the decision to cast Oscar Isaac, but it's genius. He manages to steal this sequence and is able to land the humor undercutting Kylo (and later, General Hugs) #sithmas
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Okay, I had lunch. It's supposed to storm and I'm typing with a bandaged finger I just vegetable-peeled, but we can do this. Multiple copies in this house and somehow I don't have a director's commentary: The Force Awakens #sithmas
Despite my OT reminiscences, TFA is the movie that actually made me a Star Wars fan, and if that makes me a Fake Fan Girl, then fellas, let's fake it up #sithmas
So I have now watched six star wars in story order (didn't have Phantom Menace on hand). We have seen angry adolescent Anakin go through corruption, redemption, an empire, and two Death Stars. #sithmas
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Okay, yesterday I watched Empire Strikes Back
Today, I overslept a bit and then had to get on the phone with my insurance but that’s okay because you know what today is. You know. It’s EPISODE VI: MURDER BEARS #sithmas
Look at my beautiful bears. Look at their vicious little faces. (Galaxy of Heroes doles out 10 Wicket shards every couple of months, damn them) #sithmas
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Okay, had to play with my dog and fight a territory battle, let’s get to it. Side note, I have finally finished all seven of General Kenobi’s stars. This is a momentous day. #sithmas
So around this point I like to sum up where the story order including current films as brought us. Consider that now, the Rebellion has recently blown up the Eadu facility, forced the destruction of Scarif, and *exploded the fucking Death Star.* #sithmas
The Empire: they mad. And then I realized that all the movie titles had taken on this well-worn War Drobe of Spare Oom quality in my head. I hear the phonemes but not the meanings, you know? Ohhhhh, the Empire is STRIKING BACK now, yes. I’m smart. #sithmas
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Okay, new thread: We're going into A New Hope, which I haven't seen in so long that I will hilariously remember almost none of it. It's a DVD/blu-ray set I picked up on a whim for like $30, because you can't NOT afford the OT at that point. #sithmas
This movie is one year older than me, so to me it's just STAR WARS. I resisted "A New Hope" for a long time because iT'S STAR WARS DAMMIT. I assume this is the revised New Coke edition. Nice bright/crisp picture so far. #sithmas
Here is something else I wanted to see: going from the cinematography and visual effects of 2006 and 2016 to, uh, 1977. Maybe it's easier to go from "gritty" Rogue One than it is from shiny Revenge of the Sith. #sithmas
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So yesterday I watched the two Star Wars prequels I had on hand (little bit vexed about the first one)
Granted, I overdid the livetweeting, but the reason it took all day was because I kept pausing for discussion in the replies. Here’s Attack of the Clones.
Here is Revenge of the Sith, which I started after dinner and nearly passed out during, because it was late and I was tired, not the movie’s fault.
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Do we want to continue watching prequels, or is the news too heavy? Ideally I will just watch Revenge of the Sith with minimal pausing. Also, it IS widescreen, so I'm less salty. #sithmas
I'm thinking back over Attack of the Clones, and the impression I get now is that Anakin is extremely whiny and childlike... on purpose. I find it more sympathetic if it's intentional, tbh. #sithmas
I went into it thinking, "this is a terrible love story," but maybe it functions--intentionally or not--more as the story of someone so insecure and emotionally stunted that he's an easy mark for corruption. #sithmas
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I think that’s on my mind because my allergies are giving me hell but I think I’m gonna sit down with the SW prequels today, and hating on them for several hours is not actually what I had in mind.
I have come to really value absurdity as a source of joy and humor, which I think is what our Jupiter Ascending thread was getting at. If we’re hypothesizing that The Culture was extremely cynical circa ~2000, then yeah, bad timing for the prequels.
(I’m making breakfast, not watching yet. Officially a merry little #sithmas though?)
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