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Remember that time I spent hours researching Charles Tawil and found his son Jonathan who gave me a completely different story about what happened to @GeorgePapa19 in Israel?

Remember when GP told me that Tawil asked for the money back after sentencing?
Well it's kind of important to consider while researching the origins of #SpyGate. This was the situation that gave Mueller leverage to get Papa to plead guilty. Not sure why it's not been received well by Twitterverse. I'm not a journalist but this was new info.
The implications are massive if they turn out accurate.

This looks to be a global crime syndicate with ties to the FBI/CIA etc.

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Free education on the basics of cyber hygiene & key terminology to understand what is being used to influence our lives.

@ArtOfTheHak provides free tools to help u adapt to the changing landscape of cyber & psychological warfare.

#PsyOps 🕵️
Everyday we're bombarded w/ #FakeNews psyops & propaganda.

Most people don't realize we've been at war for years w/ the MSM. Similar to the Cold War we are now in a Meme War.

It's imperative that we raise our situational awareness.

Important lesson from Neil Postman. (H/t @musenull)

What is the Inform Action Ratio?

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Reminder as we wait for my new column to drop: The FBI charged @GeorgePapa19 with perjury because they claimed his lying to them about his Trump campaign role & Mifsud's Russian ties is the reason they DIDN'T detain MIfsud after interviewing him in Feb. 2017.
Mifsud is now supposedly communicating through his lawyer, Stephen Roh, that he is going to be appearing before the US Senate to testify.

For a year and a half two competing narratives have been fighting for supremacy about Mifsud:

1) Fake Russian spy
2) Real Russian spy
Mifsud was either

1) a real Russian agent reaching out to the Trump campaign on behalf of the Russian gov't offering help to win the 2016 election


2) an OCONUS LURE sent by the FBI to entrap Trump campaign advisers.
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1/ Reasons why I suspect Mueller of being a political operative for the left, and not the undercover white hat some are suggesting:
-The people hired to Mueller's team. Andrew Weissman heaped praise on Sally Yates as she defied Trump's immigration order. We know Strzok and Page's animus towards Trump. At least 12 out of the 17 team members are registered as Democrats. It's undoubtedly a democrat laden team
-The origins of the investigation. FBI opened an enterprise *counterintelligence* investigation into the Trump campaign. A special counsel is design to pursue CRIMINAL cases and produce convictions. The foundations of Mueller investigation are like a round peg in a square hole
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1. #QAnon Presidential candidate Trump said Aug 2016, "Sanctuary cities.. that refuse to cooperate with federal authorities will not receive taxpayer dollars, and we will work with Congress to pass legislation to protect those jurisdictions that do assist federal authorities.” #Q
2. #QAnon Five days after his inauguration, January 25, 2017, President Trump signed EO 13,768 stating that "sanctuary jurisdictions" would not be "eligible to receive Federal grants, except as deemed necessary for law enforcement"… #Q
3. #QAnon <3 months later, on April 7, 2017, the Democrat California governor declared CA's drought emergency was over. So, $115.8 Million was cut from the Drought Response budget, including $97.5M cut for emergency Forestry & Fire Protection response.… #Q
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Forget Special Counsel Mueller's final report. It more than likely will not be publicly released, and definitely not in full. What will be released, however, is Inspector General Horowitz's report on his findings of FISA abuses by the Obama DOJ & FBI. That will be dropping soon
Not only can Acting AG Matt Whitaker rein in Mueller's outside-the-scope-of-his-mandate probe, but he can also appoint a second Special Counsel to investigate the origins of the FBI's "Crossfire Hurricane" probe and investigative misconduct and abuses by Obama DOJ & FBI. #SpyGate
Both posts from Paul Sperry.
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[2] So on January 6 2016 , you were sitting on the Churchill And Roosevelt Allies Sculpture, at St John's Hill, London SW11 1UB, United Kingdom
[3] Between January to February 2016, Mr. Geroge #Papadopoulos started to work in the UK as head of the Centre for International Energy and Natural Resources Law & Security at the London Centre of International Law and Practice (LCILP)
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We stand with you in unity and refuse to be divided.

#WWG1WGA as a global vision NOT
The globalists vision of a 1 world gov. Currencey.
Slaves and masters as told in
#Bible #Prophecy

Is about to hit the shores
#FISA #Sessions #Declas #QAnon
Jeff Sessions Resignation Letter to @POTUS

Thank you Sir for your many years of service.
We are going to show you a new world.
Those who are blind will soon see the light.
A beautiful brave new world lies ahead.
We take this journey together.
One step at a time.
#QAnon #MAGA #TrustThePlan #trump
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And Jeff Sessions resigns after 2 years of being one of the countries most effective Attorney Generals.

The 1 problem? His having to recuse himself from overseeing ANY election/Clinton/Trump/Russia/CrossFire Hurricane investigation at the DOJ since he was a target.
Anybody who tells you Sessions **DID NOT HAVE TO** recuse himself from any Crossfire Hurricane/Election-related investigation is either misinformed or lying to you.
Grand juries are seated, DOJ IG investigations are ongoing, and now somebody who CAN be directly involved in handling these 2016 Election/Crossfire Hurricane/FISA Court/Clinton investigations will take over as Attorney General.
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1. This morning I received an update from Charles Tawil's son @JonathanTawil about his involvement in the @GeorgePapa19 meeting in Tel Aviv.

Since Tawil has now reached out to the media to dispute PapaDop's story I'll share what I have.

First read this thread w/ background:
2. To be clear I am not doing this for attention. I'm just someone like many of you who wants truth & clarity. I really don't want to muddy the waters. I wasn't going to share until I gathered more information. Not to mention we have to be focused on our elections.
3. JT's version of events is significantly different than what we've been told by @GeorgePapa19. It is closer to the story published today.

I told JT he may want to seek out someone in media and/or talk to the FBI.
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1. After discussing my recent thread confirming the identity of Charles Tawil I reached out to @GeorgePapa19. I won't post our whole conversation but he mentioned that Tawil never asked for the $10K back until AFTER he was sentenced.

2. In case you missed it here is the thread. I concluded the most likely candidate for Charles Tawil by finding his son Johnathan (who later confirmed this was accurate.)
3. I also reached out to David again to make sure there wasn't anything misleading in my thread and he approved. (even liked a few of the tweets). He loves Trump btw.
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2. Naive #Voters don't #Balance ANYTHING,
They create STAGNATION!
How do you get along with a #DemocratParty
With a PLAN to KILL America
That's labeled #DemsWillDestroyTheEconomy &
#DemocratsHateAmerica & #LiberalHypocrisy
#VoteTuesday #ElectionEve #MondayMotivation #NRA
3. Who'd create an INTRICATE Plan to #BLOWUP 💥
#America that aren't ALSO labeled #DemocratsHateAmerica ?
How the HELL do you vote for a #DemocratParty that USED

#VoteTuesday #ElectionEve #MondayMorning #MondayMood #MondayThoughts
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Developing Thread_

Who is Charles Tawil (CT)?

Currently another mystery spook in the middle of the Mueller Witch Hunt.

George Papadopoulos (@GeorgePapa19) now wants investigators to examine the $10K 💰CT alledgedly paid him for his energy engagements.

What do we know about CT? Not much, so far we've been told he is an Israeli/American businessman. He was introduced to PapaDop through David Ha'vri an Israeli political consultant who is a popular Zionist hardliner close to the Israeli govt and IDF.…
I reached out to David and asked him about CT. He confirmed it was his suggestion to introduce the pair. He asserts that PapaDop botched the deal and that they had no idea he was under investigation. 👇
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1) 🇬🇧🇨🇳BEIJING CONNECTION➡️"Claire [SMITH] was one of the first Mandarin speaking women to be posted to Beijing, as China began to open up following the Cultural Revolution." #SpyGate @BenKTallmadge @CarrollQuigley1…
2) Who is Claire Smith? "...member of the 🇬🇧 Joint Intelligence Committee.
She has just completed an eight-year term as a member of the UK Security Vetting and Appeals Panel."…
3) "A particularly compelling factor indicating that Mifsud’s working relationship with Claire Smith suggests his direct connection with UK intelligence is Smith’s membership of the UK’s Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC),"…
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Thread: Dan Bongino Interviews George Papadopolous

1. I listened to the interview just now with my wife and captured what I could in real time. I find it to be fascinating as well as entirely credible. B is Bongino while P is Pdop (duh!):
2. <starting the capture>

B: Why did you meet with Mifsud (the start of the collusion narrative)?
3. P: Mifsud is Maltese. I was working at a front for Western intel agencies including the FBI in London at the time. They told me before I left to work on Trump campaign to go to Rome to meet Mifsud at a university that was a training ground for Western intel operatives.
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