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Fransız felsefeci ve liberal olarak bilinen, kimine göre de #MOSSAD ajanı olarak tanımlanan Bernard-Henri Lévy…

İlk olarak 2003’te Gürcistan’daki Gül Devrimi’nin destekçisi olarak tanıdığımız Lévy,
2008’de Rusya’nın Güney Osetya müdahalesine karşı çıkarak Batılı ülkeleri Ruslara karşı harekete geçmeye çağırdı. Gürcistan’ın Batı yörüngesinde olması gerektiğine dair makaleler yazdı. İç savaşlardan önce de sonra da hep o bölgelerde bulundu.
Ya doğrudan sahada ya da gizli kapılar ardında.

2011’de Suriye’deki iç savaş başladığında Esad rejimine karşı Özgür Suriye Ordusu’nu destekledi. O dönem Cannes’daki filminin gösterimine ÖSO bayrağını yüzüne sarmış iki kişiyle birlikte katılmıştı.
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Megalopolis x #Russia: Total War by Pepe Escobar…

After careful evaluation, the Kremlin is rearranging the geopolitical chessboard to end the unipolar hegemony of the “indispensable nation”.

Operation Z is the first salvo of a titanic struggle: three decades after the fall of the USSR, and 77 years after the end of WWII, after careful evaluation, the Kremlin is rearranging the geopolitical chessboard to end the unipolar hegemony of the “indispensable nation”.
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"Angelina Jolie Teams with Microsoft to Launch Children's News Show for BBC World"

That's not the first time Microsoft and Angelina Jolie got together..🧐
Her charity > Kids in Need of Defense (KIND) 👀
"Microsoft and Angelina Jolie Galvanize Legal Community in New Initiative to Protect Unaccompanied Children"…

"Wendy Young, president of Kids in Need of Defense, a Washington, D.C., nonprofit that represents unaccompanied minors in deportation proceedings, said smuggling “is a big business.."
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1. I reported on the first Russo-Ukrainian war starting with the Maidan Jan 2014. After Merkel & Macron's Minsk I and II, I focused on Syria in a belief that ISIS was a Russian and Iranian operation to destroy Syrian Sunnis political unity. I worked to arm and assist the Kurds.
2. The force grew and establishment of the #SDF brought #Sunni #Arabs, #Christians & #Turkmen to join a single umbrella force with US airpower taking back large parts of #Syria. They still hold it much of it but #Putin gave large parts to #Erdogan who folded in ISIS & Al-#Qaeda
3. and along with #Russia, #Turkey, #Iran and #Assad act as a sort of overwatch. With US SOF and Bradleys from the 4th ID there as democracy's last hope.

When the Battle for Raqqa started in 2017, I observed ISIS military leadership made up of mostly Chechens started to leave.
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'#Iran is claiming 9 dead Mossad generals in missile strike on #Mossad base in #Iraq
#Israel is stating 4 dead generals and 7 injured. Iran is claiming 9 dead generals. The base was bombed because the Mossad was attempting to infiltrate the Fordow nuclear facility via tunnels dug under it.
They were probably going to blow it to the moon. The #US claimed no casualties, however, right after the missile attacks several Air Force medical jets arrived which means the U.S. lied again.
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Update #Ukraine .
Im Überblick:
- WHO fordert Vernichtung gefährlicher Pathogene in der Ukraine;
- weitere Tschetschenen in UKR angekommen;
- brutale Straßenkämpfe in #Mariopol ;
- isr. Premier forderte Selenski zum Aufgeben auf;
- Kiew bittet den Westen um S-300;
Die Geschichte mit den Biolaboren in der #Ukraine , wo offensichtlich an gefährlichen Pathogenen und Viren geforscht wird, wird zunehmend zu einem Politikum.
Die WHO forderte die Ukraine auf, alle Pathogene zu vernichten, um ihren Ausbruch bei Kampfhandlungen zu vermeiden.
Zuvor hatte es eine Sondersitzung des UN-Sicherheitsrates gegeben, bei der Russland seine Vorwürfe gegenüber Amerikanern wiederholte, wonach das Pentagon Biolabore in der #Ukraine unterhalte. Angeblich werde dort an Viren geforscht, die auch militärisch eingesetzt werden können.
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+++ EIL +++

Mehrere Raketen wurden auf die #US-Botschaft in #Erbil, #Iraq abgefeuert.
Sorry, es ist NICHT die Botschaft, es ist ein Konsulat.
Laut Bürgermeister von #Erbil sei noch nicht klar, ob das Konsulat, oder der Fulghafen das Ziel gewesen sei.
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#BREAKING: Unable to attack #Israel in retaliation of the death of two #IRGC Quds Force officers in #Damascus on Monday, Islamic Revolutionary Guard of Corps of #Iran just carried-out a combined drone/ballistic missile strike at #US Army base in #Erbil Intl airport in #Iraq!
Total six Fateh-110 ballistic missiles launched from #Iran's #Kermanshah province hit the #USArmy base in #Erbil International Airport in North of #Iraq. Surveillance drones of #IRGC Aerospace Force flew over the base before missiles hit it.
It is unconfirmed but, the pro-#IRGC sources claim that a #USAF's E-11A Battlefield Airborne Communications Node (BACN) aircraft was one of the targets. It is not clear if it is destroyed or not. The moment ballistic missiles hit military section of #Erbil airport.
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[#NATO war propaganda]
US orders families of #Kyiv #embassy staff to leave Ukraine | Jan 23
- In a travel advisory published on its website, the State Department said that there were reports Russia is planning significant military action against Ukraine.…
The #misinformation spread by the British Foreign Office is another evidence that these are the #NATO countries, led by the Anglo-Saxons that are #escalating tensions around #Ukraine | Jan 24
-We call to stop provocative activities, stop spreading nonsense…
[War criminals: #NATO-#ISIS-#AlQaeda-#CIA]
We call on the British Foreign Office @trussliz to stop provocative activities, stop spreading nonsense and focus on studying the history of the Tatar-Mongol yoke” a representative of the Russian FM told | Jan 22…
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A simple thought.,
Eminent Indian Leaders & their India - A Problem for the West or East

MK Gandhi, though his actions n methods pacified Hindus to a level were our ethos changed subconsciously into embracing non-violence he was still an eminent leader who wanted to dismantle ~1
congress which was a setup by the British as a way to handle Indian grievances but he was eliminated not by M #ISI r X’ #CIA #Mi6 to the naked eye but by an #Hindu Just to put the Hindu renaissance at halt n to inject tht feeling of self-shame into every Hindu post independence~2
⏩ We may have diff in ideology n opinions but #Indira emerged as undoubtably a strong figure tht India was deprived of post Sardar/Sashtri. Her 1971 Bangladesh operation, Pokhran Nuclear test, operation Blue star (of course Bhindranwale was her own monster but) all shows her ~3
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The Truth - Israeli PM @naftalibennett in a brief & ambiguous statement: The #Mossad carried out a complex & extensive op last month aimed at finding information on the whereabouts of the missing pilot, Ron Arad. Earlier TelAviv accused #Iran of targeting Israelis in Cyprus. 1/4
🚨Acc. to exclusive intelligence recieved, @naftalibennett was referring to an op carried out by the Mossad in #Syria during which a unit affiliated with the Mossad kidnapped an #Iranian general & took him to an African country, interrogated & later released him. 2/4
It seems that the Iranians followed the op after it happened, & found out by whom & where it was handled? So, @naftalibennett was referring to this particular operation,. The narrative about Fakhrizadeh's revenge, is bogus & aims to distract public attention from the truth! 3/4
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"Wenn ein mächtiger Partner wie der #Mossad um einen Gefallen bittet, wollten die Wiener nicht Nein sagen" - vollkommen richtig - um zu nehmen, muss man in der Welt der Geheim- & Nachrichtendienste erst einmal geben! #BVT #WhiteMilk…
Und bevor es heißt: "Wie konnten Sie nur?", sollte man bedenken, dass ein syrischer Chemiewaffen-Experte 14 Jahre lang ein Informant der CIA war…
Schon 1973 hat die #Staatspolizei dem #Mossad gestattet, bei Vernehmungen von Angehörigen des Schwarzen September mit dabei zu sein - als "Übersetzer" getarnt. Diese Nähe geht auf die Bedrohung des "jüdischen Transit" aus der Sowjetunion über #AUT nach Israel zurück
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#PMImranKhan asks #DonaldTrump to help resolve #Kashmir dispute (22 Nov 2019 Dawn) | 2021 Pakistan Federal Minister for #HumanRights on #Afghan Misery 👇

#Taliban #Afghanistan #TTP #AlQaeda #ETIM #China #CPEC #OBOR Image
Pakistan’s Racist & Sectarian Human Rights Minister Ms Shireen Mazari says

“that #Pashtun Nationalists are with #Taliban & further added that every #Pashtun / #Afghan is a Sunni Extremist”

Ref :

#TTP #China #ETIM #AlQaeda
۱ - عمران خان صاحب نے ۲۰۱۹ میں ڈونلڈ ٹرمپ سے خواہش کا اظہار فرمایا کہ وہ #کشمیر کا مسئلہ حل کردیں (ڈان ۲۲ نومبر ۲۰۱۹)

۲۰۲۱ میں پاکستان کی وزیر برائے انسانی حقوق شیریں مزاری صاحبہ کا پشتونوں کیخلاف نسلی تعصب و مذہبی تنگ نظری ملاحظہ فرمائیں #افغان مسلمانوں کی بے بسی پر 👇 Image
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#Spies steal secrets. Sometimes, those secrets must be carefully studied and analyzed by experts to turn them into products useful to policymakers.
The spies,talking about, here worked for the #mossad.The expert who painstakingly transformed secrets collected into actionable intelligence is David Albright&the policymaker who should be revising his policies in response to a clearer picture of reality is President Joe Biden.
The story begins on a cold night in January 2018, when Israeli agents stealthily broke into a warehouse in southern #Tehran where Iran’s rulers had stored an archive of their #nuclear weapons program.
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If I told you these two photos show exactly the same thing, rape by a prince in the same "trafficking" ring what would you say?

On the left Prince Albert of Monaco.

On the right Prince Andrew. ImageImage
The model on the left was very well known. She said she was raped by Prince Albert of Monaco.

The girl on the right is Virginia Giuffre. She said she was raped by Prince Andrew.

Both victims claimed to have been "sex-slaves" in a trafficking ring that included politicians.
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#BreakingNews aus dem #Iran .
Nahezu zeitgleich sind dort Großbrände auf dem größten Schiff der iran.Marine und auf einer Raffinerie nahe #teheran ausgebrochen.
Das ungewöhnliche Timing führte zu Spekulationen, dass womöglich wieder israelische Geheimdienste am Werk sind.
Zuerst ist auf dem Versorgungsschiff der iran.Kriegsmarine KHARG 431 ein Großbrand ausgebrochen.
Die Versuche es zu löschen, sind alle fehlgeschlagen.
Mittlerweile soll das Schiff gesunken sein.
Für die iran.Marine ist dieser Verlust durchaus schmerzhaft.
(2/5) ImageImage
Die #Kharg war das größte Schiff der #IranNavy .
Es diente nicht nur zur Versorgung, sondern konnte auch mehrere Helikopter tragen.
Ursachen für den Brand sind unklar, allerdings sind fast sofort Spekulationen aufgetaucht, dass dahinter womöglich der #Mossad steht.
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Israel 🇮🇱 🆚 el terrorismo de Hamas
En contacto con @lanacionmas y sobre el ataque de las @FDIonline al edificio de la F. de Gaza, dialogaron con @gbentasgal que recordó que funcionaban Of. de @AP y de @AJEnglish
➖¿Es tan así?
Si, genera divisiones y quien sorprendió seguidamente fue @gbentasgal que afirmó que en 2014 una colega de la Cadena qatarí “Al Jazeera” se sorprendió en #vivo con un “no lo puedo creer, están disparado desde nuestro edificio”. La poderosa Associated Press, sigue ofendida.
Así como la prensa posee una división ideológica en #Arg 🇦🇷 sucede a nivel global. La @AP ha dado un fuerte apoyo a #Biden en la disputa con #Trump
El Comité para la Protección de los Periodistas en NY🗽exigió a Israel “una justificación detallada y documentada” del ataque.
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