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@catturd2 @gatewaypundit 1/📨 @foofighters remember this? The other side of #AIDS. You were there. You dared to put your name under this group of #HIV+ patients who questioned the mainstream narrative & decided NOT to take AIDS "medication"

#Fauci #JoepLange🍃
#MH17 #Swissair-111
@catturd2 @gatewaypundit @foofighters 2/ The other👆side of AIDS

Christine began to question if #HIV causes #AIDS. She came to believe that her positive💭test📖…

#PCRtest's #KaryMullis*🍃died Aug'19💭 #Event201 Oct'19
#JoepLange🍃 #MH17 #Swissair-111⤵
@catturd2 @gatewaypundit @foofighters 3/ Two Airplane Crashes & Dashed Hopes for a Cure💭

#SwissAir-111 & #MH17

Leading AIDS researchers died in each of the two disasters. Would #AIDS have been defeated💭by now if they survived?…

RIP Prof. #JoepLange

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Cennetteki Adem ile Hava'ya
Yasak Meyve-Elma'nin(#DNA)
yedirilmesiyle/aktarilmasiyla basladi

Seytan seytanligini yapti
farkli bir #SOY'dan olan
birini Hava'nin yanina yolladi

Hava'nin yanina giden varlik,
SÜRÜNGEN IRK'tan bir varliktir..

Bu Sürüngen irk
günümüzde #reptilian olarak taninir

Kürtce'de bunlara #Gimgimok (#Kertenkele) derler

Bir gimgimok gördügümüzde
hemen agzimizi kapatip
dislerimizi saklamamiz söylenirdi
öldürmek sevap sayilirdi..?


illuminat'i Piramit'indeki Göz=Reptillian
Reptillian'lar (Sürüngenler)
#Mavi #Kan #SOY'undan olanlardir

illuminatinin tepesinde Alfa Reptillian oturur

13 Ailesi de Reptillian'dir

Her daim #ERKEK'tir

Bu Erkek;
Her daim #Rothschild Ailesinden secilir
Her daim 13 Aile yer alir..
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@bpoc2020 dient aanklacht in tegen regering bij #ICC

Investigator (onderzoeker) is toegewezen.

Ook werkt #BPOC2020 samen met dr. #ReinerFuellmich in de Class-Action Lawsuit, het zgn. Tweede #Neurenbergtribunaal.
Je kunt nu zelf aangifte doen tegen #MarkRutte cs inzake de #coronamaatregelen aka #coronazwendel en alle zaken rondom op het politiebureau

Ingebonden kant en klare #aangifte van 400 pagina's…

Of nu via collectieve actie !…
Dr. #ReinerFuellmich :

Scientific evidence that '#covid19' is #CrimeAgainstHumanity

#Fuellmich is an international trial laywer, who succesfully sued large fraudulent corporations, like Volkswagen and Deutsche Bank.
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Nu zelfs jonge #zwangere vrouwen met👑op😱🚑 #care🆘…🚑ziet hoe #ICantBreathe IC💥s. In 4🚑huizen regio @PolitieUtrecht van🕛daag 206🚑van wie📍63 op #ICU📍🚑noemt⌚moment van versoepel🎲ingen🎢‘rare🕖ng’ aantal👑🚑 op ic’s📍neemt📈toe & veel😱🚑 #jong🆔e💉
As a former Clinical Research Associate I announce an #audit of the 4 hospitals in the #Utrecht region.

@PolitieUtrecht organise it for me & get back to me in writing, here,📍 when & where, per quoted 4 hospitals, I can show up, un-announced🔎 #plandemic
Erin enlisted in @USArmy when she was 17, shortly before #911Truth
& deployed in support of Operation🚑 #Iraqi #freedom💥in 2003

#Bilderberg 2002…🆘#3 discussed 2003 #Iraq war in 2002 Image
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Robert Miller

Formerly called Number Six, I was held in a government facility for resigning from #MI6 after learning about a #depopulation programme code-named The #NewNormal.
Starsailoress @k_helca
aka @SnowdogChampion

Formerly called @Wicked_Nikita, I was held in @Rijksoverheid @Defensie facility for trying to report #MH17 & #TORTURE of Julian #Assange, after learning about #WarOnRussia 1st🚩falseflag above #Biden's #Ukraine
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@arendtiana @JohnnyVedmore @DenisS0rn @_whitneywebb Some 'jerk off' @CNN reporter finds & interviews #OsamabinLaden & his lesdership, and then @cnnbrk

"Bin Laden will attack
USA & #Israel"

#911Truth RIP #BillCooper
@arendtiana @JohnnyVedmore @DenisS0rn @_whitneywebb @CNN @cnnbrk #911Truth👆
#Bush #SkullAndBones

In Johnny's article, #KlausSchwab is having breakfast in NYC on the morning of 9/11 at a synagoge with a Rabi, ex- World Jewish Congress, or so, watching the scheduled
9/11 show

Carte blanche for #GreatReset & #NewNormal
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@catturd2 Enjoy the radio show😸
@catturd2 😸R😸o😸g😸e😸r😸

💌 @rogerwaters💎

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Mr.@PieterOmtzigt is 1/few honest representatives of the people & sheeple grazing in the #Bilderberg grasslands. If I could vote, I would have made him @MinPres of the King & Queen @koninklijkhuis

I could not vote. I'm not Dutch. I do have to pay taxes & my organs are welcome☝
If I could have voted
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I love this tweet😂

How's Kurt doing? They had a thing, we have a thing. Did Boris give you a shot?

'Global Warming' is part of their #GreatReset NWO #Agenda21, and Dutch PM @MinPres is on #WEF list as Agenda Contributor. Same as all EU countries, #Bilderberg-land took a juicy bribe from #IMF & #WorldBank, unelected monsters. Lies lies lies, for decades!
👆RIP #KaryMullis on #AIDS

Nobel Prize #PCR
Died Aug'19
#Event201 Oct'19

What would he have said about the #PCRtest used against us?

There's money to be made when you get outbreaks like AIDS or #COVID

What links both? Dr.#Fauci😙
Ask @DrJudyAMikovits
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Transizione ecologica e digitalizzazione.
Conte parlava di Transizione e anticipava il governo Draghi.
Dalla Pandemiah per arrivare alla Transizione e all'industria 4.0
Di tutti i ministri solo due contano: Colao e Cingolani.
48Mrd per la digitalizzazione.
74Mrd per la transizione ecologica.
Questo forza tutto il resto, gli altri ministeri si devono adeguare.
Quindi...i 2 ministri di draghi colao e cingolani.
Ministro transizione digitale e ministro transizione ecologica sono le prime 2 voci.
Ministro transizione digitale. Ecco cosa diceva.

Oltre alla dichiarazione del "contante zero"
Partecipò al "Bilderberg 2018".
Guarda caso RenziBilderberg fa cadere il governo...e Colaomeravigliao diventa ministro.
Gli altri sono fumo
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@KeesvdPijl1 Rapid opponents of the #Trump admin📝turned to creating tremendous social, economic & political chaos by massively overblowing the severity of widespread viral pathogen📝metaphor for the political infection they believed afflicted the country.

@KeesvdPijl1 No one interest📝group could have achieved this on its own. It required a perfect storm [no] conspiracy much less a specific plot. It only requires that the right confluence of events #Event201🚩present themselves in a way that prompts action & cooperation
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I kept writing to #Bilderberg Dutch Royals, BEGGING Maxima @koninklijkhuis to help. @hugodejonge, who attended Dutch Bilderberg early Feb, banned a safe, effective & cheap treatment for #COVID19. He has blood on his hands!

@PolitieUtrecht has AANGIFTE by @wouterraatgever @OPN_nl
Police, read attached thread

⚠"to #MURDER patients"⚠

Treatment for #COVID19


had to be discredited* to get @US_FDA EUA for "#vaccines"

*Clinical trials⚠overdosed
patients & no🚩 #Zinc

📝 @Politie_Adam
@PolitieUtrecht @Politie

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* bedoelde👆

De Hallen, Amsterdam
De Hallen, Amsterdam

Affected by #lockdown & #coronamaatregelen😫

⛔ middle class slaughter
🕟 open economy, @MinPres
⛔BOA😷 @AmsterdamNL👮
⛔ 💉 @hugodejonge
#HCQworks + #Ivermectin

🔔🕟 vote #FvD 17 maart🍻
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En el año 2020 las defunciones en #España fueron las mismas, o incluso menos, que en años anteriores. Entendemos ya la #plandemia? #COVID… Image
#Últimahora. Gran manifestación en #Madrid por la Libertad en estos momentos y contra el Gobierno comunista de #España.
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Jasenovac concentration camp was the largest extermination camp in the Independent State of Croatia (NDH) and occupied Yugoslavia during World War II, between 1941-1945.
Victims were ethnic Serbs, Jews and Roma.… (a thread🤗)
Krunoslav Stjepan Draganović (30 October 1903 – 5 July 1983) was a Bosnian Croat Roman Catholic priest associated with the ratlines which aided the escape of Ustaše war criminals from Europe after World War II while he was living and working at the College of St. Jerome in Rome.
He was an Ustaša and a functionary in the fascist puppet state called the Independent State of Croatia. He was the Jasenovac concentration camp military chaplain for some time.…
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@AviationMohamed Via Bilderberg, etc. kennen ze elkaar wel.
"#Bilderberg Group" meeting, under the chairmanship of H.R.H. Prince Bernhard
of the Netherlands, 4 October to 6 October 1957.
45 Europeans and Americans held a private and unofficial meeting at Fiuggi, Italy.
@AviationMohamed #Israel (de Westerse (Bilderberg-)landen voelden zich verplicht om Israel in stand te houden)
Take a peep inside the PdF 🤓…

@AviationMohamed Bedenk bij dit alles dat Bernhard een Nazi was met intieme #IGFarben banden. De #Nazi's samenwerkten met de #zionisten om #Palestina vol te stoppen met joodse immigranten en #bilderberg #Israel ging beschermen. Dat is nogeens een #conspiracy om je vingers bij af te likken 😂
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