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The #CIA knew our fate when our federal, state & local "leaders" & politicians chose to #underdevelop the #MedicalResources required to sustain the lives of your family, community, state & nation. It's too late to cry about it. NOW WE MUST CHOOSE SURVIVAL.…
I'll bet you thought the following countries were LESS DEVELOPED than "America 2.9/1000 (2013)."💀

You were sold a load of steaming shit-covered lies.

Belarus: 11 beds/1,000 (2013)
China: 4.2 beds (2012)
Cuba: 5.2 beds (2014)
North Korea: 13.2 beds (2012)
"12 #OHSU staff test positive for #Coronavirus, more tests pending"

"...during a press conference by health care unions to emphasize the shortage of of the masks, gloves, gowns and other safety equipment needed to protect them from contracting the virus."…
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1. as Italian politicians consider unprecedented #surveillance measures to stop #COVID spreading, a former head of the Italian #Carabinieri's special unit, #GIS, issues a comment hinting at his despise for open societies and leftists
2. Italy's #Carabinieri had a well-known role in fighting #Communism during the #ColdWar, when Italy had the biggest #CommunistParty in Europe. So this comment by the former head of the Italian #Carabinieri's special unit,#GIS, comes as no surprise
3. Personally,I believe this comment by the former head of the Italian #Carabinieri's special unit,who despise open societies and leftist,is a precious WARNING in these days when Italians are ready to accept unprecedented #surveillaince measures officially intended to stop #COVID
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Josef Mengele, left, in 2001.

Frederick Melges’ son, Kurt, right, from obituary photo, 2017.

Melges was the Stanford University MK-Ultra doctor.

Can anyone find a photo of Melges?

H/T @OliversWilde for the research.
Mengele tried to sterilize my grandmother and failed, obviously. The United States let him go free after the war. And brought many Nazis here in “Operation Paperclip.”
“Cold War banker” Nicholas Deak was murdered by a woman who had been under the care of Dr. Frederick Melges, CIA-linked Stanford psychiatrist.…
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US Atty #Lelling for MA (univ admissions scam)

#wellhellzbellz Holy Commie Professors Batman!

Unsealed indictments #China #Academia
►Harvard professor recruiting Chinese Nationals
►Boston Univ scientific researcher is member of Chinese Gov't

Feb 2020

CIA Academia infiltration.
Whistleblower from the 80s warned us.

#RalphMcGehee #DeadlyDeceits: My 25 years in the CIA

#ChinaChinaChina #CIA #wellhellzbellz #Universities

thread, scroll up
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@StormIsUponUs @CodeMonkeyZ @realDonaldTrump @Google #BillGates steps down from Microsoft Board & Warren Buffet’s Bershire Hathaway Inc. Friday 13th
Interesting that he’s perusing his Philanthropic work in Global Health, Education & Climate Change. #Eugenics #Nazism 🤔
#QAnon @realDonaldTrump
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“On April 17, 1961, 1,400 Cuban exiles launched what became a botched invasion at the Bay of Pigs on the south coast of Cuba.”

It’s actually much more complicated than this headline portends.

I will dive more deeply into the CIA/mob’s role in Op Mongoose.
First read this article for a sanitized overview.…
Read this white paper for a deeper dive.

Pg 29 onward to see where the op went sideways re issues about the planes issues (nosecones didn’t match Cuban planes) & Kennedy’s order to call off the air support for the Cuban exiles waiting on the beach head.…
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📌The 1953 Iranian coup d'état, orchestrated by the United States (under the name TPAJAX Project or "Operation Ajax")

📌It was the first covert action conducted by the US to overthrow a foreign government during peacetime.
#Dulles #CIA #OpAJAX…
📌”The CIA's covert intervention—codenamed TPAJAX—preserved the Shah's power and protected Western control of a hugely lucrative oil infrastructure.”

📌It’s always about the oil.…
“In Iran's case, with diplomacy having failed and a military incursion infeasible (the Korean War was underway), they decided to take care of "that madman Mossadeq" through a covert action under the supervision of the SOS's brother, (DCI) Allen Dulles.”…
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🐙Background #Dulles #CIA

In Cold War, U.S. Spy Agencies Used 1,000 Nazis

By Eric Lichtblau
Oct. 26, 2014
In the decades after World War II, the C.I.A. and other United States agencies employed at least a thousand Nazis as Cold War spies and informants and, as recently as the 1990s, concealed the government’s ties to some still living in America.…
📌”At the height of the Cold War in the 1950s, law enforcement and intelligence leaders like J. Edgar Hoover at the F.B.I. and Allen Dulles at the C.I.A. aggressively recruited onetime Nazis of all ranks as secret, anti-Soviet “assets.””…
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I found out PapaD was a clown on my Princess Diana dig last May.

#georgiospapadopoulos Lead CIA coup of Greece in 1967.

When feisty people of #Greece took their country back, GrandPapaD was jailed for life, died 1999.

The internet is forever Honey.

You've both been playing the American people for fools.
Calling these two out since last June.

#simona #papadopoulos #tomarnold #CIA #Mockingbird

For those w/a trained eye ... remember his biggest Fox promoter?

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Call me crazy, but I still hold out hope Harry is good they're not interested in the Cult's dark practices. Yes, all the wrong people court them. Nothing is black-n-white.

A boy doesn't forget his mum.…
Harry was wild in his youth ... often the reaction of more sensitive souls, while psychopaths thrive and climb in their ranks.

Exhibit A: Hollywood child stars.
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In Only A Few Hours: #Turkey’s Pres. #Erdogan to Meet with #Russia’s #Putin on #Syria. - - - “Putin-Erdogan summit: Prelude to Russo-Turkish clash or last best hope for Syrian peace?”…
I know they’ve had so many cursory meetings in the past, but this one is very critical. Tensions Very High. I’ll be covering the meeting with my analysis at #Newsbud. #Russia #Turkey #Syria
#Putin, #Erdogan Seek to Ease #Syria Tensions at High-Stakes Talks…
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Q Proof? @PatriotsSoapbox

2 yrs ago to the day #QAnon asks "who leaked vault7 to WL? Who returned fire? [Side bar: #Snowden via the #ShadowBrokers?] OP Name: Fiddler" & mentions whistleblower traps... #Schulte jury deliberations day 3... #Vault7 #CIA
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OK - now it's US v. Schulte #CIA leaks trial jury deliberations. Not much to see, at least unless or until the jury sends out notes / questions or ultimately a verdict. Still, Inner City Press will live tweet the deliberations as much as possible - thread
@MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive @EspionageNews @CyberScoopNews @KharonData Interim update of 10:15 am: Judge Crotty has convened the lawyers, and Josh Schulte. Tells them the jury has asked for a read-back of testimony around exhibit 1209-8.
@MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive @EspionageNews @CyberScoopNews @KharonData Schulte's lawyer Sabrina Shroff: The government is trying to highlight to the jury their slideshow. We should just give them the list of exhibits actually introduced in the trial.
Judge Crotty: We'll give them the list.
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By August, 1973, when C.I.A. Director Colby virtually halted this project, “the paper trail left by Operation CHAOS included somewhere in the area of 13,000 files on subjects and individuals,” the report discloses.…

Operation CHAOS
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1 If you’re uncomfortable with @realDonaldTrump making a deal with the #Taliban, you’re not alone.
I don’t like how it “looks” but as a student of history I kinda get it. NO, I’m not sayin “sometimes you gotta capitulate” but what if I told you the Taliban is a #CIA creation?🤔
2. The #Taliban is an offshoot in part, of the Mujahideen.
They were funded, supplied, and trained by our #CIA under Ronald Reagan, to fight our enemy at the time #Russia, when they invaded Afghanistan.
Yep it was a “Proxy War”but a war between superpowers?
3 . What happened, and why Afghanistan?
A Soviet backed #LeftWing govt. in Afghanistan failed to gain popular support so the #Russians decided to invade.
“Wait did you say “left wing” Pharaoh?” Yes... yes I did, and they are still left wing “ish”.
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3 yrs ago today, @realDonaldTrump admin (w/ @GenFlynn & #AmbHoekstra) secured my release from a Portuguese prison, hours before my extradition to prison in Italy for the #milanrendition debacle, for which I have been an outspoken critic.…
#Trump admin's subsequent efforts for full resolution in my case was abruptly stopped, by same #CIA leadership who years earlier justified a career-enhancing, no-intel-value rendition, that led to the prosecution of us #rankandfile officers in Italian courts.
Because of those efforts, I was optimistic that #Trump admin's position in favor of officers like myself, would reverse the Bush (GOP) & Obama (Dem) precedent of protecting the CIA leadership's #abuseofpower at the cost of rank & file officers.

It remains an unresolved issue.
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Watching @TheDemocrats get all bent over #Russia interfering in our elections is amusing.
We’ve been doing it to each other for 100 years. Yeah... 😂
FYI @BillClinton moved heaven and earth to get Yeltsin elected in 1996. 😱 #TWGRP…
2 If #KnowledgeIsPower then let me Learn ya.
The US actually has a whole division of the #CIA dedicated to #ElectionMeddling.
This throws a little water on #Dems Fake outrage.
It’s called SAC or Special Activities center.
@SenSchumer knows this.…
3 If that wasn’t enough, within SAC we have SOG, the Special Operations Group.
(Who makes up these names?)
Guess what they do??
Tactical paramilitary operations.
YUP! 😉
They use brute Force if needed but also Arm and Train rebels.
The most secret #CIA Div.
Think #Syria 👍🏻
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My latest article:

"There are two critically important legal cases playing out right now with massive implications for the notion of Freedom of the Press, as well as the line between protecting national security and legitimate secrecy versus the public’s need and right to know"
"We have seen that the United States Department of “Justice” has targeted whistleblowers to make examples out of them. Likewise, the weaponization of the U.S. Intelligence Community (IC) for political and commercial gain."
"Without question, we are at a crossroads. Technology has given government unprecedented access into every aspect of our daily lives. This data has been used to monitor journalists and to intimidate potential whistleblowers."
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The attack on #BillBarr began January 20, 2020 and was spearheaded by #TheNewYorker outlining how they would attack him. Calling him "political" and pathologizing his views on #executivepower and congressional authority, setting the tone for the rest of the #MockingbirdMedia
"Last October, Attorney General William Barr appeared at Notre Dame Law School to make a case for ideological warfare. "

The article boldly and dramatically proclaims, while the author then proceeds to engage in ideological warfare himself.
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The #Nazi hydra in fascist America
How #America’s (nazi sympathizing) Right Wing Politicians were & are Plunging The Country Into A #Fascist Police State.…
#Fascism is a marriage between #corporations and the #Government. Upton Sinclair defined it as #Capitalism plus murder.” (Glen Yeadon quote)…
The #Nazi Hydra in #America: #WallStreet & the Rise of the 4th Reich Part 1/6
How US financiers created #Hitler, launched a putsch against FDR, and recouped Nazi assets to lay the foundation of today's #NSA and #CIA.
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