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I wouldn't be doing this if they didn't start.
I'd be making video games or comics and spending time with my baby. It's not like I don't have "better" things to do. I learned "rules for radicals #13" because I had to, not because I wanted to. I reversed it for the same reason.
Rule 13: "Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. "

Target: Grant LaFleche, Mainstream journalist

Freeze it: Report was misleading, a pattern of bullying

Personalize it: Alicia is being threatened and harassed

Polarize it: Fire him.

Where did I learn this?

I recently referenced Rule 13 in this case:

Target: Mayor Dave Bylsma, Christian conservative

Freeze it: Integrity Commissioner Report

Personalize it: Ed Smith

Polarize it: The Amendments

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Check this out. "How to Raise Kids to be Actively Anti-Racist".... has it suddenly become accpetable for an employer to assert that they know better than you how to raise your children? Sent out to IU staff. #StruggleSession
Here's the White reverend #indianauniversity wants to be teaching your kids
You'll recall @IUBloomington hosted a webinar where a guest proclaimed they not only championed tearing down monuments, but should move on to tear down 'discursive narratives' like "rugged individualism."
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Time for more #CriticalRaceTheory insanity! This training on "dealing with resistance" was sent out to all faculty and staff of IU. Thread.
Part2: "Microaggressions aren't quite micro in 2020"
How do we join the resistance? I wonder if they thought through how they are using that term? #MicroInvalidations #MicroInsults
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Let's have a short thread about intersectionality, coming together, and tearing apart.

What's the purpose of intersectionality? It's to bring a particular coalition together, obviously, AND to prevent any other coalition against it from being able to form.
The easier purpose of intersectionality (roughly: dividing people into their many socially relevant identity categories and making them aware of their relative social positions due to occupying them) is to band together all of the "oppressed" groups under one banner.
All of the groups that are "other," minoritized (as they say) racial, sexual, ability, weight, national origin, religion, gender, etc. groups plus women are "other." They're "oppressed" by "systemic power dynamics" and must band together in "solidarity."
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Let's take a look at how even the subject of modern dance has been infected with #CriticalRaceTheory from this #StruggleSession at Indiana University. Part 1...
Modern Dance is white supremacy according to #IndianaUniversity dance professor. Part 2:
This next part makes me particularly sad. While the arts are often left leaning, they've been one of the remaining areas of classical learning. You know, with an actually talented teacher who you work with as an apprentice. Imagine being a dance student under this:
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The Video Breakdown - #LaineyLui Confessional

(or how we can justify #LaineyGossip horrible past).

The bizarre McIntosh/DiAngelo lexicon used is intentionally meant to obfuscate and craft their own narrative.

I'll go through the video and translate what is going on...

At 1:00 pm the show goes on as "RECORDED EARLIER"

i.e. All Questions and #LaineyGossip Answers are carefully written out ahead of time.

This allows for many takes to get a perfectly crafted interview.

(hypothetical conversation in brackets below)


Melissa Grelo: At The Social, we do not shy away from difficult conversations....

[Holy crap, we have to do this because everyone now knows what a two-faced terrible person #LaineyGossip is.]

Melissa Grelo: (Lainey, go ahead and read your scripted statement.)
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1. Not just a capitulation. A total surrender. The groveling for running a provocative op-ed by a sitting senator expressing an opinion I do not share but is widely supported is instructive. But groveling won't appease the social justice mob.… via @vice
2. Each time they notch a victory, they move the goal-posts. The NYT editors have effectively ceded their authority permanently. A woke committee already vets everything. Now it will be super-charged. And readers now know this is no longer a paper dedicated to the truth.
3. It's a newspaper run by those who believe truth is a mask for power, that dissent is oppression, that liberalism is a mask for white supremacy, that words are violence, and that open debate is a racist fiction. We all live on campus now. #StruggleSession
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