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#IdentityPolitics. #IdPol. neither seems to be a popular hashtag. I'm not sure that I've seen the term that often lately; political propaganda has fads and changes of weather; buzzwords float into and out of fashion.

@mtaibbi is, here, *practicing* "identity politics".

that is to say, he's sheltering from criticism behind the shield of his "independence"—that's the *personal brand* that @mtaibbi has established for himself.

"independent" is a highly politicized and *dishonest* political identity; usually it's a straightforward lie.

@mtaibbi is not an independent actor.

he's too cagey to admit that he's got financial ties to @elonmusk, but "insider trading" and corrupt #journalism are *in vogue* these days; all the elite influencers of the Taibbi / @EliLake / @jbarro set undoubtedly play the markets.

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ICYMI over the holidays:

What happens to democracy if Trump goes to jail - and what if he doesn’t?

And: How the terms #CultureWars and #IdentityPolitics have been weaponized to delegitimize the claims and voices of traditionally marginalized groups.…
@LilyMasonPhD, @perrybaconjr, and I discuss the larger implications of the January 6 Committee’s decision to recommend prosecution: the potential pitfalls as well as the role of legal procedures in solving a political problem like Trumpism more generally (minute 2:45-29:00).
That sparked a rant about the “History will judge” fallacy: “History” is a never-ending struggle, an always-raging debate on the past. Don’t wait for it to deliver justice. That’s on us, now.  “History” is not coming to the rescue of American democracy (at the 29:00 minute mark).
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Author of the classic Understanding Terror Networks, Sageman has become only more critical of the U.S. govt’s approach to the problem.

He argues that U.S. society has been transformed for the worse by an extreme overreaction to a limited threat—limited, he insists, Image
by an extreme overreaction to a limited threat—limited, he insists, despite spectacular recent incidents, which he takes fully into account. Indeed, his discussion of just how limited the threat is marks a major contribution to the discussion and debate over the best way to a
just how limited the threat is marks a major contribution to the discussion and debate over the best way to a measured and much more effective response.
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Circumlocution: a case study of a gender identity debate between two individuals. 🪡 ImageImage
🪡 Image
🪡 Image
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In post I mentioned #Aerosmith's "Pink". Said it symbolized drug prized by elites. Here band member hints that it refers to something "all rock and roll is about". Lady parts comes to mind. Given rock's Satanic vibe same could be said of the drug tho.
Watermelon Sugar High by Harry Styles is another example. On one level it's obviously all about the ecstasy of mad shagging. But for "those in the know" the allusion is to this pink drug, I reckon. Harry even sings that "he can't do without" it.
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Brazilian Police calling black boys "Little Nigger".
Oya's winds are going to rue the day! Gonna release the gates -- gonna let out Lula The Lion! #Lula2022
'What injustice consumes
Oya’s water quell.’
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One of Labour's #TheLeft Radicals ambitions was to push #climatealarmism to the maximum 👇

1/ create distraction
Another Labour ambition, tear down society, rebuild it with Marxism perspective

2/ make noise
"Create A Crisis 'Use a Crisis As Opportunity' to change"

Labour Mayors/Councils have a habit of turning nice areas into rundown over populated, conjested places local people just want to escape from

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Morgen erscheint #Wagenknecht​s Buch, in dem sie gegen vermeintliche #Identitätspolitik & Linke polemisiert. Nicht unser 🍺 eigentlich. Aber, da jetzt wieder die unvermeidbaren Interviews & Feuilletondebatten folgen ... eine Schlüsselzene zeigt, was hintergründig Debatte prägt.
Es gibt Zusammenhang mit #Nationalismus & #Antisemitismus, der nur selten offen ausgesprochen wird. Auf Treffen vor Gründung von Aufstehen mit Sanders-Campaigner geschah dies ausnahmsweise. Wagenknecht, et. al. ließen sich erklären, was aus Außensicht Problem dt. Linke sei.
Der meint: Einschränkend sei, dass man in D. über Israel nicht frei reden könne & normale Leute nicht erklären könnten, warum sie stolz seien, Deutsche zu sein. Da jeder Recht darauf habe stolz zu sein, woher er komme & was er sei, zahle das auf Konto des politischen Gegners ein.
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"No need to plead guilty. The fashionable doctrine of #whiteprivilege is fatally undermined by the facts"

#WhiteSupremacy #Colonisation #SlaveTrade #Rasism…
"The blatant racial bigotry of the left must be called out. It is no longer an esoteric academic debate; it is a crisis that threatens to tear the country apart."

#WhiteSupremacy #Colonisation #SlaveTrade #Rasism…
"In 1870, only 10 percent of Africa was under formal European control"

The European colonization of Africa only lasted a short time period so we cant be blamed for most of Africas tribal problems.

#WhiteSupremacy #Colonisation #SlaveTrade #Rasism… Image
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1/4 I am 1 of 3 Black women who coined the term #IdentityPolitics in the #CombaheeRiverCollective Statement, 1977. @MeghanMcCain does not know what she's talking about. What we meant was that Black women have the right to determine our own political agendas, period, full stop.
2/4 People of all political stripes have distorted #IdentityPolitics ever since. And why does Meghan assume that people of color and women who are not white are by definition less qualified? This is classic #WhiteSupremacy. @TheView @sunny @whoopi @LastWeekTonight @iamjohnoliver
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Aims of the #GreatReset #American #Bankers #Oligarchy ... "We will promote social justice policies to reduce inequalities including through support to tax redistributive & domestic resource optimization approaches social safety nets & or insurance schemes"
Newly Unsealed Docs in 2018 showed top #FDIC Officials Running Operation #ChokePoint* under 2013 #ObamaAdministration to form public/private oligarchy

* to freeze politically disfavored #businesses deemed not PC / high risk out of the financial system…
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Indian American is going to play a very critical role in the USA Election post emergence of #KamalaHarris

Let's explore
There are around 11 million Asian-Americans eligible to vote in America this November elections. They comprise five percent of the total electorate.
Of this 11 million Asian-Americans 3.9* million are Indian-American voters

* some other source suggest 1.8 million
In the event of a close contest, this vote bank of influential Indian Origin could make a difference!
and #KamalaHarris is a major deception planned by the Democrats to divide the Indian-American votes.

.. this is where the game of perception starts
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The Video Breakdown - #LaineyLui Confessional

(or how we can justify #LaineyGossip horrible past).

The bizarre McIntosh/DiAngelo lexicon used is intentionally meant to obfuscate and craft their own narrative.

I'll go through the video and translate what is going on...

At 1:00 pm the show goes on as "RECORDED EARLIER"

i.e. All Questions and #LaineyGossip Answers are carefully written out ahead of time.

This allows for many takes to get a perfectly crafted interview.

(hypothetical conversation in brackets below)


Melissa Grelo: At The Social, we do not shy away from difficult conversations....

[Holy crap, we have to do this because everyone now knows what a two-faced terrible person #LaineyGossip is.]

Melissa Grelo: (Lainey, go ahead and read your scripted statement.)
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Okay...praying as I type and for my twitter friends as you read.

Trying to be very clear here.
Communication is a two way street.

My job is to be as clear as I can-and be humble and patient when others tell me they hear me say something-whether I intended it or not.
My job is to keep my “street” clean as possible and when “reviled to not revile in return” and to keep “entrusting myself to the one who judges rightly.”

If I believe someone is negatively interpreting or if someone is misrepresenting me intentionally- my job is to love.
If I believe-and hundreds or even thousands of others agree that I have been clear BUT there is one person I can serve by trying to be clearer - my job is to love that person.

So here is clarity- for ALL my twitter friends I love.
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WEF coverage on #COVID19 is like a lesson learned of the #TheLeft championing #Globalist ideals thru the lens of COVID19 (catalyst) climate (destination)

#GlobalistLeft view the pandemic as a stepping stone to change policies on health, social, economics

#thread ...
Jun 2019: A new agreement with WEF World Economic Forum gave multinational corporations influence over matters of global governance. #WEF & #UN signed a memo of understanding to partner with each other. UN quietly turned itself into a public-private partnership
2008 Labour #British PM Gordon Brown & #French President Nicolas Sarkozy made calls for a new International Governance System for a (#WEF Global Redesign) to overhaul the int'l financial architecture” akin to the 1944 Bretton Woods…
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#BernieSanders is now the front-runner to be the US #Democratic challenger to #Trump. He is popular because, like #JeremyCorbyn, he is serious about social democratic reforms #ForTheMany at the expense of the billionaire class... /1
...serious action to address the #ClimateEmergency & reigning-in US military adventures. For the same reasons the US ruling class are out to destroy him politically, either in favour of one of his #Democrat rivals or, if that fails, if favour of #Trump. /2
Like the campaign against #Corbyn they are using every smear & dirty trick available to them. However #Sanders has shown he has learned from Corbyn's mistakes in capitulating to his dishonest critics:
"His campaign has also been rather sure-footed in the..." /3
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1/ Elly #Schlein

- a 29 anni prese 53mila preferenze per le Europee;

- è stato una delle europarlamentari più rispettate della scorsa legislatura;

- è stata relatrice del PSE sulla riforma del reg. di Dublino (nessuno della Lega ha mai partecipato a una riunione sul tema);

- ha preso 22mila preferenze alle Elezioni Regionali ER in lista civica minore;

- è diventata vicepresidente del Consiglio Regionale ER;

- è nota per essere una che si sbatte di lavoro e si studia i dossier;

- sempre stata più che riservata;
- DOPO le elezioni, rispondendo a una domanda, fa sapere che le piace anche la patata;

We: "that's cute"

5 minutes later: "lA s0LiTA 5IniStrA R4Dic@L cHIc! nON s1 eS4lTa uN pOl1TicO PEr I SUo1 gu5Ti Se5sUAl1!"

E poi quelli ossessionati dalle #IdentityPolitics saremmo noi?!
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Around 5 years ago I first encountered the vitriolic attacks on #women asserting their right to politically self-organise from so-called trans-rights activists in a socialist group I associated with at the time. Having been active in radical left... /1
...politics for nearly 30 years I had never encountered such appallingly sectarian, dishonest & personal attacks on the left. My first reaction was to defend #women's self-organisation on the basis that we must also support #LGBT self-organisation so ensuring... /2
...that different oppressed groups each had space & representation to better challenge that oppression. For this I was denounced as #transphobic just as the #women had been for asserting their right to self-organise had been & I first encountered the mantra... /3
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“The charge of racism today is basically tantamount to saying I got nothing…The people themselves in Baltimore admit they've not been able to get a handle on the crime…”

Heather Mac Donald (@HMDatMI) on American Thought Leaders🇺🇸

“The only time the press cares about black lives is if one has been taken by a police officer, which is a minute fraction of the black homicide toll.”

@ManhattanInst's Heather Mac Donald (@HMDatMI) on American Thought Leaders 🇺🇸
@HMDatMI @ManhattanInst 🔴 LIVE:

“It is absolute educational malpractice for the college administrators…to tell students that they're victims, whereas in fact, everything is open to them.”

@ManhattanInst's Heather Mac Donald (@HMDatMI) on American Thought Leaders 🇺🇸
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#IdentityPolitics takes "the natural, tribal side of human beings who are not inclined by nature to get along with people who don't look like us…And you more of it!”

@Heritage's David Azerrad on American Thought Leader🇺🇸
@JanJekielek @Heritage 🔴 LIVE:

#IdentityPolitics: “I view it as a cancer on the country…As an American, I have a sense of concern for the wellbeing of all my fellow Americans, but I want equal rights under equal laws.”

@Heritage's David Azerrad on American Thought Leaders🇺🇸
@JanJekielek @Heritage Watch:

“I see a problem in America on the right…We, American conservatives live like Tocquevillians. But we tend to talk and think like Randians.”

@Heritage’s David Azerrad on American Thought Leaders 🇺🇸
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Only in U.S. is it controversial to have a citizenship question on the #census—one we’ve had consistently since 1820 (and census still asks it today on the annual American Community Survey):
Even the UN—the left’s favorite model institution—recommends a citizenship question in its manual on how to conduct a census.

Countries like Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Mexico all ask. Are they problematic?
On 4/23 #SCOTUS is hearing arguments on the citizenship question for #2020Census—common sense and the Constitution say the question should be allowed.
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@AOC's obsession w/ identity politics is sickening. Her focus on the racial composition of journalists assigned to the 2020 election by @CBSNews and suggestion that journalist's race is to be taken into account is abhorrent.

When you judge people by individual merit (competency, experience, qualifications), it is impossible to ensure that racial quotas ("diversity") are satisfied. The only way to ensure that each identity group is given proper "representation" is to discriminate against people on...
...the basis of immutable characteristics deliberately. If too many white people are hired, some must be descriminated against in order to give their spots to "people of color" and vise versa.

A conceptual example:
In a group of 120 applicants, only 12 are selected. When...
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Women are the majority in America.
Stop calling issues essential to our survival #identitypolitics.
We are paid 3/4--or less--than men are for the same work.
We are 80% of the minimum wage workers.
We are the majority of the working class & the working poor.
Single mothers and women over 65 are the poorest people in America.
So when you talk about "economic justice" and the #FightFor15 you're talking about WOMEN--not the white guy Trumpers & Berners the MSM keeps writing about.

The claim of #identitypolitics is meant to shut down discourse on #ReproJustice--but nothing contributes more to women's economic inequality than being forced to have children before she's finished school or is financially ready.
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