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#Panquake=#ScamQuake (imo) #TalkLiberation Probably a coincidence, but ever since it's been brought to my attention suspected-spooks in #Shadowbox network claim they use coded language to communicate & possibly "ham radio"--imo, it's weird when they post videos of radio stations.
#Panquake=#ScamQuake (imo) #TalkLiberation According to 2 (unrelated) court cases, involving #ThomasSchoenberger & shows Thomas developed coded language w/music & paintings...whereas Ray uses numbers...allegedly.
#Panquake=#ScamQuake (imo) #TalkLiberation Court case shows #RayJohansen used numbers to communicate w/people allegedly "spying" on #TrevorFitzGibbon...whereas, Trevor's ex-partner (see above post) uses coded paintings & music to communicate, allegedly.

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#PanQuake=#ScamQuake (imo) #TalkLiberation
#ThomasSchoenberger uses *music & paintings* for coded language. Also, group that claims to “oppose” #TrevorFitzGibbon/Thomas’s group, use *number codes* to communicate.

“Carlito” uses *ham radio.* ALLEGEDLY.… ImageImageImageImage
#PanQuake=#ScamQuake (imo) #TalkLiberation
Oh, #ThomasSchoenberger talking about someone named "Isabella"...that means "Elizabeth"...doesn't it? Wonder what they are talking about...? ImageImageImageImage
#PanQuake=#ScamQuake (imo) #TalkLiberation Here's more *music* from between threatening people w/"surveillance," he's sure posting a lot of (coded?) *music & paintings*...isn't he? Here's one about a DEAD WOMAN & CATS...are those "coded" death threats? ImageImage
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Spoiler alert!

THREAD: All the details of tonight's Panquake public delivery meeting can be found below

Multiple huge new announcements & a progress report on this month's MASSIVE development progress

(The event video will be in the final tweet of the thread)

Tonight the @pan_quake Community was called on to hit our Beta Development target by June 26th. An ambitious target but an important one. Why? Because we revealed that doing so will trigger Beta Delivery & Support phase. That means: Panquake in your hands!
The major success of April's fundraising meant in May, we brought on multiple new devs & as you'll see in the tweets that follow, those devs have performed so well that we are currently ahead of our production schedule. More project funds directly translates into faster delivery!
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#PanQuake=#ScamQuake (imo) #TalkLiberation
Okay, let's read about the #SpecialActivitiesDivision of the #CIA...I want to know what goes on in the life of a #SAD #PAG (#PoliticalActionGroup) person. #ICWatch

#PanQuake=#ScamQuake (imo) #TalkLiberation
Okay, let's read about the #SpecialActivitiesDivision of the #CIA...I want to know what goes on in the life of a #SAD #PAG (#PoliticalActionGroup) person. #ICWatch

#PanQuake=#ScamQuake (imo) #TalkLiberation
Okay, let's read about the #SpecialActivitiesDivision of the #CIA...I want to know what goes on in the life of a #SAD #PAG (#PoliticalActionGroup) person. #ICWatch

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#PanQuake=#ScamQuake (imo) #TalkLiberation Fascinating PanQuake's "PR" helper, #TrevorFitzGibbon, who #SuzieDawson vouched for as "trustworthy" turns out to allegedly have ties to #DoJ, suspected-#CIA, #ThomasSchoenberger, a woman tied to "police" who wages open death threats...
#PanQuake=#ScamQuake (imo) #TalkLiberation #Jimmysllama literally confirms my work has nothing to do with "security"...while her job & contacts are allegedly connected to "security," "law enforcement," extortion w/private video, govt. agencies & death threats...thanks, Suzie.
#PanQuake=#ScamQuake (imo) #TalkLiberation And that's been MY POINT, all along: What are possible police "detectives," people in govt. agencies w/ties to Pentagon/suspected-CIA--who know damn well I am just an activist--doing in my life, where teams help to coerce me, sexually?
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#PanQuake=#ScamQuake (imo) #TalkLiberation @AmericanHacker allegedly gave "PROTIPS" on how to frame people for #DoJ investigations. #Obama was @AmericanHacker's FIRST TWITTER "Follower." Let's discuss the thread AH is now trying to hide...
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#PanQuake=#ScamQuake (imo) #TalkLiberation
@AmericanHacker allegedly gave "PROTIPS" on how to frame people for #DoJ investigations. #Obama was @AmericanHacker's FIRST TWITTER "Follower." Let's discuss the thread AH is now trying to hide...
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#PanQuake=#ScamQuake (imo) #TalkLiberation
@AmericanHacker allegedly gave "PROTIPS" on how to frame people for #DoJ investigations. #Obama was @AmericanHacker's FIRST TWITTER "Follower." Let's discuss the thread AH is now trying to hide...
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Tonight was without doubt the greatest @pan_quake delivery meeting so far

Thrilled to be able to announce so many new features & updates within a single event.

Check out all the details in the below thread. Event video will be published in the final tweet


As usual, we kicked it off by reviewing the updated campaign statistics for the last 4 weeks.

Huge news that THANKS TO YOU! we now have 4 full time development contractors & 1 part time paid contractor working very hard daily to deliver this groundbreaking next gen product

Remember last month when we announced 3 new marketing projects? We've delivered on all 3.

The first short thematic vid premiered at the end of the event & will be up on Instagram & other social media shortly.

Goodies page is live on site

Shop merchandise catalog follows

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THREAD: What did the @Pan_Quake community learn at tonight's 2nd monthly public delivery meeting?

(The full event video will be posted at the bottom of this thread!)


First: updated campaign statistics

Only 4 weeks on, we've had a 50% increase in donations, a 30% increase in donors, 4 new campaign updates posted, 6 new media appearances and some very dodgy and untrustworthy new follow stats from big tech that may or may not be accurate!

2/? Image
Second: more techy geeky stuff

You may remember from last month, we'd completed our use cases, workflows, & mockups.

This month we've been mapping our application properties: the objects, methods & data structures that our code will reference & which define our application

3/? Image
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Wow. This better be a mistake.

@Twitter appears to have SUSPENDED all of the official #PanQuake Twitter accounts.

Including @Pan_Quake, @PanQuaked, @PQSupport, @PanQuakeDev and @PanQuakePeople

If deliberate, this is proof of anti-competitive, monopolistic behaviour by Twitter
@Twitter @Pan_Quake @PanQuaked @PQSupport @PanQuakeDev @PanQuakePeople In US govt hearings, when asked whether @Twitter & @Facebook were monopolies, @jack & Zuckerberg claimed to both support and WANT competing services to be launched

The suspension of #PanQuake better be reversed very quickly, or it would be proof that those claims were hollow
Help stick it to Big Tech abuse and censorship: donate to help us complete the PanQuake build faster here:
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THREAD: What did the @Pan_Quake community learn at tonight's public delivery meeting?

Spoiler alert! Only scroll down if you don't want to spoil the surprises in the full video (which you can find here: or at

PanQuake - which is probably the most transparent business ever - has released a set of campaign metrics and statistics. It has only been 6 weeks since we launched our campaign, yet our stats are phenomenal.
ZERO corporate backing. ZERO MSM coverage. Yet look what you've done :)
We also released the full breakdown of web traffic to

These numbers are through the roof, for a grassroots project with a $0 marketing and $0 advertising budget and with no corporate PR or media support.

There is MAJOR public thirst for our solutions
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It'll be up any second :) Patience my friends :)

30% Transcoding then will be on
43% :)
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THREAD: Someone just asked me about the potential of @Pan_Quake in the context of #wallstreetbets yesterday.

Had PanQuake been in the mix, what could it have done?

The answer is *a LOT*.

I'm going to explain below.

Nevermind corporate PR campaigns, digital marketing companies or advertising - NOTHING spreads information faster or more effectively than word of mouth

PanQuake has designed a brand new first-time-ever set of amplification tools that takes word of mouth and puts it on steroids
Example #1: PanQuakes

PanQuakes would have let #wallstreetbets fans, in a series of swift clicks, select the best commentary/info about WSB (either their own messages or others or a combination thereof) & in one click convert them into a single link shareable anywhere on the net
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Starting to think how shit the internet is getting maybe finally coming to a head, unfortunately peoples compulsions and addictions mean we won't have mass logging off. Honored guests, we are going to witness an internet overdose soon. Please, log off while you still can.
Tiktok secretly promoting wealthy and attractive users, twitters slippery slope censorship, broken youtube algorithms... This is a fraction of the list of things coming out.
What we are facing here is another crisis of capitalism. I would say that all the problems we face with the degrading of the quality of the world wide web comes down to capitalism
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Epic thread incoming:

I'm going to answer the question so many people have been asking this week:


Here's the definitive thread to tell you - and show you -precisely what Project X is

Grab a drink, sit down with me and let's #TalkLiberation


"Project X" is actually called "PanQuake".

Pan means "all". Quake is the huge effect our voices can have when our communications are uncensored and when we have access to brand new functionality that *enhances* our social reach, rather than diminishes it

Here's our logo:

You can follow the fledgling official PanQuake Twitter account here: @pan_quake and see our super cool new website here:

You can find our donation page here:

Keep reading this thread to find out why we created it & what it is

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Our tech people have tried everything and still we can't get YouTube to stop forever-buffering our streams and let us go live. Therefore we are locally recording the entire event right now & will upload through all channels & website ASAP #talkliberation
We will not quit tonight until this is done! We will be launching tonight NO MATTER WHAT. NOTHING WILL STOP US!!!!!

Love you all, see you soon!
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