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28 Feb, 15 tweets, 9 min read
THREAD: What did the @Pan_Quake community learn at tonight's public delivery meeting?

Spoiler alert! Only scroll down if you don't want to spoil the surprises in the full video (which you can find here: or at

PanQuake - which is probably the most transparent business ever - has released a set of campaign metrics and statistics. It has only been 6 weeks since we launched our campaign, yet our stats are phenomenal.
ZERO corporate backing. ZERO MSM coverage. Yet look what you've done :)
We also released the full breakdown of web traffic to

These numbers are through the roof, for a grassroots project with a $0 marketing and $0 advertising budget and with no corporate PR or media support.

There is MAJOR public thirst for our solutions
Time for some geeky stuff. We have released production metrics for our build. In short, it means that we have mapped the components and requirements of our new social media application, in minute detail.
We talked through the glossary of terms - the *language* of PanQuake and it's functionality. These terms will become very familiar to our users in time. For now, here's a breakdown of each and what they mean.
Most significantly, we released this map of every single detail of the front end of the PanQuake application. Everything that the BETA version of PanQuake is and does is in here (and broken down in more detail in the delivery event video). This is unprecedented transparency:
The progress of our front end build is tracked in this slide.

Green = already done
Yellow = doing now
Red = what we will do next

The back end build is far more complex and intricate, but as you can see, we've made AMAZING progress on the front end already
Boring old out-of-date social media platforms like you-know-who and you-know-who only have 4 types of notifications/interactions between users.

But @Pan_Quake registered users will have *TEN*!!!

And our notifications can be filtered by type so you see just the ones you want to
WARNING: the next 3 tweets are full-blown geek mode so feel free to skip past them if they aren't particularly relevant for you.

The tl;dr is that we know exactly what we're doing, how we're doing it and in what order we're doing it in.
More full blown geek mode: the development pathways for our server architecture/infrastructure build
And here is our blockchain build steps & development pathway.

If you want to learn about what we're doing with Activity Pub, LibP2P, how @Pan_Quake is going to be interoperable with Mastodon & much more, you'll need to watch the video and hear @seanodiggity's segment!
Now. The big question.


The answer is up to you. All of you.

I'll be back on the last Saturday of every month to deliver our progress. But how fast we deliver comes down to how fast you all empower us to:
I don't have words for how proud I am of every person involved in this project. The professionalism, the skill & the solidarity they display every single day is off the charts. We are building an industry-changing product on the smell of an oily rag & it's bringing hope to us all
Likewise, I don't have words for how grateful we all are to see the incredible public response and support coming our way. It's still early days but we've already achieved so much. If we all double down, and double down, this will be not only life-changing, but truly historic.
This is becoming much more than a suite of software innovations. It's become a movement.

We are your hands, and you are our backbone.

We love you, PanQuake community. Help keep us strong and we will serve you daily.


[end of thread]

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28 Feb
It'll be up any second :) Patience my friends :)

30% Transcoding then will be on
43% :)
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9 Feb
Yes I get asked this all the time but it's OK :)

We have a team of 24 working on @Pan_Quake. Our architecture was completed Oct-Dec 2020. Build started Dec-Jan. The $$ being donated to us have cemented our ability to complete a Beta product.


The phase 1 funding paid for the nuts and bolts, but our staff are all volunteers so the length of the build phase will ultimately depend on whether we are able to raise more funds & employ our developers full time. We will launch a new crowdfunder for that purpose soon.

Each dev that we can convert from volunteering a few hours per week to working for us 40 hrs per week will dramatically decrease the build time. As we don't know how many we can do that with yet we haven't set a fixed delivery date. Instead, we're reporting progress monthly

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28 Jan
THREAD: Someone just asked me about the potential of @Pan_Quake in the context of #wallstreetbets yesterday.

Had PanQuake been in the mix, what could it have done?

The answer is *a LOT*.

I'm going to explain below.

Nevermind corporate PR campaigns, digital marketing companies or advertising - NOTHING spreads information faster or more effectively than word of mouth

PanQuake has designed a brand new first-time-ever set of amplification tools that takes word of mouth and puts it on steroids
Example #1: PanQuakes

PanQuakes would have let #wallstreetbets fans, in a series of swift clicks, select the best commentary/info about WSB (either their own messages or others or a combination thereof) & in one click convert them into a single link shareable anywhere on the net
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17 Jan
Epic thread incoming:

I'm going to answer the question so many people have been asking this week:


Here's the definitive thread to tell you - and show you -precisely what Project X is

Grab a drink, sit down with me and let's #TalkLiberation


"Project X" is actually called "PanQuake".

Pan means "all". Quake is the huge effect our voices can have when our communications are uncensored and when we have access to brand new functionality that *enhances* our social reach, rather than diminishes it

Here's our logo:

You can follow the fledgling official PanQuake Twitter account here: @pan_quake and see our super cool new website here:

You can find our donation page here:

Keep reading this thread to find out why we created it & what it is

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17 Jan
Anyone who thinks @jimmy_dore isn't the real deal - he sat in our stream tonight for 3+ hours WITHOUT COMPLAINT while we struggled with endless technical difficulties just so he could complete a 10 minute spot he'd promised us. On a day where he'd trended worldwide.

He did that all so he could support this -->

Follow: @pan_quake
Other heroes who did the same - also without a single word of complaint: @LeeCamp @grahamelwood @Bill_Binney
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