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17 Jan, 28 tweets, 10 min read
Epic thread incoming:

I'm going to answer the question so many people have been asking this week:


Here's the definitive thread to tell you - and show you -precisely what Project X is

Grab a drink, sit down with me and let's #TalkLiberation


"Project X" is actually called "PanQuake".

Pan means "all". Quake is the huge effect our voices can have when our communications are uncensored and when we have access to brand new functionality that *enhances* our social reach, rather than diminishes it

Here's our logo:

You can follow the fledgling official PanQuake Twitter account here: @pan_quake and see our super cool new website here:

You can find our donation page here:

Keep reading this thread to find out why we created it & what it is

SPOILER ALERT: Much of the content below this point is from my personal slides & speech notes from today's launch event. That stream got totally ruined by (big) tech problems, but I'm happy to report everything is turning out wonderfully regardless:

Here are some of our most high profile & dedicated public advocates for PanQuake - many of whom were scheduled to appear at our launch. All of whom stuck around for hours, to do a prerecord of the event, which is being edited, processed & uploaded for you as I write this.

When you see that stream, you also get to meet many of our amazing staff, which now number more than 20 volunteers, giving their time & love & effort to bring PanQuake to the world.

Those qualified, caring people are fulfilling the following roles in our company:

Our team has been building this product for months. All of our backend architectural documentation (blockchain, blockchain process, core, network, server) has been nailed down, along with our front-end UI/UX design docs. Here's where our project is at so far:

Technical stuff aside, this build has a backstory to it. A painful backstory that will resonate with many, because we are all being victimised by big tech, corporations & governments who want to prevent us having free access to information.

PanQuake exists to counter that

That story for me, mostly started with the Twitter core functionality changes last September. These are the analytics for my person account from August 2020 through to this month. The data is revealing. Counterintuitively, although my reach plummeted, my mentions didn't.

This means that even as my reach was halving and halving again, approximately the same amount of people were still engaging with me.

ie. the same amount of people were viewing my profile & talking to me, but far less new ppl than before were being exposed to my content.

Attached is my opening speech from tonight's event. When you see the full video, you'll see me speaking to this in much more detail. But for now, here is the beginning of what I said word for word.

Summary: we are in an abusive relationship with big tech and we must end it

This screen quotes what I was told by a very mainstream, non-activist, non-content creator, non-techie woman who had never used any social media except Facebook.

Her level of awareness as to the damage that big tech was causing to her life amazed me

I remembered that Julian Assange had talked in years past, about the increasing problems with censorship by big tech platforms.

I searched up his old tweet and found this: Julian talking about what he called "the filterverse of one"

2nd image: our visual depiction of it

In 2017 Julian Assange called for a decentralised/cryptographic alternative.

So we decided to fulfill his vision and create a product capable of breaking the "filterverse" that he had so presciently described would end up confining us all.

Now we get into the 'how'.

By creating a short messaging service, on our own custom blockchain for transparency, with groundbreaking totally NEW functionality, supported by our users! (*Not* supported by VC, advertisers, corporations, governments or security agencies!!!)

To make that viable, we need to charge registered users a small monthly fee - $5 a month. For those that are struggling with the basics & can't afford it, we will have gift accounts & compassionate accounts.

Here's what $5 per month will get PanQuake users:

Some months ago, I started canvassing Twitter users I know, asking them to tell me everything they hated about this platform.

On the left: their problems, as they were told to me

On the right: How PanQuake architecturally solves their problems

Solving problems with existing systems is just a baseline for PanQuake.

We wanted to offer users much more than just that.

We wanted to bring you powerful, cool, life-changing functionality to that no other platform has.

So we designed it & based it all on altruism.

I studied big tech user workflows & counted clicks. I discovered they deliberately increase loading times, extra clicks & other timewasting stuff, so they can falsely inflate the time users spend on their site, to bump the platform up in ranking engines & attract more ad $$

PanQuake by comparison, will not seek or accept money from ad companies, corporations, venture capital or investors

Therefore we don't care what our ranking is. Therefore we can - and have - design every single aspect of our systems and user interface for user convenience

Not only will we not accept investment - we won't sell our company.

How can you trust that? Because we made sure there's nothing to sell.

No user data at all cos we don't collect it.

No central servers (no client/server model)

Our network exists only on user's devices

Want to know more about the architecture, design, build, implementation, testing, deployment & delivery plan for PanQuake?

Next Saturday (23rd) we will hold a tech deep-dive stream, then broadcast monthly public delivery meetings thereafter.

Join us!

Not so fussed on the techie stuff but dying to get to try out PanQuake?

Visit and follow the 3 steps posted there, then tell as many people as possible to do the same.

Donating will get you regular progress updates & expedite the build process

There is mountains more to what PanQuake is, what plans we have in store for it and how our supporters, staff & public advocates feel about the product. You'll get to hear some of that with the impending release of our launch vid & more in coming weeks...

But for now, regular people are employing word of mouth to already shape this campaign into a success

With no corporate or MSM backing, no big advertising or PR dollars, we will have to be the little engine that could

With your love & help, that's exactly what we'll be

We live in a really dark world right now, where very few opportunities for meaningful change arise

So when they do, its more important than ever that we grab them with both hands & don't let go

Our strength will be the strength you lend us through your participation

Persistent campaigning to raise awareness about at the person-to-person, grassroots level will be really key

Being an overnight success is nowhere near as good as achieving organic growth

So we must #talkliberation every day until we achieve it



• • •

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17 Jan
Anyone who thinks @jimmy_dore isn't the real deal - he sat in our stream tonight for 3+ hours WITHOUT COMPLAINT while we struggled with endless technical difficulties just so he could complete a 10 minute spot he'd promised us. On a day where he'd trended worldwide.

He did that all so he could support this -->

Follow: @pan_quake
Other heroes who did the same - also without a single word of complaint: @LeeCamp @grahamelwood @Bill_Binney
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16 Jan

Our tech people have tried everything and still we can't get YouTube to stop forever-buffering our streams and let us go live. Therefore we are locally recording the entire event right now & will upload through all channels & website ASAP #talkliberation
We will not quit tonight until this is done! We will be launching tonight NO MATTER WHAT. NOTHING WILL STOP US!!!!!

Love you all, see you soon!
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28 Dec 20
I can see a lot of WikiLeaks and Julian Assange supporters who are mystified by what Bill Binney has recently been tweeting/talking about.

I have zero doubt that Bill is telling the truth. He should be supported.

My 2016 reporting proved DEW's existed & were in use long ago: ImageImageImageImage

My reporting is based off files I found in WikiLeaks 'Hacking Team' release

Reports from a defense marketing company revealed the name of manufacturers, distributors, purchasers, DEW programs worldwide ImageImageImageImage
The above is just a selection of what I found. You can find more yourself by going to and typing "Directed Energy Weapons" into the search (include the quotation marks)

This evidence has been around for years but completely ignored by so-called media.
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28 Dec 20
THREAD: If @Bill_Binney says he's being attacked with directed energy weapons, then he's being attacked with directed energy weapons.

The number of people willing to stay silent about it when someone like him is telling you their life is on the line, appalls and disgusts me

In case you're one of the people who've been sticking their heads in the sand, the defense industry's own advertising materials stated that directed energy weapons had been tested & were 'operationally feasible' in 2012

Proven in @WikiLeaks files:…

Throughout generations, military were caught testing weapons on unwitting civilian populations.

Stating the obvious: High tech, military-grade weaponry being used to torture civilians is not OK.

At this link you can see my previous tweets about this:…

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21 Nov 20
Livid that @KiwibankNZ - who I'm a foundation customer of - blocked my ATM card & all my online payments leaving myself & 2 children stranded in Russian winter/COVID crisis w/ no access to funds because I paid NZD$15.06 (USD$10) to a @DalaiLama-linked mindfulness & meditation org
They said they would unblock my card/account but then didn't and their international "services" helpdesk is not open again until Monday (and even then only for an 8 hour window), meaning we face two days unable to buy food or water or pay any of our bills.

NOT COOL, @KiwibankNZ
Very interesting: have Kiwibank added Buddhist meditation services to the list of people they are financially censoring?…

Would be strange considering the US House of Representatives just passed a resolution in support of Tibet:…
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30 Oct 20
Very smart people told me: never write about what you are doing in the future, only the past or what is already completed.

I never listened to them

Being real is more important to me than being clever. I'm not reputation or results-driven. I'm love-driven

A personal thread:
Multiple ppl have been needling me to appear on video more

(Observant watchers will have noticed that I have barely made any public appearances this year)

I've turned down nearly all radio and video interview requests in 2020. I've deferred requests to other relevant ppl

The truth is, I've never liked being on video. I've never liked having my picture taken. I don't like fronting campaigns. I spent my life trying to avoid public speaking, or being on a stage.

I use the skills I have only when I feel compelled to do so. And only for 1 reason

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