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Whites have always been disposable to non-white supremacists. We make money for them and fight wars for them. We protect their tribe and culture, so they can destroy ours and make us feel guilty for being white. No wonder we have the highest suicide rate. Sad! #CulturalMarxism
Read this book and get over your white guilt.… #history #culturalmarxism
Staggeringly High Suicide Rates for White Men. Guess Who Feminists Blame… #CulturalMarxism
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Morgan is showing his race baiting technique. And of course @jack & @TwitterSupport will allow this post to stay up & go without any consequences.

Nice vocabulary @mjfree

#VerifiedHate #StopTheBias

Any comment @RealCandaceO ?
Morgan made some real gems Im sure everyone has seen😂😂😂
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Here is a thread of all of the #VerifiedHate that I have compiled so far. They banned @meme_america but they cannot stop people calling out the clear bias on these social media platforms.
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For the hell of it I want to learn more about Storyful.
"established that data acquired through the Verify plugin is also being used by Storyful to actively monitor what its clients are seeing on social media. The incoming social media browsing data has been turned into an internal feed at the company"…
Storyful insiders spoke to the Guardian about actions taking place that they considered to be unethical.
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I think it's time that I explore people who hate Trump deeper too. In cases like this, for example.
And what we got with Jason Elia is a mix of both hating Trump AND white folks. Both at once. Fascinating. 🧐🤔
But yeah this is #VerifiedHate of Trump right here.
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The @meme_america account promoting #VerifiedHate was previously run by "Millennial Matt." It's a stage name used by Holocaust denying white supremacist Matt Colligan, a Unite the Right marcher.

h/t to my colleague @aoifegall who discovered this:
Matt Colligan is pretty comfortable waving a swastika flag, as reported by @crislopezg…
#VerifiedHate has some significant reach in Trump circles that goes a little beyond Colligan's usual audience of anti-Semitic NEETs. The planning of it was chronicled by @chick_in_kiev:…
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Let's see what's going on with Aziz Alhamdan. Does he hate white people?
Yes. I think Aziz does hate white people. "I'd rather not let them enjoy it be recognizing them as human"
I would say Aziz Alhamdan is a stellar example of #VerifiedHate in action, yes.
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I can't beat around the bush with this one. Prerna P. Lal, Esq. is a big ol' racist.
This is seriously the surface layer of some deep seeded hatred for white people.

Think of it like the Earth's crust. It's gonna blow your mind, once we dive into the core.
"How racist is he?"
Here's a taste.
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@jratcliff 1/ Fortunately, for decades society has generally agreed that it's socially, morally & professionally unacceptable to be racist. Also good, are the numerous organizations, individuals, etc who identify and call out racism through various means such as print, video, and education.
@jratcliff 2/ However, for some significant time the above hasn't applied to one race - Caucasians.

This racism is flippantly, hypocritically, accepted, even celebrated, through all strata of society: media, academia, tech, education, hiring, non-profit initiatives, and more.
@jratcliff 3/ Perversely, the concept of racism against one race, Causasians, has spawned new, non-sensical language to shape reality and control thought. For example, "reverse-racism" and "white privilege", and yes, even "diversity" in many contexts.
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Sometimes it’s helpful to get perspective by looking at what the other side is doing. So, we’re going to take a foray into the dark side. We’re going to look at two hashtags: #killTrump and #assassinateTrump. You’ll notice something interesting about these hashtags.
They don’t show up automatically as you’re typing them in, like normal hashtags do. However, they’re both there and both active. #killTrump has been around since 2011!. #assassinateTrump has been around since 2015. All the screenshots I will post are from active accounts.
Neither the accounts nor the hashtags have been removed from Twitter. Many conservatives are familiar with Twitter’s rules, because they keep bumping into them. Account deletions and account suspensions are common for conservatives. Twitter’s rules are quite clear.
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“Go after a white man… We are cutting the throat of whiteness.” -Julius Malema

✡️ #VerifiedHate #KalergiPlan

It’s a dangerous myth according to SPLC.
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Well. Fuck. Me and my big mouth. When I said what I did this morning, I assumed it would be ONE ACCOUNT. Not.... multiple. -__-

I'm happy to admit I made a huge mistake there.
But ya know what? Fine. I'll set an example of practicing what I preach here.

I guess this will be a good opportunity for one last thread about this whole "anti-white" topic.

To add to the two other ones I made previously.……
If you noticed though I haven't tweeted a lot in the last few hours.....
... now you know why.

I was reading. I've sifted through the tweets on pretty much all these accounts. (I skipped the pedophile one because that would derail too much off the topic, imo.)
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Not only does @TwitterSupport give blue checkmarks to Hateful racists like Sarah Jeong but they also allow Verified Antifa leftists to openly Dox people and attack their 3 year old children. This is pure evil.

#VerifiedHate @GOPLeader @RealCandaceO @Cernovich
I see so many " Conservatives " avoid Retweeting this because he is a so called Nazi. Shame on you !!! Do you not see the pattern yet? They label anyone a Nazi as a pretext to ruin their lives. Did you not see a black woman @RealCandaceO get called a white supremacist by a mob?
Today the radical left is doxing a "White Supremacist" tomorrow they will dox your local pastor for preaching on a controversial issue about sexuality!!!! Mark My words !!! Fight back now or bow the knee like a coward !!!
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#DemExit #WalkAway #MAGA
Take a peek into the delusional CONTROLLFREAK world of the racist leftist.
Where no one is allowed to expose the hatred they feel towards white skinned people. No one is allowed to call it out. In fact it's supported and promoted!…
#VerifiedHate #DemExit #WalkAway #MAGA
This is what they are angry about being exposed for all eyes to to see:
You cannot refute the hatred on display here, and all tweets are archived:
#DemExit #WalkAway Who Supports these blue checkmark racists?
They are angry about being exposed for all eyes to to see:
You cannot refute the hatred on display here, all tweets are archived:
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>Insiders say Twitter's CEO is blocking accounts
>15K Trump assassination threats reported
>Insane hate from verified bluechecks
🤔😮🤔… - #AssassinateTrump - #KillTrump - #VerifiedHate
The #VerifiedHate hashtag has nothing to do with a 4chan post.
It DOES have something to do with the fact that 15,000 death threats against the President of the United States were reported to the Secret Service on this platform alone with #AssassinateTrump and #KillTrump hashes
This account is conspiring to detract from legitimate concerns the Twitter user community is voicing over hate speech, death threats, uncivil discourse, harassment and platform abuse by some verified and anti-Trump users on Twitter
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Over the last several days, a new hashtag has appeared and propagated on Twitter: #VerifiedHate. The concept seems to be to attack verified (blue-check) accounts that are theoretically promoting hate against white people.
We downloaded recent tweets containing the #VerifiedHate hashtag. We found 18092 tweets from 9747 accounts - the first tweet is in the wee hours of the morning on August 5th, and the hashtag takes off on the evening of August 7th.
This hashtag campaign appears to have been planned on other platforms in two stages. First, we have this post on Gab from 8/5, which is within minutes of the first tweet from @Keque_Magus. It's followed by plenty of additional Gab discussion promoting #VerifiedHate.
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Fact: if this tweet were about any other race, this person would be removed from twitter.
endless hate on twitter
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