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For #FF I'm going to shout out @Baybayin I had the honor of hearing him speak at #HHEC18 in NYC where he talked about his journey to reclaim his history, heritage, language, and identity after growing up in a school system that did not value him.
His journey is one every educator in the system should endeavor to understand, because though the system is built to center and uplift some and marginalize, oppress, silence others, our children ARE resisting this.
He is on the gram follow him, learn his story, support his work, and seek out ways to cultivate seeds of resistance in your students. Thank you @Baybayin for sharing your story with me. I hope you've written it somewhere for others to learn from too.🙏🏾
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<Brief Thread> on some CIA reports as the #PKK insurgency was beginning in #Turkey.
HT @Ayei_Eloheichem, who found these materials. He covers Russia, Israel, terrorism, espionage, and more. Give him a #FF.
In August 1985, the CIA believed that the #PKK insurgency in #Turkey that had begun exactly a year before was all-but finished because of the internal divisions in the Kurdish population and the gangsterism of the PKK, plus no support from Iraqi Kurds.
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This is going to be a long thread. With the successful qualification for the #WorldCup semifinal it seems that now everyone is interested in & an expert on #Cro politics, nationalism and football. Since I've been studying that nexus for years, let me point out a few things /1
Nationalist gestures by players & fans, the president in a full-on checkered outfit celebrating with players, a public debate over #Subasic’s “ethnic background", a divisive media discourse & all of that while the #Cro “Golden Generation” has been playing some decent football /2
That has been the #World Cup for #Cro thus far. If you want to know more about why football is so political and so fiercely debated in Croatia (& on social media), here are a couple of thoughts, reading suggestions and potential #ff for you. /3
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Heartfelt apologies for the disappointment felt by my 1000s of new MAGA followers who read the thread I wrote about my meeting with Pres. Obama that’s bounced around 19M times (literally). But maybe you’ll be interested in what @AlexNowrasteh and @mkolken have to say. #FF
It has been amazing to watch a couple thousand people tweet some version of “where was your outrage when Obama did it?!” at liberals and fake news outlets, while simultaneously showing zero outrage now, and doing nothing to stop it. If that’s the takeaway, idk, Man. IDK.
There used to be three or four main idealogical tent poles to conservatism and the Republican Party: (1) libertarianism/limited government “less government = more freedom; (2) “Moral Majority”/WWJD/“values voters” (3) Fiscal conservatives (4) strong national defense. Not anymore.
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The Texas non-profit whose legal coordinator is quoted here is @AHouseElPaso.

Read about their direct work with asylum-seekers in the first 15 pages of this document.…

And #FF
The organizations who brought these stories to the world deserve the proper recognition and exposure.

Here is the group’s observations of the start of Trump’s family separation policy.
They received 32 parents separated from their kids on June 24 alone.
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Certainly don't agree with everything they write about e.g. I'm against most indicators, fibs, fractals & divergences (what's up with this newfound love for OBV?). That's fine, we traders often disagree.
And my newly created crypto trading list:…
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1/ My first #FF. I'm guessing, dear followers, that you expect a list of great economic thinkers or Bitcoin entrepreneurs. Nay!

I want to commend to you David Crowther (@historyengland) whose brilliant podcast, "The History of England", I've listened to for a few years now.
2/ Over several years David has narrated English History from the beginning of the Anglo-Saxon era, through the Norman and Plantagenet dynasties, the great victories at Crécy and Agincourt, to the intrigues and machinations of the court of Henry VIII.
3/ David covers the lives of the great characters of English history but also takes time to delve into the economics, politics, military and scientific advances of each era.

He does all this with great elan and espièglerie. If you love history, as I do, then follow him.
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As its Friday, I thought it would be a good idea to do a heritage #FollowFriday here, profiling some of the people and organisations involved in and responsible for preserving and promoting Ireland's unique built heritage and traditional skills! #FF #EuropeForCulture
So my first #FF is @SPABIreland is an enthusiastic and hard working group of young professionals in the conservation sector who raise awareness and promote traditional techniques through practical workshops and site visits and also host fun events like sketching days!
If you long to live in a period property but don't have the means, @IrishLandmark rescues neglected old buildings and restores them with a new lease of life, making them available for holiday rentals. Stay in a lighthouse or a schoolhouse! #FF
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!!NEW Q!! 11:10 Q posted article about this years 25 most influential people on the internet!!! President Trump, Q, Kanye West, and Matt Drudge are four of them!! Q says this is only the beginning!! Power to the people!!❤️… #QAnon #WeThePeople @POTUS
!!NEW Q!! 6/28/18 11:15 Anon voices frusttration at watching today’s hearing & nothing changing the minds of those ‘still asleep!’ Q says to focus on the House floor vote going on now!! Watch it here! #QAnon #HouseVote #GreatAwakening #WWG1WGA @POTUS
!!NEW Q!! 11:22!!! Q asks why they’re trying to ‘normalize’ pedophilia!! We know why!!… What is coming?
#Q #ThesePeopleAreSick #ThesePeopleAreEvil #GreatAwakening @realDonaldTrump Cont. Below
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1- Bir süredir yazılıp çiziliyor, konuyla ilgili konuşuluyor. Bize de her gün soruyorlar "Doğru mu değil mi?" 'Değil' desek de inanmıyorlar. Demek ki hissediyorlar. Belki de haklılar. Evet, SEÇİM GÜNÜ İNTERNETİNİZ YAVAŞLATILABİLİR! Peki bunu nasıl çözebiliriz? Anlatıyorum. #Flood
2- Ülkemizdeki sansür, engellemeler ve internet kısıtlamalarına herkes alıştı. Bu yüzden herkes VPN kullanmayı veya DNS değiştirmeyi her şeyden iyi biliyor. Fakat güzel ülkemizde VPN hizmetleri ve DNS'ler de artık engelleniyor. #SansüreDurDe
3- İnternet yavaşlatılırsa bu bölgesel olacaktır. (Bu sadece bir tahmin) Geçmişte Doğu'da interneti tamamen kestikleri dönem birçok ilde herkes rahatça internete girebiliyordu. SMS ile tweet atmayı biliyor musunuz? Anlatacağım. #SansüreHayır
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The three people in this picture with Donald Trump have now confessed to colluding with Russia to rig the #Brexit vote.
#FF @carolecadwalla
Latest from @jonathanchait: Britain Has a Russia Collusion Scandal Now. It Looks Exactly Like Trump’s.… #TrumpRussia #TrumpColluded #Brexit
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OK, from now on, in an attempt to increase the signal-to-noise ratio for my followers on Twitter, I am going to start a new practice. Instead of merely retweeting things, I am going to retweet things with the hashtag #YouShouldFollow and an explanation of whom I am retweeting.
There's a huge about of garbage floating Twitter and telling the difference between it and the stuff of extreme high value can be difficult. Consider #YouShouldFollow to be my stamp of approval not merely of the specific tweet in question but of the feed from which it comes.
I am aware that others have used this hashtag, so consider this an act of appropriation on my part. Also, I hate #FF and will never use it again. Great content shows up on Tuesdays too.
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A weeping mother has been forced to wear a yellow insignia (bracelet) as she is ripped away from her children indefinitely.

In the United States. By policy.

Read this story.…
The authors of this story are @CurtTucsonStar and @Perla_Trevizo from the @TucsonStar.

Support local journalism. #FF
You don’t see the color of the bracelet unless you’re there on the ground.

These two journalists were there and deserve your recognition and thanks.
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Warren Buffett gets Bitcoin just fine. He plays a lovable old man who invests in value stocks, and crapping on things with no intrinsic value is part of his act. (1/5)
In reality, Warren Buffett is a value investor the same way that payday loan sharks are value investors. He acquires assets from distressed debtors at extortionate rates. He gets away with it because he's adorable. (2/5)
I think this is true of many prominent nocoiners -- eg @paulkrugman, @Nouriel, etc. They've been consistently wrong about bitcoin for over half a decade, yet never bother to educate themselves about the technology (3/5)
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As of this morning, Republicans are still pushing ahead for a vote on the #GOPFarmBill, which would strip more than 2 million Americans of food assistance.

So it feels like a good time to review some facts about hunger in America.

For many of us, the word “hunger” evokes third-world images of kids with distended bellies. Or maybe the homeless man sitting on the subway grate. But in America in 2018, hunger and food insecurity are an alarmingly widespread experience.

In a recent national survey conducted by @amprog, nearly 40% of Americans report that they or someone in their immediate family faced serious problems with “having too little money to buy food”—just within the past year.…

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It’s #FF and I want to use it today to give, throughout the day and in no particular order, shout-outs to the female voices fighting Brexit. After my own experience of abuse after #WomenAgainstBrexit, I have seen far too many examples this week alone of others being affected. 1/
🛑 This must stop. Now.
And we need solidarity, as well as the amplification of the voices of #WomenAgainstBrexit, as first steps. 2/
Because women are so important: not only because they will be more severely affected by Brexit — from the watering down of women’s rights to impacts on industries etc they predominantly work in — but also because they are largely absent from debates and negotiations. 3/
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+++ A copy of the draft 5 Star/League agreement (dated yesterday) has been leaked to @HuffPostItalia - I am going to tweet the most relevant sections. Full link below.…
1) Five Star and the League expect the @ecb to forgive 250 billion euros in Italian bonds bought via quantitative easing, in order to bring down Italy's debt
2) The two parties want to re-open European Treaties and to "radically reform" the stability and growth pact. The coalition would also want to reconsider Italy's contribution to the EU budget.
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(1) I love studying the body language of politicians & celebs because it can reveal a lot about them personally, but also the bigger picture that affects us all.

CIA nominee Gina Haspel is the subject of this thread. #ConfirmHaspel #ConfirmThemAll #MAGA
(2) I am a big supporter of Gina Haspel for CIA Director. She's extremely well qualified for the role and her statements so far in confirmation hearings have been excellent. The left are being their usual deranged selves and should be ignored as much as possible.
(3) I watched this analysis of Haspel by Mandy O'Brien, a very skilled body language expert who I happen to disagree with politically. I look beyond that and try to learn from her technical expertise.…
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1/ #QAnon


1. #Trump says he wants out of #Syria.
2. #Assad has essentially won. Why create an event to draw a response?
3. Immediately after Trump tweets about leaving Syria, there is a #ChemicalAttack.
4. #Israel attacks Syria last night.

Ask WHY??
2/ Anyone who has been following things can see that the #DeepState wants #War.


Military-industrial complex.
and worse (depopulation).

Too hard to believe? Look at the patterns (now and in the past) they fit?
3/ #Trump works out a deal w/#NK (back in November)...after our October bombing took out their major nuclear facility and 200 scientists.

As background, the #DeepState was using #NK as a puppet regime to hold us hostage...they wanted #WAR.…
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Many friends have expressed interest in learning more about the VR/AR landscape, but don’t know where to start. As an active member of this community for 4+ years, I thought I’d kick off a recurring #FF thread of the people you need to pay attention in XR.
Keep an eye out for new names every Friday 💪 NOTE: this is not a comprehensive/ranked list. These are people who I have known to be valuable sources in #VR, #AR, & #MR.
You have to start with the Voice of VR himself: @KentBye. Armed with his trusty microphone, he’s become a fixture at conferences—not just for his expansive knowledge in emerging technologies (check out his new @voicesofai podcast), but for his killer dance moves.
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Hey .@dhruv_rathee , Hi...

You are a no, you are even worse, you are an Aaptard..

So, listen you imbecile Dhruv, I am not gonna explain you " How Hawan's fire purifies the environment"..we will talk it about later(in some another thread😂)...1/
For now, just understand one thing..Hawans, Yajna and fire is part of my Tradition...

These Hawans are just the beginning of rise of Sanatan Dharma under the leadership of Yogi and Sages..2/
As .@/OGSaffron says tradition is not the worship of ashes but its the protection of fire... and fire needs woods and fuel😂😂(in this case 500 Quintal)....3/

#ff to OGsaffron😍
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It is absolutely the case that armed teachers will mean more black students will be getting shot, full stop. Gonna post some quick resources/data on this.
(1) Black students are already disproportionately penalized by teachers, across the board, for all sorts of things, in our schools.…
(2) It's been consistently demonstrated that schoolyard behavior that is seen, in white children, as "acting out," is framed, when the kids are black, as signs of dangerous nascent criminality. Read this:…
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Una pequeña reflexión sobre #nevadas #carreteras #atascos y #quitanieves.
Por si ayuda un poco a evitar eso tan típico de tuiter enfurecido.
Lo primero, el clima. España está al sur de Europa, normalmente hace calorcito, nos quejamos de que llueve poco y que nieva menos.
Entonces. Si tú fueras un decisor público, ¿cuántas máquinas quitanieves comprarías en España? ¿1, 10, 1000, un millón?
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