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I met so many amazing women in the quality field at @AgileTD! 👩🏾‍💻👩🏻‍💻👩🏼‍💻 Here's some Twitters you should all follow (an #AgileTD meets #FF-even-though-it's-not-a-Friday thread):
Let's start with @cswesepieces, who has the craziest stories about conservative Ohio colliding with very Indian India and about living on the Polish/Mexican border in Chicago. She instantly made me feel welcome at speakers' dinner! 🥰 #AgileTD #womenintech
There's the awesome @FaizaYousuf, who gave a keynote on the serious topic of cross-cultural Agile transformations going not-so-smooth, but kept us laughing (and learning) throughout. 🤩 Super smart, super balanced, an Agile superhero & skilled listener! #AgileTD #womenintech
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In response to controversy over Sean Hannity and Jeanine Pirro campaigning with Trump, Fox claimed that it “does not condone any talent participating in campaign events."

But Hannity campaigned with Ron DeSantis and Matt Gaetz earlier this year.…
Pirro, Lou Dobbs, Greg Gutfeld, Pete Hegseth, and Sebastian Gorka all headlined fundraisers for Republican candidates and groups this cycle.

#ff @ehananoki who reported on those DeSantis and Gaetz events when they were promoted in June.

After his report went live, Gaetz's campaign pulled a Facebook promotional video that included video of Hannity praising Gaetz on Fox.…
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In which we discuss the highlights of creating 30 articles in 30 days

As part of @joseroado 's #1001November challenge
Procrastination is my weakness

I had been spending more time writing on twitter than creating long form pieces for my blog

The ‘Flyer’ had taken precedent over the ‘Gig’

So I committed to write a 1001 word + piece every single day in November
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Only a matter of time before a conservative responds to this with “try stealing from me, I have a gun.” Lol what are you gonna shoot the computer screen to stop yourself from getting scammed
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1) This thread will focus on John Perry Barlow. It will tie JFK Jr, Barlow, Snowden, FF, Qanon & more.

Quick notes Barlow was JFK Jrs good friend. Q has posted about Barlow. Barlow Died of a “Heart attack” on 2/7/18.

Lets proceed.

#Qanon #JFKJr #FF
2) Qpost 629

Q calls out @Snowden, clock is ticking. Hows Russia
[Mr. Contractor]? is linked in post. Q mentions Barlow for the first time in this post dated 1/27/18.


3) John Perry Barlow was a co-founder of the Freedom of the Press Foundation. @JPBarlow posted his last tweet. It was directed solo at Snowden. “WORST HOUSEWARMING GIFT EVER.” Dated 1/24/18.

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I got a story to tell about these black nikes and they involve my dear friend @thecoachchris_

The internet is a powerful tool when used wisely.
About a year ago,

I had a pair of busted running shoes 😂😂😂

I’m gonna see if I can find the tweet that had em because woof those shoes were fucked up.

But I kept working out in em.

I was unemployed as most of you know so Buying new workout shoes wasn’t a priority.
Found it 😂😂😂

And I wasn’t doing it for charity, I just didn’t realize how much I needed new ones because there was so much other stuff going on.
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Es ist für Einige noch immer nicht klar:

Die Aktionen im #HambacherForst sind keine Angelegenheit der politischen Ausrichtung, es ist eine Angelegenheit der Diskrepanz von Naturschutz vs. Gewinnstreben.

Hier wird ein Wald vernichtet, dessen Rodung unsinnig und ...

... unnötig ist. Die „anvisierte“ Braunkohle ist für die Deutsche Energiepolitik nicht benötigt und ist nur für den Export relevant ... also nur von finanziellem Nutzen.

Menschen aller Altersgruppen stellen sich diesem Wahnsinn entgegen und selbst eingesetzte ...

... Polizeikräfte sind im Gewissenskonflikt. Die @Polizei_NRW_AC und andere werden als Erfüllungsgehilfen einer lobbygesteuerten Poltik missbraucht und zu Einsätzen geschickt, die wider jegliche Vernunft ist.

Warum ist es den Einsatzkräften vor Ort, die ....

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Personalized #FF in a thread.
@WylieNewmark for bridging the Gap between cultural and political academia to operations.
@DrunkBinary for the constant onslaught of crowdsourced and community effort.
@hacks4pancakes and @jfslowik for the human side of ICS infosec.
@CharlesDardaman for being a malware reversing trooper and an awesome drinking buddy.
@HumanMalware for staying real and putting the warfare in cyber warfare.
@QW5kcmV3 for talking about tough subjects and being operator af.
@notdan for giving me the other perspective.
@oscaron for humility.
@DAkacki for being a human and a defender first, above all.
@Chazb0t for community effort.
@RobertMLee for being ICS sec philosopher.
@cnoanalysis for doing the ugly work with no recognition.
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Positiv. Noch nie getan. Eventuell ein Lächeln zaubern.

Ich habe bislang noch nie am #ff teilgenommen.
Heute tue ich es mal.

Teil 1:

Langfolger & treue Seelen:

@Chrissyhamburg schon ewig in meiner TL und mir ans Herz gewachsen.
@konsumentin04 das Herz am rechten Fleck.

@karlaschnik immer irgendwie da und mir lieb.
@BaloudasBaerle früh entdeckt und 💚 bewährt.
@feliba54 viel mehr Herz & Tapferkeit in einem Account geht nicht.
@KimberlyOlipha2 verloren & wiedergefunden.
@kambambum ein beinahe "furchtbar" lieber Mensch.
3/ Teil 2 ... die mich teilhaben lassen, an etwas wichtigem, für das mir oft die Zeit fehlt...

@StieglerThomas der Diamant.
@Selbstleser Danke dafür.
@RedBee45 als Gründer von #Buchbeginn.
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LAWSPLAINER. Okay. Let me try to do a less half-assed job of thoughts on Manafort's plea agreement. Meanwhile, consider this treatment by friend and classmate @MitchellEpner, as to whom #ff.


/2 BIG POINT NUMBER ONE: In this DC agreement, Manafort pleads to two charges with a maximum 10 year penalty. He agrees to facts that support the government's Sentencing Guideline calculation, which starts at 210 months, much higher.
/3 What does that MEAN? Well, the Guidelines are only suggestions, but it means that even with respect to the DC conviction only, Manafort has a lot of cooperatin' to do before he starts making a difference on that sentence -- it's likely to max out at 10 years.
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On August 30th, an archive of communication between former US President Bill Clinton and former Russian President Boris Yeltsin was declassified by the White House. We downloaded tweets containing 'Clinton' and 'Yeltsin', resulting in 7200 tweets from 5588 accounts.
Among the themes that pop up in these tweets is the notion that former President Clinton "colluded" to help Yeltsin win, with the implication that any collusion with a foreign power on the part of Trump isn't so bad.
720 accounts have tweets containing "Clinton", "Yeltsin", and either "collusion" or "election" in the last ten days. This chart shows the news sources mostly frequently linked by these accounts. Russian state media seems popular.
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September is a big month! I’m at the airport on my way Florida for The #Exvangelical Community: Paths, Projects, Prospects. In the last two days I’ve filed two pieces with editors, and this week I did podcasts w/ @NiceMangos and @kitchencultpod (@haettinger and @mxdarkwater). #FF
Next weekend I’ll be in Charleston, South Carolina to give a talk for @CHShumanists, and am very much looking forward to that! October is also pretty full!

#Exvangelical #EmptyThePews #FridayFeeIing #FF
And next week I’ll also be doing a second podcast episode with @TwistedSisterds! It’ll be my second time on, and I sure had fun last time!

#Exvangelical #FF
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7 September 2018  #BeatCancer
@Bradleysfight May Bradley Rest In Peace and his family and friends always be comforted by his memory. I hope the #HelenRollasonAward 2017 from BBC
Sport will have helped them.
7 September 2018  #BeatCancer
@harry_moseley @Jack_Marshall_ May they
Rest In Peace and may their families and friends always be comforted by their memory.
7 September 2018  #BeatCancer
@Rachael_Hodges @steveevans51 @_StephensStory May Rachael
Bland, Steve Evans and Stephen Sutton Rest In Peace and their family and friends always be comforted.
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The @meme_america account promoting #VerifiedHate was previously run by "Millennial Matt." It's a stage name used by Holocaust denying white supremacist Matt Colligan, a Unite the Right marcher.

h/t to my colleague @aoifegall who discovered this:
Matt Colligan is pretty comfortable waving a swastika flag, as reported by @crislopezg…
#VerifiedHate has some significant reach in Trump circles that goes a little beyond Colligan's usual audience of anti-Semitic NEETs. The planning of it was chronicled by @chick_in_kiev:…
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Weisselberg, TrumpOrg CFO, has Immunity in Cohen Probe-he knows everything

NYAG criminal probe likely re Cohen's taxes & senior TrumpOrg execs re hush 💰payments.

The illegal acts that may have helped Trump win the presidency:
Hush Money, Hackers, Trolls & psyops

Manafort tried to get the US military kicked out of Central Asia to help RU

WH Criticizes China Over El Salvador Recognition

Sen. John McCain will discontinue medical treatment for his brain cancer.🙏🏽

Omarosa: I’m ready to testify at Trump impeachment trial🔥

Senators are demanding info about Giuliani’s history with opioid maker Purdue Pharma

Cohen wasnt alone: records suggest two senior TrumpOrg execs had role in hush 💰 arrangements.

Trump killed stories about his kids, ex-wives, & Melania—the Pecker & safe knows all
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1/ A lawsuit the government settled more than 20 years ago ensures that a federal judge can oversee how the government treats immigrant children in detention.

Now, the Trump administration is trying to do away with that oversight.…
2/ The proposal to end the Flores agreement, as it’s known, comes after the federal government has admitted it didn’t reunify more than 500 migrant kids with their parents.
3/ The settlement was the result of a class-action lawsuit filed in 1985. It states that the government “shall continue to treat, all minors in its custody with dignity, respect and special concern for their particular vulnerability as minors.”
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this fabricated Salena Zito quote could have been "crafted" and "massaged" a bit better tbh……
should be easy to find the tape of the interview
she liked the real guy's quote so much she recycled the exact language for the guy she made up for her kicker…
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Hey journalists - can we talk?

I know you are under a lot of pressure lately. And I know you are sick and tired of being called "fake news" and I don't blame you. I know you're mostly doing good things.

You need to do better when covering activist press releases. As a scientist, let me just say, you really suck sometimes. If you don't want to be accused of publishing fake news, one great thing to do would be to stop publishing actual fake news.
Here's one small tip for identifying fake news: if it's from @ewg then it has a high likelihood of being complete and utter bullshit. Dont be their stenographer. Don't legitimize their pseudoscience by making it a he said/she said story. Just stop already.
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130 million years ago, when dinosaurs roamed Earth and the first flowering plants were beginning to bloom, two neutron stars spiraled into each other. #OTD in 2017 the gravitational waves arrived and made a mirror here on Earth move about 1/1000 of a proton radius.
Image: LIGO
About the same time one of @LIGO’s detectors was ringing, the @NASAFermi space telescope detected a burst of gamma rays. @LIGO and @ego_virgo’s automated systems determined that the signals were probably related.
The same subatomic shiver was confirmed in the second LIGO detector, and an alert went out that turned telescopes around the world towards the patch of sky that issued the chirp and burst.
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#FF to my good friend @halpernnaomi1 who is also an incredible consultant on complex trauma. I highly recommend going to any of her workshops. It’s changed my life for the better so much.
The mental health system in Australia is pretty rubbish at dealing with complex trauma - standard CBT and meds won’t touch the sides and many therapies that are first port of call for anxiety and depression will make it worse.
Psychs and GPs need to be better trained to screen for complex trauma and once identified people should be case managed to get all the help the need. Complex trauma trashes the brain and the body and people need help with both.
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No because we know you’ve already blocked them all and called everyone a Nazi
Guys I’m kidding. He has 200 followers, don’t dogpile him. In fact you should follow him
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DOJ airplane in Arkansas?

Do not link to [CF].
[CF] docs kept in NYC>>UT.

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Let's wish those who are going to Charlottesville the best. They'll be providing vital coverage of another hate rally.
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