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The second field season of #TrophiChange was completed a few weeks ago. Here's a thread of what I was doing.
#ornithology #SciComm #waders #shorebirds #fieldwork
I am interested in linking #whimbrel chick growth to their food resources. To do that, I started in May by finding as many nests as possible. More nests = more chicks. This season that meant 110 nests.
#ornithology #TrophiChange #waders #shorebirds #fieldwork
But nests of several other species were found and surveyed too, to record laying dates and hatching success, as part of our centre's long term monitoring of breeding #waders in #Iceland.
Here's a golden plover nest, that successfully hatched. #TrophiChange #fieldwork
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Spring Waders 1/12
@BirdTrack tells us that the first Little Ringed Plovers are arriving back in the UK. They are not the only #waders on the move, as you can read here:…
I'll pull out some highlights in this thread. Image
Spring #waders 2/12
Stone-curlews are arriving too, most having spent the winter in Spain, Portugal, Morocco or Algeria. You can find them on their territories during the day but they will feed elsewhere at night. More here:…
#ornithology Image
Spring #waders 3/12
Greenshank are on the move. Scottish-breeders have already left English estuaries. Their feeding spots will soon be used by birds that have wintered further south and are heading for Scandinavia:…
#ornithology Image
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1/23 Thanks first to organizers of this new age conference, for inviting me to join in. I am very excited to be here with shorebird researchers from around the Twitter and real worlds #ISTC20 #SESH3 #ornithology #Waders
2/25 My tweets will explore the effects of extreme weather events on the demography of a small sub-arctic breeding shorebird: Semipalmated Plover (Charadrius semipalmatus) #ISTC20 #SESH3
3/23 Much attention of climate research and birds has been on warming: mismatching phenology in particular. But we know extreme weather can have a major impact on pop’n. Deaths of these songbirds probably due to recent fires and drought in western USA #ISTC20 #SESH3
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1/3 This is the critically endangered eastern curlew. It calls the tidal flats of Port Hacking home. It also calls the sub arctic home, which is where it breeds. It spends 9mths of the year in Australia and 4 mths travelling almost to the north pole, breeds and returns, every yr.
2/3 I have a long lens, which allows me to give it the 100 metres of space it likes to keep between people and itself so it can feed happily, without disturbance, except for the pesky silver gulls. Nature throws enough problems at these birds, without me adding to their woes.
3/3 When visiting Port Hacking please keep an eye out for the birds on the tidal flats from falling to rising tide and sand island over high tide and give them a wide berth. @BirdlifeOz @ShorebirdOrg @WaderStudy @waderquest @EAAFP @GlobalFlyway @ForWaders #shorebirds #waders
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1/3 Showing again how crazy this year is, we have 1 more new eastern curlew today, so up to 7. Does not make sense being only 2 July. Wondering if anyone else is noticing unusual numbers in wrong locations for this time of year?
2/3 I need to work out how to start a campaign to get the NSW State Govt to give our birds here some greater protection, in line with the international obligations under CAMBA, JAMBA and ROKAMA. Particularly in regards to the too many off lead dogs.
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1/3 via @YouTube (This clip HAS SOUND) Another boring day at home, not! Wildlife on Port Hacking was out in abundance. The east/west migratory birds, double banded plovers, have been quite elusive this year.
2/3 I’ve mostly only seen footprints, but yesterday & today the whole flock of 16. I’ve finally found them & they are all in various stages of breeding colours, ready to go back home. But winter has just started!
Some happy whales & feral deer (which are a huge problem for our environment) with antlers decorated hoping to attract the ladies. Yeah. Boring day. @BirdlifeOz @ShorebirdOrg @WaderStudy @waderquest @EAAFP @GlobalFlyway @ForWaders @projectgodwit @SuthShireCncl #shorebirds #waders
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1 of 3. Weather bureau predicted new weather system today bringing storms & colder weather for Aust south east. I could hear thunder, see lightning, & went to look for godwits 1 hr before high tide at place they should be bathing & grabbing last snack before bed.
2 of 3 Only 1 godwit there. This clip from yesterday. It was to show how cheeky godwits are. One steals food from another, so it tries to steal from another, if that doesn’t work, pull their tail. Such busy feeders wonder how they survive on so little sleep.
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This may be a common catch in NZ but here in Australia 1st time I’ve captured both our summer & winter migratory birds together. There were 8 godwits on roost this AM, 9 this PM. Winter bird is double-banded plover when in Oz & banded dotterel (pohowera) in NZ.
I had an incorrect ID of this bird, not seen one before. It has been ID'd as a red-necked stint.
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All my #PhD #fieldwork is done.

I’ve been looking into Icelandic Whimbrels annual cycle and spent the breeding season in Iceland since 2015. While writing up I often miss my study sites. Decided to make a short thread summarising my #fieldwork there #phdlife #shorebirds #waders
Survey the breeding sites

Whimbrels are site faithful and territorial. I start the season by checking the area to see who’s back.
Here two males fight where their territories touch (I think; 10 MAY) #PhD #fieldwork #ornithology #waders #shorebirds #phdlife
Finding nests

As most #waders, Whimbrels usually lay 4 eggs. There is some colour variation between and within clutches (10 JUN; #Eyjafjallajökull in the background) #PhD #fieldwork #ornithology #oology #phdlife #shorebirds
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