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We just started our @Ceres_Dev course on how political regimes shape our research practices. Very exciting discussions w/ PhD students at @issnl & wider NL students reflecting on various ethical and methodological concerns in field research.
(1) We began by examining the state of #fieldwork in social sciences & development studies. In restrictive environments, field research is more complicated & risks for personal security higher. YET disciplinary incentives simply do not encourage valuing time & energy needed.
(2) Yet, policy relevant & ground breaking work often require good fieldwork, not just theoretical rigour. So we need to do better at encouraging fieldwork based data collection.
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Drones, Fitbits and AI, oh my: Happy #WorldPenguinDay! Come learn about how #NSFfunded researchers from @PointBlueConSci study Adélie penguins at one of the windiest locations on Earth. #takeoverNSF

📸: @ae_schmidty
Can you guess what an Adélie penguin 🐧 and a salmon 🐟 have in common? #WorldPenguinDay

📷Matthias Breiter

Both of these charismatic species exhibit what scientists call “natal philopatry,” which means they return to their birthplaces to breed!

Adélies often end up building their pebble nests very close to where they hatched. #takeoverNSF
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As promised, we continue the @AFI_WG's policy primer series with a primer on #fieldwork 🌍📝🌏. Authored by @BeBedeGe, @HeathershawJ & @ilyas_saliba, it suggests a list of institutional measures which support the fieldwork approval process and enable good practice and safety. 1/ Image
⚠️⚠️After a number of recent high-profile incidents of researchers suffering harassment, arrest, detention and even death while on fieldwork, increased attention has rightly been given to protecting UK-affiliated staff and doctoral researchers when conducting research abroad. 2/
While the risks are real, the challenge for 🇬🇧universities is much broader than protecting their researchers. The question is then how to safeguard their staff while at the same time enable them to engage in quality fieldwork under difficult circumstances. 3/
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Come be my colleague!

@Uni_Newcastle #EarthScience is hiring!

We have three, ongoing Level B roles open today:
1. #Coastal & #Ocean #Geoscience
2. #SpatialInformationScience (#GIS)
3. #Hydrogeology

Applications due 8 Nov.

#AcademicChatter #AcademicTwitter [🧵1/5]
All three roles are mixed #teaching-#research roles based at Callaghan Campus in #Newcastle.

I'd be happy to chat to anyone who's interested about what it's like to work at UON/live in Newcastle or feel free to ask questions here.

Please share far and wide!
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#SeaTurtleTalks: Trends in Florida sea turtle size at maturity

Located on the east coast of Florida, USA, the Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge hosts tens of thousands of sea turtle nests every year. It’s an ideal site to study population trends.

#TurtleTuesday 🌊🐢
The #UCFTurtleLab has been monitoring sea turtles in 21 km of the #ArchieCarrNWR since the early 1980s.

Loggerhead nest counts have been fairly consistent over time, while green turtle nests have increased.
We use calipers to measure nesting sea turtles at night.

Our crew noticed that small turtles seemed to be more common, so we decided to look at the data.

#longtermdata #fieldwork #UCFTurtleLab
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Bellinger river snapping #turtles are a great example of Taronga’s collaborative work on pathogen discovery and commitment to #conservation. #SavingOurSpecies #WildlifeHealth #ScienceWeek #reptiles Image
When conservation-savvy locals raised the alarm that something was wrong with the #turtles in the Bellinger river, multiple agencies were there to help, including the ARWH who were responsible for finding out what was making these animals sick.
The AWRH found a nidovirus, one that had never been described before. This is also described here by @KarrieARose in a Taronga TV clip:
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This #scienceweek we’ll also shine a light on our crucial #conservationscience partnerships and how they are underpinned by our specialist staff working across key areas including #wildlifehealth, #ecology, #animalbehavior, #animalwelfare, #reproduction, and #genetics. Image
Some fast facts about #Science at #Taronga. #scienceweek
Our multi-disciplinary, hypothesis-driven research focuses on natural & social sciences, & is structured to: (1) understand, predict & address #keythreats impacting #wildlife & their habitats, & (2) promote species’ adaptability and #ecosystemresilience.
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Trying to make wildlife biology more diverse?

Don’t forget disabled people!

If you’re looking at a #fieldwork job candidate in a zoom interview and think “I don’t think they look like they can physically handle this job” examine your biases


If someone reads the requirements and thinks they are capable of doing the job why make the assumption that they can’t?

Disabled folks know their limits better than you do

On paper, I shouldn’t be able to do fieldwork well— I’m overweight, I had three reconstructive surgeries on deformed feet, I have an autoimmune disease that makes it hard to regulate my core temp.

But I love field biology, and this’ll be my eighth successful field season

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Traps set for #HerpFall2020 ‘s first #fieldwork lab! Stay tuned, we check them tomorrow! 🤞🏼 🐸 🐢

I used AMPLE bait. If we don’t catch any #turtles 🐢 I will take it as a personal shun 😉 ImageImage

SUCCESS! Painted #turtles & 2 amorous common snapping turtles is our traps! Students took the photos, will post when they share.

Let’s just say that’s the biggest common snapper I’ve had to coax out of a hoop net (~35 lbs, head as big as my fist!) 😅😬
My face when I saw both of them in the trap, and her chonky self
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New Paper: 1st dinosaur from #IsleofEigg! We describe a limb bone, & attribute it to a Middle #Jurassic stegosaur! Thread👇 [1/7] #StEiggosaurus #Fossils #Scotland #dinosaurs #FossilFriday
I discovered the bone on @NatGeo funded #fieldwork in 2017. #IsleofEigg is known for #Jurassic marine reptiles & fish #fossils (found by Hugh Miller & others). It was collected by a team frm @GeosciencesEd & Staffin Dinosaur Museum. #StEiggosaurus [2/7]
The bone was badly eroded, but @MrIchthyosaurus carefully prepared it for the team to study. We combined our expertise in #Mesozoic reptile #anatomy and bone microstructure (#histology), to narrow down the identification. #StEiggosaurus #fossils [3/7]
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Today in #fieldwork adventures I was bit by:
- flies
- mosquitoes 🦟
- aquatic beetles
- leeches!!!

First time being bitten by a leech. Yes, I put on waders after that. These are my makeshift bandages. Image
Today’s #fieldwork adventure involved smaller leeches. Just on the hands. Stiiiill bleeds a lot 😂
#leech update - I might be allergic? Bites are swollen, large knots & itch like mad. Real fun on fingers

That happen to anyone else?
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Day 4: Fieldwork stories #Botanizingwhileblack
Let me tell you about the day I got killed by an insect…a thread (1/14)
#BlackBotanistWeek #phdlife #fieldwork
Let me set the scene. September, the start of spring in the Karoo, and the Namaqua flowers were in full bloom (2/14)
Just a normal day at the office. We were all smiles and ready to work. I had my favourite yellow t-shirt on (first time wearing it in the field). (3/14)
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This #DisabilityPrideMonth, I'll be sharing actionable tips for how you (yes, you!) can make STEM learning & workspaces more inclusive to those of us who are #DisabledInSTEM.

#AltText will be available for every graphic. New tips will be added to this thread. Creating an inclusive envir...
For more information on why using a microphone is an #accessibility issue, please read this post over at
@chronicle: In the foreground in the ph...
The #GRE is expensive, biased & a poor indicator of success in research. Getting approved for #accommodations takes 6 weeks & you need a dr. note (& therefore, insurance). If you're absent from your scheduled test (hello, unpredictable symptoms!), you forfeit your fee. #GREexit Creating an inclusive envir...
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Please help us welcome our 2020 #intern class! Some of the class is virtual, focusing on coding and data analysis, while a few of our interns will be able to do limited socially distant #fieldwork.
First up is Rémy Barbiéro! Rémy is a rising senior at @Occidental, and will be working on the #ZombieCrabs Project. Rémy will help create a #CitizenScience project on @the_zooniverse to count parasitized crabs from Chesapeake Bay. Welcome! Intern Rémy Barbiéro in the...
Time to meet another of our amazing summer #interns

Welcome Tyler Kempton! Tyler is a local high school student who is working on using #R to prepare an analyze data from our #InvaderID project. He works with the @SmithsonianEnv Citizen Science department. Tyler stands on a rock by t...
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I’m interested to hear more opinions about doing #fieldwork based #research over the next 2 months in the US.

Am bringing it up bc it feels like more discussion needed actos fields (inc #herpetology )

Some good points in the 🧵 below, & starting a new 🧵 here.
What do folks think about fw this spring/summer in light of #COVID19 ? #PlzRT poll for broad audience.

I think opinions of folks doing #fieldwork likely differ, & that they differ from folks who aren’t often in the field.
A few IMOs (am actively ⚖️ +/- & op may change):
- if under strict stay at home right now, delay #fieldwork plans
- should not promote solo FW, *esp.* w/new scientists
- some types *may be* ok if u can be safe & do #SocialDistancing (but is a short list I think)
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A thread to cover some of the major - and I mean seriously, shockingly major - gaps, mistakes and problems with the #environmental impact assessment for Montijo airport in #Portugal.

First up: no #fieldwork. AT ALL. 1/
That's right – the EIA of a major international #airport proposed for the country’s most important #wetland site for #bird #conservation didn’t bother to actually count any #birds.

Instead, they depended on studies already published for other reasons.

How did that work out? 2/
Well, the data on birds feeding in the #intertidal- the largest and most important #habitat in the #SPA- was collected in 2002-3.

In the 17 years since, the #Tagus has changed a lot for birds. Improved #water treatment but drastic increase in #shellfish harvesting. 3/
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Amazonian and African *intact* forests are absorbing less carbon, than they sued to, thus contributing less to mitigate #ClimateChange Here goes a few thoughts on the new paper @nature…
@nature First and foremost, it is commendable the vast amount of data used in this paper. Data that was sampled in extreme #fieldwork conditions by dozens of people. Without these,such robust analyses would never be possible. It takes a lot of time, different grants and plenty dedication
@nature Second, long-term data curation was vital to make this paper possible. @ForestPlots is an example of how to store long-term data and on how to do multiple checks on data quality.
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An Anthropologist following Gandhi.

In good company. Delighted & grateful my #Gandhi research project was selected this year.🙏
#Texas #Fulbright #fieldwork #researchculture #teachingisaworkofheart #anthropology #history #media #art #global #India…
An Anthropologist following Gandhi (2)

India's first Prime Minister famously said "Don't spare me Shankar" (a leading Indian cartoonist). But #Gandhi did not spare Shankar ;) I wrote about this in my book Caricaturing Culture.
#Texas #Fulbright #fieldwork #cartoons #India
An anthropologist following Gandhi (3)

#Gandhi tapped the power of #cartoons & #public communication early into his journalistic career in #SouthAfrica. Cartoons could be Satyagraha (truth force). His #newspaper the Indian Opinion published and interpreted British cartoons.
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It’s the time of year where I grade #HerpFall2019 field notebooks! Always fun to see how they remember things and express themselves.

Favorites below in thread
#herpetology #fieldwork
Some #HerpFall2019 students thought belastomatid #insects were “nightmare fuel” 😂

We caught a few of these aquatic predators in our minnow traps. They’ll absolutely eat #amphibians ImageImage
Whereas the #hognose #snake was a hit Image
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Just finished @jillheinerth ‘s book Into the Planet. If you’re looking for a good #nonfiction book for the holidays, give it a read! Image
@jillheinerth dives (pun intended 😉) into exploration, fear & courage, & pursuing what you love.

She also voices experiences familiar to many #WomenInSTEM & other minorities in #STEM like imposter syndrome, feeling that lack of representation, & precarious #fieldwork scenarios
1 thing I really liked about @jillheinerth ‘s book was hearing the drive & compassion in her voice.

She nails the message that fear means you’re doing something new, & the thing to do is just to take the next best step forward.

Thanks to @ItsUnladylike for the recommendation!
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Today the #HerpFall2019 class might surpass last year’s class for total # of #amphibians & #reptiles found during #fieldwork 🤞🏼

My target species to add to their list today? ⭐️ Spring peepers ⭐️
I haven’t seen or heard that species since moving to Minnesota.
🤞🏼 🐸 🤞🏼 Image
We got sooo many spring peepers! Recent metamorphs about 1 cm long and a couple of adults. I crazy or are they calling in this video? I ask if I’m crazy bc it’s out of season. Have heard gray tree frogs call out of season but not peepers
Spring peeper habitat in Minnesota (& #HerpFall2019 students hunting #frogs ) Image
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#HerpFall2019 students will check traps & learn about #fieldwork notes & disinfection protocols tomorrow!

Hoping the #herp gods look kindly upon us & fill our hoop nets, minnow traps, & cover objects with critters!

Stay tuned! (All wrk w/appropriate permits) Image
‘Twas a good day in #HerpFall2019 !

Turned up 7 species in central MN during #fieldwork today!

Highlights: a feisty female painted #turtle , & SO MANY blue spotted #salamanders , boreal chorus #frogs , & wood frogs.

I think it’ll be a fun year 😊
Here’s the class posing next to a statue of a painted turtle (that you can hardly see 😆...we’ll get better at team pics) Image
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#Fieldwork yesterday & today yielded several highlights:

A dozen blue spotted #salamander #larvae , plus one dead in a trap (with a massive belastomatid insect [aka "toe biter"]).

These larvae are part of a student's project, which he'll be presenting @MWPARC this August! Image
Plus metamorphosing or recently metamorphosed #amphibians of a few different species! (It's that time of the year in central #Minnesota )

In some spots the ground was littered with tiny wood #frog (Lithobates sylvaticus) metamorphs. You can see this one's remaining tail nubbin. ImageImage
And right as I was reminding us to "keep an eye out for metamorphosing #toads" I came across this American toadlet (Anaxyrus americanus) Image
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Enjoyed some rather rotund American #toads while setting traps for tiger #salamander larvae today. ImageImage
More photos later, but the tiger sal larvae at this pond hatched in early May and are already *HUGE* (>1 in TL) w/small back legs.

Me to students @ start of #fieldwork : remember, the larvae may still be small

Me later: 🤯woah
Also, None of us can catch a skink to save our lives! 😂

Prairie skinks were all around the pond. At random intervals you’d hear one of us yell “whoop!”, disappear into the grass, and then grumble bc we missed 🤣
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