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What are recent topics for #PhD research in management?
@firstphdchat @ThePhDPlace @PhD_Genie @phd_positionsdk @PhDVoice
The latest topics of interest are =>
1. Behavioural models of Marketing using experimental economics

2. Role of Data Sciences in modelling time-motion studies to measure human efficiency and output on the shop floor.
3. Reliability Management Process Improvement Controls used in the Value Added Industries(Industrial/engineering management).

4.Supply Chain Risk Management Models.
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And #ECRday2022 is off! We're kicking off with a panel on 'The Early Career Journey' with a team of @qub_belfast experts. Before we get started: some housekeeping! Thanks are due to @DNIRE1, Alice at @QUBPostdoc & @WrayRamona for being so amazingly helpful & supportive 🙏
@DNIRE1 @QUBPostdoc @WrayRamona We also need to thank @QUBResearchPol for the funding that enabled us to pay all our speakers & chairs: only right to reward their time, expertise & generosity!
@DNIRE1 @QUBPostdoc @WrayRamona @QUBResearchPol Speaking of chairs, today we are in the hands of @J_O_McCullough, who is a @nbcdtp PhD Candidate at @ModLangs_QUB. Image
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Are you applying for #PhD positions? I just finished reviewing the applications for @TrainingVbc Ph.D. program. Here are common issues and #HowTo address them (obv. personal, always take w/ a🧂)
1/ Let me set the stage: we review many applicants in a short time. We want a-well trained, b-knowledgable people who have an idea about what they want to do (having an idea is a sign of maturity, may change later)
2/ Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to stand out from the crowd. How can you do this?
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📄 Here's my take on literature review and note-taking in grad school 🙃 ↓

#AcademicTwitter #AcademicChatter #phdchat #phdlife #phd #gradschool @PhDVoice @NotionHQ
📄 I take my notes on the papers that I'm reading in Notion.

I have a Notion page template that I duplicate each time I read a new paper: Image
The template has some useful metadata: the year of the publication, title, web bookmark to the online version, authors, number of citations or any additional comments that I want to make for myself (e.g. Really cool paper! 🚀).

I also made a couple of tags ready to select: Image
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Over the past several months, I’ve been doing a deep-dive into transformer language models #NLProc and their applications in #psychology for the last part of my #PhD thesis. 👩🏻‍🎓 Here are a few resources that I’ve found invaluable and really launched me forward on this project 🧵:
🏃🏻‍♀️💨 If you already have some data and you want a jump start to classify it all using #transformers, check out @maria_antoniak’s #BERT for Humanists/Computational Social Scientists Talk: Colab notebook and other info:…
🤓 I’m an absolute nerd for stats and experiment design in psych, but doing #ML experiments is very different. A clear, detailed (and reasonable length) course to get up to speed on train-test splits, hyperparameter tuning, etc. and do the very best work:…
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The BOU/@IBIS_journal is an international society for ornithologists all around the world. We have members on all continents researching on every topic of avian science and conservation. Join us and be part of our global #ornithology network

#BOU2022 Image
Via our Equality & Diversity Working Group we strive to improve as a society in making #ornithology more equal, equitable, diverse and inclusive…

#BOU2022 Image
Discrimination, racism and prejudice exists within society and sadly within #ornithology too. We stand with those against all forms of racism and where and when we can we will strive to make avian science more inclusive and diverse…

#BOU2022 Image
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The BOU/@IBIS_journal is an international society for ornithologists all around the world. We have members on all continents researching on every topic of avian science and conservation. Join us and be part of our global #ornithology network

#BOU2022 Image
Via our Equality & Diversity Working Group we strive to improve as a society in making #ornithology more equal, equitable, diverse and inclusive…

#BOU2022 Image
Discrimination, racism and prejudice exists within society and sadly within #ornithology too. We stand with those against all forms of racism and where and when we can, we will strive to make avian science more inclusive and diverse…

#BOU2022 Image
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Which is a better career option, an #MBA in finance or financial risk management?
I am not an admirer of the MBA Degree Program. So I think I should not be answering this question per se.

But, let me give it a try.
MBA is a professional qualification, unlike MA / MSc / MS / MPhil Degree programs.
How you will benefit from an MBA degree, is entirely up to your understanding of the challenges emerging in the workplace.
MBA Finance is neither a fish nor fowl qualification.
If you would like to learn financial theory, derivatives, risk and economics, you will be better off by doing a proper MS or MSc in Financial Economics or Applied Finance (Financial Engineering).
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Tactical behavior in #Football has a spatial and a temporal component, and results from interaction with the opponent. It’s key to account for all these aspects in data-driven tactical analysis, as well as to respect the complexity of the temporal and spatial dimensions 🧵
Two years ago I published a systematic review in @EurJSportSci on using big data in #soccer for tactical performance analysis that illustrates the associated challenges and provides a data-driven scientific framework. #DataScience
The most common analysis issue is the fact that spatial and/or temporal complexity is not respected. For example by aggregating data over multiple minutes, or constructing spatial features aggregating 11 player positions into a single variable.
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♨️ For those interested in reading all my work 📚 on #JohnOwen leading up to my @VUamsterdam / @VU_FRT #PhD dissertation: “‘These are the Times’: Public Worship as Manifestation of a New Age of Theo-Politics in the Theology of John Owen” (a chronological thread)👇🏼
1/ “For Freedom Christ Has Set Us Free: John Owen’s A Discourse Concerning Liturgies, And Their Imposition .” The Confessional Presbyterian 4 (2008): 29–42.…
2/ “Of Great Importance and of High Concernment: The Liturgical Theology of John Owen (1616–1683).” (ThM thesis, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, 2010).
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Yesterday I shared a small thread about getting into #DataScience. Today I’ll build on that and share a bit about my own journey into sports analytics, specifically as a #DataScientist in the #football industry. 🧵
My path began with a MSc in Sport & Movement Science @VU_FBW. It’s not computer science or anything, but it does involve quite some #Math, #Statistics and #Physics, as well as a course in programming. Mainly it learned me Science, and gave me a lot of domain knowledge in sports.
I wasn’t planning to become a #DataScientist, but I wanted to work in sports. I did various stints as an embedded sports scientist, mostly internships/part-time, before joining @ZZLEIDENBASKETB. Those jobs involved data & science, but it wasn’t anything close to #DataScience.
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MBAs and even DBAs find it very tough to publish in high impact factor journals.
Most of the management teaching done at business schools relies on the case study method.
The staff is not conversant with modern statistical and mathematical methods used for writing research papers
My advice to all management studies/ old business school style professors and adjunct faculty members is that they should do MOOCs.
At their age, they cannot enrol in a hard science degree program.
The most worrying thing that I have come across is that departments where full-time teaching staff cannot publish articles/ monographs in top peer-reviewed journals, start publication services of their own to accommodate failure.
In-house Discussion Papers Journal, etc
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Many young people ask me how they can become a #DataScientist, specifically in #football. Lately I have also seen a lot of posts on how to get into #DataScience in (1)50 days or so, which is a joke imo. Here is my realistic take on it. Warning: it will be closer to 1500 days. 🧵
#DataScience is an umbrella of roles & fields that require different competencies. But they all have two things in common: you have to know #Science and you have to be able to work with #data. The first requires learning to do research, the second learning to do #programming.
Go to uni and get a masters degree that at least requires some #math skills. I’m not saying you need a #PhD and 5 publications before calling yourself a #DataScientist, nor that you can’t be one without a MSc, but is helps a lot in acquiring the right competencies.
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An Economics/Finance PhD is still probably one of the few degrees that provides you with an opportunity to start a career in either academia or elsewhere in the corporate sector, preferably Finance or the Govt Sectors.
But, always try to gain some practical experiences after BS
I don't like this concept of pushing students after undergrad level directly into a PhD program.
Especially, if the student has an opportunity to learn some practical skills in the real world.
Economics is that sort of profession, where many jump using the 3+1 research route.
I mean, what is the point of blindly doing a doctorate when you cannot operate basic IT Systems & Computing Packages that will help you work as an economist at banks, funds, etc
Attending colloquiums, seminars and conferences, co-authoring n publishing papers, etc won't help.
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Are you starting your career as an assistant professor and guiding #PhD students for the first time?
Here are a few mentoring tips from the perspective of a current PhD student that may help you.

@AcademicChatter @PhDVoice @PhD_Genie #research @PhDsofIndia
1) Never keep lab meetings on Monday, Tuesday and weekends. Putting on Monday or Tuesday will force them to work on weekends. Respect the social life of PhD students. It's also good for their mental wellbeing.

2) Regularly talk about the long term and short term impact that the PhD project is going to produce, like patents, high impact journal papers as well as the societal impact. This will motivate the PhD scholars to work harder, smarter and better.
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Over the last 5 years I've slowly transitioned, with occasional painful moments, from academic #research to founding a #startup. Here's what I've learned as a #PhD turned #founder, a thread 🧵:
Step one of this journey, leaving #academia in the first place, was one of the hardest parts. It's a big leap to take, which I previously wrote about here:…

This thread reflects on how everything changed after that.
I've never played #dnd, but I think the idea of dual-classing in D&D aptly describes a PhD-founder:
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[...] in un contesto in cui l'efficacia della propaganda politica e bellica era al centro dell'attenzione.[...]
Sono effettuate le prime ricerche di mercato sul consumatore. [...]
Le tecniche di campionamento diventano oggetto di studio ai fini dell'applicazione a sondaggi per la stima delle preferenze politiche e di consumo.
LUIGI ANOLLI "Psicologia della comunicazione" Il Mulino 2002;
Perciò, cari ragazzi con il pieicddì, quando parlate de iDati™, ricordatevi che la statistica e i metodi di campionamento nascono con l'idea di comprendere quanto funzionano le pubblicità. Questo significa che nascono come strumento di controllo del mercato delle idee.
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This #InternationalWomensDay I’d like to remind my doctor colleagues that medicine has an androcentric history that may impact upon women patients. That woman isn’t « difficult », she’s under-researched and we know less (and even less has been translated to practice). 🧵
We can do Better. Women are also represented less in medical and anatomical textbooks. Here are some papers for further information.
Androcentricity in medicine:…
Misogyny in medical research:…
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Want to make "AMAZING PRESENTATIONS" that your audience will fall in love?

If so, make sure your @powerpoint presentations follows these evidence based communication principles.

🧵 for #researcher, #startups.
@PhD_Genie @AcademicChatter @PhDVoice #PhD #presentation
This 8 principles are based on publication by Kosslyn et al (2012) published in frontiers in psychology.
1) Dont be that person who apologises for a text that is too small. Always go for a minimum 20 point size. Use high-resolution images. Colour hues should be well separated ( Discriminability ). Don't unintentionally camouflage your images 😄
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WHY MEDS WORK AND WHY ITS NORMAL TO BE HESITANT TO TAKE THEM AT FIRST: A thread 🧵(slightly long read so bear with me)
Today was the 1st group meeting of the sem! I usually have silent panic attacks every meeting & mask it by staying silent since everyone in my group sounds so smart & they know what they're doing as opposed to me who's not been able to generate a single dataset in the last year +
I was diagnosed with anxiety & depression a couple of months ago - I was really really scared to take meds since I couldn't believe I wasn't strong enough to produce the chemicals I needed. It took a great deal of persuading from my psychiatrist to start them and cut to today, +
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PEOPLE OF SPACE! I’m super excited to be hosting this week! We’ll be covering a bunch of topics that are near and dear to me including #space (obviously), astronomy, supernovae, radio astronomy, science communication, and MORE
#science #scicomm #spacetwitter #intro #Thread
But who is this random dude yelling at us about space?
Well the short version is that I’m a physicist who finished high school with every intention of becoming a lawyer - pictured is 19yo me not caring about science
#accidentalscientist #accidentalphysicist #throwback #SPACE 10 years ago before I had considered a career in science - I
For a slightly longer version you can check out this #thread I did on my @funfactscience account recently to reintroduce myself to #spacefam and any newcomers to my page
#introductions #spacetwitter #space
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example of how i organize sources and keep track of reading progress in @logseq

🦴💀 = headings and structure

#TfT #PKM #Dissertation #PhD #AcademicTwitter Image
@logseq quick overview...

1. First on a page "library" create blocks with the titles of each source in your library.
2. Upload the PDF by typing "/asset" (without quotes)
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Today’s #ResearchTip is we all know it’s wrong if supervisors say “suffering is a badge of honour for a PhD”. But PhDs regularly tell each other suffering’s an inevitable part of a doctorate. Stopping them - or others - seeking help.
#AcademicTwitter #AcademicChatter #gradschool
So suffering should not be a badge of honour OR an inevitable part of doing a #PhD
Sometimes it will be challenging. But it should also have high points. If you are struggling without help or being made unwell or unhappy by your peers, supervisor or PI - ask for help!
You may feel afraid, exhausted or underconfident. That may lead you to be negative about your #PhD and assume you cannot seek support or none will be available. This hopelessness is a vicious cycle. There may not be people immediately available to help but help is still there
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