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Thank you @IWS_Network for giving me the opportunity to share my #story 💜 ! This a part of Voices Without Frontiers program… #IWS #WomenInSTEM #VoicesIWS #ecology #conservation #biodiversity
I was born in #saopaulo, #Brazil’s largest city, very different from the #Amazon Rainforest & Rio! See me and a #samauma, the most famous Amazon tree 🌳
Also me & @IsabelaHissa in front of Sao Paulo’s #MASP (Modern Art Museum) & me and my mom in #Rio! #VoiceIWS @IWS_Network Image
I can say I lived in a great #rainforest because Sao Paulo & most of the coast of Brazil are in the Atlantic Forest 🌴🌺🐍. It is one of the 34 world’s #hotspots of #biodiversity, with more than 1500 plant species and 90% of original area loss. #VoiceIWS @IWS_Network Source: https://www.e-educa...
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Hopefully my suggestions help #PhD students and others working on the Discussion section of scientific manuscripts. Happy writing!

#AcademicTwitter #writingtips #WritingHacks #gradschool #phdchat @AcademicChatter Image
I'm so glad people found this helpful! 🙂

Follow me for more tips in the coming weeks on scientific presentations, grant writing, and more 👍
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1/n - As a grad student/fellow for 5 years, the experience isn’t a whole lot. However, permit me to share a few tips/lessons I have learned in grad school for the benefit of intending grad student.

#AcademicTwitter #AcademicChatter #phdlife #phd #msc #gradlife #graduateschool
2/n - You should not underestimate the importance of reading and studying. There’s always something new in your field. One of the best things you can do for yourself is to be aware of advancements in your field. It will help you look forward to “what’s next” in the field.
3/n - Before you’re in grad school (I’d put this up there too), do a great deal of research into your choice of mentor. That mentor will play a great role in shaping what kind of researcher/student you become. Trust me, you want to watch the kind of shoulders you stand on.
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Prof Dong wrote :

Fully funded PhD student positions available in my lab in Mechanical Engineering at University of Oklahoma! We are looking for 1-2 graduate student researchers in the following exciting areas:
(1) Modeling, simulation, optimization, controls, and data science
(2) Battery management systems, thermal management
(3) Next-generation energy storage - theory and experiments
If you are interested, please email me at with your CV, transcript, and a cover letter describing your background, experiences, and fitness.
More info: Looking forward to interacting with brilliant minds! Please share. #energy #controlsystems #batteries #recruiting #phd
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Wat de relatie is tussen spelende Joodse kinderen op een begraafplaats, het bewust breken van je heup en een fundamentele angst voor dichtslaande autodeuren... dat tonen dagboeken uit het Derde Rijk aan. #Holocaustresearch #wecom #phd #UAntwerpen #VUB #fwo #thesisthread (1/20) Image
#AnneFrank leerde de wereld met haar dagboek hoe het is om verdoken te leven. Hoe het leven in Duitse steden veranderde toen Hitler de macht greep op 1 januari 1933 en of er voor Joden nog veilige oorden waren, ook dat leren dagboeken uit 1933-1945. #Holocaustdiary (2/20) Image
Een blik op het leven in de stad is vernieuwend in Holocaust-onderzoek. Uit ethische verantwoordelijkheid werd lang gefocust op het leven in getto’s en concentratiekampen: massamoord vond hier plaats. Toch waren stedelijke veranderingen belangrijke stappen in dit proces. (3/20) Image
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Two very interesting #PhD positions in behavioural health economics/health policy #TUM! Munich, Germany 🇩🇪

You will be working with Dr. Nikkil Sudharsanan which is another big plus to work on topics in behavioral science/economics and health policy.
Focus is South/Southeast Asia (India, Indonesia, and Cambodia for now) and chronic health care and NCD prevention.
If you are interested, please send the following documents (in English if possible) to Nikkil Sudharsanan ( until 5th of November 2021:
A brief cover letter that touches on your main reason for wanting to do a PhD and where you see yourself after your doctoral studies.
Please also describe any experience you have had with fieldwork (for example, survey collection, randomized studies, qualitative work).
Your CV.
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Honestly, WTF is a #LiteratureReview? 😓
If you feel this way you’re not alone. Here is my updated guide (w/resources).

#PhD #phdlife #phdchat
Literature review defined
A portion of a research paper that compiles, describes, and analyzes different sources of information relevant to a given research topic, and then critically draws connections between each source and the research of the author writing the review.
The purpose
A literature review is meant to discuss current debates that exist, provide a summary of the relevant aspects, show how your research paper is placed chronologically, provide an introduction to the topic, and prevent you from reinventing the wheel.
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I got 4 fully funded PhD offers in the USA

Here is what you can learn from each paragraph of my SOP

Check reply for this #thread....

#AcademicTwitter #phdchat #PhDposition #phdlife #phdvoice #phdadvice #phdpositions #Scholarships #Phdapplications
Paragraph 1 (P1): Introduction

- Problem you want your career to solve

- Why the problem raises concern

- Why the problem needs to be solved

- Your career statement (may involve your aim to provide solution to the problem)

- Declare your intention to apply for a program
P2: Research
- Your research at undergrad and or post-baccalaureate
- Describe problem, approach, result, & significance of your research
- Highlight your role in the success of the research
- State how your research will influence your success in #gradschool
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In this thread, I will concisely explain what my #PhD (in history), which I defended last month (@UAntwerpen), is about. #ThesisThread #twitterstorians #medievaltwitter

If you're interested in premodern (or late medieval) famines and grain price shocks, read on! 👇 1/20
The big debate within the study of hunger and food crises largely hinges on the question of if the production rather than the allocation of food was decisive in the development of famine.

The (inter)regional trade in food is crucial in that debate. 2/20
A lot of research has focussed on how poorly functioning markets caused famines, while we shall see that this was not the case in 14th C Flanders. Furthermore, that 14th C is perfect to study these price shocks, as it is central in the debate on the late medieval crisis. 3/20
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Tinder: have you heard of it? 🧡 Of course you have.

But can its algorithm also serve as an inspiration in phytochemical research? 👩‍🔬

Swipe through my tweets to find out! 👉

#Thesisthread Image
The goal of my #PhD is to discover a new potential drug against urinary stone disease. They affect up to 15% of the population and are known to cause intense pain. Those who suffered from it, know what I mean!
Nevertheless, up to today no satisfactory treatment is available. Image
#Pharmacognosy: [noun] knowledge concerned with medicinal drugs obtained from plants or other natural sources.

You think this is outdated?
Not at all! More and more researchers tend to focus on natural products as source of inspiration for development of new drugs and so did I.
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For those @IGAC_ECS attending the @IGACProject #ECS short course, do make sure to give the #UpGoer5 challenge a 1st attempt or two in advance via @theosanderson's text editor (linked below). I've left one I wrote for my #PhD thesis there as an example:…
Essentially the challenge is to use the thousand (or “ten hundred”!) most commonly used words in the English language can you describe your #PhD thesis or area of science? (full list linked here:…)
This idea started from a comic strip by the engineer and illustrator Randall Munroe ( Here they tried to find a way to explain something very complicated (The NASA Apollo Space programmes’ Saturn V rocket) using just simple words.
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What are recent topics for PhD in management or other affiliated subjects?

The latest topics of interest are =>
1.#Behavioural models of #Marketing using experimental economics

2.Role of #Data #Sciences in modelling time-motion studies to measure human efficiency and output on the shop floor.
3.#Reliability Management Process Improvement Controls used in the Value-Added Industries
(Industrial/#engineering management).
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Kindly RT, tag and share for interested candidates

A thread of various scholarships for graduate school (Masters and PhD) in a variety of programs
15 fully funded Phd in agrifood and environmental sciences, University of Trento, Italy
Masters and PhD position in Agricultural Nitogen use efficiency at University of New Hampshire, USA
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1/Always wondered why getting a #PhD was associated with a career in #Academia, especially because most universities offering the degree never train you how to teach! Apparently, the term doctor derives from Latin, meaning "teacher" or "instructor".
2/The doctorate (Latin: doctoratus)appeared in medieval Europe as a license to teach Latin (licentia docendi) at a university. Its roots can be traced to the early church in which the term doctor referred to the Apostles, church fathers, and other Christian authorities who taught
3/The right to grant a licentia docendi (i.e. the doctorate) was originally reserved to the Catholic church, which required the applicant to pass a test take an oath of allegiance, and pay a fee. That is the history.
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This is a heavy one. As I rebuild my life, God is helping me to unlearn this mindset of blindly tolerating the disrespect of institutions & the people that run these institutions. A prime example are institutions of higher education. Image
Now, there are several reasons why I tolerated the high level of blatant disrespect from my research advisor for so long, to the point of eventually BREAKING myself. COMPLETELY. And guess what? NONE of the “institutionalists” offered ANY help.
Haven’t heard a peep from ANYONE to this day! But, my GOD RESTORED ME. So here I am. Now, here’s the thing. I was wrong. I was of the mind, that since these people are more well learned than I am, went to elite universities, furnishing fancy PhDs,…
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🙋‍♀️Bonjour, c'est Fatima Jomaa, doctorante à @IGE_Grenoble, qui travaille avec l'équipe C2H (Climat, Cryosphère et Hydrosphère). ⤵️
🔎L'équipe C2H cherche à mieux comprendre les interactions entre le #climat, la cryosphère et l'hydrosphère dans les régions froides de la planète, et leur positionnement dans le système climatique global. Suivez mon fil de discussion pour en savoir plus sur mon travail !🧐
➡️Les risques naturels associés aux précipitations extrêmes, tels que les #inondations 🌊 et l'#érosion côtière, ont provoqué la mort de milliers de personnes et d'énormes pertes économiques. Image
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How is the London Business School MBA degree valued in the United States?
Let me answer this question based on what I have heard from my friends and acquaintances.

British Universities don't go far in creating an impression in Business and Management Science subjects in the USA in particular! that is a fact.
There is this general impression in the USA and abroad that the best business schools are American Business Schools.

Why? Historical Perspective….
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1. Forget all about his faked #WMD evidence which led to over a million people being killed in the 2003 #Iraq war and occupation.
2. Believe in his anti-China, evidence-free, Covid-19 Wuhan lab leak conspiracy theory.
"President #Biden's intelligence service order relating to the Wuhan lab leak theory was issued the same day that Prime Minister Boris# Johnson's former chief adviser, Dominic #Cummings,
gave evidence before a parliamentary committee in which he confirmed a government policy to allow tens of thousands to die from #Covid-19."
Britain's intelligence services are “assisting” #US investigations into whether Covid-19 was “leaked” from a Chinese laboratory,
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How did getting a #PhD harmed your career?
This question was put to me on another forum.
I am sharing my answer for the benefit of this community.
Interesting to read such pessimistic accounts of life again and again! I think if the word goes out, most of the universities will be facing a shortage of students and hence that leads to a lockdown / shut down or a possible global academic research meltdown.
So let us not overdo this criticism!

I would like to answer this from a knowledge capital formation and a global development perspective, based on my interaction with PhD degree holders across various nations of the world.
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THREAD: My research was published today in the International Journal Of Disaster Risk Reduction (#DRR) The link is below. I wanted to take you through it in a series of graphics and infographics. So here goes....…
This is #SantaBarbara, California. It really is a beautiful place to live, but expensive too. (Secretly - or maybe not - I would LOVE to live and work here). It is also where I carried out my #PhD fieldwork, Living my best #phdlife...
Like many places in Southern California, there are a number of #naturalhazards that can and do impact on the city and its surrounding County:

Wildfires 🔥🔥
Mudslides ⛰️ 🪨
Earthquakes 🏚️🏚️
Tsunamis 🌊🌊
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We are kicking of #arthistoryPDD with a welcome address by our chair @GursimOberoi who speaks to the challenges the past year has presented to the professional development of #phd students and #ecr researchers
Research has been put on hold following the closure of libraries, archives and museums; fellowships have been postponed or, in some cases, cancelled; publications delayed; and, in many cases, our projects have been reframed and remoulded as a result of the pandemic.
Many of us have paused our work to support our loved ones or volunteered to support the local community. We have vigorously adapted our way of teaching turning to online and hybrid delivery to guide and advise our students.
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Thanks @IWS_Network for inviting me to share my story as an #international #immigrant #WomanInSTEM! Throughout this week I will share my journey so far, challenges & triumphs; inviting you to share yours and connect with me if it resonates with you! #VoicesIWS
I grew up in #Delhi #India, a place I still think of as home & where my family still resides. Living in the capital, my parents, sister and I spoke to each other in #tamil, #hindi, & #english. My mom was my first #chemistry teacher. #WomenInSTEM #VoicesIWS @IWS_Network Image
As a teenager I fell in love with the vibrant colors & creative possibilities of the chemistry lab. Nandini ma'am & other excellent teachers, most of whom were #WomenInSTEM at The Mother's International School were my role models. @IWS_Network #VoicesIWS #WomenInSTEM Image
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"making females sing when they shouldn't" @newscientist This will be an unpopular & probably ignored thread about #menopause #ecology #responsibility #society #power #inequality. So I am 51, BANG in the peri-menopause. #davinamenopause
I am also #PhD research fellow, trying thru brain fog to learn 2 new languages, in a new country & new work industry (academia) during a pandemic. So my GP prescribes me synthetic HRT after a 3 month headache & acute anxiety to allow me to keep working on #sustainability research
I am just one of 4 billion women who will experience(if they live long enough despite war, poverty, violence & environmental destruction to get to it?) waning of fertility. Half the world's humans. If we ALL took #hrt of any kind what does that mean for our non-human female kin?
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Fun fact? I've spent 46 more days incarcerated than @chrissaccoccia1 has. I was arrested for messing with his hateful ilk in #Fredericton 14 March...after they'd been harassing a peaceful protest, hurling racist slurs, and toting racist shit about china on boards...
I squawked my #EctoOne siren (#GhostBusters nerd & #Feniex installer, on the way to being certified) and put on my hazards.
THEN, the hateful little #Chuddies started hitting my vehicle, multiple times, one woman had a weird fascination with talking about my penis (I 𝙝𝙤𝙥𝙚 my spouse is satisfied - she was still home when I got released ✌️😉).

My demo unit? Purchased here:…
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