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Seriously? This is trending?

We are free to take whatever he says with a dose of disbelief (much like a few others on twitter). But this is too much.

CBI would not be on the case without his involvement.
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The irony of my tweet here is that - the person I'm speaking in favor of has actually blocked me.

That's how non-political I am (translation: I probably won't get far in life)
I am getting questions - so here's the thread that got me blocked by him:

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हर आंदोलन के पीछे ,कोई ना कोई चेहरा जरूर होता है,पर सुशांत सिंह राजपूत के न्याय के लिए इस आंदोलन हमे कोई चेहरा नही दिखा, किंयुकि ये आंदोलन बिहार से निकलकर ,पूरे देश मे कब फैल गया पता ही नही चला....लेकिन हर आंदोलन की तरह इस आंदोलन के पीछे भी कुछ चेहरे थे

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जो अंदर ही अंदर अपना धर्म निभाते गए,और इस आंदोलन को आज इस रूप में लाकर खड़ा कर दिया....

सुशांत सिंह राजपूत के न्याय के मुद्दे को आंदोलन का रंग देने की शुरुआत की उनके बचपन के मित्र #अभिषेक_सिंह @Yuva_Abhishek#विशाल_सिंह ने कि
इस मुद्दे पर पहले दिन से बिहार में लगातर आंदोलन हो रहा था बिहार के लोगों ने पिछले 80 दिनो से हर जिला मे आंदोलन किया और इस आंदोलन का केंद्र बिंदु पटना था।

लगातर आंदोलन का नतीजा था जिसके कारण एक के बाद एक बिहार का हर पार्टी के विधायक मंत्री सांसद ने सीबीआई जाँच की माँग की है
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THREAD: Who is IMTIAZ KHATRI? Why is he being protected by #MahaGovt & #UddhavThackeray along with #SoorajPancholi?
#ImtiazKhatri is Sooraj’s best friend. read this thread to find out why he is being protected:
#Warriors4SSR #MahaGovtSoldOut #MahaVikasAghadi
(2/n) #ImtiazKhatri is the son of an influential #Bandra builder who owns F.A. Infrastructure Ltd. This company is rotten to its core and is closely tied to many politicians from the #MahaVikasAghadi. Company details here:
#Warriors4SSR #JusticeForSushant #JusticeForDisha
(3/n) Now get this: FA Infrastructure, through #corruption got 13 contracts in #Konkan region of #Maharashtra. How? They were handpicked by #AjitPawar (DY CM) & #SharadPawar. This happened in 2012 - that’s how old their association is! #MahaVikasAghadi #JusticeForSushant
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IMPORTANT THREAD: Exposing #MumbaiPolice DCP #AbhishekTrimukhe who has been in continuous touch with #RheaChakraborty. This is not the first time Trimukhe has taken law into his own hands, see for yourself:
#Warriors4SSR #ArrestRheaChakraborty #ResignTrimukhe
Wondering why #ArbaazKhan is still out of jail despite being named in an #IPL betting scam? The answer is DCP #AbhishekTrimukhe. The Khans have taken him in as their personal pet! #MumbaiPolice #BettingScam #SalmanKhan #ResignTrimukhe #RheaChakraborty #Warriors4SSR
Why was only @KanganaTeam maligned in the #CDR scam? Because DCP #AbhishekTrimukhe was asked to highlight her name and pin the blame on her. He is deeply involved with the mafia. #ResignTrimukhe #MumbaiPolice #Warriors4SSR #KanganaRanaut @iRaviTiwari
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Finally #ShowikChakraborty’s Khan connection exposed! He belongs to the same group of friends as #NirvanKhan who is #SohailKhan’s son. This mafia nexus is going down! #Warriors4SSR #BollywoodDarkSecrets #JusticeForSushant #RheaArrestNext #RheaChakraborty Image
@Being_Humor please see and share
@Remember2ndOct please see if you can find any leads through this
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