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The #BonnClimateConference failed once again to address the key drivers of the #ClimateCrisis [= #FossilFuels]. Delay is the new Denialism.
A 🧵on the #FalseSolutions increasingly being pushed in the @UNFCCC negotiations: #CCS #CDR & #geoengineering are dangerous distractions!
Science is crystal clear, the only way to meaningfully reduce emissions is a rapid, equitable, full & funded phase-out of ALL fossil fuels. In this essential #JustTransition, there's is NO space for dangerous distractions such as #CCS or #CarbonRemoval.…
#CCS is NOT a climate solution @CA_Latest…
#CCS may carry even more risk & uncertainty than drilling for oil or gas, according to @ieefa_institute…
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Recent analysis published in @naturesustainab “use #biogeochemical simulations to show that restoration of the marine ecosystems can lead to permanent #CO2Removal by driving #OceanAlkalinityEnhancement & atmosphere-to-ocean #CO2Fluxes.”

Key findings in a🧵⬇️
1/12 Image
Findings of this study suggest that “restoring mangroves, which are common in tropical shallow marine settings, will lead to notable local #OceanAlkalinityEnhancement across a wide range of scenarios.”
2/ Image
“The process is seagrass & mangroves influence the organic & inorganic cycling of C in sediment, with strong impacts on diffusive #alkalinity fluxes. In carbonate-rich sediment, seagrass & mangroves foster carbonate dissolution, resulting in increased alkalinity production...
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🌋 A recent study by @Olenellus & @GambixPT published in @geosociety found that “an extinct #volcano off the shore of Portugal could store as much as 1.2-8.6 gigatons of CO2, the equivalent of 24-125yrs of the country’s industrial emissions.”

🧵1/9 Image
“Doing so would rely on a method known as in situ mineral #carbonization, which works when the CO2 taken from the air is pumped deep underground.”
“Once in the bowels of this extinct volcano, calcium, magnesium, and iron react to the incoming carbon dioxide to form calcite, dolomite, and magnesite, trapping the CO2 forever in a rocky prison.”
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📝💡 𝐖𝐞𝐞𝐤𝐥𝐲 𝐇𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐥𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭𝐬💡📝
Here's your roundup of top #CarbonDioxideRemoval News Articles / Scientific Papers from the past week:
🧵1/12 Image
1️⃣ 🌱🚜 @undocarbon raises £9.6 million ($11.93 million) in funding for its #EnhancedRockWeathering technology led by @lowercarbon.

2️⃣💵 In an effort to neutralize its environmental footprint, JP Morgan has announced it plans to invest more than $200 million to purchase credits from several #CarbonDioxideRemoval companies (“one of the biggest bets ever on #CarbonRemoval”).

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📝💡 𝐖𝐞𝐞𝐤𝐥𝐲 𝐇𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐥𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭𝐬💡📝
Here's your roundup of top #CarbonDioxideRemoval News Articles / Scientific Papers from the past week: 🌱🪨🎛️🌊

1/10 Image
1️⃣ 💵 @Microsoft & @Orsted ink “one of the world's largest” carbon removal deals as Microsoft buys 2.76 million tonnes of #CarbonRemoval from Ørsted using #BECCS. To be delivered over 11 years.

2️⃣ 💸Buyers working through Frontier have binding contracts for $53 million with the startup @CharmIndustrial to remove 112,000 tons of CO2 between 2024 & 2030.

*“Charm turns waste biomass into bio-oil & stores it underground for +1000 years.”

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A recent study "uses a lightweight integrated assessment #model SCORE to explore possible scenarios using #CarbonDioxideRemoval for limiting #GlobalWarming to 1.5 °C by 2100."

1/9 Image
"Particularly, this exploration quantify the impacts of relying on #CDR when accounting for:
1️⃣ possible under- and overestimation of the cost, potential, and availability (feasibility) of future CDR and
2️⃣ the compound effect with uncertainty in climate sensitivity."
"All scenario results show that aggressive near-term mitigation is required for limiting warming to 1.5 °C by 2100 for all levels of climate sensitivity, but that some amount of #CDR is likely required in the future even if climate sensitivity turns out to be extremely low."
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"International C markets are a very potent tool for mobilizing #CarbonDioxideRemoval in line with Paris Agreement ambitions to limit global warming to well below 2°C. Yet, C market regulators have not systematically approached removals."

🧵1/7 Image
So, a review paper recently published "assesses the highly fragmented treatment of #removals under compliance and #VoluntaryCarbonMarkets, including baseline, credit and cap-and-trade systems."
2/7 Image
"The Kyoto mechanisms and the large #VoluntaryCarbonMarket standards have long focussed on biological removals without inherent storage permanence and only recently started to develop methodologies for removals with #geological storage, #mineralization or #biochar."
3/7 Image
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✍️ 𝐖𝐞𝐞𝐤𝐥𝐲 𝐇𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐥𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭𝐬 ✍️

Top #CarbonDioxideRemoval News /Scientific papers from the past week covered in a 🧵below: ⬇️

1/15 Image
1️⃣ 🌊"Dalhousie receives historic $154‑million investment to study the ocean’s pivotal role in climate change. The 𝐥𝐚𝐫𝐠𝐞𝐬𝐭 𝐫𝐞𝐬𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐜𝐡 𝐠𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐭 in Dalhousie history"!



2️⃣ 🚜🌾"The Carbon Business Council (@CO2Council) released a policy brief on #CarbonRemoval and the #2023FarmBill."


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🌊Recent study "presents the mass balances linked with #CarbonDioxideRemoval using seawater as both the source of reactants & as the reaction medium via electrolysis following the “Equatic” (formerly known as “SeaChange”) process."

🌊Details in a 🧵 below ⬇️
1/12 Image
"The #Equatic process, broadly detailed in (…), involves the application of an electric overpotential that splits H2O to form H+ & OH– ions, producing #acidity & #alkalinity, i.e., in addition to gaseous coproducts at the anode & cathode, respectively."
2/12 Image
"The #alkalinity that results, i.e., via the steady electrolytic pH pump results in the rapid precipitation of CaCO3, hydrated magnesium #carbonates (e.g., nesquehonite & hydromagnesite, etc.) or Mg(OH)2 depending on the carbonate ion-activity in solution."
3/12 Image
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"The study explored the wide range in #CDR deployment volumes across 1.5°C compatible & high overshoot pathways by evaluating the links btw CDR & conceptually linked scenario aspects, via focus on CDR in 2050 & scenario properties related to reaching #NetZero CO2."
🧵 Image
"#CDR volumes
were further evaluated in terms of their relative and absolute contribution to total mitigation up until reaching
net-zero CO2, showing considerable variation across scenarios with a median relative contribution of around 20%."
2/7 Image
"The volumes of #CDR in 2050 and 2100 and the cumulative amount throughout the 21st century were most strongly correlated to the degree to which CO2 emissions are reduced as a means of reaching net-zero CO2."
3/7 ImageImage
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📝💡 𝐖𝐞𝐞𝐤𝐥𝐲 𝐇𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐥𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭𝐬💡📝
Here's is your roundup of top #CarbonDioxideRemoval News Articles / Scientific Papers from the past week: 🌱🪨🎛️🌊

1/14 Image
1️⃣ #CarbonRemoval Policy Tracker launched by @CarbonGap to explore Europe’s #CDR #DAC #BECCS policy landscape & pilots.🌱🎛️

2️⃣ ✍️ @fionaharvey's recent blog post explored the contentious issue related to #CarbonDioxideRemoval technologies.📰

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"The recent review article discusses the basic operation of the marine #CarbonCycle & 2 #mCDR methods that are "thought to offer the greatest potential in terms of #CDR mass:

1/14 ImageImage
Various conclusions were drawn in the review which are enlisted below:

1️⃣ "The alkalinity of the ocean creates a massive increase in the ocean’s capacity to #store #carbon, relative to a scenario without #OceanAlkalinity."
2/14 Image
2️⃣ "Ocean warming causes decreases in both #CO2 #solubility and the Revelle factor (B), which make the ocean less efficient at #absorbing CO2."
3/14 Image
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The Climate Change Authority of #Australia has issued a report that pinpoints #CarbonSequestration as critical to reduce emissions.

"Storing C away from the atm is integral, both to avert #GHGs from entering the atm & to #remove them from it."
1/11 Image
The report notes that "while conventional #CarbonAccounting is simple and economically flexible, it does not consider crucial differences between different sources and sinks of #GHG #emissions." As a result, 𝐈𝐭 𝐩𝐫𝐨𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐞𝐬 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐟𝐨𝐥𝐥𝐨𝐰𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐬: ⬇️
1️⃣ "The Government should prioritise the development of long-lived geological and mineral #storage technologies.

2️⃣ Measures to restore CO2 released from #CarbonSinks should be reviewed and enhanced as appropriate."
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Today we publish our latest @ETC_Energy report on how to #FinanceTheTransition.

You can download the report here:

Here's a 🧵 on a few of my highlights from the analysis carried out – and challenges we face.

It’s crucial to distinguish between two different flows of finance:

- Investment, which generates economic returns. We need $3.5trn/yr on avg to 2050.
- Payments for activities that won’t occur fast enough w/out funding (e.g. early coal phaseout). Here we require $300bn/yr

To put this in perspective, low-carbon investment globally is currently around $1 trillion/year – this must triple by 2030 in order to reach the required $3.5 trillion/year.

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TODAY @IPCC_CH released its most comprehensive assessment of science of #ClimateChange, impacts & solutions.
This is not the first & won’t be the last wake-up call, but it’s a unique moment.
I was in Interlaken 🇨🇭 for the last 9 days.
Here’s a🧵with my take #ClimateReport👇 Image
Before I start... Let's step back 👣

Here's a @ciel_tweets & @BoellStiftung analysis on the @IPCC_CH's Synthesis Report #ClimateReport

If you missed it, that's a great starting point to understand what #AR6SYR is and why it matters:…
Negotiations of the Summary for Policymaker highlighted the clash between the indisputable #ClimateScience & mainstream economic models underpinning mitigation pathways, perpetuate a business-as-usual approach. Incredible work of CSOs put a spotlight on #FossilFuels. Image
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Next week, I'll be in Interlaken🇨🇭at the 58th Session of the @IPCC_CH, which is going to approve the Synthesis Report of the 6th Assessment Report.
👉READ @ciel_tweets & @BoellStiftung briefing on the #AR6 reports:…
A 🧵
The Sixth Assessment Cycle #AR6 reflects an undeniable scientific consensus: we don't have time, the #ClimateEmergency is already a reality & needs to be addressed NOW, not tomorrow.
#AR6 makes clear:
👉 A rapid & equitable #FossilPhaseOut, and
👉 Rollout of renewable energies alongside energy efficiency and demand-side measures
remain the clearest and most certain path to #ClimateJustice
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Insights into Carbon Dioxide Removal Technologies (Negative Emissions Technologies):
-Ocean Fertilization
-Enhanced Rock Weathering
-Direct Air Capture
@geoengineering1 ImageImage
"Afforestation/reforestation (AR) can generate net negative CO2 emissions, as growing forests remove CO2 from the atmosphere via photosynthesis and store it in living biomass, dead organic matter, and soils."…
How Afforestation/Reforestation helps in atmospheric #CarbonDioxideRemoval (The Process): ImageImageImageImage
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(weil Twitter Tweets verschluckt, nochmal)

In der Diskussion um #CDU #Linnemann und die CO₂-Entnahme durch #Wundertechnologien werden die Begriffe #CCS & #CDR häufig verwechselt.
Wichtiger Unterschied:
#CCS greift CO₂ and Punktquellen ab
#CDR das CO₂ direkt aus der Luft
@sciforfuture @DerGraslutscher @TerliWetter @sci_ffert @ReiSteurer @NurderK @AkkuDoktor @HolzheuStefan @M_Hundhausen @FridayForFuture 2/4
#CCS Carbon Caputure & Storage sorgt dafür, dass Emissionen verringert/eliminiert werden und der CO₂-Gehalt der Atmosphäre nicht weiter steigt ("Wasserhahn")
#CDR Carbon Dioxide Removal ist wie eine "Negative Emission" und senkt den CO₂-Gehalt der Atmosphäre ("Abfluss")
3/4 ABER: diese Technologien SIND NICHT DIE LÖSUNG DER #Klimakrise. Sie können nur einen kleinen Teil unserer Emissionen eliminieren. Der Großteil der #Klimalösung sind immer noch wir, denn wir müssen so oder so 90% der Emissionen reduzieren.
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Mind-blowing that SAI #SRM is taken seriously.
As is deabte about geoengineering #CDR #BECCS #DAC #CCS to "save" 1.5 right now, while mitigation hasn't even been tried to take seriously/started to be acted upon. Reading this report takes me forever because it makes me furious.
White man from Global North:
"Perhaps Brazilians watching recent television footage of dying children in Ethiopia and Sudan would be glad to have their own rainfall reduced to 2000 mm a year when necessary." or geoengineering is a humanitarian endeavor! 🤡…
But evironmentalists are like the people who hated anaesthetics because they wanted to punish women in childbirth for their wicked things done, which they did not do with men! is apparently also possible as a white man's argument for geoengineering.…
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“Solar geoengineering not a humanitarian endeavor: it would constitute massive, potentially dangerous, likely centuries-long intervention into the climate system in order to maintain the economic system at the root of the crisis.”🔥
philanthrocapitalism, ecomodernism, longtermism Image
"There appears to be a faction within climate politics willing to push for extreme..technological interventions to alter the climate system so that we can ultimately change…nothing at all. Or, more accurately, to actively save capitalism from a climate crisis of its own making." Image
Connecting the dots between “cost-effective" IPCC #IAMs and what #SRM has to do with large-scale carbon dioxide removal #CDR. Would add plan includes powering CDR with “green” nuclear to finally make nuclear "economical" 🤡
+ a lot about David Keith / Bill Gates FICER @DoctorVive ImageImage
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#ClimateCrisis: "Undoubtedly the enormous lobbying power of the global #fossilfuel industry & vested financial interests endemic throughout the political #class – that is to say, #corruption – are in large part responsible...… #democracy #science #academia
... for the deadlock in achieving effective policy responses."

"Our, ostensibly independent, #scientific advisory committees and agencies dispense policy recommendations in impressive & bewildering detail. They suggest that by a #subsidy here and a #technology substitution...
... there we can reach ‘net-zero emissions’ in a few decades give or take,without any major upheaval to business as usual. Any #overshoot of emissions budgets,we are assured, can be mopped up by removing #CO2 directly from the atmosphere, once that #technology becomes available."
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Does the enormously complex issue of #climatechange have to be presented to policymakers, and therefore the public, as the behemoth it really is?

Today I released my second #infographic explainer on the @IPCC_CH #AR6 reports.…

#SummaryForPeople 🧵
The amazing @skepticscience is even featuring it today, with added commentary, a real honour for a mere student of scientist.…

@theresphysics @BaerbelW @johnfocook @KenCaldeira
So, what does this, the longest explainer I've made yet, actually say?

Like the first edition —… — it kicks off with context about how we arrived at #IPCCAR6, on the @IPCC_CH itself and how it goes about communicating uncertainty.
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I've just wrapped up my interim Head of Growth role at @ToucanProtocol to focus on building a protocol at @ReFiDAOist to become an accelerator for the #ReFi movement...

Here's some of what I learned in my time at @ToucanProtocol & a glipse at what's next... 🧵🪡

🦜 Learnings from @ToucanProtocol 🦜

1. Timing is key — launching in a bull market vs. bear market makes a huge difference

2. Partnerships — @KlimaDAO needed @ToucanProtocol to launch, and visa versa. Find strong partners early.

3. Composability — do less, better.

3. Build a great team — having an early team with deep technical talent is key to change the world

@raphabenoi, @positonic, @mrjackish, @adamspiers @johnx25bd & @somspace 🌊

4. Know your space — Raph and James spent 18 months ahead of launch researching the carbon market.

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Gradually... ⛔#CDR was fringe for years, even as @IPCC_CH sounded the bullhorn

...Then suddenly!
🏁 $650m for @Climeworks
🏁 $350m CDR @lowercarbon fund
🏁 ~$1B @stripe Frontier advance market commitment for C removal

@nanransohoff shares the scoop…
Until this week, the world has collectively bought just 10,000 tonnes of permanent carbon removals - ever.

@nanransohoff and the Frontier crew from intend to spur the market to 6,000,000,000 tonnes by 2050, and there’s no time to lose.

Some great takeaways 👇 @climatetech_vc
"Frontier borrowed a concept from the energy sector - ✨offtake✨ agreements. Suppliers benefit because they can take the guarantee to the bank for project financing. Buyers benefit because they only pay once the carbon has actually been removed."
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