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A #short_thread on #MVA & #CBI
The state governments case against #CBI was heard in the Bombay High Court on Wednesday midnight!
#CBI  justified before the Court two “unnumbered paragraphs” in its FIR against former HM Anil Deshmukh, which the state government pleaded

were included to “destabilise” it.

1.The reinstation of Waze.
2. Transfers in the Home Department.

It all started in March 21 when the LOP Devendra Fadnavis raised questions about Mansukh Hiren, in the budget session of the Assembly!

Devendraji not only asks the question but he tore the cloths of MVA government! By presenting Waze's #CDR in front of the assembly !!

He presented #CDR in front of the Legislative Assembly because he could not be…
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काल अर्ध्यरात्री हायकोर्टात राज्यसरकार विरुद्ध #CBI केसची सुनावणी झाली !
अनिल देशमुखाविरोधात असलेल्या #FIR मधील 1-वाझेंची नियुक्ती 2-गृहखात्यातील बदल्या हे दोन उतारे #CBI ने वगळावे ही राज्यसरकाची मागणी आहे कारण ह्याने सरकार पडू शकते !
ह्यावरच एक #शॉर्ट_थ्रेड
सर्वप्रकारणाची सुरवात मार्च 2021 ला झाली जेव्हा मनसुख हिरेण ह्यांचा बद्दल विरोधीपक्षनेते देवेंद्र फडणवीसानी विधानसभेच्या बजेट सेशन मध्ये प्रश्न उपस्थित केले ! प्रश्न काय देवेंद्रजींनी सरकारची पुरती पोलखोल केली ! आणि वाझेंचा #CDR च विधानसभे समोर मांडला !!
#CDR त्यांनी विधानसभे समोरच मांडला कारण , विधानसभेत उपस्थित केलेल्या मुद्द्यांवरून त्यांची चौकशी करताच येत नाही !तरीही तत्कालीन गृहमंत्री अनिल देशमुखांनी अकलेचे जाहीर प्रदर्शन करून फडणवीसांनी #CDR कोठून आणला ह्याची चौकशी करू अशी वलग्ना केली जी आता त्यांच्या सारखीच दिसेनाशी झाली !
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1/n A $100m carbon removal @xprize cool! But folks who care about climate should ask some hard questions.

Virgin Earth Challenge $25m prize launched in '07 by @richardbranson. Original prize terms were nonsensical: required a $ bn business to win so the $25m would be meaningless
2/n the Virgin (VEC) prize revamped the terms to say winners had to have pathway to giga scale commercial #CDR, but terms remained deeply ambiguous.

On the plus side, VEC helped us raise funds and attention when I was working to found @CarbonEngineer in '09.
3/n On minus side, the VEC prize diverted resources inside @CarbonEngineer, @Climeworks and other competitors.

@richardbranson and team waited until total funding in space was >> $25 m so impact would have been small, then they punted. Result? Not much.
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We have a new paper out on how to use rocks to pull #CO2 out of the air and stabilize it

TL;DR: Surface rocks in Japan could remove 7.6 Gt-CO2/y at 1.5 GJ/t-CO2.

It's open access, so send it to your mother. I know I did.

A thread.… Image
We started with a map of all the surface rocks in Japan (~158,000 entries) including the depth of the formations. We narrowed it down to rocks with high Mg or Ca content. We then removed all populated areas, protected ecosystems, etc. to make a map of potential sites. Image
...this leads to a potential #CDR of 15,591 more than we need for #2DS.
But, most of that rock is volcanic (amorphous).
Previously we found that amorphous compounds react >1,000X slower than equivalent crystalline compounds.
Shameless plug:…
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#CDR details of @Tweet2Rhea:
> Who are the people with initials "A U", "H J", "P C"?
> Why all other names mentioned in full but the 3 in initials?
> Are telecom-companies helping in hiding the calls made by #RheaChakrobarty to influential people?
Why Rhea spoke to #BabyPanguin? Image
Finally #SherlockHolmes at @TimesNow figured>"A U" is @AUThackeray (CM @OfficeofUT's son).

Wonder when will @MumbaiPolice @CPMumbaiPolice figure this out? Or they have been told (by CM) strictly to NOT figure this out?😎
Per call-data of @Tweet2Rhea's phone, she has 17 incoming calls, 44 outgoing calls from/to AU.

>1 call on 13/6/20, a day b4 SSR found dead
>39 secs call 4m Rhea to AU on 15/6/20
>168 secs call 4m Rhea to AU on 16/6/20
>310 secs call 4m Rhea to AU On 20/6/20
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IMPORTANT THREAD: Exposing #MumbaiPolice DCP #AbhishekTrimukhe who has been in continuous touch with #RheaChakraborty. This is not the first time Trimukhe has taken law into his own hands, see for yourself:
#Warriors4SSR #ArrestRheaChakraborty #ResignTrimukhe
Wondering why #ArbaazKhan is still out of jail despite being named in an #IPL betting scam? The answer is DCP #AbhishekTrimukhe. The Khans have taken him in as their personal pet! #MumbaiPolice #BettingScam #SalmanKhan #ResignTrimukhe #RheaChakraborty #Warriors4SSR
Why was only @KanganaTeam maligned in the #CDR scam? Because DCP #AbhishekTrimukhe was asked to highlight her name and pin the blame on her. He is deeply involved with the mafia. #ResignTrimukhe #MumbaiPolice #Warriors4SSR #KanganaRanaut @iRaviTiwari
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If we went hit net-zero or carbon neutral today, how much carbon do we need to remove to maximize diversity and climate restoration by 2100? See thread for more info on #beyondneutral #climateaction #climatejustice @ExtinctionR
Fossil fuel emissions since 1750, have spread between the air, oceans, and land. By the latest count per the, the distribution looks like the linked chart. Multiply by 3.664 to convert the amounts to gigatonnes carbon dioxide. (1.7 Tt CO₂ & 2.4 Tt CO₂) Image
How big is this amount? The brown+red bars equals about 656 Gt Carbon by weight which is about 2M Empire State buildings. This amount is roughly equal to all green and blue bars and should be removed to restore the planet.…
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Today seems a great day to mention that I, a climate scientist, am leaving the civil service!

(And no, clearly not top 20 😅)
In February I am joining Oxford University to start up an exciting new research effort in greenhouse gas removals (#GGR #NETs #CDR...). And no doubt other things around #NetZero, science & policy, etc. @TheSmithSchool @oxmartinschool
@TheSmithSchool @oxmartinschool While I am very much looking forward to getting back into academia, it's been a real pleasure working with the climate scientists and others in @beisgovuk (many lurk on Twitter - you know who you are!)
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The #Spanish judiciary on trial

The #Catalan pro-independence activists jailed on 26 September, 2019 are gradually being released on bail. Operation #Judas is falling to pieces already.

#Spain's dirty war on #Catalonia - October 1, 2019

The #CDR 7: #Spain’s new political prisoners

From presumption of innocence to isolation - October 14, 2019


Systematic rule breaking by #Spanish authorities

Illegal leaks from the case of 7 jailed #Catalan activists were designed to influence the #Spanish general election result.

14 November, 2019

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Hoy, en el examen de Derecho Diplomático un profesor me ha llamado #CDR como insulto. Abro hilo ⬇️⬇️
Era un tipo test con la siguiente pregunta:
De acuerdo con el Derecho Internacional General, #Cataluña puede #independizarse?
A) Bajo ninguna circunstancia
B) Sí, de acuerdo con la Resolucion 1516 de la Asamblea General de Naciones Unidas
C) Como resultado de un referéndum.
Yo estaba segura que quería que marcáramos la A (si, yo tampoco sé que tiene que ver con Derecho Diplomático), pero ninguna de las tres era correcta.
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So excited to be exhibiting about climate science, #carbontech, and Open NanoCarbon at #Basf19 #sciencetogether! Together we can practice #CDR before it's too late.
Excited to see all kids and adults curious about climate science, carbon tech and semiconducting and metaloid graphene, at the Discovery Day! Let's get more carbon tech faster! @BayAreaSciFest @UCSF @OracleParkSF #stemforkids #stemgirls #weneedmore #CDR ImageImage
And the slides behind me are here:…
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Avui @elsmatins ha sortit una vella coneguda, l’eterna estudianta a @UABBarcelona, la @JuliaMorenoR, pres @ShaAcabatNo, activista @Ciudadanos @JovesSCC amb la mateixa jugada de sempre: “Som totalment independents de qualsevol partit polític” ha dit, tota seriosa ella
@elsmatins @UABBarcelona @JuliaMorenoR @ciudadanos @JovesSCC La mateixa @JuliaMorenoR que va sortir a @EspejoPublico de la @susannagriso fa 2 anys fent-se la víctima apolítica amb 2 activistes més. La seva amiga diu que li criden "espanyola!" o "mira, la fatxa!" al campus. Imagineu: "Espanyola!!!" Sí, sí, el que tu diguis.
En el mateix muntatge d'@antena3com, @JuliaMorenoR diu que la @UABBarcelona permet que "difamen informació sobre elles" [sic]. L'altra amiga fent-se passar per una apolítica, marginada pels seus origens, és la @laura_casado96 de @cssabadell, @jovenesCs i @JovesSCC.
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Un breu balanç sobre la #RepúblicaCatalana. Estem molt millor que fa 6 mesos, un any o 5 anys perquè:
1.Ens mantenim ferms i combatius
2.Ens han vexat, humiliat, aplicat el #155 , empresonat o obligat a exiliar el nostres representants polítics, socials, rapers, activistes...
3.Hem internacionalitzat el fet català, Catalunya com a nació que vol ser Estat
4.Espanya demostra cada dia més el seu viratge cap a la dreta, intolerància i manca de #Llibertat
5.El judici als #PresosPolitics està demostran-se com a una venjança de l'#1oct
6.Tenim un excelent equip d'advocats que estan posant en evidència la #InJustíciaEspanyola
7. La lliure circulació dels #ExiliatsPolítics a nivell internacional i les sentències a favor en diferents països europeus
8.Les adhesions d'advocats, juristes, polítics, premis Nobel,...
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