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Why don't you guys stay with protestors at there sites if you fucking believe in them? At least for a night or two? You want to be Gandhi than you know that Gandhi will be them 24*7 no matter what the conditions. But no, all you want is some publicity and some good photos.
And the end of the day you will be in the drawing-room watching your media stunts with your child in a well-comforted ac room and retweeting your publicities. No, you are never with them, you never cared for them.
All you want is some limelight because you're a fucking celebrity and because of your achievements in your fucking area. And the sad part is that innocent idiot common people believe you. All you want is to be a hero at the cost of us.
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Saw all episodes, season 1 of #TheFamilyMan today
@BajpayeeManoj and @SharadK7 as usual wonderful acting ..
@krishdk @rajndk Suman n sumit Arora @PrimeVideo @AmazonStudios should Note below mentioned points .

1. In every scene of @NeerajMadhavv (Musa) (1/8)
He said how hindus killed muslims , ladies kids .
Why no1 mentioned about Muslims burned whole train 🚞 wherein hundreds of Hindus died including children women and old people.

Konse hindu ne aurato bachho ko Maara hai ?
Y didn’t you added this clip of Kashmiri Hindus (2/8)
Or dialogues for their genocide huh ?
(Brain wash through serials and movies )

2. A Muslim boy dating hindu girl Shonali ... she knew she is doing everything wrong and then too she was supporting him and sleeping with him .. (love jihad)

3. A good family women having good (3/8)
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Thread for #Poet #Vaali

இவருக்கு நிகரான ஒரு கவிஞரும் இல்லை பாடலாசிரியரும் இல்லை..

வாலி எனும் மாயக்காரன்.
உலக நீதி 👇👇

புத்தன் இயேசு காந்தி பிறந்தது பூமியில் எதற்காக
தோழா ஏழை நமக்காக
கங்கை யமுனை காவிரி வைகை ஓடுவது எதற்காக
நாளும் உழைத்து தாகம் எடுத்த தோழர்கள் நமக்காக
அம்மா 👇👇

அபிராமி சிவகாமி கருமாயி மகமாயி
திருக்கோயில் தெய்வங்கள் நீதானம்மா
அன்னைக்கு அன்றாடம் அபிஷேகம் அலங்காரம்
புரிகின்ற சிறுத்தொண்டன் நான்தானம்மா
பொருளோடு புகழ் வேண்டும் மகனல்ல தாயே உன்
அருள் வேண்டும் எனக்கென்றும் அது போதுமே
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About time I wrote something on #Bollywood . Had an uncle working in the mean streets of the industry, so got a good look.
Unlike other industries Bollywood is completely owned and run by financiers and sugar daddies. (1)
Ever actor, artist, technician hoping to make it big had to pay homage to the sugar daddies who in turn would have links with financiers.
Once upon a time Subhash Ghai was big. So, was Mahesh Bhatt.
Now, it's the Akhtar family. (2)
The funding source/ financier would invariably earned big bucks through some black money source - terror financing, scams etc. Bollywood was their number one method of pumping in their ill gotten gains into the economy.
The often desperate actors, artists would cave in. (3)
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Presenting Aaneel mussarat a Pakistani #British immigrant who finances all Anti-#India Protests in #Britain
He is also one of the biggest financiers to #ImranKhan & his party.
Posting some photographs from his meetings with friends .
I am posting these without comment.
It may very well be ( however unlikely) that the #BollywoodCelebs pictured are innocent acquaintances & do not know of the nefarious designs Mr Mussarat has vis a vis #India.
Would expect them to boycott him now.
Again I do not know or claim to know if Mr Mussarat has any links to why half of #Bollywood is supporting the #TukdeTukdeGang & standing against a government which has given #Pakistan much pain.
I'll simply request @HMOIndia @NIA_India to investigate these "friendships".
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Demonisation of #Diwali2019 starts. Lies about pollution led by #Bollywood. Let's expose these lies

Juhi Chawla's favourite holiday destination is Switzerland. One visit for her family creates 34.53 tonnes of CO2 emissions

Her Jaguar creates 6 tonnes of CO2 emissions/year

Juhi Chawla favourite perfume is Jeane Paul Gautier. "Volatile chemical products (i.e. perfume) emerging as largest petrochecmical source of urban organic emissions" McDonald et al. (Science, 2018).

Her favourite designer brand Armani ranked worst for environment

Juhi's 1 holiday + car = 60 tonnes of CO2 a year

The average fireworks display in the UK (attended by about 5000 people) creates 17kg of CO2. That's the same as 50 KM ride in her Jaguar.

Her CO2 on 1 holiday + car = 1.7 crore Indians bursting crackers


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Read this piece by @radhabharadwaj on #SpaceMOMs, the first feature film inspired by the women of #Mangalyaan. #Bollywood wanted her to dumb down her script with silly made-up stories about the ISRO engineers. Radha said no.… via @ThePrintIndia
@radhabharadwaj @ThePrintIndia #SpaceMOMs accurately portrays the women of #Mangalyaan as people who respect the traditions of their Indic culture. #Bollywood didn't like that. In order to stay true to these women, Radha took her script and made #SpaceMOMs independently, mortgaging her house to fund it.
#SpaceMOMs is an underfunded underdog of a film, just like #Mangalyaan was an underfunded underdog of a mission. But the women of Mangalyaan proved underdogs can triumph over impossible odds. And the public wants a Mangalyaan film that is heartfelt, dignified, sincere, authentic.
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#KabirSingh is every thing that is wrong with #Bollywood and why a movement like #MeToo or #TimesUp would never get that mileage in India as they received globally! #KabirSinghReview
#thread 👇🏼
#KabirSingh, our hero, is an abusive, misogynist, cringeworthy and overgrown man child whose entire universe works to justify his physical and emotional violence, even against the woman, he supposedly loves!
#KabirSingh glorifies, even defends, stalking and abuse of all 3 kinds -physical, sexual and emotional- against the main lead. There’s not even one character who looks our abusive man-child “hero” in the eye or stands up to him.
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Thread: For 2 days, I captured 105929 tweets with the hashtags #SurfExcel, #BoycottSurfExcel and #BoycottHindustanUnilever. Follow this thread for an analyse
When I started my capture, the tweet volume was around 170 tweet per minute <=> 8300 tweets per hour
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1)For decades d powerful #ChrIslamoNaxal Cabal has waged a relentless war against Sanatana Dharma & is massively patronized by CONg
2)Globally-members of this cabal hate each other:
Mu!lahs & Libtards/Feminazis hate each others guts while Xtians & Mu$lims r at war since crusades
But in India-hate for SanatanaDharma overpowers their mutual dislike & makes them work together in an unholy nexus of convenience
3)Three Gens of Sanatanis hv been brainwashed with adulterated history thnx 2 this Cabals dominance in Education & Media-Text books glorify barbaric Mughal/British Invaders who looted India & either ignore/denigrate our own rulers-Little or no mention of great Hindu empires....
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Never one for movies, even less so a First Day First Show. But then this was about hockey, so off I ran to watch #GOLDMovie
Initial reaction: Must watch!
My Rating:
Conformity to purpose: 4.5/5
Conformity to facts: 3.5/5 (But then this is #Bollywood. A little latitude is okay!)
Akshay Kumar was simply outstanding as the coach. I've always believed he'd make a much better Kabir Khan for #ChakDeIndia than SRK. His performance in #GoldMovie will show you just why!
#GoldMovie also didn't have any of the out of place item numbers or romantic subplot, usually thrust on the viewer as "necessary for script". Whatever little of it, blended in perfectly with the needs of the plotline. Which was the last movie you can say this for?
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There is rain scent in London tonight. The one when parched earth suddenly gets soaked. Not a smell I associate with Britain. It got me thinking of #rainsongs and this
Sending this one from my #rainsongs list to @noteon 😁
Am missing Dilli farm house rain parties 😉 and of course this old favourite. SO many memories #rainsongs
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💪A thread on amazing Twitter threads 😍👇
In the process of revamping my #Twitter profile (dormant earlier), I have come to appreciate the wonderful underutilized platform it is!
Some threads contain crisp knowledge capsules that can help many. Starting 1 on such curated content
1. I largely rely on this: to find content
2. What I wish to share is what coincides largely with my interests- #Learning, #Investing, #Behavioralpsychology (#mentalmodels, #bias, etc), #Businessbooks, Industry insights/case studies, Life experiences, etc
While it will be difficult to structure the order of content here, I will try to block threads by category (as noted above & more). Feel free to comment with any good thread that you would have come across. Cumulative learning always helps.
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#NiravModi's #PNBFraud is just a cherry on tip of an iceberg, a systemic plunder of national & natural resources that is being going on since centuries with involvement of world famous auction houses that played a major role in setting up his career.…
"I would like to bring to your notice a major financial scam similar to that of #VijayMallya of #Kingfisher #SubrataRoy of #SaharaGroup, Ramalingaraju of #Satyam. Kindly look into this & do needful before its too late & he escapes from India" - #PNBFraud whistleblower #HariPrasad
#PNBScam whistleblower #HariPrasad filed criminal complaint with Bengaluru Police in 2015 against #MehulChoksi for being cheated of Rs10 crore by Gitanjali Gems following which he wrote to several authorities such as #ED #CBI #SEBI eventually to PMO itself in 2016, yet no action.
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