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Almost ..

Funny you bring this up, bro.. Just postes about him A few days ago. I don't feel like digging it up, maybe someone else will ...
His leg breaking aftee jumping off the top rope was one of the worst I have ever seen .... & i've seen some bad ones in person.
Doooo It! Image
Sugar Shane Helms

WATCHING ATM #WCWMondayNitro Shane/Shannon Moore & Even Courageous Vs. Jaime Noble

"Even & Shannon are back together again"?!?!?! Image
"The Franchise" Shane Douglas

Just got done watching his feuds with THE CAT & Kidman ..
Shane taking Torrie Wilson away from Kidman, that was funny ... Image
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🕳🧩♟ Image
Mr. Perfect like Rap.

One of the Greatest times in Sports entertainment.
The good ol' days. ........

DJ- #SPIN That S*** Image
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..........AAAAAND #NEW !!! Prwsident of The United States of America (IS) !. ...

Everything is known.
Watching all these people come out of the woodworks trying to infiltrate, Divide & try to be me all these years, they made it so easy to see.
Can't cheat my Vote. I voted for D.J.T.

.@DanScavino, Someone should find out if it was switched. If so, BOOM! Clear evidence.

I'm sure others may have taken A picture, They should have & I said it would be A good Idea to do so.. We all knew evil was going to cheat. ImageImage
Evsn though I already know everyone knows the results/truth behind the scenes ..
Ready for the public to finally know..
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New Blood Rising ..
Old does not mean dead, New does not mean Best . .

Finad the happy medium between BOTH eras.
The older generation has been through so much more than this Generation has. The Kennedy Generation was right in the MIDDLE/Worst of it all.

Todays generation
As you can see has been programmed to hate, breed hate & Purposely forget the history of our past. So many fell for what all the corruption was doing & to an extent still, what they are TRYING to do. The games Evil is playing with everyones minds is the same loop over & over
Just presented in different ways/forms but in the end it all means the same thing, Evil (Old Guard)Falls, Old & New #RISE in UNITY, leading the way for everyone that says they are
Awake & the ones about to be awakened. Even the ones who say they are awake, most likely are not.
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.@RicFlairNatrBoy, Yes, You always will be #1 when it comes to the most EPIC entrances known to mankind when gettinf ready to step into the sQuared Circle ..

Beyond what you have done for Humanity within that sQuared Circle, you always knew where the line was & never crossed it.
Even when being pulled from two sides. 1 side being the ones that matter the most to yiu in life right now & I know they fully understand & your extended Family that wanted to be living ALL OUT LIFE with you!
Have A BLESSED 4Th of July to You, Ric & also to your entire Family!

Right now i'm on #WCWMondayNitro Season 6 : Episode 15 🦚
April 10, 2000

As you posted this, you came walking out in street cloths getting ready to go Toe 2 Toe with Shane Douglas. The timing & Synchronicity was Impeccable!

Peace be with you & please be safe!
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Who was driving the Hummer? ...


We know who was behind the wheel of the Black Hummer #H1-2 (3), but who waw behind the wheel of the white #H1-2 (3)? ...

.@AEW, Fake #STINGER ?!?!?! ....😯


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.@AEW, How about getting @HulkHogan On #AEWDynamite to battle 1 More Match with .@Sting ?!?

#WCWMondayNitro World Heavyweight Title Match At the @MGMGrand ...😯
August 23, 1999
In it to win it.
Let's Party..

Get the
Action started
Today starts A NEW ERA 4
.@DanScavino ... 😯
Friends 4 Life ..
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You YOURSELF/YOURSELVES chose to NOT remember .. .
For whatever the reasons are, YOU CHOSE to not rememeber. Let go of your GUILT & When You're ready it will be there waiting for YOU . .

SEARCH UP: #WCWMondayNitro
SANDMAN/HAK comes to ring smokimg A cigarette.
DJT talked about wrestling today. Connect the dots OUTSIDE of your comfort zones. Stop fearing & start really WANTING to learn..
The TRUTH is everywhere where you never thought you would find it.

Hope you make the right decision & stop falling/sinking. Stop rejecting my hand.
Stop biting the hand that feeds.
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