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#DemystifyingEIA Sorry. Cud b long.
Attempt to explain all about EIA & legal instrument called #EIANotification. This is based on background research conducted by @water_conflicts & hands on experience since 2007 dealing with d issue at HC, SC & NGT. Thnx @lifeindia2016
Seen Ppl confuse terms like EIA, EAC, EC, SEIAA, SEAC & now DEAC. Ground realities of EIA report, Public consultation, EAC functioning, Award of EC, its monitoring etc is poorly understood. EIA legalese gotten verbose over time & agendas found entry under d clarification garb.
Today it is #HistoricalContext.
It began with India's participation at d 1st UN Earth Summit (1972 Stockholm). In 1975, 42nd constitutional amendment obligated "d State shall endeavor to protect & improve d environment & to safeguard d forests & wildlife of d country" (Art48A).
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Corruption of #Telangana #KCR govt peaks while fight against corona ebbs below abysmal pit

Few contrasting statistics below

Numbers on d face of it don't lie, but spin abt no.s on d back of it can be made to lie blatantly

tht is what #Media savvy & fact opaque machinery being nurtured by #KTR is doing in #Telangana with impunity

Brute majority in assembly with 3.5 yrs term remaining is d spine behind tht open arrogance from father & callous glaring ignorance from son below

Legendary #KCR talked abt crushng #Covid_19 in #Telangana in turn #COVID19 is cruising its way into #Hyderabad households much faster with a mind-blowng positivity rate next to none nationally to break into d top 4 position in active #COVID cases in no time #TelanganaCovidFailure
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Want a feel for how extensive, entrenched and structured the hatred in America is for our tens of millions of drug users? Take this #ThoughtExperiment with me....

#Stigma #PWUD #PWID #DrugUse #HumanRights #PublicHealth
#HarmReduction #NormalizeHR #SafeSupply #SCS #SIF

IMAGINE for a moment that you woke up tomorrow to the news that the entire retail #alcohol supply in the #US was randomly contaminated with deadly levels of #fentanyl. A one ounce shot could put you into respiratory arrest in 120 seconds, quickly followed by cardiac arrest.

The proper administration of #NARCAN within minutes or #RescueBreathing is your only hope for survival; #911 and #EMS can’t get there that fast.

Now IMAGINE for a moment what the governmental and civil society response would be to this news...

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Hier, j’appelle un ami qui me répond du fond de son lit avec 39°C de fièvre et un énorme mal au bide.
Il a donc demandé à son toubib d’être testé #COVIDー19 surtout qu’il est #prof et qu’il est passé dans 2-3 #écoles depuis le #déconfinement.
Le #MG lui a dit que ce n’est pas lui qui s’en occupe, qu’il doit appeler un n° spécial.
C’est vraiment très #pratique quand tu es malade comme un chien, alors que déjà, tu avais fait un gros effort pour aller chez le MG, le mec qui a quand même un diplôme en médecine…
et qui devrait donc être capable de te coller un goupillon dans le pif ou au moins te faire une ordonnance pour un #test, puisqu’il parait qu’on met le paquet sur les tests !

Donc, il appelle le n° avec ses 39°C de fièvre et son bide en croix & là on lui pose plein de questions
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 6/03/2020-2…

An interpretable mortality prediction model for COVID-19 patients | Nature Machine Intelligence…
#model #intelligence #machine #prediction #mortality
“Immune to Evidence”: How Dangerous Coronavirus Conspiracies Spread — ProPublica…

#conspiracy #evidence #immune #spread
The public do not understand logarithmic graphs used to portray COVID-19 | LSE Covid-19…

#public #Graphics
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1/ I don’t know if many Americans have actually seen the numbers.
As of today, we have 74,810 #American deaths.
Total Global deaths are 265,885*

The #USA makes up 28.1% of ALL global deaths from #COVID19

*Without true transparency from #China

But WHY?
2/ #SARSCoV2 does not have a particular affinity for #Americans.


Even Northern #Italy, who was overrun, has fought it back.
New York is almost like a separate country.
Excluding #NewYork from our data, cases in ALL other states are increasing.…
3/ #NewYork and other countries have proven that fighting the virus is possible.
#HongKong, #NewZealand, #Korea, #Germany, #Greece, even the #CzechRepublic have stopped the spread, and all with different strategies.
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1. @itv's @Peston has been holding feet to flames about the UK's lack of #TestingForCovid19 and shares this per capita league table. UK comes last, amongst 20 countries. But he's getting flak themed: "what's the point in testing "mild" cases"?
2. Speaking as a doctor in the @NHS, and with public health training, I can't see any way to exit lockdown without a BIG increase in public health infrastructure. I think community testing is a key part of that. #TestTestTest
3. However, this seems to be a genuine question people are asking. Why #test? E.g. a few times when I've been driving to or from work @NHSGGC, @Nigel_Farage has been arguing he doesn't see the point. Many @LBC callers share his view; they can't see benefit in testing mild cases.
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1.Vamos a por un nuevo hilo a desmontar una de las supuestas panaceas... Los #Test del #Covid_19 Todos quieren test. Parece que con ellos hecho todos serán felices y será la panacea para combatir el virus. Son ya hasta arma política los test. Sin embargo tienen sus limitaciones
2. En España tenemos dos pruebas diagnósticas. #PCR que detecta el ARN viral directamente. Y #Test los llamados rápidos que detectan los anticuerpos de defensa frente precoces IgM, o tardíos IgG. No tememos tets de antígenos para #Covid_19. La #PCR es de ámbito hospitalario
3. Los #Test rápidos de anticuerpos que tenemos sí se pueden hacer en cualquier sitios. Son formato tipo test de embarazo. Y OH sorpresa! No detectactan la enfermedad hasta que no tiene entre 7 y 21 días de evolución. Entonces no detectan ni asintomáticos ni la enfermedad precoz
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Thoughts on upcoming #COVID19 #serology tests:
This is actually quite a challenge! (#Diagnostics often involve a lot of complexities). There is a lot of pressure to roll these tests out, but they need to perform well, or we do more harm than good. #MicroRounds (A thread)
WHY we need these soon:
1. Contact tracing.
2. Can be used to test if a vaccine is working during a clinical trial (70 of them ongoing right now, I believe)
3. Inform public policy makers about rate of asymptomatic cases + previous infections/exposures =informed decision making
How is developing a #PCR different than developing a #serology test?
1. #PCR tests detect viral RNA/DNA (in this case RNA) and can be pretty straight-forward in terms of development
2. #Serology relies on knowing about the #SARSCoV2 structure and how the human body responds.
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[1/3] Ricapitolando:
1) la letalità in Italia è la più alta al mondo (12,78% il 11 apr)
2) le statistiche sono gonfiate per ammissione di Borrelli;
3) i #test non sono MAI stati validati,
4) la relazione di causa (#COVID19) ed effetto (polmonite) non è stata ancora stabilita ...
5) il #lockdown totale (da un mese!) è fallito, perciò dovrebbe continuare indefinitamente;
6) l'economia è a rotoli, nessun aiuto per il popolo dei produttori,
7) lo spettro del #MES è incombente;
8) l'ordine di stare chiusi in casa NON è in forza di legge ...(2/3)
9) Il #DPCM (il decreto del Presidente del CdM) scavalca la Costituzione e perciò è illegale secondo il nostro ordinamento ... a meno che non sia prima dichiarato lo stato di guerra.
10) E' stato dichiarato lo stato di guerra? No.
11)La Costituzione non vale più comunque?
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#Lockdown is critical for slowing the spread of #COVID19, and India has displayed firm resolve in enforcing it.

Massive labour churn; CMIE Data indicates that 120 million people have lost their jobs. We will need strong Govt action to revive the Economy.…
We're already in a Global #Recession, the kind of which hasn't been seen in a century. It could get a lot worse, and we need to be prepared. #ViciousCycle 🔁 : Businesses shuttered, Labour furloughed, Expenditure cut and Demand destroyed. @MD_Nalapat…
On TV now: "Global Trade may plunge up to 32% this year." - Roberto Azevedo, Director General WTO. We ignore the coming economic tsunami at our peril.
@FinMinIndia @RBI @DasShaktikanta @Swamy39 @MD_Nalapat @TobbySimon Image
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La dizione #Asintomatico compare più spesso in pubblicazioni scientifiche con (o senza ma con evidente riferimento a) varia ulteriore #specificazione e rivolto a soggetti #affetti (es. infezioni: #asintomatici #infetti, pazienti infetti asintomatici, casi asintomatici, ecc.) 1/14
ma #senza #manifestazioni cliniche (sintomi e segni). Tuttavia pare che il termine #asintomatico abbia anche un significato più ampio, cioè di soggetto #senza #manifestazioni cliniche il cui esatto #stato di #salute, di #affetto o meno, sia #determinabile solo con un #test. 2/14
Almeno così potrebbe sembrare dalle letture di un profano come me che ha fatto alcune ricerche. Ad es. su #PubMed sono molteplici le pubblicazioni che esplicitano che gli #asintomatici possano essere anche #non #infetti e #negativi alla diagnostica. 3/14
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F19-A ...


THIS (IS) NOT A (TEST),.,. .

#FULL Circle ! ...
#Time To CHANGE The World.

#Two For #QN3 ..

🎱 @slipknot

This (IS) #Circle ...●°


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7: 20 AM NUMBERS #US 1071
Ret MD, I use #1point3acres map
Remember #Trump is not checking or testing ANYONE coming in though #US airports. #SFO #SeaTac #JFK #LAX @maddow @ursulafaw56 @BuzzFeedNews @sfpelosi @JohnsHopkinsSPH
MAR 11 #COVID19 MD THREAD 2: What do you expect from #ImpeachedForLife #IMPOTUS45 #TRUMPCultists at @CDCgov Not #Professionalism or #Intelligence or #Morality or even #Patriotism JUST BLIND OBEDIENCE to His Demented and Ever Lowing #LIMBO Pole of Sanity.
MAR 11 #COVID19 MD THREAD 3: Ret MD I report from CLINICIAN POV ...who trained during LIES and OBSFUSCATION of #ReaganAdmin. You know when #NancyReagan let #RockHudson die and not get meds.
FIRST STORY 9:18 #TRUMPAdmin shuts down HOUSE Oversight eg for More Orders (saw above ?)
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Thinking about a low cost easy to manufacture home test kit for #Coronavirus. Outline: #Nasal_swab (Q-tip) w/ freeze dried reagents for isothermal #DNA amplification with #COVID19 primers. Colorimetric readout by #iOS or #Android #App w/ #geolocation & #HIPPA compliant reporting.
Read-out would be in minutes - timer in App - read by camera in your smart phone. No other machines. Links to telemedicine groups for positive results. Built in positive control - e.g. no color = improper test, green NEGATIVE, red POSITIVE.
I’ve done my best creating when faced by a challenge. Next gen sequencing when my son went to new born intensive care - #454 @iontorrent. Ultrasound on a chip @ButterflyNetInc when wanted to monitor my daughter’s kidneys.
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Im Zusammenhang mit medizinischen Untersuchungen, Labortests und #Screenings ist immer wieder die Rede von Sinnhaftigkeit, Testqualität und Sicherheit der Ergebnisse. Wichtig dabei ist, dass die Genauigkeit eines Tests nicht getrennt von der Testpopulation zu betrachten ist.

Diesen Zusammenhang beschreibt der Satz von #Bayes, oder #Bayes_Theorem, einer statistischen Betrachtungsweise, die sich mit bedingten Wahrscheinlichkeiten beschäftigt. Ich wende also einen Unterscheidungsmerkmal (Test) auf eine Population mit bestimmten Eigenschaften an.

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1\ I gave a lightning talk today on "Why I stopped call it #unit #testing” at our internal #mobile #apps and beyond conference
2\ Because whenever you ask teams about it they don’t tell you what #unit #testing means. Instead they say “of course we do!” And show you 100s of passing tests
3\ What you start to notice is that everyone assumes the other knows what unit #testing is but it’s when you ask “What do the unit tests test?” Thats when you get some interesting responses.
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Hoy se cumplen 20 años del estreno de #Matrix en los cines españoles. Para celebrarlo, hemos recopilado 20 datos curiosos sobre este clásico de la ciencia ficción. ¡Dentro #hilo! #MuyMatrix
1. El término ‘Matrix’ como red de información aparece por primera vez en el libro 'Neuromante', de William Gibson, de 1984, una novela que es considerada un hito de la #cienciaficción y que trata sobre Case, un hacker del ciberespacio que es perseguido.
2. Matrix bebió de muchas fuentes. Una de ellas fue 'El mito de la caverna', de Platón, cuya tesis plantea que las apariencias no reflejan la realidad, y que conocer esta verdad altera la vida del individuo. ¿No os suena a la elección entre pastilla roja y azul?
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