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A quick one on @arbitrum #Nitro

- What is it?
- How is it different?
- What are the tradeoffs? ( bc remember EVERYTHING is a tradeoff)
- Should you care?
- and a little $ARBI airdop juice
Arbitrum is an optimistic rollup (OP) L2 built by @OffchainLabs.

The currently-live implementation is called Arbitrum One and is the most successful rollup to date (measured by TVL).
While both are Optimistic rollups, Arbitrum has some key differences from its counterpart, Optimism.

@optimismFND #OVM 2.0 is EVM-equivalent, running directly inside the #EVM, while Arbitrum One is only EMV-compatible.
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The #Solana ecosystem is diving into the world of #DeFi with all the new developments.🚀

@solana and @cosmos are working on a layer 2 solution that will improve Solana's scalability.✨

The L2 solution, @Nitro_Labs, will also provide a framework for creating modular Solana Virtual Machines (#SVM) on any L1 blockchain.💎

#Nitro will also act as the gateway between $SOL and $ATOM ecosystems.⚡

Deploying #dApps on the #Solana ecosystem will become easier after the development of the solution.💸

More dApps = more #DeFi = more crypto adoption!


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0/ a fundamental look at the state of @arbitrum, the leading optimistic #rollup L2 in the #Ethereum ecosystem!✨

🧵with @aurumcrypto research insights (0/26)👇
1/ @arbitrum has seen a 36% increase in active daily users on #arbitrum one mainnet on a month on month basis, while #ArbitrumOdyssey is still paused📈

source: @tokenterminal 📊

2/ number of active users has been steadily growing since January 2021 and growth has accelerated in recent weeks with #arbitrum one mainnet reaching >32k active daily users on September 5th

source: @tokenterminal 📊
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1/17 📡Here is the monthly catch-up of Global #DeFi market analysis for AUGUST '22. Last one is here below with some conclusions about Smart Money moves. August was pretty quiet and #realyield submerges CT. So Where are we in #DeFi?

2/17 TVL on #DeFiLlama  is at 60b$ at 31/Aug, Decreasing by -12% since end of July.
3/17 On the other hand, #crypto total market cap did not manage to hold the 1b$ threshold and sitting now at 0,96b compared to 1,075b end of July, so -10,4% decrease.
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Arbitrum Updates 🧵

#Arbitrum recently announced Nova and also has planned to implement its major upgrade, called Nitro, in the coming days. To clear up the confusion let’s briefly discuss what #Nova and #Nitro are.

The Nitro upgrade, going live tomorrow, is aimed to be a better version of the current Arbitrum network.

One of the major problems with Arbitrum was its high gas fees, especially during the #Odyssey load. Nitro upgrade will decrease the gas fees through

Advanced Call Data Compression. Nitro will also bring additional L1 compatibility for developers. I’ll leave the technical explanations for the technical guys.

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So, you aren't exploring @arbitrum anon? Well, it is about time you became a bridgoooor and got over to this ecosystem...

Here is a rundown of the projects and opportunities over there right now...

I'll even throw some unreleased gems in the thread for you busy folk. Enjoy👇
The @arbitrum ecosystem is about to get a whole lot better in a number of ways. Protocols that are built/being built over there are going to be huge benefactors and so will you anon, the opportunities are endless...
@arbitrum @arbitrum TLDR: Arbitrum is an optimistic roll-up, L2 scaling solution built on top of Ethereum. Super quick, low latency, great fees (about to get even greater)... Largest L2 by TVL and activity.
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1/ When #l222 > L1

@arbitrum fees caused a frenzy last week. But is there any need for concern?

This thread will explain
- what happened
- will it happen again
- what can be done to mitigate it in the future
2/ A common misconception with the emergence of layer-2 and #rollup protocols within #Ethereum is that they will automatically come with cheaper gas fees and easier transactions for users.
3/ While this will largely be the case and is the intended goal, it is by no means impossible for a rollup to suffer from high fees, especially in its current nascent form.

This is precisely what occurred in early July.
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“Just Like The Oscars Background”.

I’de give fiden(fake biden) an award, well deserved … How anyone for A second is able to take him seriously or think he is real, definitely seems like another HUGE #TEST ..

Stars Shine for Me.
Stars Lie to Me.
Stars Will Rise For Me.
The Star of the Show will Rise for Me.

Lights are coming On ..


#StarCade 1983 The Beginning
#StarCade 2000 THE END

“Time Travel Is Fun”
Everything happening today, was acted out within Wrestling Rings over the years ..
#SEEK & ……….. You shall Find.
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