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🚨🚨🚨WE ARE HERE!! Program kicking off NOW with Arlette Morales @CASAforall and Guerline Jozef @HaitianBridge. We demand dignity! Tune in now!! 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽
Our work is ESSENTIAL for health and livelihood of immigrants families. We demand TPS for Cameroon & other countries in need of relief. #MayDay #WeAreEssential
“Everyone of us can relate to the pain brought upon us by the immigration system...we will NOT be discouraged. I believe that we will win.” @nakasec member, Jein Ryu. Immigrants like Jein deserve to be protected & secure in the country they call home🏡 #ImmigrantJustice
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Today, I'm asking you to tell your Members of Congress to include #HCBS services in the next COVID relief package. Why? For Michael. Image
For Lara. Image
For Rik. Image
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If you, like me

loathe militaristic jingo
detest Jordan B Peterson (of the 'make your bed')
can't stand inspiration porn about those considered less
watch this video.…

It contains all those things
it also tells you how important it is to stand together
2/ We are standing in the mud right now, all of us
Our leaders are telling us to quit

'Just some of you, quit now
then you can all get out of the cold
away from the howling wind'
3/ but all those people who are staying home
what they are really doing is singing
from their bedrooms
from their lounge rooms

singing together
and spreading hope & humanity like a virus.

if you want to change the world
stand your ground.

<3 #HighRiskCovid19 #WeAreEssential
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Seeing news about #Covid19 running rampant through large group homes (+institutions) is devastating.

+ fact that people with disabilities aren't getting access to the same testing and care is disturbing.

+ we still don't have HCBS funding in a relief package is unacceptable.1/
San Francisco early on, pre shelter in place, limited gatherings for more than 10 people.

This begs the question of how we still have people with disabilities living in settings of 10+++ people who cannot take meals outside of communal spaces and have no independent unit. 2/
Sometimes these disabled individuals do not even have their OWN BEDROOM to self-isolate (20+yrs post Olmstead this is still the reality).

It's unavoidable that people with disabilities need care and staff right now. It's avoidable that they live in these settings. 3/
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What's it been - a month?

And here we have people we previously considered friends and allies who, at the first excuse, decide to undertake the socially responsible equivalent of coughing over fruit in supermarkets.

Remember these posts after we are gone. #HighRiskCovid19 ImageImage
2/ I much admired Belinda, who is two years older than I. Three children less, also a working woman. Yet her life is and was worth infinitely more than mine.

'What's the point' is a valid feeling when government makes fucked decisions.

3/ How many more weeks til you decide 'fuck it, I need a good excuse to justify doing the things I miss?'

'My mental health is important too'. It is, but you need to balance that with the knowledge you may be killing someone.

'The govt is baked'. Well, yes, but we knew that.
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Not a cent for disabled people, other than a dubious hotline.

But extra money for sheltered workshops so we can be further exploited.

@Anne_Ruston and her party just sentenced a bunch of disabled people to death.

Never forget, people. #HighRiskCovid19…
2/ The grief and loss for what will come is rolling through our timelines, now government has turned their backs on us. Image
3/ Image
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I'm sitting here worrying about #COVID19 like one does & the phone rings. It's @ewarren "calling to check in on Xiomara," to see how my family & I were holding up, and to talk about what we need to do next.

Oh, my heart.

I told @ewarren about having to rush Xiomara to the hospital 2 weeks ago to rule out a life-threatening condition & how scary that was - and still is. We talked about the people who may not get the care they need during this pandemic because hospitals will be so overwhelmed.

.@ewarren & I also talked about the importance of home health care workers & DSPs for disabled people during this crisis. How #WeAreEssential & we have to fight for everyone.

These are hard times & it's good to remember there are leaders who care. The fight goes on.

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