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SHOTS FIRED: Three loud bangs resembling gunshots were heard close to the protest site in front of Siam Commercial Bank headquarters just as demonstrators were leaving. A firecracker was also reportedly thrown at them. Reports say at least 1 injured. #25พฤศจิกาไปSCB #Thailand
Traces of what appeared to be handgun bullets were also found at the protest site, suggesting that they were indeed gunshots. Forensic police are at the scene to investigate. #25พฤศจิกาไปSCB #Thailand #KE #WhatsHappeninglnThailand
UPDATE: Reports say the man who fired shots at pro-democracy protesters was arrested at the scene, and police have found the firearm used in the shooting. No other details of the perpetrator so far. #25พฤศจิกาไปSCB #Thailand #KE #WhatsHappeninglnThailand
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Inflatable duck boats, which have become a sort of a comedy icon of the pro-democracy movement, have arrived in front of the Siam Commercial Bank headquarters in northern Bangkok for today's protest. #Thailand #KE #25พฤศจิกาไปSCB #WhatsHappeninglnThailand
Move over, crytocurrency! The activists hand out parody banknotes (ie coupons) with the portrait of the yellow duck. Each of them is worth 10 baht and can be used to buy food from participating hawkers, or "CIA," around the protest site. #Thailand #KE #25พฤศจิกาไปSCB
Fun Fact! The duck is formally given a title as กรมหลวงเกียกกายราษฎรบริรักษ์ by the protesters, which translates roughly to Lord Prince Protector of the People of Kiakkai. #Thailand #KE #25พฤศจิกาไปSCB
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WTF Thailand: Traffic chaos broke out in downtown Bangkok after commuters woke up to find cops blocking some roads with containers to deter a march to the Crown Property Bureau -- even though the protest was already moved to another location. #Thailand #รถติด #25พฤศจิกาไปSCB
Police made no announcement about the barricades, which literally appeared overnight, adding more woes to rush hour traffic in Bangkok this morning. Today's demonstration is set to take place at Siam Commerical Bank HQ, nearly 15 km away. #Thailand #รถติด #25พฤศจิกาไปSCB
Meanwhile, ultraroyalists were free to gather in front of the parliament building without attempts by the police to disperse them. A parliament official even met with the pro-monarchy protesters and accepted their petition. #Thailand #25พฤศจิกาไปSCB #WhatsHappeningInThailand
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Protesters have begun their march to the Royal Thai Police headquarters down the road from Ratchaprasong Intersection. Many of them are furious at police's use of teargas and water cannons in yesterday's rally. #18พฤศจิกาไปราษฎร์ประสงค์ #ม็อบ18พฤศจิกา #WhatsHappeninglnThailand
At least 2,000 police officers are waiting for the marchers inside the police HQ, backed by crowd control vehicles like water cannons and long-range acoustic device (LRAD). #18พฤศจิกาไปราษฎร์ประสงค์ #ม็อบ18พฤศจิกา #WhatsHappeninglnThailand
How you like that!? Protesters pump water guns at police in a lighthearted retaliation for using water cannons on demonstrators yesterday. #18พฤศจิกาไปราษฎร์ประสงค์ #ม็อบ18พฤศจิกา #WhatsHappeninglnThailand
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Right on time! A police officer arrived at Ratchaprasong Intersection to tell demonstrators to disperse and vacate the area. The protesters replied by standing their ground and flashing the three-finger salute. #ม็อบ18พฤศจิกา #Thailand #KE #WhatsHappeninglnThailand
Ratchaprasong Intersection is now full of protesters. Fun fact: the intersection's Thai name means "Royal Wishes." Activists say they will change it to Ratsaprasong today, meaning "People's Wishes" #ม็อบ18พฤศจิกา #Thailand #KE #WhatsHappeninglnThailand
It's been less than 30 minutes since the official time of the protest, but there's already a large crowd at Ratchaprasong Intersection.

Many journalists are overheard saying "it's gonna be a long day." #ม็อบ18พฤศจิกา #Thailand #KE #WhatsHappeninglnThailand
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Police HQ building is ringed with razor wires ahead of today's 4pm protest at Ratchaprasong Intersection. #ม็อบ18พฤศจิกา #Thailand #KE #WhatsHappeninglnThailand
There are also metal barricades on the sidewalk around the shopping district of Ratchaprasong. #ม็อบ18พฤศจิกา #Thailand #KE #WhatsHappeninglnThailand
Looks like it would be another wet day. A water cannon truck just arrived at police HQ close to Ratchaprasong. #ม็อบ18พฤศจิกา #Thailand #KE #WhatsHappeninglnThailand
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We Thais are a playful bunch and we love using and making new wordplays.

This is a sample of our newly coined Thai protest slang: carrot, curry, iced coffee, CIA, mocha, Natasha Romanoff, and more. Enjoy! 😃 #WhatsHappeninglnThailand…
❤️ Love a cultural story like this. Thai protesters have been joking about how the food vendors, esp. the meatball sellers, are always first at the scene of any protest site. Hence, the nickname “CIA.”😎 Here’s their secret. #WhatsHappenningInThailand…
Here are some memes. 😂

😎 meat balls (or fish balls) CIA agent
😎 FAST & FLASH MOB #Thaiprotests2020 #WhatsHappenningInThailand
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Let’s see protests from outside greater Bangkok on 19 October.

Lopburi, central region. Student speaker talks about alcohol tax. #ม็อบ19ตุลา #WhatsHappeningInThailand
Chiang Mai is a key protest site in the north. The speaker flashing .|||. on stage is high school student ‘Menu’ @florasprig.

#ม็อบ19ตุลา #WhatsHappeninglnThailand
Khon Kaen, a key protest site in the northeast, Isan. Locals moved to rally in front of Khon Kaen University. #ม็อบ19ตุลา #WhatsHappeninglnThailand
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Protesters’ demands remain:
1. Prayut get out
2. Draft a new constitution
3. Reform the monarchy to be truly under the constitution

Everyone, get ready! (To gather at any mass transit at 3pm)

Will BTS & MRT suspend service again today? #ม็อบ18ตุลา #WhatsHappeninglnThailand
Bangkok metro MRT does not disappoint. It dutifully suspends service at key stations—basically to reduce transportation access for protesters. #bootlicker #ม็อบ18ตุลา #WhatsHappeninglnThailand
Expect @BTS_SkyTrain to announce closure too, in 5.... 4..... 3.... 2.... 1....
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Thai Rath reports in great detail on #ม็อบ17ตุลา protests yesterday. There were 4 major protest sites in BKK (Lad Phrao, Udomsuk/Bangna, Wong Wian Yai, Ramkhamhaeng) + at a number of universities and schools across the country. #WhatsHappeninglnThailand…
Several people have observed and commented that mainstream #ThaiMedia reports on the current youth-led protests have become more professional and straightforward (as opposed to with typical slant, bias, laziness, or self-censorship like before). #WhatsHappeninglnThailand
Apparently @BangkokPostNews, once a newspaper of record in the English language for Thailand, is not among the mainstream media appreciated for the coverage of ongoing protests. (To think Thai Rath is now doing a better job than the Bangkok Post. 😣) #WhatsHappeninglnThailand
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Top trending hashtags on Thai Twitter tonight are many #save protest figures who have been arrested or have arrest warrants.

Thai authorities have stepped up arrests of pro-democracy activists basically for protesting and demanding change. #ม็อบ17ตุลา #WhatsHappeningInThailand
No. 1 hashtag right now is #Saveหมอทศพร about a doctor who advised protesters on what to do if they were sprayed with water (with irritants) and tear gas. (He also gave the police an earful.) He was arrested today. #ม็อบ17ตุลา #WhatsHappeninglnThailand
Hundreds of Thai physicians issued a statement against use of water cannons against protesters. They call for hospitals to be a safe zone, healthcare professionals to be protected to provide service fairly to all & govt to open space for different views. #WhatsHappeninglnThailand
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No, MRT. You did not ask for our “cooperation” for suspending your service today. You caused inconvenience for protesters and non-protesters alike. You served dictatorship instead.

No apology accepted. You should be ashamed of yourself! #ม็อบ17ตุลา #WhatsHappeninglnThailand
And same to you, BTS. You carried countless protesters of all colors and stripes in the past. Are you a true public service? WHOM do you really serve? The public or the dictators?

Shame on you! #ม็อบ17ตุลา #WhatsHappeninglnThailand
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