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International media organisations consistently get some things totally wrong when reporting on the Thai monarchy. Two of the most common errors relate to a notorious palace birthday party and the size of the vast royal fortune. Another THREAD: #WhatsHappeningInThailand 1/25 Image
First, the birthday party. In 2007 a video was leaked showing Vajiralongkorn's then-wife Srirasmi virtually naked at a bizarre party. International media have been saying for years that this was a birthday party for the royal poodle Foo Foo. 2/25
However, this is wrong. The video shows Srirasmi's birthday party at Nonthaburi Palace in December 2001, and there is evidence within the video itself that confirms this without doubt. Foo Foo was just a (VIP) guest at the party. 3/25 Image
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Whether the ongoing #ThaiProtests2020 will achieve the goals remains to be seen. But so far the movement has made a significant impact on Thai social and political discourse. The issue of monarchy and crown property is now being openly and directly discussed on mainstream media.
The issue of Crown Property has been featured by major outlets like @Thairath_TV and @ThaiPBS. Editor of @sameskybooks (the publisher raided by police weeks ago for publishing monarchy-related books) was invited to a debate on the hottest Thai Rath TV show.
This article by @workpointTODAY explains Crown Property, how it came about, how royal assets were managed under absolute monarchy, how that changed and was invested in Rama 5 reign, how it was managed in Rama 9, and how it changed again under Rama 10.
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SHOTS FIRED: Three loud bangs resembling gunshots were heard close to the protest site in front of Siam Commercial Bank headquarters just as demonstrators were leaving. A firecracker was also reportedly thrown at them. Reports say at least 1 injured. #25พฤศจิกาไปSCB #Thailand
Traces of what appeared to be handgun bullets were also found at the protest site, suggesting that they were indeed gunshots. Forensic police are at the scene to investigate. #25พฤศจิกาไปSCB #Thailand #KE #WhatsHappeninglnThailand
UPDATE: Reports say the man who fired shots at pro-democracy protesters was arrested at the scene, and police have found the firearm used in the shooting. No other details of the perpetrator so far. #25พฤศจิกาไปSCB #Thailand #KE #WhatsHappeninglnThailand
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Inflatable duck boats, which have become a sort of a comedy icon of the pro-democracy movement, have arrived in front of the Siam Commercial Bank headquarters in northern Bangkok for today's protest. #Thailand #KE #25พฤศจิกาไปSCB #WhatsHappeninglnThailand
Move over, crytocurrency! The activists hand out parody banknotes (ie coupons) with the portrait of the yellow duck. Each of them is worth 10 baht and can be used to buy food from participating hawkers, or "CIA," around the protest site. #Thailand #KE #25พฤศจิกาไปSCB
Fun Fact! The duck is formally given a title as กรมหลวงเกียกกายราษฎรบริรักษ์ by the protesters, which translates roughly to Lord Prince Protector of the People of Kiakkai. #Thailand #KE #25พฤศจิกาไปSCB
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A picture is worth a thousand words. Graphic symbolism of Thailand’s power structure.
I was going to ask about companies with their names and logos on the shipping containers used as barricades against pro-democracy protest in Thailand today.

Here’s a response from @Maersk. #ThaiProtests2020
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How rich is Thailand's King Vajiralongkorn? With democracy activists set to rally on Wednesday in Bangkok to protest against the monarchy's misuse of public money, it's a good time to take a look. Here comes a THREAD: #ม็อบ25พฤศจิกา #25พฤศจิกาไปSCB #WhatsHappeningInThailand 1/40
For many years, international media routinely reported the Thai monarchy was worth about $30 billion. This figure is based on old estimates by @Forbes magazine, which started producing an annual list of the world's wealthiest monarchs back in 2008.… 2/40
Guess who was Number 1? King Bhumibol of Thailand, with an estimated fortune of $35 billion. By 2009 his estimated wealth had dropped to $30 billion due to a global economic crisis, but he was still the wealthiest monarch in the world.… 3/40
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WTF Thailand: Traffic chaos broke out in downtown Bangkok after commuters woke up to find cops blocking some roads with containers to deter a march to the Crown Property Bureau -- even though the protest was already moved to another location. #Thailand #รถติด #25พฤศจิกาไปSCB
Police made no announcement about the barricades, which literally appeared overnight, adding more woes to rush hour traffic in Bangkok this morning. Today's demonstration is set to take place at Siam Commerical Bank HQ, nearly 15 km away. #Thailand #รถติด #25พฤศจิกาไปSCB
Meanwhile, ultraroyalists were free to gather in front of the parliament building without attempts by the police to disperse them. A parliament official even met with the pro-monarchy protesters and accepted their petition. #Thailand #25พฤศจิกาไปSCB #WhatsHappeningInThailand
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Barriers this am ahead of much anticipated 25 Nov protest at Crown Property Bureau.

Today is a big step up for #ThaiProtests2020, whereas the state has responded with summoning protest leaders for lese majeste. Showdown. Gloves off.

#WhatsHappeningInThailand #ม็อบ25พฤศจิกา
One day ahead of this big protest, a key figure ‘Toto’, leader of protest guard volunteers We Volunteer (WeVo) was arrested under arrest warrant for sedition & computer crime for a protest in August in Udon. ‘Toto’ has been taken to Udon. #ม็อบ25พฤศจิกา…
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⚠️ Thailand's royal family is facing another scandal following the leak of hundreds of intimate photographs of King Vajiralongkorn's official consort Sineenat "Koi" Wongvajirapakdi amid savage infighting among competing palace factions. #WhatsHappeningInThailand 1/15
Three months ago, in August, a letter was sent to an address where I used to live, and was forwarded to me. Inside was a SD card with 1,443 photographs that had apparently been extracted from 3 iPhones that Koi used to own — an iPhone 4S, an iPhone 5S, and an iPhone 5.

There were 942 photographs taken with an iPhone 4s, and metadata showed they were taken over the period June 2012 to May 2013. There were 371 photographs taken with an iPhone 5s between May and September 2014, and 130 photographs taken with an iPhone 5 in November 2014. 3/15
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Recent street art in the royal district of Bangkok. Extraordinary and unprecedented. #WhatsHappeningInThailand
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Total chaos now at Kiakkai Intersection, where gunfire can still be heard as anti-government protesters and ultraroyalists skirmish with each other. #ม็อบ17พฤศจิกายน #Thailand #whatshappeninginthailand
People injured in the clashes continue to be brought out of the area by rescue workers. It seems to be a pure protesters-on-protesters violence now; no intervention from the police so far. #ม็อบ17พฤศจิกายน #Thailand #whatshappeninginthailand
A man in yellow shirt was sent to hospital after a group of unidentified assailants reportedly struck him in the head with wooden sticks and fled the scene close to the parliament. #ม็อบ17พฤศจิกายน #Thailand #whatshappeninginthailand
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Tensions are rising outside of the Thailand Parliament as some demonstrators have begun to breach the security barricades.
“There was a clash between the yellow shirts. And the Rajasthan group, someone injured their head because they were thrown into a glass bottle.”

Seriously heating up over there.

This man armed with a large plank of wood looks ready to fight while having projectiles thrown at him.

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ESCALATION AT THE PARLIAMENT: Riot police launch high pressure water at pro-democracy frontline protesters who try to remove the barricades and approach the parliament building for today's rally. #Thailand #ม็อบ17พฤศจิกายน #whatshappeninginthailand
Teargas agents may also have been used. Reporters at the scene smell teargas in the air, and riot police are seen donning their gasmasks while the water cannon is being launched at the protesters. #Thailand #ม็อบ17พฤศจิกายน #whatshappeninginthailand
The clash took place when volunteer guards of the pro-democracy movement attempted to remove obstacles laid down by the police and clear the way for other demonstrators expected to gather at the parliament this afternoon. #Thailand #ม็อบ17พฤศจิกายน #whatshappeninginthailand
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Paranoia at the Parliament: naval officials patrol in their boats on Chao Phraya River close to the Parliament to prevent possible attempt by anti-government activists to approach the building via the river. #Thailand #KE #ม็อบ17พฤศจิกายน
The navy and police deploy their patrol boats after activists suggest, somewhat half-jokingly, that they would "invade" the parliament building by paddling across the river on recreational boats used in public parks. #Thailand #KE #ม็อบ17พฤศจิกายน
The authorities seem to take the potential threat of an invasion by pro-democracy "Ducky Boats" very seriously. Marine department was instructed to monitor all river piers close to the Parliament for any sign of an amphibious landing. #Thailand #KE #ม็อบ17พฤศจิกายน
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I’m actually dizzy at the ignorance and inconsistencies in the arguments of the royalists who rallied at the German embassy in Bangkok today #ม็อบ26ตุลา #WhatsHappeningInThailand 1/4
They took a letter to the German ambassador asking him to stop Germany getting involved in Thai politics.

But Germany doesn’t want to be involved in Thai politics, that is why the German government objects to King Vajiralongkorn making political decisions from Bavaria! 2/4
The royalists also claimed that Vajiralongkorn was “working abroad to help the kingdom during Covid”. How is he helping Thailand from abroad? 3/4
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⚠️ EXCLUSIVE—The palace has ordered judges to refuse further bail requests by detained Thai protesters, judicial sources say. #WhatsHappeningInThailand… 1/8
Sources say that when Anon Nampha and Panupong “Mike” Jadnok were initially arrested in September, the palace gave a direct order (ใบสั่ง) via ประธานศาลฎีกา (president of Supreme Court) to inform the Criminal Court (ศาลอาญา) that bail should not be granted. 2/8
However, the message was not clearly delivered and Anon and Mike eventually got bail.

So earlier this month the palace sent the message again, this time via องคมนตรี นุรักษ์ มาประณีต (privy councillor Nurak Mapraneet) to ประธานศาลฎีกา that bail is absolutely prohibited. 3/8
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Anti-government protesters are gathering at Ratchaprasong Intersection after the deadline for PM Prayut Chan-o-cha's resignation has passed. #ม็อบ25ตุลา #whatshappeninginThaiand #Thailand #KE
Many demonstrators are occupying parts of the intersection and the Skywalk over Ratchaprasong. Today's protest is billed as a "warmup" to the march from Samyan district to the German Embassy tomorrow. #ม็อบ25ตุลา #whatshappeninginThaiand #Thailand #KE
The protest is getting lively now at Ratchaprasong Intersection. Demonstrators are calling for PM Prayut Chan-o-cha's resignation, a more democratic charter, and reforms of the monarchy. #ม็อบ25ตุลา #whatshappeninginThaiand #Thailand #KE
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#ThaiProtests2020 are truly led by youth, the country’s future. But this is how they feel about the current Thai society. A view of high school girl from a poor region, Isan. #WhatsHappeningInThailand
‘Lookmai’ @yanisavara 1st-yr Chula U student, politically active since high school:

• “Rising up to fight is not just an option but the only option left.”

• “We don’t want to change the game players but want to change the game.”

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We Thais are a playful bunch and we love using and making new wordplays.

This is a sample of our newly coined Thai protest slang: carrot, curry, iced coffee, CIA, mocha, Natasha Romanoff, and more. Enjoy! 😃 #WhatsHappeninglnThailand…
❤️ Love a cultural story like this. Thai protesters have been joking about how the food vendors, esp. the meatball sellers, are always first at the scene of any protest site. Hence, the nickname “CIA.”😎 Here’s their secret. #WhatsHappenningInThailand…
Here are some memes. 😂

😎 meat balls (or fish balls) CIA agent
😎 FAST & FLASH MOB #Thaiprotests2020 #WhatsHappenningInThailand
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Methinks schoolgirls *were already leading* school-based protests around the country from the start, not only “emerging” now. Yes, more school girls are speaking at large protests. They are finally being recognized as leaders now. #WhatsHappeningInThailand…
I discussed girls’ participation in student protests in this thread.
Schoolgirl protesters profiled in Thai-language press.
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Let’s see protests from outside greater Bangkok on 19 October.

Lopburi, central region. Student speaker talks about alcohol tax. #ม็อบ19ตุลา #WhatsHappeningInThailand
Chiang Mai is a key protest site in the north. The speaker flashing .|||. on stage is high school student ‘Menu’ @florasprig.

#ม็อบ19ตุลา #WhatsHappeninglnThailand
Khon Kaen, a key protest site in the northeast, Isan. Locals moved to rally in front of Khon Kaen University. #ม็อบ19ตุลา #WhatsHappeninglnThailand
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Yet another pro-democracy activist arrested. Patipan is an artist and performer. He was once imprisoned for performing a play deemed a royal insult.

Since recent protests >80 people have been arrested, >20 still detained, more continue to be arrested.
Update from Thai Lawyers for Human Rights @TLHR2014 on arrests of protesters, 13-18 Oct:
• >80 arrested, incl. 2 minors
• 27 in prison (denied bail)
• 8 detained for investigation
All in 5 provinces (BKK, Pathumthani, Chonburi, Chiang Mai, Ubon)
#WhatsHappeningInThailand Image
*Correction: Arrests during 13-17 midnight, not 13-18 Oct.
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Here we go. Thai junta wielded emergency decree to black out pro-democracy media outlets, citing “severe” state of emergency. The victims are @VoiceTVOfficial, @prachatai, @thereportersth , @thestandardth and protest organizer @FreeYOUTHth. #Censorship #WhatsHappeningInThailand
Meanwhile, pro-junta, ultra-royalist media in the Nation Group (Thailand’s equivalent of Fox News + InfoWars) that keep spewing fake news and hate speech on the daily basis has never got even a slap on the wrist, let alone a blackout. Disgusting.
Background on blacked out media:
@VoiceTVOfficial - its biggest sin is being owned by son of Thaksin (biased? maybe, but not half as much as Nation); long suffering countless bans & blackouts
@prachatai - online outlet news site, has had fair share of persecution /cont.
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