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#Thailand—Prostesters rallied against a military monarchy that has disappeared activists, later discovered dead with concrete in their bellies.

The nation is a global epicenter for trafficking of women and children; this is also a women's rights issue.…
Opposition to the current government, if reforms are enacted, could mean hope for trafficked women and children:

"Sexual exploitation is the main form of modern-day slavery in Thailand"…
"Thai prosecutors turned down about a fifth of human trafficking cases sent to them by police last year, a government report shows, raising concerns that police were on a drive to boost numbers to enhance Thailand’s global image."

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"I am pleased to be joined by Dr Gro Brundtland and Mr @Elhadj_As_Sy, two heavyweights of public health who now co-chair the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board @TheGPMB"-@DrTedros

"Since the turn of the Millennium, SARS, MERS, H1N1, Zika and Ebola have all demonstrated the increasing occurrences of viruses making the zoonotic leap from animals to humans."-@DrTedros

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#India has shown interest in building the strategic Kra Canal, says #Thailand

From a military perspective, the Kra Canal is of great benefit to #China to bypass the Malacca Strait. I don't think it's good for others to encourage that project.…
Thailand claims that it is not only in talks with China but with India, US and Australia to build the strategically proposed Kra Canal in the Southern part of the country that could change the landscape of shipping in the region as well as the naval balance of power.
“Over 30 foreign firms have shown interest in investing or giving financial & technical support to build the canal.

If done, the 135-km long canal will connect the Gulf of Thailand with the Andaman Sea, giving a short-cut for vessels between the #SouthChinaSea & #IndianOcean
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As #tech sold off in the last 2 weeks, there were still places that were resilient during this time period. Whether tech gets through the consolidation phase or breaks lower, time will tell.

Meanwhile few ideas on longs and shorts going forward. 1/
On the long side, equity exposure in #transports, #materials and int'l mkts like #Germany and #Korea worked well. Exposure in these areas continues to stay bullish.

Vols are showing upticks as well, so should stay careful.

Commodities in bullish trend while #Gold and #Silver are consolidating for the time being: #Palladium, #Copper, #Coffee, #SoyBeans


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"#COVID19 is teaching all of us many lessons.

One of them is that health is not a luxury item for those who can afford it; it’s a necessity, and a human right"-@DrTedros
"Public health is the foundation of social, economic and political stability. That means investing in population-based services for preventing, detecting and responding to disease"-@DrTedros #COVID19
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A Thread On #Ganesha in Southeast Asia
#Ganesha In #Thailand
-In Thai, #Ganesha is called Phra Phikanet (#พระพิฆเนศ)
- Praying at a shrine to Ganesh is also popular with university students before exams😅
-logo of Dept.of Fine Arts , Thailand
- Slim Ganesha also found in thai version 😅 ImageImageImage
#Ganesha in #Combodia
- known as "Prah kenes" in Khmer
-No -Neck,No pot belly,No head dress Found in sculpture of #Ganesha
-Snake -Ygnopaveet tied in left 👂 is special F of Combodian Ganesha ImageImage
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[#HKers calling on #Cellebrite to halt selling phone hacking technologies to #Belarus] #standwithbelarus

1/ Phone hacking tech is one of the weapons abused by authoritarian regimes to stamp out dissidents, in particular, crackdowns on leaderless movements in both Belarus and HK.
2/ Solely in #Hongkong, throughout #hkprotests last year, #hkpolice has been using Cellebrite's hacking technology to crack at least 4000 #Hkprotesters’ phones without consent, with our private conversation used by authoritarian regimes for political purges.
3/ Recently, a group of Israeli human rights lawyers have found that the investigation units of dictatorship in #Belarus have been using Cellebrite's forensic system, #UFED Touch, to break the defence systems in smartphones.
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1/5 From #Belarus, #HongKong, to #Thailand - the masses have been thrust to the forefront of a global struggle against the surging offence on our values of freedom and liberty.
#HKerswithyou Image
2/5 One viral photo after another, we hail young protestors as fearless agents of change. We applaud, reshare, retweet. But this characterisation cannot be further from the truth.
#SaveParit Image
3/5 Contexts are different, but the scenes have started to blend together. Of being brutally beaten up, jailed, raped in detention, murdered, or of a criminal record that strips away all future opportunities. The young aren't fearless, they are terrified. Image
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1/4 On behalf of Cambodian democrats I would like to express my solidarity with Thai democrats who are protesting against the forced disappearance of Mr. Wanchalearm Satsaksit, abducted in Phnom Penh June 4. Image
2/4 This abduction, carried out in broad daylight, is an act of state terrorism in which Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen specializes and which has cost the lives of countless Cambodian democrats.
3/4 The abduction is a way for Hun Sen to thank the Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha for preventing me, as the only Cambodian opposition leader at liberty, from returning to Cambodia via Thailand as planned on November 9, 2019.
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.@prdthailand police arrested pro-democracy activist, Parit #Chiwarak following protests calling for reforms, a new constitution, and an end to impunity for the monarchy.

The Thai king currently lives a life of luxury in Europe while the country suffers. Image
King Vajiralongkorn spends almost all of his time in Europe — either at the Grand Hotel Sonnenbichl in Germany or at the Hotel Waldegg in Engelberg, Switzerland. In case any protestors want to greet him and support the #Thailand pro-democracy movement.…
Update: Student activist Parit #Chiwarak (@paritchi) has been released on bail. Vows to rejoin pro-democracy protests, as soon as August 16. #WhatsHappeningInThailand
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[Forces can’t take away our future]

1. Two days ahead of another rally on Aug 16, it is horrifying to know Thai #police just forcibly arrested student leader Parit Chiwarak @paritchi & bundled him into a car, to crush our Thai fellows’ call for changes.

2. When our next generations fight with sweat and tear for a better future where people can live with dignity, justice and liberty, there's nothing more ridiculous for the dark power of tyranny to turn the clock back with suppression and draconian laws.…
3. Force & fear won’t kill our spirit of resistance, and can never take away our future & imprison our soul. As situation in #Thailand turns critical, I hope all freedom-loving ppl can #StandWithThailand & #SaveParit.

#MilkTeaAlliance Image
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Are we #FREE online in #Thailand ?
Student-led protests R calling 2 #SaveThaiDemocracy, respect #FreeSpeech & end #harassment of #ProDemocracy #youth 👉🏼Check our campaign 2 #StopDigitalDictatorship so we all enjoy #onlineFreedom 👉🏼
#savepanusaya #saveparit ImageImage
Are we #FREE in #Thailand? Want 2 know what laws military-backed govt is using to charge & arrest critics & activits? Check 👉🏼 as we break it down for U!
#savepanusaya #saveparit #MilkTeaAlliance #หยุดคุกคามประชาชน #อานนท์หายไปไหน ImageImageImageImage
Are we #FREE in #Thailand ? Check #campaign 2 #StopDigitalDictatorship as we call on Govt. to
1. Respect #onlinefreedom in line w/ intl #HumanRights law
2. Stop threats & arrests of #student activists
3. Stop criminalization of critics
4. Save #Democracy
#SaveParit #youth ImageImageImageImage
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#Thailand #Bangkok #ECONOMY #COLLAPS #Coronavirus

Thailand has not let tourists into the country for months and has thus successfully isolated itself from the pandemic. BUT experts warn that Thailand will in return enter the worst recession in the country history.
The economy of Thailand depends on tourism since the beginning of April there have been no more tourists and no new infection with the corona virus for 2 months. According to a forecast, no country in Asia has been harder hit than Bangkok.
According to calculations by the central bank, economic output will decline by more than eight percent this year. The economists at the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce even assume an economic slump of up to eleven and a half percent.
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#Schools #Covid_19 Thread:

1) I want to put the idea to rest that the U.S. is an outlier in keeping schools closed: it’s not. Most schools in most countries are still closed: 1.5 billion students. And that’s a bad thing. See this map.
2) New Zealand’s @jacindaardern is a rare politician able to bounce around her country’s schools taking mask-free selfies for her re-election campaign. Why?…
3) Education and children’s advocates the world over are tearing their hair out over political leadership that has enabled venues like hair salons and tattoo parlors to open, while schools remain closed…
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Measures to enter #Thailand for non-Thai nationals who are spouses, parents or children of Thai nationals (1/5) #COVID19 #COVID19Thailand
Measures to enter #Thailand for non-Thai nationals who have certificate of residence or have been permitted to take up residency in Thailand (2/5) #COVID19 #COVID19Thailand
Measures to enter #Thailand for non-Thai nationals who have a work permit or have been granted permission to work in Thailand, including their spouses or children (3/5) #COVID19 #COVID19Thailand
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Nobody is really sure what the true story behind Pattaya's old abandoned Batman disco is. That being said, it is still an AWESOME place to go exploring. A few years ago a street artist meetup was held.
Street artists from around Asia held a gathering called "Meeting Of Styles" and they used the Batman disco as their canvas. Each artist selecting a different portion of the building.
Walking around the outside of the GIANT structure, there are several entrances to choose from. Some lead into the inner sanctum of the disco and others lead to drop offs to nowhere that I can only assume end in the basement.
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At @MountVernon.
DYK: #GWMountVernon is owned & maintained in trust for the people of the US by the Mount Vernon Ladies' Association, a private/non-profit organization.
Join me & help preserve George Washington's home & legacy.
👉… Image
Get ready for a #TwitterTour

The mansion is closed due to #Covid19, but perhaps a 📷 or two from the grounds of the home of America’s first president, George Washington, & perhaps the most visited historic home in the USA: Mount Vernon @MountVernon in Virginia.
#StayTuned! ImageImage
Ok... let’s get started.
A #TwitterTour of Mount Vernon #GWMountVernon @MountVernon 🇺🇸 to follow…
Thread. The home of George & Martha Washington & the most popular historic home in America.

Note: The mansion itself is temporarily closed but check out: Image
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Thread: Wearing masks is our best defense against the #coronavirus.

@WhiteHouse press secretary said today that masks are no longer required in West Wing. Many tweets also advise against masks.

Result: Colossal failure of the US #COVID response.…

An example of anti-mask rhetoric can be seen in the video below by a Mr. Huff. I will explain why everything that he says here is scientifically incorrect and a danger to public health. (I do not know Mr. Huff or his motivations.)

I am not comparing the US to the several dozen countries that have mostly controlled this epidemic, e.g., #Taiwan, #Iceland, #SouthKorea, #Japan, #Thailand, #NewZealand, #Australia, #Austria, #Switzerland, #Greece, #Norway, etc. Some of them never even had to lock down.

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I've got a ton of writing to do and I'm procrastinating again, so I'm going to do a little thread about #Singapore, #COVID19, and eggs
#Singapore has three local chicken farms, which meet about 26% of local eggspectations. According to @ChannelNewsAsia, there were 521 million 鸡蛋 produced locally in 2017:…
Our main supply is yolked to #Malaysia, which in 2018 provided for about 73% of our needs. So with #COVID19 and movement restriction orders in our neighbour, there were concerns that food supply — including the precious telur — would be disrupted.…
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