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1/113 Ok, I've got some wine and time, so let's do this. Thread on the #WheelOfTime show/book discrepancies

2/ First of all, what this thread is not: it isn't about casting, though I have Opinions; it isn't about the special effects; it isn't even about whether or not the show 'worked'
3/ This is about what the producer @rafejudkins (with @BrandSanderson) decided to change from a wildly popular book series that sold literally millions of copies
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I'm buckling up for #WheelOfTime finale! *bites nails*
well starting off with a throwback of a flashback, okay okay
#Spoilers #WoTSpoilers
Production once again shines through - my first thought with this opening scene was that their clothing was very "modern" in design. Ahhhhh. Okay okay.
#Spoilers #WoTSpoilers
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y'all I managed to get home in time for the #wheeloftime watch party!!

real ones (well, meg) know this is actually an accomplishment for me
here's my initial thoughts on the ep when I watched last night, still loving everything they did in terms of the mystery of the dragon reborn excited to see what we see on the second watch #wheeloftime
Loial is so good, so steady so INTERESTED in everything that's happening, so unbothered by their drama #wheeloftime
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I don't really read what other people have to say when I'm vibing to a show but I did see some comments from people who hate the change that the dragon reborn could be anyone and could be multiple people and I'm reminded of how deeply boring they are every recap that mentions it
genuinely believe the best adaptations play with the source material which is why I'm hype to watch station eleven bc I thought the book was only ok but heard the show changes a lot
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Happy Monday, y'all! As we wait for episode 6, I am here to update my handy "who are all these beautiful people?!?" guide to #WheelOfTime. Now is the perfect time to binge episodes 1-5 if you haven't!

Use this handy cheat sheet. Bree's Very Impartial Guide to Hot Wot
(First I will be reposting my originals, some with better pictures I've grabbed from the show, then adding some new ones!)
This absolute BAD ASS MOTHERFUCKER witch lady is on a quest, also in the books she CANNONICALLY had a girlfriend and then a boyfriend, so she is our bisexual queen.

Is she shady? MAYBE. Should you trust her? IDK! Does she have chemistry with everyone? YES. Moiraine: Tired Carpool Mom. Magic Lady. Very Badass. She is
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Amazon's new #WheelOfTime mega-series appears to be trite, reactionary garbage.

For example: 'They look for the rare male who can channel then “gentle” him which takes away his ability to channel. Being gentled leaves men empty and broken...'

It's a special caste of women, in the WOT world, which does this. It's directly analogous to the right wing claim that an enforced regime of "political correctness" emasculates men.
At every turn, the WOT world shrieks of thinly veiled Christian utopian millennarianism:

"The Dragon is a prophecy. It’s a name bestowed on a male channeler who will defeat the Dark One... the Dragon will both save and destroy the world."
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BREAKING NEWS! #wheeloftime Series sneak previews courtesy of Entertainment Weekly! (1 of 6)
Spread #2 of #wheeloftime by Entertainment Weekly (2 of 6)
Larger version of Lan (Daniel Henney) and Moiraine (Rosamund Pike) in Shadar Logoth in Amazon Prime's @TheWheelOfTime upcoming series. (3 of 8) #wheeloftime lan carrying moiraine out of Shadar Logoth
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Happy May the Fourth! Have some SW threads.

This is the greatest Star Wars thread of all time. @imaginmatrix reconceives the conflict as btwn the Council & Anakin over Anakin & Padmé's marriage and Anakin's revolutionary politics. Anakin is far more interesting on this telling.
In this thread I try to write a better ending for Rise of Skywalker. I still object to reintroducing Palpatine—more radical would've been *no* big baddie, but a reckoning with the Social Question—but if you gotta keep Palps, let Ben live & Rey go Dark.
It's no surprise I love both Star Wars and the #WheelOfTime: they have deep thematic resonances. In this thread I explore some of these. Happy #MayThe4th! cc #TwitterOfTime for this one.
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Aww, look who’s a legal adult in the U.S. now!

Crossroads of Twilight, the 10th book in the #wheeloftime, was released in this day 18 years ago in 2003 from @torbooks.


Book info:…

#twitteroftime #wot #robertjordan #dragonsworn
Upon its initial publication in 2003, CoT was an immediate number 1 bestseller but critically was the least popular WoT novel up to that point. The 2-3 previous books had been notably slower-paced than the most exciting earlier novels.
I always had the impression that Robert Jordan was surprised by the critical fan reviews and that it helped influence him to back away from the main storyline a bit and let his brain recharge. After CoT he wrote New Spring and then returned for the faster-paced Knife of Dreams.
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Okay folks #WheelOfTime has set the absolute standard for how epic fantasy should be cast, a world where magic exists should have even more diversity than ours not less

@WoTonPrime @danielhenney @Marcus_Rudda #ZoeRobins @tigermadden
I read the #WheelofTime books very begrudgingly (i think i threw one across the room after the fifth skirt smoothing in a single chapter) but I will watch the heck out of this series especially since they’re still casting and the trend is so good
(A word though, some darker complected heroes would be nice, @WoTonPrime—colorism in epic fantasy is as ugly as racial erasure)
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I started watching Star Trek Voyager today, the next step in watching every single Star Trek episode. I watched most of them in my early teens but definitely not all, I'm not too excited by the prospect
Didn't think the Pilot of Voyager was that great, pretty confusing though I like the Maquis stuff
Voyager S2E3 (premier was 2 eps) Parallax was good, especially the Janeway/B'ellana scenes, really jump-started their dynamic
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