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1/113 Ok, I've got some wine and time, so let's do this. Thread on the #WheelOfTime show/book discrepancies

2/ First of all, what this thread is not: it isn't about casting, though I have Opinions; it isn't about the special effects; it isn't even about whether or not the show 'worked'
3/ This is about what the producer @rafejudkins (with @BrandSanderson) decided to change from a wildly popular book series that sold literally millions of copies
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It's officially the 12th here and the soundtrack is out! Here's the track listing. First impressions are VERY good. Will post more thoughts once I've listened through!

#TwitterOfTime #TheWheelOfTime #TheFirstTurn #SoundtrackOfTime Spotify play lost screenshot  The Wheel of Time: The First TSpotify playlist screenshot  Al'Naito (The Flame) Al'Cair (G
Mashithamel (Young Love) - catchy song, one of the pop-ier ones on the album.

Moiraine Sedai - a menacing and suspenseful violin intro. Softens into harmonic majestic vocals. A faint trace of Peter Cox. The unnerving violin comes and goes. Beautiful yet dangerous. Very fitting.
Ta'maral'ailen (Web of Destiny) - uplifting vocals with a folksong lilt. Folky violin with a kick of electric guitar.

Aes Sedai (Servants of All) - think I hear the carnyx on this one. Driving bass and percussion. Unsettling and a bit intense.
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brb making #lan and #nynaeve wallpaper
👀 🧐

Again, no spoilers. Just vibes.
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Attention please, #TwitterOfTime. Everyone is invited to join in the Al Naito #ChorusOfTime. If you sing, play an instrument, dance, Sign - all entries are welcome. Videos are due October 31, details in the following thread. Please read it through, and share #TheWheelOfTime
#ChorusOfTime #TwitterOfTime #TheWheelOfTime
First Part vocals, demonstrated by @alyssumz, with instructions for recording
Upload your video to YouTube unlisted, and tweet or DM the link to @MeriseSedai
#ChorusOfTime #TwitterOfTime #TheWheelOfTime
Second part vocals, demonstrated by @MeriseSedai, with instructions for recording
Upload your video to YouTube unlisted, and tweet or DM the link to @MeriseSedai
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BREAKING NEWS! #wheeloftime Series sneak previews courtesy of Entertainment Weekly! (1 of 6)
Spread #2 of #wheeloftime by Entertainment Weekly (2 of 6)
Larger version of Lan (Daniel Henney) and Moiraine (Rosamund Pike) in Shadar Logoth in Amazon Prime's @TheWheelOfTime upcoming series. (3 of 8) #wheeloftime lan carrying moiraine out of Shadar Logoth
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Happy May the Fourth! Have some SW threads.

This is the greatest Star Wars thread of all time. @imaginmatrix reconceives the conflict as btwn the Council & Anakin over Anakin & Padmé's marriage and Anakin's revolutionary politics. Anakin is far more interesting on this telling.
In this thread I try to write a better ending for Rise of Skywalker. I still object to reintroducing Palpatine—more radical would've been *no* big baddie, but a reckoning with the Social Question—but if you gotta keep Palps, let Ben live & Rey go Dark.
It's no surprise I love both Star Wars and the #WheelOfTime: they have deep thematic resonances. In this thread I explore some of these. Happy #MayThe4th! cc #TwitterOfTime for this one.
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Today’s the 8 year anniversary of the release of A Memory of Light, the 14th and concluding volume in The Wheel of Time.

8 years since it ended. Wow. Although we all know there are no endings to the turning of the WoT!



The title to this book was one RobertJordan thought of when he was finishing up edits on Knife of Dreams. He never explained the exact meaning although @BrandSanderson would later offer his version of it.
The closing epigraph of the book is one of my favorites:

“He came like the wind, like the wind touched everything, and like the wind was gone.”

There’s a story behind that quote.
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Aww, look who’s a legal adult in the U.S. now!

Crossroads of Twilight, the 10th book in the #wheeloftime, was released in this day 18 years ago in 2003 from @torbooks.


Book info:…

#twitteroftime #wot #robertjordan #dragonsworn
Upon its initial publication in 2003, CoT was an immediate number 1 bestseller but critically was the least popular WoT novel up to that point. The 2-3 previous books had been notably slower-paced than the most exciting earlier novels.
I always had the impression that Robert Jordan was surprised by the critical fan reviews and that it helped influence him to back away from the main storyline a bit and let his brain recharge. After CoT he wrote New Spring and then returned for the faster-paced Knife of Dreams.
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Happy Wednesday and welcome back #TwitterOfTime! We have a few surprises up our sleeve for today’s book club. 👀

As The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass, it seems this is the appropriate time to welcome some new cast to the #WOTonPrime family. (thread)
“Her blue eyes brooked no nonsense, and her firm jaw spoke of the determination of the youngest woman ever to be chosen Amyrlin Seat.”

Please welcome Sophie Okonedo as Siuan Sanche. #WOTonPrime Image
“The sparks are trying to fill the shadow, and the shadow is trying to swallow the sparks. You are all tied together in something dangerous."

Please welcome Kae Alexander (@kaealexander) as Min to our #WOTonPrime family. Image
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Hey #TwitterofTime, let's talk about Ariel Burgess. You probably know her, or her work at the very least, but if not, just scroll her account; she's one of the pre-eminent wheel of time artists, with gorgeous, highly rendered portraits of many of the characters.
Ariel is not a fan artist, though she obviously adores the Wheel of time. She is a professional artist, who was licensed by Bandersnatch (Harriet's company that controls Robert Jordan's estate) to produce and sell official Wheel of Time art. In other words, this was her job.
I say was, because when Amazon picked up the license, artists like Ariel lost theirs. That's very common in that kind of situation, but also a huge bummer for artists losing an income stream. As well as a bummer for fans like us who no longer can get awesome prints and stuff.
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Guess now is as good a time as any to warn Naris that we might need an exit strategy.
First things first. Mask of mirrors on the message box. Even if someone looks they won't find that.
Another weave on my ter'angreal, inverted and tied off, to make it look more like a childhood memento. Old and cracked and not as skillfully done.
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So, not to make anyone panic, but these guys showed up at my village today. Black coats, big attitudes. They said they were recruiting for some "Lord Dragon" who's supposed to be in ... Andor somewhere?

I mean, it can't be the _real_ Dragon, right?
The mayor called for a meeting of elders. I tried to hide upstairs and listen but Mistress Mudsel caught me.
Can't find Tinya. I know she was watching the black coat guys, so I'm betting she's found some place she can listen in.
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Time for a TigRANT- My Collection of Thoughts on the Emond's Field 5 Casting - by Tigraine Mantear of the Chumai Sept of the Tardaad Aiel, formerly House Mantear of Andor. Slightly in character, slightly out of character- I do what I want.
First of all- wow. I don't know why it didn't feel real when Rosamund was cast but now it REALLY feels real. This isn't like a hot new YA series that's been riding the best seller wave getting optioned into a show.. this is something many of us have loved and have grown up with
for our entire lives being brought to life. Think of what an emotional roller coaster this fandom has been- from the slog (the long time between books!), to RJ's death and thinking we would never get a finished series, to Brandon Sanderson coming on board to finish it!
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