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Strap in #writers - it's time to talk about developmental editing and my thought process when I'm reading over manuscripts.

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Let's start with what is a developmental editor? This type of editor - which differs highly from a line editor or proof reader - looks at big picture elements of your story.

Think structure and content.

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When I'm hired for a developmental edit, I'm keeping an eye on four major elements of a story:

1. Plot
2. Character
3. Worldbuilding
4. Pacing

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THREAD: How can I create a better pitch while not also killing myself mentally, aka Pitching is tough, please help.

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I think the first thing we have to cover today is that not everything you want to say about your story is going to fit or belongs in your pitch. Many things you think are critical to "understand" the story don't have to come into the pitch.
And this reveals the point of the pitch - not to understand the story (that's what reading the manuscript is for), but to become interesting in it, so that the pitch-audience says "I want more information, I will go check out this manuscript."
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I haven't done a writing-advice thread in a while because I was so busy working on my WIP, but now that I'm done, how about a chat on the top 5 developmental issues I see as an editor? 📚🖊️💕✨ #amwriting #amediting #writetip
One of the most common issues I see in manuscripts I edit is that the conflict isn't personal enough to the main character. They're doing their own thing, trouble ~happens~, then they have to avoid, fix, or triumph over the (impersonal) trouble.
The problem there is that the story could be happening to literally anyone. Some stories can make this sort of impersonal plot work, but most of the time, the more personal you can make the conflict the better.
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Craft Tip (YMMV): When I'm struggling w/ a scene, especially one that has to do a lot of emotional heavy lifting, I ask myself what the goal/purpose of the scene is ("to get the character to realize X"), and then I open a *new document* and write the scene from scratch. #writetip
The new document part is crucial, because it gives me permission to play around, to experiment. It's not a part of the "official manuscript," you see, so it's okay if it's garbage!
In other words, writing is 10% skill, 90% tricking yourself into doing the thing.
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