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I’ve spent much of this week talking w/ agent friends about a specific kind of professional violation: the exciting author who makes a verbal commitment, disappears, and then either signs with s/o else or just poof! Is in PubMark one day w/a surprise deal. (Incoming #pubtip rant)
This happens to us all at least once or twice, and honestly? It’s a terrible, terrible feeling. And it feels just as terrible when you’re an experienced star agent and otherwise v. resilient as it does when you’re just beginning and feel like you’ve lost a precious foothold.
Our livelihood - honestly our whole purpose and value to authors- is built on two things: 1. we are paid on commission for things we have done on spec, on sweat equity. Our time and ideas are capital. We invest them as capital.
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I am reading this book by @idler’s Tom Hodgkinson and HEARTILY recommend it for the aspiring nonfiction writers among you, especially those under contract. (No personal connection here, just found it at the library.) #pubtip
@idler ::whips out megaphone:: being an author is running a small business. It is running a small business! Treat it like a small business. And read up on what brings the most revenue to small businesses and what doesn’t. Examples of advice I like in this book:
@idler 1. Audiences like to feel cool and like part of a clique. If you can market your book as part of a larger movement, event, lifestyle, etc., do it. If you can make your book something that conveys a social or status message with ownership, make it so.
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Today's #pubtip: among first-time authors, I think *the* most common source of surprise and disappointment is the book tour or lack thereof. This is where I truly want to kill shows like The Affair and, well, any other popular media depiction of the book publishing experience.
Your publisher is *almost certainly not going to pay for a book tour.* Not unless you have a rabid fan base and cult of personality around you already. It doesn't matter how prestigious your publisher is. In most genres, it doesn't even matter how much your advance was. Tour - no
Your publisher should help with some events for sure - in the city where you live/work and in any city where you think you can hustle up 100+ attendees. 100+. One hundred! Plus!
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Strap in #writers - it's time to talk about developmental editing and my thought process when I'm reading over manuscripts.

#writingcommunity #pubtip #writetip #ontheporch
Let's start with what is a developmental editor? This type of editor - which differs highly from a line editor or proof reader - looks at big picture elements of your story.

Think structure and content.

#writingcommunity #pubtip #writetip #ontheporch
When I'm hired for a developmental edit, I'm keeping an eye on four major elements of a story:

1. Plot
2. Character
3. Worldbuilding
4. Pacing

#writingcommunity #pubtip #writetip #ontheporch
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Here is another #pubtip I find myself giving almost all clients at one point--perhaps something that would be useful to you as well if you're an author/aspiring author as Very Online as I am. It's about retraining your brain for the rigors and anxiety of a book-writing career.
It's this: ASAP, you need to get out of the habit of running immediately to the dopamine cash register with every little good idea and bragging point you have. (The agent says wisely as she dispenses valuable advice for free on Twitter for the dopamine and likes.)
One of the most common roadblocks my authors writing proposals or manuscripts encounter is the anxiety that comes from working speculatively. They can't stand not having the satisfaction of splashing their brilliance instantly against the wall.
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Alright friends, since query structure dominated in this poll, this thread will be about what to put in your query!

#WritingCommunity #amediting #ontheporch #querytip #pubtip
First and foremost, please put the name of the agent you're querying to start. Not dear agent or dear person (yes, I've seen it).

If you're querying them via a contest or con, add a line about that in the beginning.

#WritingCommunity #amediting #ontheporch #querytip #pubtip
So how do you start your query?

Don't sugarcoat it. Introduce your character immediately. Who are they? What makes them unique or sets them up for what's about to happen?

#WritingCommunity #amediting #ontheporch #querytip #pubtip
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