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Allison Floyd had been floating an idea around for awhile for men to change their avi’s and bios to women genders and continue to twitter as normal.

The idea was simple.
Get firsthand knowledge of sexism and misogyny directed at US. Why? Because coming to the defense of women is way different than defending ourselves.


Women know EXACTLY what to look for and feel the hate and ignorance instantly. Then they start defending themselves.
That signals men, like me, to jump in for an assist and for support.

This experiment showed me what women go through on a daily basis. I started to see the subtleties or misogyny that I would normally miss because I don’t get to experience it daily.
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So here's another thread. This one is on reviews and readers - but it's not going to be preachy. It's more just a cautionary tale about the long-term effects of reviews and fake praise. #WritingCommunity
You see recently an author got a two-star review and attacked a reader. The author whined about it to other authors and that "trolls" were giving her lower ratings. As a result some in the #writingcommunity started giving her fake 5 star ratings. THIS. DOES. NOT. HELP. Why?
Because it leads to a rather incestuous relationship among authors in a small writing community. They rate each others books 5 stars but guess who's not rating them?
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Dear #WritingCommunity of twitter,

Over the last several months I’ve learned something about you. You hate readers and you hate our ability to have a place to talk about books on goodreads. A reminder of what GR is..
Please read it. It’s a place for readers. You beg us on the daily to read/rate/review on here but you are consistently unhappy with how we use it. You have no power over how we use it so that it benefits you because what we do on our profiles is not for you.
Is it hard to get reviews for your books? Are you having trouble getting new readers? Readers tell each other who’s acting a fool about reviews and we avoid you. Are you following these guidelines?
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Strap in #writers - it's time to talk about developmental editing and my thought process when I'm reading over manuscripts.

#writingcommunity #pubtip #writetip #ontheporch
Let's start with what is a developmental editor? This type of editor - which differs highly from a line editor or proof reader - looks at big picture elements of your story.

Think structure and content.

#writingcommunity #pubtip #writetip #ontheporch
When I'm hired for a developmental edit, I'm keeping an eye on four major elements of a story:

1. Plot
2. Character
3. Worldbuilding
4. Pacing

#writingcommunity #pubtip #writetip #ontheporch
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HOW TO PITCH (me) - A THREAD: Writers! After reading pitches for @Narratively for a while, I find I see the same mistakes - which I also made a LOT myself in my own career ha - or the same hesitation from writers asking how to go about this writing for a publication stuff. (1/11)
@Narratively Here's a thread to for all of you who are on the fence about pitching (hop off and pitch!), been wondering if we'll think your story is dumb (we won't) and/or haven't had the benefit of a network to teach you how to pitch (hello hi, consider me a link in your network.) (2/11)
@Narratively HERE IT GOES:

The basics: you can pitch me by email (mine's in bio) or via submittable. Neither is better or worse. All stories get seen. Here is the link to our submittable: (3/11)
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Hi, #WritingCommunity ❤️ It's no secret I'm 100% here for the frivolity, but... people keep asking how I got an agent. I'm no expert, but I'm well acquainted w/ how soul-sucking the querying process is, so I'll toss some tips out there in case it's helpful to anyone. 1/
I started w/ this list of agencies…. Then I went to an agency's website and looked at each agent's bio, determining who would be my best match. Once I picked someone, I searched them on to get a more thorough idea of their interests.
Once I found 5-7 agents, I sent out a batch of queries. I worked on new projects while I waited. It felt like each project got better. (I know that's not feasible for everyone. Just saying my process.) The first book got zero requests. But, by the time I'd waited my 3 months, I
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Good morning bbs. We are so close to the weekend! Today I’m attending a protest & having lunch with a colleague so my work #goals are minimal:
-Complete reverse outline process to re-organize my book chapter

Don’t know what a reverse outline is? Ooh baby are you in for a treat!
Thread on #writing & #revision: A reverse outline is a way to see the structure of what you’ve written in a draft in order to reorganize it. You start by marking up a pdf or print copy of your draft & numbering every paragraph. My book chap has 33 paragraphs.
Once you’ve numbered, make a list from 1 to whatever number of paragraphs you have. Re-read each paragraph & write a short summary (a phrase, not even a sentence) describing what each paragraph is about or doing.
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Hey I'm back! And it's time for another thread! This time we'll be talking about DNF reviews. I think I'll use an analogy in the form of yogurt. Are you ready? Let's begin. #WritingCommunity
I've seen many authors complain that if a reader did not finish a book, they have no right to complain about it. These authors say that because the reader didn't read it ALL the way through, their review means diddley squat. To that I say "HORSE HOCKEY"!
For example, I like yogurt, but not all kinds - so I try new brands to see if I like them. Let's say I bought a new brand and I took a bite and it was gross. Maybe I'd try a second bite just to be sure...
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For this morning's THREAD, I present a challenge.

By the time this thread is over, you'll have a Twitter-sized pitch for whatever you're writing. And it'll be a good one.

Let's go #writers living a #writerslife as a member of the #WritingCommunity who are #amwriting
A pitch is a sharp singular presentation with one goal: to make the person receiving the pitch want more information.

It's not a summary.
It's not a ramble.

It's the start of a conversation that will lead to questions and reading and more talking.
A pitch is less about context (world-building) and more about the stakes of that context (the thing that's in danger/risked/a problem) and how the character is going to have to do something about it.
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Okay so this is a thing I’ve wanted to say for a bit, but after several friends experiences similar things in the past few weeks, I have to say something bc the publshing industry being what it is, querying writers just can’t complain on here. So here I am with a #querytip.
When you’re querying, I always advise to reach out to authors who are currently AND formerly represented by an agent who has your full and maybe has expressed more interest than that. They’ve given a R&R or emails multiple times to update you as they’re reading. Why?
Because you can follow an agent and their career for years and still have no idea what it’s like to work with them. OBVIOUSLY, you take what you hear from current and former clients with a grain of salt and make your own judgments based on your interactions...but
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Long-ass SPOILER-FILLED Game of Thrones thread on why Episode 805 is brilliant:

#GameofThrones #HBO #WritingCommunity
First, I agree with most of the criticism about Season 8. People are pissed and they have a right to be. GRRM’s flair for dialogue is missing, the pacing is breakneck and dizzying.
Why is Cersei just staring out a window all season? Euron’s fleet is just, like, hiding there and he shoots the dragon several times perfectly? So the Night King just dies and… that’s it?
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There’s a big reason I’m worried about tonight’s episode of Game of Thrones: the dynamics of gender and political power. /1

#GameofThrones #GoT #WritingCommunity
Even though the show has been foreshadowing Daenerys’ villainous turn since season one, the pacing and colliding character arcs are in danger of turning a dramatically interesting twist into one heck of a sexist letdown. /2
Imagine one way the show might end. Cersei and Dany unleash (further) horrors on King’s Landing, vying for the title of Mad Queen as much as the Iron Throne itself. For the sake of the realm, one or maybe even both are killed by their male lovers. /3
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Gah, I'm sorry guys, here's another thread. But this one isn't just about the #writingcommunity, it's for ALL people who are lucky enough to make a living doing their art. It's a simple message...
Be grateful. Be grateful to the people who pay for your stuff, support your stuff, love your stuff, read, or watch, or own or admire your stuff. Treat them like the Kings and Queens that they are because...
We are learning this week from authors behaving badly, actresses behaving badly and others that no matter how much people love your stuff, your inability to be grateful results in...
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A "Practice What You Preach" thread. Recently I had a short story featured in an anthology and the first rating it got was two stars. Yes, no review, just a two-star rating by an avatar-less reader on Goodreads. And do you know what I did? #WritingCommunity
And would you like to know why? Of course you do. It's because the person found the anthology, decided to read it, rated it and that is so freakin' cool! The rating wasn't good but does it have to be a good rating in order to be valid?
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Want to know why Game of Thrones *feels* so different now? I think I can explain. Without spoilers. /1

#GameofThrones #GoT #WritingCommunity
It has to do with the behind-the-scenes process of plotters vs. pantsers. If you’re not familiar with the distinction, plotters create a fairly detailed outline before they commit a single word to the page. /2
Pantsers discover the story as they write it, often treating the first draft like one big elaborate outline. Neither approach is ‘right’ - it’s just a way to characterize the writing process. But the two approaches do tend to have different advantages. /3
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YEP! New thread time. Today is a good day to talk about doxxing and harassing. So in conclusion: Don't do it. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.
Okay wait there's more... #WritingCommunity #AmWriting
Let me tell you a story. You see, several of the people I'm Twitter friends with have been consistently harassed, doxxed and yes even threatened by others on Twitter. It's a long story as to how it started, but it kept on going...
Troll accounts were set up to specifically target these individuals. The troll tweets included posting real names, partner names. even going after their children. To a lesser degree, I was harassed as well with this "not so clever" twist on my account and name:
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So I did a thread about negative reviews, now it's time to do one about rejections. I'll be coming at it from a short story perspective but hey it works for any kind of writer rejection (agent, publisher, etc). Here's the thing: #WritingCommunity
As writers, we can be somewhat sensitive and yes, we get that serious case of the feels but even though we are delicate dainty special flowers, rejection is a way of life in the publication world. In other words, SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP! However...
That doesn't mean you can't be hurt by a rejection. It's okay to feel sad after you've slaved or something and then waited 218 days only to receive an email that "we liked it but no" or the dreaded form letter. That totally sucks. But here's WHAT NOT TO DO after getting one:
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@LAMcGinnis1520 @JMorgynWhite “What are you doing?” She struggled to keep an edge in her voice. She’d missed him, missed them…even if his position forbade associating with witches.

Kerry lifted a hand to brush her cheek. He waited, never taking his eyes from hers.
#denimag #midnightwritersclub #microfiction
@LAMcGinnis1520 @JMorgynWhite She couldn’t move away; truth be told, she wanted their spark again. So she dipped her head, and his touch was a sweeter comfort than she remembered.

“I’m getting what I came for,” he answered in a voice like honey.
#denimag #amwriting #microstory #writingcommunity
@LAMcGinnis1520 @JMorgynWhite Cupping her neck, he pulled her forward. She went like the fireflies in the dark, breathing into the kiss, relishing his lips on hers.

Then something burning cold wrapped her wrist. Magic, shackling her to the spot.
#denimag #amwriting #microstory #WritingCommunity #amwriting
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Tonight is the #denimag #smutfest
Voted on & decided by popular opinion this installment features A Deceitful Knight & Witch. Watch this thread for the next couple of hours & decide their fates... #amwriting #writingcommunity #microfiction #slapdashsat #CYOA #midnightwritersclub
Serane walked in shadow, counting the sidewalk cracks. At twenty-six she stopped. An odd way to find the thread tied to the door, but old magic was quirky. She leaned on the brick wall of the building feeling #vestiges of the terratracker she was here to dispel. #vss365 #denimag
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Hey guys. I'd like to talk about how to handle a bad or negative review because, well, I've seen authors not handling it well. This will be a thread so feel free to comment, argue, or share your own experiences. #WritingCommunity
I've seen authors on Twitter and Goodreads complaining that they got a bad review. Sometimes they say it's jealousy, sometimes they say it's a troll. Most of the time, I believe it's not either. was just their opinion?
You see readers are allowed to have opinions. And sometimes people don't like your work. By whining about it, you're saying a reader's view is not as important as yours. THAT'S NOT TRUE.
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1/ i wanna talk about white writers and creating work that centers POC, without speaking over POC, and while giving POC credit for the labor, trust, and sharing that makes us able to write about characters of colour in the first place.

2/ the other day i was excitedly informing a new friend of getting a MS accepted. i told them of the "diversity" in the novel, thinking they'd be excited to see the representation in an upcoming novel. the response surprised me.

"that's cool. who helped you?"
3/ i was taken aback. sure, i did my research, but no one /helped/ me. i did this writing by myself. i plotted by myself. i spent hours (many of them at my traumatizingly horrid job) editing, structuring, making notes, and re-reading.

how could they just assume i had help?
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I just finished reading through the proofread copy of my manuscript, and I sent it off for production. It's 423 pages and 103,052 words. 🙃🙃🙃 1/3 #WritingCommunity
And to think that I started my journey eleven years ago intending to write a 55k-60k category romance. (And I love category romances, by the way.) 2/3 #writingcommunity
But in my heart, I didn't believe that I was capable of writing a longer story. I didn't think I had it in me. I guess God thought otherwise :-) On to the next project. 3/3 #writingcommunity
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Thread on writing discussion sections for qual research in constructionist/constructivist traditions.

The idea for this comes from the responses to my previous thread () on writing up findings.

#phdchat #acwri #qualresearch #RxWritingChallenge 1/14
.@mededdoc wondered: If findings are interpreted in the eponymous section, what comes in the discussion of a qual constructionist/constructivist paper?

2/14 (hey, #WritingCommunity! this is for you too)
Let me sketch out a quick outline, in five parts.

First, discuss your findings at a very high level. What are the core things you want your reader to remember from your findings section? If you can use a table to summarize your contributions to highlight them: do!

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