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I've been reading about Sudowrite here on Twitter. The name of the company sounded familiar, and I recalled that someone who worked for that company -- Amit Gupta -- used to be a "contributor" on (@CrittersDotOrg). (1/6)
I went back to look at my notes from my interactions with him, and made a rather unpleasant discovery: (2/6) ImageImage
I never gave Amit my consent for my work to be "fed" to Sudowrite. It certainly did not create any amusement on my side. At the time, I didn't realize what Sudowrite might have been doing. (Also, @CrittersDotOrg is an open and supportive environment.) (3/6).
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#AIArt is about to revolutionize #screenwriting! 🤯 As AI tools become more intuitive and easy to use, some think production companies might prioritize profit over storytelling & we'll be binging stunningly beautiful visuals paired with incredibly boring plots.. 🤔

A thread 🧵
1) We could be in for a wild ride here:
As with all technology, there is a risk of it being used in a way that strictly prioritizes profit. AI material might be used to create visually appealing stories that lack depth and originality
2) Yet AI will likely revolutionize screenwriting in a similar way it's currently enhancing visual expression and #AIArt!
Training models with dramaturgical data and narrative finesse is key. And it's already underway 💪 E.g. Dramatron, check @korymath's ImageImage
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Using AI image tools like @midjourney + @OpenAI for idea generation and plot/character inspiration is a real game-changer for #writers!

The possibilities are immense!
🧵 for the #writerscommunity
First: Goodbye #writersblock! AI image & text generation let us come up with creative solutions to problems we may have been stuck on for days!

They help us generate new perspectives on

- characters
- ensemble
- plot
- story structure & dramaturgy
- dialogue
- setting
There are plenty of AI text-generation tools out there but they won't magically create stories for you. 🪄🖊

They are awesome for copy & marketing content, but their fictional stories are often basic, repetitive, sometimes contradicting & most importantly lacking YOUR style!
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This year's UN climate conference runs from November 6-18, bringing together leaders to take action toward global climate goals.

Today, we explore how livestock lobby groups like @GRSBeef and @USDairyExporter work to undermine efforts to reduce methane emissions at #COP27. 1/11
Livestock lobbyists are showing up with unprecedented visibility at #COP27.

@FawcettAtkinson reports on @GRSBeef, @CanCattle and @dfc_plc working to convince COP27 attendees that meat can be a climate solution via @NatObserver. 2/11…
The @GRSBeef is a multi-stakeholder initiative developed "to advance continuous improvement in sustainability of the global beef value chain."

Its members include:

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Our mission at @Sentient_Media is to tell animal stories and hold mainstream outlets accountable for misrepresenting #animal issues.

As October comes to a close, we are taking a look at six articles that caught our attention this month. 👇1/13 Image
🚫In a piece published via @unherd, @JLewisStempel warned that the rise of vegan companies threatens to create a #FoodSystem similar to the dystopia described by Aldous Huxley in "Brave New World." 2/13…
🔎The article failed to consider that a system run by massive agribusinesses that depend on industrially-produced crops and reproductive exploitation similar to #BraveNewWorld already exists.

@hemikim reports on modern #dairy farming. 3/13
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Have you stopped yourself from buying books because of the 4-5 unread books lying in your desk or couch?

#books #writer #writerscommunity #writersoftwitter

Are you a reader with a lot of books in your room?
How many times have you been asked “Wow, you’ve got so many books. How many of them have you actually read?”

If either of the above describes you, you should definitely checkout my article on the importance of unread books.

Link to my recent article:…
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So as promised, here is my #screenwriting thread on how me and @ben_lustig sold our first script together in 2014.

#screenwriter #writerscommunity #filmmaking #Motivational 1/
I’d been working with Ben for about four years. We’d been repped for two of then, and had written a couple of specs that had hit the town and not sold. We had also been dropped by our manager. Yay. 2/
I was working part-time at the Apple Store in the Beverly Center, LA. I was also driving for uber four nights a week. I had a new son, less than a year old, and me and my wife were struggling financially. Hard. Borrowing money from family to make ends meet. 3/
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AVAIL for staffing. I just wrapped up in a room as a staff writer. If you have LL one hour drama needs, I’M AVAIL. Now I’m gonna go into a thread about some of the things I’ve observed/learned/reinforced etc. This isn’t a “how to,” so take w/grain of salt. Hope it’s helpful.
The SR has to want to invest in you esp as LL. Of course, script has to be knockout to get the SR mtg & your persona has to be a fit BUT SR has to want you and invest in you and your growth. This sometimes can trump even a mediocre script etc if they believe in your voice.
Related to that if you’re like me where you did fwsp, asst, sold stuff and no dice. Know it’s not personal. You’re doing okay and if someone hasn’t told you you’re awesome, I am. Sometimes being qualified is a part of it. Now it’s a matter not of if but when. Hang in there.
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Here's a question we get a lot from clients: What is a guest post? How is it different than a regular blog post? A Guest Post is a an article written and posted on someone else's blog. When you write something on #writerscommunity… your own blog its just a "post", but on someone else's blog the writer is a ‘guest’. Guest posts are valuable tools for reputation marketing for a number reasons like getting your brand mentioned or occupying branded search query results. But most people use them to embed backlinks. Guest posts are abused though, and we'll get to that later in this article. If you have found someone else's blog to blog on then you are the 'guest author'. We'll assume you are doing it both get the word out and hope to
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A quickfire thread based on a book I read recently titled " 80/20 YOUR LIFE " .

Disclaimer : This is MY interpretation & the ratio (80/20) is variable..
The essence here is to identify what matters & weed out the inconsequential & thereby manage time accordingly.
The #Pareto principle - 80/20 Rule is pretty well known & discussed in context of work & business productivity.
But it can also be applied practically in our day to day life in all possible aspects to ensure smooth sailing.
How do we do that? 🤔
Pretty simple actually !
Our Top priority goal must be a S.M.A.R.T goal aka :

Time based goal .

Everything is #time based as time saved can be used constructively for other purposes or even wasted happily ! :))
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What I Tell My Writer Friends

1. Don’t send your book to people for free, especially trying to show them you’re good. They won’t read it. And often, they don’t deserve it.

2. Don’t rely on another writer to promote your books. Rely on your content and the audience you’re creating it for. If writers choose to promote you however, it’s also good.

3. Don’t give your manuscript to editors who’re not as good as you, or probably better than you but unfamiliar with your style. They’ll try to rewrite you and then ruin your voice. Some people’s books get boring bcs of their editors. Know the kind of editor that is right for you.
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#writerscommunity #WritingCommunity #amquerying thread:

Over the past couple days I've seen multiple posts from authors discouraging others in the community from "sharing too much" on Twitter. There seems to be differing opinions on what constitutes "too much." (1/17)
What follows are my thoughts and opinions only, based on my first and secondhand experiences here. I've never done a follow train or a writer's lift, so my window to the community may be smaller than most. I've been participating in the community for about two years. (2/17)
There are very good reasons authors don't immediately share good news, whether it's getting representation, a publishing deal, TV/film adaptation, etc. It's a long process before it becomes official. That's why you see those "I have exciting news I can't share yet" posts. (3/17)
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1/ Self publishing vs other options.

Let's get one thing out of the way.

You should publish once with a mainstream publisher. Get it out of the system. You should sell a title on Amazon. Make it to your genre, subject top 10 list. Even hit the numero uno spot for a day.
2/ But once you are done, you are done.

It doesn't matter who your publisher, distributor or book seller is. In the end you, the author, sells the book.

You create the hype, you generate the traffic, you direct the buyers.

Amazon doesn't get people to your book, you do
3/ So if you are writing the book, editing it, marketing it, promoting it, how much of the book proceeds do you get?

Do you get to talk or see or engage with your customers? Do you even know who they are?

With main stream publishing, no. There is no data, real time or otherwise
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1/ So what did we learn from #launch week

Doesn't matter how hard you have prepped and worked, things will go wrong. Things that you didn't even anticipate or expect.

When that happens, focus on the things you can control and fix. Don't have a melt down. It will get sorted.
2/ The run up to launch week. Give yourself time.

Started thinking about the launch in Dec. Got shot down due to work and Covid-19. Restarted again in April. Locked down July date in first week of June.

Seems like a lot but you will need the time. There is lots to do.
3/ Get the #book out in front of #reviewers.

Early. Like real early. Like 8 to ten weeks early. Listen to their feedback and comments.

Unlike a #publisher, in self #publishing mode, you can change stuff all the way to launch. Try not to do that.

Lock a version down early.
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He wasn't a emperor,
Who could afford a taj!
An unmarked grave,
Filled with roses,
Was how he let go,
His past!

Splinters of his cane,
They poked his skin!
As he tried to balance!
The pain he felt,
On a lost loved one,
He now felt so challenged!
Those were the days,
He said to himself!
Oh those wonderful,
As they could be!
My love you shall,
Always remain,
In me and my memories!

Now he was,
Standing there!
His age too seemed now over!
Little left,
But to sigh in grief!
Gone now was his lover!

They had together,
Lived happy,
Those were some fancy times!
Filling their life with melodies,
Though they had no dime!

Smiled the old man,
Said to himself,
My love u have to go,
May be once we are reborn,
We shall continue the show!

#writerscommunity #poetry #life #death #love
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1/3 Today I share my #childlessnotbychoice story at @linsdrabwell childfree blog. I am nowhere near to saying I am childfree, but I am now comfortable with saying I am childless not choice and that being #childless doesn't define me. I am more than what I am not. Image
'Once or twice we were able to mark in pen, but it wasn’t permenant, like our lost babies, the ink disappeared, but the marks of love are still very much visible.' Read the full post at….
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To #writerscommunity
To new authors with their 1st book and feeling edgy...
1st. Scream at the top of your lungs.
2nd. Celebrate. You've WRITTEN A STORY!
3rd. Relax,
4th. No. Really. Relax!
5th. Kill the monsters in the woods out back. The deer are starting to worry.
6th. Are you a wizard? (Well yes, because you created a whole universe and laid it out on 'paper' ((okay, laptop...)).
7th, I said RELAX. You've done the hardest part.
8th. Revisions are nice. But at some point, you gotta let it go and let the kids see it.
9th. Get kids to see it. (Preferably ones old enough to like reading, and not kidnapped or anything, Kidnapping bad. No, really, it's BAD. That makes you an EVIL wizard.)
10th. I'm gonna stop now before I reveal my crazy to everyone.
11th. I'm too late on #10, aren't I?
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Now, if you'd like to see what and who in our community is up to no good, please refer to the following tweets with vital information so we can STOP attacking the victims involved in this situation.
First up! Introducing Author Lissa Gromley (@AuthorLissa) who was part of the Sassy Literary Ladies, a group consisting of several authors across genres that eventually turned on her and caused the chaos taking over the #writingcommunity today, see here:
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THREAD: How can I create a better pitch while not also killing myself mentally, aka Pitching is tough, please help.

#ontheporch #writerscommunity #writerslife #amquerying #amwriting #writetip #iamaneditor #thisishowitworks
I think the first thing we have to cover today is that not everything you want to say about your story is going to fit or belongs in your pitch. Many things you think are critical to "understand" the story don't have to come into the pitch.
And this reveals the point of the pitch - not to understand the story (that's what reading the manuscript is for), but to become interesting in it, so that the pitch-audience says "I want more information, I will go check out this manuscript."
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THREAD: The line of character and arc and theme. Or: How do I make this character matter in this world I've created? #WritingCommunity #writerscommunity #ontheporch #amwriting #amediting #writercommunity #manycommunities
Let's start with some definitions.

"Character" - your main character, but could also be a secondary one.
"Arc" - the journey the character takes - emotional, physical, mental ... going from a starting state to a changed state at story's end
Theme - the takeaway for the reader
Ideally what we're creating is a character whose arc affects them and gives the reader multiple things to take away that can be (with some obvious modification) applied to their own life.

But how?
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