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10 Jun, 14 tweets

Leadership in crisis: reflections from leading Scotland's pandemic response - #Quality2021 with @jasonleitch .

Scotland's National Clinical Director has established a reputation for public health messaging during these worse of times.

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On taking time out of co-ordinating a pandemic response:

"It feels different, but equally important to have this @QualityForum at this time."


"If you're younger than 102, you've never known anything like it"

@jasonleitch #Quality2021

Three lessons about leadership in a pandemic.

Step 1) Understand the problem

@jasonleitch is talking through the #pandemic strategy in Scotland.


Scotland's framework for reducing harm from the #pandemic, a crucial part of understanding the problem.



Now we're onto Step 2) Leading

Front line engagement
Relentless Focus (esp on messaging)


Step 3 is Breathe

@jasonleitch reminds us that everyone has been on the front line.


Is there a fourth lesson here?

@jasonleitch says it might be that the lessons are all the things we already know..


On to @jasonleitch's current strategy dealing with #coronavirus variants.

1) Appreciate the problem
2) Understand people's psychology
3) Understand the data
4) What is your theory to guide action?

Iterative testing to refine 4).


The "applause" button is getting a hammering now. Our chair @IanLeistikow appreciates that @jasonleitch expressed his feelings of self-doubt.

Jason points out that nobody has all the knowledge. You need an infrastructure of teams that feed in to decision making.


Great question No 1) How much of this will stay in place after the #pandemic?

A) Technically, some of it will say (work patterns etc)
Culturally, @jasonleitch hopes the #kindness remains, and the top-down influence of the four clinical leads of the UK.


Great Question No 2) Can you say more about vaccine hesitancy amongst some groups?

A) It's multifactorial. Fundamentally, you have to surround them with correct, accessible information. Use trusted voices. Also, don't engage with fake news.


Great Question No 3) How have you looked after the #wellbeing of you and your team?


Family, friends, and a great set of professionals.

Find your recipe to look after yourself: for Jason it's eat well, sleep well and run 5k/day.


GQ 3) What learning prepared you for the #pandemic ?

Knowing what skills I do (and don't) have
Operating as a dentist
Relying on others' expertise

That's it from this #Quality2021 session on #leadership

Many thanks to Jason, Ian and the audience.

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