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Last week my friend’s @RamboTeaches brother was in a terrible crash in his semi. When the ambulance came to get him they found his puppy and travel companion, Bruno. (1/5) Image
Bruno rode in the ambulance - his dad went into surgery then Bruno had to go to a shelter. He was scared and far from home! 🥺 Luckily, a hero came forward. Nurse Janis Koren graciously offered to take Bruno until things could get sorted out. (2/5) Image
She opened her heart and her home to help a stranger. She took Bruno knowing he isn’t even fully potty trained! 💦 She thoughtfully sent pictures and updates to worried friends back home. (3/5)
#kindness #KindnessMatters
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The Reason We Do What We Do….
This little 6 month old boy was at Kaufman Killpen all alone, scared & unhandled. When we saw him we just couldn’t look away. We knew we had to get him out of there & fast. Once we got him out of there he spent time in quarantine & has made it home.
I had the opportunity to meet this sweet boy this past weekend where he and I formed a bond of love and trust. I am humbled by the bond I formed with him. The peace and calm I felt from bonding with him was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.
I walked into his pen with another member of the rescue and he handed me his lead rope. I stood there quietly waiting for him to see that all I wanted was to love him and not hurt him. I stood next to him, waiting for him to feel the love I had for him.
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(1/…) Right now, somewhere on this planet, is someone
- showing #kindness
- enjoying spectaculair #nature
- taking #climateaction

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And somewhere these whales are swimming.

What a wonderful world!

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(3/…) These designers used five tons of plastic ocean waste to create a whale.

#whales #oceans #plasticpollution #sustainability #wildlife via @ArtForOurPlanet

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(1/…) Right now, somewhere on this planet, is someone
- showing kindness
- enjoying spectaculair nature
- working for a better planet

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And somewhere is this wild horse.

I wish you a great week!

(2/…) The Planet newsletter needs growth in annual subscribtions or email sign ups to make this initiative successful.

I hope to get ten more today.

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(3/…) This is so sweet.

Retweet if you believe we should all be kind to all animals. 💕

#nature #love #loveanimals #kindness #KindnessMatters #vegetarian #vegan
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As I slowly progress through my research career, I have often been told that the next degree/career stage/job is so much harder than the last. The constant implication is that we don’t know *real* work until we reach the level of x. Can we stop this please?
Dismissing the challenges faced by those earlier in their career merely undermines and dissuades the next generation. I have as much admiration and respect for an eager undergrad as I do for the most senior academic. Respect is free. Share it widely.
Instead of belittling others experiences and creating an environment of fear can we instead take every opportunity to build? To teach? To mentor and encourage with kindness and positivity?
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🏳️‍🌈 Ruth Coker Burks 🏳️‍🌈
“In 1984, when Burks was 25 & a young mother living in Arkansas, she would often visit a hospital to care for a friend who had cancer. During one visit, she noticed the nurses would draw straws, afraid to go into one room, its door sealed by a big red bag.
She asked why and the nurses told her the patient had Gay-Related Immune Deficiency (GRID), later known as AIDS. On a repeat visit, and seeing the big red bag on the door, Burks decided to disregard the warnings and sneaked into the room.
In the bed was a skeletal young man, who told her he wanted to see his mother before he died. She left the room and told the nurses, who said, "Honey, his mother’s not coming. He’s been here 6 weeks. Nobody’s coming”. Burks called his mother anyway, who refused to come visit her
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We have a couple more sessions to go, so tune into our session: Digital Psychiatry and the service user experience in a pandemic with Dr. Cyrus Abbasian @abbasian, Dr. Mariana Pinto da Costa (from @QMUL) & Millie Smith @milliesmith1979 #RCPsychIC
Dr. Cyrus Abbasian @abbasian will be discussing first

Telepsychiatry in the UK: how digital tech transformed mental health provision

We're moving into the 5th industrial revolution. We are in Internet age soon to become cyber.

AI will be moving into psychiatry and will cause more scrutiny, which will give better healthcare

#RCPsychIC #AI
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Leadership in crisis: reflections from leading Scotland's pandemic response - #Quality2021 with @jasonleitch .

Scotland's National Clinical Director has established a reputation for public health messaging during these worse of times.

Stream here:…
On taking time out of co-ordinating a pandemic response:

"It feels different, but equally important to have this @QualityForum at this time."

"If you're younger than 102, you've never known anything like it"

@jasonleitch #Quality2021
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What will 'someone' do to help another.

We are always cautioned about the other, to be wary. But the stories we hear now tell & teach us otherwise.

Here is one such.

Story of a 75+ senior citizen, living alone in Bangalore, with a young care taker. No close relatives.
SC falls ill. Concerned neighbours contact niece & nephew who live out of state. Tests done, both SC & caretaker are positive. Nephew, an employee of Cisco, taps into the work volunteer network to arrange a bed.

Meanwhile, the saturation level starts dropping.
Niece manages to secure a bed. But how to get her there?!

Someone reaches out to WR, who then reaches out to @mercymission1 for an ambulance.

Time is ~9pm.

Ambulance is arranged, with oxygen cylinder.
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“Violence,” you say, “is the last refuge of the incompetent.”
I can only agree. It’s a great saying. Whose is it?
“Isaac Asimov, I think. I’m not sure.”
The science fiction writer?
I love the guy. He said a lot of great stuff. Have spacesuit. Will travel.

“No, that was Heinlein.”
Ah. Right-wing libertarian Heinlein. I loved a lot of his stuff, too. Starship Troopers. Stranger In A Strange Land. Shame he was a right-wing libertarian.

“He was probably ok with violence, too.”
Shifting back to the topic of violence….
“Shall we?”
Why not? I agree with you.
“With me or Isaac Asimov?”
Either. Both.

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This week I'll be sharing my story of God at work in my life as part of #OfGodAndMe #ThisNunsStory series. Inevitably its a series of snapshots I have plucked out of my memory album in order to tell my story. At a different time I might well have chosen different snapshots. 1/15
I was a post #war baby born in the leafy suburb of #Sutton to parents who had met in the RAF during the war.I now belong to the Congregation of the Daughters of the Cross of Liege (FC) & live in Much Hadham, Herts. 2/15 ImageImage
Dad, a teacher on #sthelier council estate was the son of a Rhondda valley miner who had died at 49 of TB & silicosis. Mum is a Geordie handweaver who drove 3-ton lorries in the war. Her father had been orphaned age 7 when his Dad died of TB. 3/15
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होली की शुभकामनाएँ। 🇮🇳
I went to India some years ago to see the Dalai Lama at the Kalachakra Tour of World Peace. I met a local chef and we became pen pals. He has always balanced his work and caring for his parents. His father is blind. 1/4
During covid many people lost their jobs. He was one of them. They do not have the welfare system that Australia has. One night he phoned me in crisis. He had attempted to take his life. We got him to safety. He was able to recover. With permission to share he just sent this: 2/4
“Happy Holi my dear..
Thank you so much for Avery things....
And am So sorry for my silence 🙏..
Actually I had a good time ..
I had your very valuable money .
And I wanted to do my best ..
And I did..
Like I manage food for cancer patient ..
And I have work for them too , 3/4
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Be proud of who you are.

Anyone who calls a socialist an enemy of ordinary people is an enemy of ordinary people – because socialism is precisely about protecting ordinary people.

Lie about that and what else will you lie about?

Lie about socialism and it’s likely you don’t give a f*** about ordinary people; you’re just a puppet of the establishment, a mouthpiece of the toffs.

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All that glitters is 𝐧𝐨𝐭 𝐆𝐨𝐥𝐝, it can be 𝐒𝐢𝐥𝐯𝐞𝐫 or even 𝐒𝐭𝐞𝐞𝐥 too 🤪😎

Happy New Year❤️💪💰💃🥃

2021, a five number year, so 5 times faster recovery, 5 times growth, 5 times entertainment 💃🏻🕺, 5 times luck 🤩🥳, 5 times speed 🚝, 5G 🤳&
Sensex touching 50,000 toh banta hee hai 😉💪💰❤️

The coming year there will be a lot more happiness, smiles, love, warmth 🥰😍and gratitude 😇☺️🙌🏻all around the world 💙 May all your new year wishes come true 💫✨⭐️
Here’s wishing you all a ⭐️ 𝟓 𝐒𝐓𝐀𝐑 𝐘𝐄𝐀𝐑 ⭐️ with 500 times more of 𝐄𝐧𝐞𝐫𝐠𝐲, 𝐄𝐧𝐭𝐡𝐮𝐬𝐢𝐚𝐬𝐦 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐄𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 🎉🎊🙏🏻
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So, I did this thing.

A little thing.

Or so I thought. (A thread.)

This is my Gram. She’s 88 and lives alone. She’s disabled so rarely leaves her home at the best of times, never mind during a pandemic.

That’s her after one of her 43 surgeries. Yes, that’s right. 43!
My mom (angel that she is) does 99% of Gram’s care, cooking, cleaning, helping her shower, and taking her to medical appointments. I pick up the other 1%. Obviously we can’t just leave her so we take every precaution we can to keep her safe while we are there.
She’s lucky to see Mom 2x a week and me once a month but it isn’t enough. Gram says, “I miss seeing the people” and she’s lonesome. I know many seniors in particular are feeling this right now and it breaks my heart...

...which brings me back to that thing I mentioned before.
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The Democrats are going to find it difficult to Govern with a HoR majority of 8. This is true. But if the @DNC seeks to exclude the progressive base it will tear itself apart.

A third way is needed. And perhaps that can be found in responsible devolution of power to States. /1
Listening to @JoeNBC shouting at people with views like mine and @AOC’s about changing the way we live for the better, addressing the existential crisis of Climate Change, improving health welfare and education is not a strategy, it’s a way to light a new fire. /2
The centralised control of aspects States Finances was shown to be a bug not a feature. During Covid. Competition and regulatory law capture in the US destroys creativity and entrenches power, at the expense of freedom and opportunity. The @DNC needs to find a middle way. /3
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I save a LOTTTT of tweets to Readwise.
In line with the GTD framework of:

I feel like I can tick the first three off in one swoop.
The skill I’m working on now is tagging these saves intentionally. The tags serve as in-baskets. I can place a tweet in the INBOX of a topic/idea/subject.

Then it’s in a place that I trust.
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I am the luckiest person in the world to have such wonderful trainees who organized the most amazing #IwasakiLabReunion/birthday zoom party yesterday. I am still in awe of how incredibly inspiring it was. Here are a few highlights I want to share with you. (1/) ImageImage
The event started with a delicious lunch delivered to my door for me and my family, to be followed later by my favorite dinner 🍣and 🎂 🍾 🎁 in the evening 😋 They really know how to spoil me! The entire day was packed with amazing talks, trivia sessions and Prince songs 💜(2/)
So 🙏🏼 to everyone who organized this incredible reunion and thoughtful presents - @maria_tokuyama @MelissaLV14 Kris Sepanek @jofrank1088 @JeffGehlhausen @Myoungjoo @peowenlu @carolilucas @aliceluculligan @tianyangmao @annsea_park @marioph13 @taka_takehiro @YYexin Pat Wong (3/)
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Year 2 of my #PhD when I was atvthe peak of my #PhysicalActivity and #fitness! This was the time when anything felt acheivable 😀
Loved my #hair that I had grown since the start of my PhD! This was #onceinalifetime thing for me to do! I donated 12’ to @locksoflove #cancersurvivor
Then the #science #reality and #depression hit me! It was the most unimaginable experience! It’s easy to brush off when other people say what depression entails, but the #experience was very profound and physically devastating! I noticed the smallest things around me differently!
At the end of year 5, with the help of many #people I beat the #depression! Ofcourse I had occasional flairs from that #experience. But the #rockbottom was something else! In a way I’m #glad I experienced it ad I truly cared about my PhD #research. @OpenAcademics @AcademicChatter
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🧡🌱I follow a few Twitter accounts who advocate for the importance of staff wellbeing in schools, but has anyone got any other suggestions for who to follow pls? #teacher5aday #nurture #staffwellbeing #selfcare
Thankyou everyone for suggestions, I am always keen to learn more about ensuring the wellbeing of my staff, and myself as their manager, are kept at the forefront of our thinking, particularly with September return in mind too 🧡🌱🙏 #wellbeing #notice #nurture
Thank you so much to everyone who has made suggestions on this thread about #staffwellbeing - I will put them all into a list 🧡💡#wellbeing #kindness
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I'd like to share a lesson in patient/client/child/person centered care by my neice & nephew after my daughter tripped in the park & scraped knees.
1. Niece asks: Can I help you with your knees? (A=Yes) 'tell me when you're ready'. Niece smiles.
2. Niece explains procedure Image
(Dabbing with wet paper towel) and adds, 'this may hurt a little but it's only water and its really important to clean, you're doing great.
3. Nephew adds: ' when I get hurt I like to think of happy things. Let's see. What is your favourite thing on the whole world?
*procedure continues. A distracted by thinking of her favorite thing*
4. Niece explains next step: 'im going to put on bandaids now so we can keep playing. Do you want to run up the hill after?'
5. Niece & nephew both provide encouragement A
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Your support towards Needy's Barn 3.0 has been overwhelming, we are 2days away now.

We will appreciate if all the remaining donations in kind & cash to start coming In.
Thank you to everyone that has contributed so far, your donations in kind and cash has gone a long way,

1/3 Image
we are still waiting on other's (your donation). The account details is
Zenith Bank
Damilola Blessing Abodunrin

Save the date June 30th 2020.
God will bless your pockets.

Reaching out is not because you have so much, on the other hand,

it's knowing that out of what you have, your little token can help put smile on the face of many and keep their hopes alive.
Charity is a way of life.

#charitywork #charity #reachingout #volunteer #volunteering #sdg #needy #kindness #cash
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Food stamps. I needed some new art for the living room, so I used images related to food stamps to make a digital collage and had it printed on canvas; I like how it turned out. Why food stamps? I wanted to reclaim the power of the images. #poverty #dignity #kindness Image
I have a complicated relationship with food stamps (today we call it SNAP). I’m grateful we had food stamps so we could eat when I was young. There’s one painful memory I can’t shake.
Mom sent me to a grocery store in Greenwood in 1984 with a shopping list and a handful of food stamps which she’d torn out of the booklet they come in.
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